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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jennifer Barcelos. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jennifer Barcelos, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jennifer Barcelos. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jennifer Barcelos, often where they are interviewed.

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Doing It Your Way with Jennifer Barcelos & Sandy Connery

In Her Voice
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Let this be the summer that you give birth to the idea that has been simmering in your heart for all this time. Applications for my Summer Mastermind are open! Apply here!

Here are some of the big topics we talked about…

  • Listen to anecdotes Jeni and Sandy share from being revolted by the “tech incubator” experience to they themselves being the two support people on their software platform (decidedly not having bots answer questions) to their closeness as best friends, mothers, and full-time leaders who work remotely from home
  • How they weave soulfulness, artisanship, and feminist philosophy into all they do
  • Even a year before they officially started working together, Jeni and Sandy had congruent inner voice intuitions yet didn’t discover that until later!
  • The gratitude between these to women is clear - their working relationship is incredibly important to both of their lives and it’s a gift that they share with us how it works
  • Importance of not participating in the harsh masculine language of online business (like ‘crushing it,’ ‘dominating,’ etc) and consciously living by a code of conduct that resonates with you, even if it’s not the absurdly growth-driven “success” so sought after
  • How wellness practitioners can shift the belief that spiritual practices like yoga or meditation shouldn’t be profitable businesses

In Jeni’s and Sandy’s Voices

“Digital artisanship is the idea of taking the standards and principles of this offline artisan world and bringing it into the internet.”“We met in a very masculine setting, we were in a course together with very few women in it. In this environment, it was about growth, profit, and speed. There was a real missing voice.”“We did a lot of work early on the kind of company we want to build, how we want our customers to experience our company, how we want to empower women to be able to create their own business, have more freedom and flexibility with their time, earn more money, spend more time with their family or in nature. We just weren’t seeing that out there in the very ‘masculine’ economy.”“Success is also watching our teachers on our platform succeed. They have a gift to bring to the world to teach; they use our platform to reach a greater geographical audience and make an online business because of our tool. Those ripple effects are extremely satisfying.”“I want to cultivate the innate talents of other people in order to build wealth that supports all of us.”“We have to be very careful of the words we use because that’s creating the world we live in.”

Connect with Jeni and Sandy


Soulful MBA Podcast


Business Facebook page (Namastream)

Podcast Facebook page (Soulful MBA)Jennifer Barcelos // LinkedIn

Sandy Connery // LinkedIn

The Digital Artisan: A Manifesto for Crafting a New World

May 28 2019



How These Biz Besties Began a Software Startup with Jennifer Barcelos and Sandy Connery

My Biz Bestie
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Sandy Connery and Jeni Barcelos met through a course that taught how to begin a software startup. Sandy had a successful brick and mortar business selling custom orthotics in Canada. She knew she was burned out and needed a change when she stopped caring about her work. She liked the idea of creating an online business so that she could stay at home and not have an inventory. Jennifer was a human rights lawyer who traveled to the scarier parts of the globe. They were brought together by a software startup course and have been meeting the male-dominated world of software head on ever since. Listen to their biz bestie story on this episode of My Biz Bestie.

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Apr 02 2019



118 Align Your Biz Values For Loyal Customers with Namastream Founders Jennifer Barcelos & Sandy Connery

Unforgettable: Messaging | Leadership | Personal Brand | Visibility
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In your messaging it’s one thing to take a stand for something.

But a lot of times, how we show up doesn’t actually match the stand we took. Sometimes we don’t realize it. And sometimes we aren’t quite sure how to put it into practice because we don’t have role models for how that would look.

My guests on today’s Unforgettable ep are actively being those role models, not just for having strong values, but for implementing those values in their business.

Jennifer Barcelos and Sandy Connery, co-founders of the online education software Namastream (like a Teachable for the wellness industry) and co-hosts of the Soulful MBA podcast, are two seriously smart women - a Yale-educated lawyer with a grad degree in Environmental Science and a former owner of a million-dollar brick-and-mortar business & clinic.

In this episode we explore how they put their values into practice while nurturing their loyal following -- including why they turned down venture capitalist money for their tech startup, the real reason they don’t offer free trials, and their new ‘Digital Artisanship’ manifesto.

Listen in. 

Listen in and you’ll learn:

  • What virtual biz owners can learn about building an ultra-enthusiastic, loyal community from craft breweries, jewelry designers, pastry shops, and leather workers

  • How they find the words to use in their marketing that resonate with their customers (and their copywriting process that I nerded out on)

  • Why they see their business and platform as promoting an underlying feminist message

  • How to leverage the power of automated marketing without dehumanizing the sales process

  • The way their unique voices create a balance between human scale and big picture thinking in their copy, their podcast, and running their business

Deeper support from me:

  • I privately coach & message for select clients to realign, define, & refine your messaging to reach your next level of impact. Book a Clarity Call to explore the possibility of working together.

