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Ep #38: Saying Yes to Nervousness with Britany Simon

Loudmouth Introvert

In today’s episode, I’m talking about saying yes to nervousness with my friend, interior designer and reality star, Britany Simon. Being on TV sounds like the last thing an introvert would want, but Britany shares why she continues to push herself to do things that make her nervous. She shares all the amazing benefits that happen when you embrace discomfort and surprise yourself with abilities you didn’t know you had. Get full show notes and more information here: https://rachelcannonlimited.com/38


25 Jun 2020

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490: Britany Simon: Lessons Learned from Doing Interior Design TV Shows

A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to the show! Today, Britany Simons joins us. Britany founded her full-service design firm, Britany Simon Design House, in 2010. Her work caught the attention of national media and this helped to launch Britany into the world of television and media. In today's episode, she talks to us about her experience of being in the seventh season of the hit HGTV design challenge series, Design Star. She shares the lessons she's learned from doing the show, and how she applies them today, to her design firm. Be sure to listen in today, to hear about Britany's extensive experience of doing television shows. For the last fifteen years, Britany's design career has covered everything from large-scale commercial renovations to budget-friendly builds, including entire home makeovers. With a degree in Business and Interior Design, Britany's professional career started with working for some of the top design firms in Arizona, where she specialized in kitchen and bath design, as well as the whole construction process, from conception to completion. In addition to being a regular design contributor to television, digital, and print media outlets, Britany has also been the host for the Holiday House series on HGTC.com, a designer on Travel Channel's hit series, Hotel Impossible, co-host of We're Moving In, on the FYI Network, and a featured designer on Bravo Network's new design show, Best Room Wins. Tune in now, to find out more! Show Highlights: Britany enjoys supporting and having the support of other designers. Britany discusses how she stumbled into doing TV design shows. Being on TV isn't as glamorous as it looks. Why you don't make good money on TV unless you get into the fifth season of a show. Some of the lessons Britany learned from being on a TV show. TV challenges are very stressful and you have to be self-sufficient and savvy with your resources because you're left to your own devices. You have to be highly organized to pull off a TV challenge. It's a very testing experience. It's very rewarding to complete a TV challenge. Being on TV is not what you would imagine because it's more exciting for the producers if the designer breaks down and falls apart. What Britany learned about herself, as a designer, from being on TV. Being on TV taught Britany to be more efficient and trust her gut. Learning to understand the process of how things are made, and what's involved with the different aspects of a renovation process. Britany gained a lot of confidence from being on TV. Being on TV certainly opened doors for Britany. You need to know what you want from being on TV before you start because it's a huge time commitment. You need to be mindful of where you're putting your energy. Television has been the marketing that Britany has used in her business. Bio: To Britany Simon, the foundation of good design is about the experience that it gives you. She believes in spaces that blend fashion with function and luxury with livability.  With a focus on creating a space that is a reflection of who you are, and an emphasis on how it makes you feel.  Her artistic nature, a penchant for the details, and eye for the unexpected have helped her create incredibly distinguished living spaces and striking commercial projects for her clients. Over the last fifteen years, Britany’s experience has spanned across a vast array of projects – from large-scale commercial renovations to whole home makeovers to budget-friendly builds. Although she has had a lifelong love affair with interior design and architecture, Britany received formal training through her bachelor’s degree in Business & Interior Design. She began her professional career working for some of the top design firms in Arizona where she worked on new residential homes, specializing in both kitchen and bath design, from conception to completion throughout the entire construction process. In 2010, she founded Britany Simon Design House – a full-service design firm. The signature style and unmatched execution of BSDH have garnered a notable client roster with projects all over the country. Additionally, her work has caught the attention of national media and helped launch Britany’s foray into the television and media world. Upon being selected on the seventh season of the hit HGTV design challenge series, Design Star, Britany discovered a new passion for television and video production. Her natural talent for design and on-camera presence earned her the accolade of “Fan Favorite” from her season. In addition to being a regular design contributor to television, digital and print media outlets, she has also been the host for the Holiday House series on HGTV.com, a designer on Travel Channel’s hit series, Hotel Impossible, co-host of We’re Moving In on the FYI Network, and a featured designer on Bravo Network's new design show, Best Room Wins airing May 2019. Previous episodes mentioned in this show: #420 Amanda Berlin #478 Amber Roy #297 Mikel Welch #338 Orlando Soria #127 Corey Damen Jenkins #255 Anne Rue #220 Darci Hether #258 Lisa Escobar #182 Christie Leu #296 Ruthie Staalsen #291, #397 Cheryl Luckett #267 Rasheeda Gray #486 Christina Bruce #376 Cat French #463 Sara Brennan Links: Website: Britany Simon Pinterest: Britany Simon Instagram: BRITANY SIMON Facebook: Britany Simon Design

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10 Dec 2019

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Behind The Scenes Of TV Interior Design Show Stardom with Britany Simon

