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37 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Lynne Jackson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Lynne Jackson, often where they are interviewed.

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37 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Lynne Jackson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Lynne Jackson, often where they are interviewed.

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#91 Lynne Jackson from Connected Families is back to talk about Grace and Truth for Moms

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Connected Families is launching an 8-week on line course on October 6 around their book “Discipline that Connects with Your Child’s Heart” and they are offering #Momlife listeners a discount to participate!  Here’s the info:

Sign-up before September 28 to receive mailed welcome packets prior to the course start date. 

  1. Go to their sales page at
  2. Click on “Enroll in course for $119”
  3. Click on “Add Coupon Code”
  4. Add coupon code (worth a savings of 15%): MOMLIFE

Here’s how the Jacksons describe this course: “When discipline aims at quick fixes to the behavior, it tends to be Short-sighted, Random, Punitive, and Unpredictable. Kids feel confused, and even emotionally unsafe, because they never know what to expect. And when their brains feel unsafe, they rarely learn what you want them to learn. But when parents learn to discipline with a grace-filled, long view in mind, their kids develop identity according to God’s grace and truth.  Come discover graceful biblical discipline. Connect with your child’s heart the way God connects with us in our mistakes.”

Also, join Lynne in her Grace & Truth for Moms video course:

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter in Coupon Code: MOMLIFE ($10 off savings towards any small group package)

We will be doing it as a group in #Momlife starting in January.  If you want to start it sooner or aren’t local, you can find more information about it and sign up at the link above.  Here’s how they describe the course: “Are you ready to parent more peacefully? Do you find yourself feeling angry a lot?  Resilience anchored in God’s truth for tough times could be the best legacy you leave behind.  Find your “truth tape” Do you feel stuck in negative patterns? Are you isolated? Are you anxious about your kids’ successes or failures? This course will help you identify and hold on to God’s truth about YOU, and equip you to stop believing toxic lies about yourself.”

In the podcast this week, Lynne reads and email she received from a mom who was learning to give grace to herself and speak grace into her daughter’s life.  We share it here, with her permission:

I have a “You are a daughter or son of the King” speech that I have pulled from many sources, have mostly memorized, and rely on for fresh perspective when I’m at my wits end with a child! This preparation served me well one day…

Our family was preparing to host a large party, so you know it wasn’t in 2020, and my youngest child reflected the stress and was a wreck. Yelling, rolling around on the ground, refusing to do anything. Before I lost all control, I marched her to bed, and tucked her in with an audio book and marched out frustrated and defeated. A few minutes later I felt calm, and was convicted, so up I went to check on her. She was calm, but deep into self-loathing. I listened to her pour out her frustrations with herself, and then had the inspiration to employ the Daughter of the King speech. “You are a Daughter of the King of the universe! You are deeply loved and precious beyond measure. That is the truest thing about you, no matter what you do or don’t do. But you have an enemy who is crafty and determined, and he does not want you to believe any of this because he knows you were created with specific and wonderful purposes. He wants you to believe you are nothing but the sum of your failures, because then you will give up and not press into your purpose.” And so on. I could see this landing, could see her little heart fill up and her eyes expressed hope.

I left the room to continue my work, and was pretty pleased with how that all went, when suddenly it slammed into me.  *I* am a daughter of the King of the Universe. *I* am deeply loved and precious beyond measure. I too have an enemy that wants me to believe I am only a heap of failures, rather than a fierce and determined mother who sometimes is a hot mess, but simply will not quit when it comes to the pursuit of my children’s hearts.

Lynne Jackson ​has over 25 years of experience as both a parent to three intense children and a pediatric occupational therapist specializing in kids with sensory processing disorder and behavioral challenges. In 2002 she and her husband Jim founded Connected Families, a ministry that helps parents learn to embody God’s grace in the midst of family life. As a speaker, certified life coach, podcaster, and author, Lynne has helped thousands of parents learn to be peaceful, purposeful, and confident.  She states, “I had the perfectly organized life, conveniently stashing all my “issues” under the rug. But our three intense kids pulled that rug right out from under me! God’s grace-filled truth about myself and my children changed my life.” Join her as you learn to look at yourself and your children with God’s transforming grace and truth!