Links From the Episode

Warmth, Adria

Apr 02 2019



Bootstrapping a Startup to Shake Up an Industry – with Sandy Connery and Jennifer Barcelos

The NextFem Podcast | Real-Talk with Successful Women
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American women have pioneered in many fields, but are they truly empowered and respected across the board? In the heavily male-dominated world of tech startups, two women stand out as they have forged an unusual path that has defied the odds and fueled their unstoppable momentum. Don’t miss today’s show about two amazing moms who […]

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Nov 19 2018



Creating an Online Yoga Biz with Namastream Co-founders Sandy Connery & Jennifer Barcelos

Mastering the Business of Yoga
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Welcome back for Season 3 of M.B.Om! I am so excited to kick off this season with an interview with Namastream co-founders Sandy Connery and Jennifer Barcelos. Sandy and Jennifer share how they got into the yoga industry, what inspired them to create Namastream, and what Namastream does for yoga teachers.

In this episode, we chat about the struggles of developing an online software business, as well as what Sandy and Jennifer see the Namastream teachers struggle with when it comes to creating an online business. We touch on imposter syndrome, producing content even though it's not perfect, putting yourself out there, and how to create and market a successful online yoga business.


This episode of the podcast is brought to you by! I used bookyogaretreats to book my very first retreat and loved it. It's a great platform for people who want to book a retreat or training and for yoga teachers who want to lead a retreat. Check it out here!

I've also launched a private community on Facebook for yoga teachers who want to learn more about business. Join me here!

Sep 04 2017

1hr 3mins


012: Creating A Virtual Yoga Studio on Namastream w/ Jennifer Barcelos

Love Teaching Yoga Podcast
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In this episode, Michelle speaks to Jennifer Barcelos of Namastream about creating a virtual yoga studio and steering your career in a new direction. IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN: How bringing your teaching online creates freedom in your life and career 2 key questions to ask yourself when starting an online biz and finding a...

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Aug 17 2016



SFN163: Jennifer Barcelos & Sandy Connery On Developing and Growing A B2B Company

Starting from Nothing - The Foundation Podcast | Building your business ENTIRELY from scratch.
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Jennifer Barcelos and Sandy Connery are both alums of The Foundation Class of 2013, who met and instantly became friends at our Foundation live event. Jenny was a lawyer and new mom wanting to explore new ways to fund the nonprofit organization she worked with, while Sandy was a certified pedorthist, who after selling her previous business was looking for a new entrepreneurial challenge. After uncovering a common pain point shared by yoga studio owners, Jenny founded Namastream, a virtual wellness studio service for yoga instructors. Sandy, being a fellow yogi and Namastream enthusiast, joined the team a year and a half later.

In this interview, Jenny tells us the story of how Namastream came to be, and what her experience of building a SaaS solution from inception to growth is like. Sandy shares what prompted her to join the Namastream team and how roles are divided between them.

In This Interview I Ask:

4:59 - How many studios did you end up speaking with before you saw the pain you were going to solve for them?

5:35 - How do you actually take that pain and start taking action toward building a solution to it?

7:20 - How were you thinking about the long-term vision of what you wanted to get out of building something?

10:01 - People always say that you should build a business in an area that you’re passionate about; is yoga a passion of yours?

12:50 - Jenny, how long did you run [Namastream] without Sandy, and what was the impetus to bring somebody on?

14:54 - How did you decide to bring someone on as a partner versus hiring a rockstar team member that you pay as an employee?

16:50 - Sandy, what drove you to get involved?

19:35 - How did you go from a bootstrap company to going through the 9Mile Labs Accelerator program?

27:28 - What are some of the core takeaways from the Accelerator program?

29:30 - How do you two divide your roles in the company?

33:30 - Who’s the ideal customer for Namastream?

37:41 - What’s the vision for Namastream over the next three years?

40:13 - Do you feel like you went in and dominated yoga and now you’re spreading, or does it feel it doesn’t do you any good to sit around and dominate yoga for years before you spread?

42:12 - [What is] the biggest mistake that you believe you’ve made that has led to breakthroughs or growth?

How to Validate a Pain Point

  1. Interview multiple target customers and find a common pain point.
  2. Have an additional conversation with each of those same customers you interview, and get them to confirm the pain point you’ve discovered.
  3. Research bigger brands and companies who have already figured out how to solve the pain point you’ve discovered, and evaluate their solutions.

How to Qualify a Potential Partner

  • This person should know your business.
  • This person should be someone you trust 100%.
  • This person should be as excited and interested in your company as you are.

Example: Jenny and Sandy were already accountability partners within The Foundation program so Sandy knew all about Namastream from their conversations. Sandy was always interested in Namastream so when Jenny proposed a partnership, Sandy intuitively said yes.

Show Links:

Namastream, website

Soulful MBA: Start Your Own Health and Wellness Business, website

9Mile Labs: Accelerator Program, website

Jul 01 2016