Wingnut Social: The Social Media Marketing and Business Podcast

We’ve all seen and been enthralled with what happens on those TV Interior Design shows. There are so many great ones to choose from. And if we will be honest, every one of us who works in the design world has wondered what it would be like to star on one of those shows. Well, fellow wingnuts, wonder no more! This episode is a delightful conversation with Britany Simon - star of several TV Interior Design shows. Darla and Natalie talk with her about the behind the scenes world of those productions to find out whether it’s as glamorous as it seems and what benefits come to a designer who gets that kind of limelight. Britany also gives her best advice for anyone who wants to pursue the same types of opportunities.  In her characteristic way, Britany gives us the unvarnished truth. Be sure you listen!What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social[1:20] The new Tequila diet isn’t really working in spite of internet promises [2:30] Brittany Simon’s rise into the media limelight [5:30] The circumstances that led Brittany to television [10:04] The story behind TV design - how it really works [16:38] Why Britany first decided to try out for a TV design show [19:00] The opportunities that have come from being on TV as a designer [21:01] Britany’s advice for those interested in getting on a TV design show [22:59] The marketing that Britany does for her shows and brand [27:23] Britany’s learning curve for becoming comfortable on camera [29:24] The What Up Wingut roundConnect with Britany SimonBritany Simon’s website Britany on Pinterest Britany on Instagram: @BritanySimon Britany on FacebookResources & People MentionedBest Room Wins Show The Design Star Show Hotel Impossible TV show Joanna Gaines Abbi McCollum on Wingnut Social FYI channel Bravo channel HGTV channel The Foundress (women in business group) BOOK: The DNA Of RelationshipsSo you want to star on an Interior Design TV show, do you?Britany first put her name in to be considered for “The Design Star,” a show from HGTV. She didn’t know if she had a chance of making the cut because she’d never done any work on camera or in front of an audience, but she figured it was worth a try. She and her husband drove to Las Vegas so she could audition for the show and the rest is history. But what she discovered behind the scenes was a world of extremely hard work. She jokingly says she often ended her production days in the fetal position. The kind of things she had to deal with were unexpected. For example, she was assigned a design assistant who was not at all ready for the kind of work involved and who didn’t know how to go about sourcing the items she would need. So Britany had to take that on herself. She also had to work tirelessly on the things the show’s producers assigned to her to meet the deadlines for the show - including a number of DIY projects. Listen to hear how the perceived glamor of being on the show turned out to be not so glamorous.What is the return on staring on your own design TV show?One of the things Darla was interested in finding out was how Britany’s many TV shows have benefitted her design business. After all, Joanna Gaines seems to have done pretty well from her TV opportunities.  What comes to light in this conversation is that Britany is a designer at heart and always wants to have her hands in the actual process, so to grow her business rapidly and in a way that puts her in more of a management role was not attractive to her - at all. So thankfully, that’s not what happened. While it’s true that Britany has had many and varied offers as a result of her television stardom, she’s been able to remain in her sweet spot of designing. She's been the choice of many clients simply because they saw her work on TV and took it upon themselves to track her down so they could have her design their homes. That’s the kind of exposure money can’t buy and Britany has made the most of it. We hope you’ll listen to this episode to get to know Britany. She’s down to earth, transparent, and a joy to talk with. You’ll find yourself feeling happy that she’s been the one to experience the kind of success she has - even if you secretly envy her - like we do. Connect With Darla & Wingnut Socialwww.WingnutSocial.com On Facebook On Twitter: @WingnutSocial On Instagram: @WingnutSocial Darla’s Interior Design Website 1-877-WINGNUT (connect with us for your social media marketing needs) Subscribe to The Wingnut Social Podcast on iTunes, Google Podcasts, or TuneIn Audio Production and Show notes byPODCAST FAST TRACKhttps://www.podcastfasttrack.com Clean and compress CSS files for an optimized website. Try the free online tool by HTML Cleaner.


25 Sep 2019

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E27 Britany Simon

Design Biz Survival Guide

Today we welcome Britany Simon of Britany Simon Design House based in Scottsdale, Arizona. You may recognize Britany from her recent appearance on Bravo Network’s newest design show “Best Rooms Wins”. She’s also appeared on HGTV Design Star, The Travel Channel, and FYI Network – all while manning the helm of her award winning design firm. In this episode we focus on designing for TV and what it really takes to design a space under the pressure of time, finances, logistics, and a camera crew. If you’re considering adding “TV Host and Personality” to your professional bio, this episode is for you!


2 Jul 2019

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HGTV Design Star and Business Owner Britany Simon | Ep 75 #theSKYLERIRVINEshow

Skyler Irvine Podcast

In 2012, Britany Simon was the runner up in season 7's Design Star on HGTV. Since then, she has grown an extremely successful interior design business built on referrals and word of mouth. On this episode, Skyler and Britany discuss the realities of reality tv, how to get better even when you have limited resources, and finding the perfect client for your service based business. For links to items we talk about and to learn more about Britany Simon, visit Renzler1.com


5 Mar 2018