Find out more about Jim & Lynne Jackson and Connected Families Ministries at

Sep 18 2020 · 49mins
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Grace and Truth for Moms :: Lynne Jackson [Ep 296]

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As a mom of three, Lynne Jackson struggled to maintain the order and perfection she expected to have in her life. Conflicts with her oldest son especially left her feeling defeated, angry and fearful of the future. 

“The Lord was speaking to me one day about some of these beliefs that I had. And in Ephesians 4:15, it talks about speaking the truth in love. And I felt like I heard his voice say, you are not speaking the truth in love to yourself, about you and your kids. And then I went on a journey to figure out what was really true.”

Lynne shares how she learned to fight back against the toxic lies she believed about herself and her kids with God’s truth.  We talk about practical ways we can take time to process our feelings with God and with others so we can let go of expectations that hurt our families and can find freedom in our identity in Christ.

“The goal to have perfect kids and be a perfect mom is just a setup for anger and despair. And it's actually idolatry. The real truth that helps us let go of that chronic anger is it's my job to parent wisely. My kid's job is to learn over time, to respond wisely. And that's a process.”

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Sep 14 2020 · 51mins
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Discipline that Connects with Your Child's Heart | Jim & Lynne Jackson | Ep. 124

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Parenting is complicated. Today Jim & Lynne Jackson are chatting with me about how to joyfully connect, coach and correct with your children.

Connected families are joyfully connected to God, each other, and God’s purposes for their lives. I know you'll love this conversation! 

Sponsor: Prepdish. Start your 2 week free trial today! Show notes are available here! 

Aug 17 2020 · 43mins
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#78 Sibling Conflict: An Overview of the Peace Process with Jim & Lynne Jackson

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The Jackson’s are back! I’m super excited to host two of my favorite people in the world, Jim and Lynne Jackson. Jim and Lynne have been guests before and were the featured speakers at our parenting conference last year. They’re back today to talk about a super timely topic, sibling conflict. As we’re all home together, it can be tough to keep the peace between the kids. Jim and Lynne are here with some expert guidance.

For video courses, resources, and blog posts by Jim & Lynne, go to  This month, they are offering their Entitlement Course for free so sign up before May 31 on line!

Join us each Friday as we post a new #Momlife podcast. I want you to be encouraged in your journey with Jesus. Know that you are loved, that your kids were placed by our incredible Creator in your womb and you are the absolute best mom for your little people. Know that God is good and has good plans for you and your family. I encourage you ladies to trust God and notice the little gifts he gives you each day, the moments that are small blessings. And I pray that each of you amazing ladies will also find ways to love, encourage, and bless those around you today. If you find these podcast conversations encouraging and helpful, please subscribe and share it with a friend. You can find out more about today’s episode, as well as past conversations at #momlife is a ministry of La Jolla Presbyterian Church. Today’s episode was produced by myself and Jim Sedgwick, and I’m your host Cynthia Blase. I pray you have a joy-filled day!

May 15 2020 · 55mins
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Cabin Fever Tips for Parents (with guests Jim and Lynne Jackson)

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Our guests, Jim and Lynne Jackson lead Connected Families, an incredible ministry helping parents raise their kids confidently and with grace. Until the end of May, their Sibling Conflict online course is being offered by donation (just pay what you can).

Our special thanks goes out to Compassion Canada for sponsoring this podcast. Compassion Canada is a global leader in connecting children who live in extreme poverty to the resources and education they need so that they develop healthy bodies, minds, souls and relationships. Learn how you can help children and families affected by COVID-19.
May 07 2020 · 37mins
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Understanding your Sensitive or Intense Child with Lynne Jackson of Connected Families

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Strong willed, intense, sensitive kids can be a handful to raise. Lynne Jackson from Connected Families has over 25 years helping families raise their children with integrity, in ways that honor Jesus AND create unbreakable bonds of connection & strength. Show notes:
Feb 28 2020 · 54mins
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072 // Parenting as a Team – Jim & Lynne Jackson (Connected Families)

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Kindred Mom team member Robin Chapman joins host Emily Sue Allen to interview guests Jim & Lynne Jackson (Connected Families) about parenting as a team, empowering kids to solve their own conflicts, fostering peaceful sibling relationships, and more! This episode is part of the Peaceful Home series on

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Mentioned in this episode:

Click here to check out the Peaceful Home series as it unfolds!

About Host Emily Sue Allen:

Emily Sue Allen is the founder of the Kindred Mom blog and host of the Kindred Mom podcast. She also is an ongoing devotional contributor to Joyful Life Magazine, a member of Hope*Writers, and has contributed writing in a variety of online spaces. Living a deeply nourished life, and helping women find joy in the midst of their motherhood journey are among her greatest passions. She is a contemplative, creative soul who celebrates the beauty of humble things and deeply values the grace and truth of Jesus Christ and the riches found in the word of God. She lives with her husband and seven kids in the Pacific Northwest, and blogs at Subscribe to her monthly newsletter, “Notes on Nourishing,” for personal stories about intentionally nourishing your spirit, mind, and body.  Find Kindred Mom on Instagram (@kindred_mom) and Facebook, and say hello to Emily personally on Instagram (@emily_sue_allen).

Guests on this Episode

Robin Chapman

Robin Chapman is a full-time imperfect mama, wife, and Jesus follower. She lives in Fairbanks, Alaska with her husband of 13 years and four children (ages 1 to 7). She’s trying hard to learn how to do this motherhood thing in a way that doesn’t land the whole family in intensive therapy, and she has a heart for helping other mamas buried in the little years know they are normal and there is hope. You can find her hiding out in the bathroom with a cup of coffee, or online looking for grace in her mundane and crazy life on her blog, Instagram, or Facebook.

Read some of Robin’s writing:
Growing Compassion For My Body  /  Parenting in Public  /  Tending a Marriage

Jim & Lynne Jackson

In their 30 years together Jim and Lynne have learned to bring God’s grace and truth to the messes of real life. Their three closely-aged kids all had straight A’s before they started school: ADHD, Asthma, Allergies, and Acid reflux. Translation: A WIRED FAMILY! And both of them chose careers working with other people’s kids. This unique combination of experience at home and at work led them to start Connected Families in 2002. Since then their resources have equipped thousands of parents across the globe be more peaceful, purposeful, and confident! Jim and Lynne have been featured on Focus on the Family, Desiring God, KTIS radio, Don’t Mom Alone, and numerous other radio programs and podcasts, including their own Connected Families podcast which was downloaded more than 45K times in the first 3 months. Through their travels, podcasting, books, online courses, and leadership trainings, the Connected Families team has had a profound global impact on parents across the world. You can visit their website at to learn more.

Direct link to the Connected Families Parenting Framework

Find Jim & Lynne online:



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Feb 10 2020 · 39mins
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#68 Jim and Lynne Jackson Talk About Discipline That Connects with Your Child’s Heart

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Welcome to the 68th episode of the #Momlife podcast!

On today’s episode, I’ll be speaking with two people, who have become my beacons in parenting, Jim & Lynne Jackson! Jim & Lynne are the authors of the book Discipline That Connects with Your Child’s Heart and I found that book about a year ago when I was at my wit’s end in parenting.  By happenstance, or by THE LORD, I’ve snagged these 2 while they are in San Diego.  I want to ask them about their own spiritual journey and have them give an overview of their discipline that connects model.  So listen in for practical wisdom that might just change your life too!

Join us each Friday as we post a new #Momlife podcast. I want you to be encouraged in your journey with Jesus. Know that you are loved, that your kids were placed by our incredible Creator in your care and you are the absolute best mom for your little people. Know that God is good and has good plans for you and your family. I encourage you ladies to trust God and notice the little gifts he gives you each day, the moments that are small blessings. And I pray that each of you amazing ladies will also find ways to love, encourage, and bless those around you today. If you find these podcast conversations encouraging and helpful, please subscribe and share with a friend. You can find out more about today’s episode, as well as past conversations at #momlife is a ministry of La Jolla Presbyterian church. Today’s episode was produced by myself and Jim Sedgwick, and I’m your host Cynthia Blase. I pray you have a joy-filled day!

Feb 07 2020 · 1hr 3mins
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World Renown Psychic Medium & Bestselling Author on Signs, Laura Lynne Jackson

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Laura Lynne Jackson, an international speaker, teacher, and practicing psychic medium, is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The Light Between Us, and Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe.   Jackson was a full-time high school English teacher for nearly 20 years before fully embracing her path and dedicating herself to honoring our connections to each other, our earthly existence, and to the other side. She is dedicated to working with scientists in order to explore and understand the survival of consciousness outside of bodily death, as well as teaching people how to open to their own psychic and intuitive abilities in order to fully step into and embrace their divine energy and live their best lives.   Laura currently works as a research medium with the Windbridge Institute and serves on the board of the Forever Family Foundation, a nonprofit, science-based organization dedicated to helping people in grief, where she also volunteers her time and services.   Jackson has been featured on The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Fox and Friends, Good Day New York, Telemundo, the Tokyo-based Fuji Television Network, The Huffington Post,,, and various news and media throughout the United States and abroad. She is currently working on her second book, Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe, due out in the spring of 2019. Jackson lives in New York with her attorney-by-day, ghost hunter-by-night husband, and their three children, all of whom are psychic. You can find Laura's upcoming sessions at Kripalu, The Omega Institute, Gallery gatherings and more at   There are some very important takeaways from our conversation. One of the most crucial things Laura said, and that I want you to know, is that we ALL have the ability to tune in, to access our intuition or psychic abilities. It's just a matter of practicing, giving our monkey mind a rest (meditation or doing things where our minds go off line, like washing dishes or doing laundry)and keeping track of the evidence of receiving signs and information. What I love about Laura is her humility, grace, ability to teach us how to tune in and making this accessible for all. Here are some of the key aspects from our talk:     Things We Learned From This Episode
  1. We are all connected by cords of light to the other side. We all have a team of light, spirit guides and loved ones who've passed on that are here to guide and love us. We are never alone.
  2. No one needs a psychic as we all have the ability to connect. It starts by being open to this connection and letting go of fear or doubt.
  3. A great way to connect with a loved one who has transitioned is to ask for signs. Laura recommends asking for an obscure song, phrase, number, and animal as a sign with that person. Make note of when you see these signs and how you felt. I personally keep an 'Evidence Journal' to remind myself of all the love from past loved ones.
  4. We all have access to 1 or all of the 4 'Clairs'; Clair Voyant (the ability to see without your physical eyes, cognitive dreams), Clair Sentient (the most common one we have; a gut feeling, reading energy, sensation located in your solar plexus), Clair Audient (the ability to hear something that is not your voice such as a name, yes or no answer) and Clair Cognizance (knowing something in your being). We are all able to perceive energy and we are all made of energy.
  5. Meditating and learning to still your mind, asking for signs and connection, thanking your team of light when you do receive a message and sharing it with others are all ways to increase your abilities to access your beloved team of love and light.

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Jan 06 2020 · 49mins
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Laura Lynne Jackson, Psychic Medium: Secrets of the Universe

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Listen if: You’ve ever had a feeling in your gut you couldn’t ignore.

In this episode, Jess and Stef sit down with New York Times bestselling author and globally renowned psychic medium, Laura Lynne Jackson.

This conversation is filled with nuggets of life changing advice, as Laura explains the special powers she’s been given, and teaches how everyone can tune into their own psychic abilities. Laura explains the concept of spirit guides, and reveals what her abilities have taught her about what’s truly important, including what we need to let go of in order to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Laura addresses the skeptics among us and explains why she sees that as a good quality. She also discusses what scientific tests have revealed about her brain activity, and sheds light on how we can all go about testing her methods ourselves. Plus, someone from Jess and Stef’s past pays a visit during the interview!

You can find Laura on Instagram at @lauralynnejackson.

You can find Jess and Stef on Instagram at @howtwolive.

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