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28 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Tim Duncan. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Tim Duncan, often where they are interviewed.

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28 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Tim Duncan. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Tim Duncan, often where they are interviewed.

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The Away Team Episode 5: Bubble Talk, Predictions, and Tim Duncan Position and All-Time Ranking with Brian Bolster of the Bolstered Up Podcast

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In this episode, we had our first guest on the podcast, Brian Bolster of the Bolstered Up Sports Podcast.  Brian is a high school football coach and we wanted to get a coaches perspective on life in the bubble and the NBA restart.  We talked about our initial reactions to the NBA exhibition games, the impact of the neutral court on NBA competition, playoff predictions, Tim Duncan all time ranking, and NFL vs. NBA response to COVID-19.

We had a lot of fun talking to Brian.  He had some very well-thought out and interesting takes.  Please make sure you check him out at @BS_Takes on Twitter, and check out his podcast at the link below:


This was our first interview, so please let us know how we did on Twitter and stay tuned for later this week.  We have a VERY special surprise!

Jul 26 2020 · 50mins
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#hottakeoftheday podcast #57 w/Tim Duncan, Talos Energy

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Today we go offshore to talk to Tim Duncan, the President and CEO of Talos Energy.  We start in 2018 with their takeover of Stone, fly back in time to the beginning of Private Equity, to learning as part of a group before leading a team, and end in 2020 with a talk on the opportunities for Talos, Mexico, North America, the Gulf, and what advice he’d give himself in 2003.
#hottakeoftheday podcast #57 w/Tim Duncan, Talos Energy

Audio Podcast
About Tim Duncan
Timothy S. Duncan
Talos Energy Inc.
President and CEO

Talos Energy Inc Corporate offices in downtown Houston, TX. Photos by David Duncan Photography

Tim Duncan is the President and CEO and a founder of Talos Energy Inc. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Talos is engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas in the Gulf of Mexico, including the US Gulf of Mexico deepwater and shelf as well as shallow water offshore Mexico. Talos became a public company in May 2018 following its merger with Stone Energy, transitioning from a private company formed in March 2012 with initial funding commitments of up to $600 million of private equity from Apollo Global Management, LLC and Riverstone Holdings LLC. Talos is the third company built with private equity capital with his partners over the last twenty years. Since inception, Talos has grown from 5 original employees to over 425 employees with approximately 150 MMBOE of Proved reserves and 70 MBOEPD of net production by the end of the 1Q 2019. In 2013, Talos was named by the Houston Chronicle as the #1 Top Workplace in the Houston area for companies under 150 employees and has maintained a position on the list of Top Workplaces for the last seven years. In June 2016, Mr. Duncan was named as the EY Entrepreneur of the Year for the Energy & Energy Services sector in the Gulf Coast area.

Mr. Duncan earned a BS in Petroleum Engineering from Mississippi State University, where he was honored in 2012 as a Distinguished Fellow of the College of Engineering. He subsequently earned an MBA from the Bauer Executive Program at the University of Houston. He is an active member of the SPE, IPAA, NOIA, YPO, and the Houston Chapter of CEO’s Against Cancer. Mr. Duncan also serves on various academically focused boards including the College of Engineering Dean’s Advisory Council and the Foundation Board at Mississippi State University.
Tim's Top 10 Book List
Or, "10 Books in addition to The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels by Alex Epstein", because that is a must read ~

The Prize – Daniel Yergin
The Black Swan – Nassim Nicholas Tabib
The Rational Optimist – Matt Ridley
Enlightenment Now – Steve Pinker
Boomerang- Michael Lewis
David & Goliath – Malcom Gladwell
Free to Choose – Milton Friedman
Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rynd
Oil! – Upton Sinclair
All the King's Men – Robert Penn Warren
00:00 - 09:00:  Intro, reading material, books and music

09:00 - 31:00:  Stone and Talos background and history, Gulf of Mexico, relationships and opportunities, early days, growth and learning, understanding financing and capital, private equity

31:00 - 58:00:  Moving into the Gulf of Mexico, onshore vs. offshore, and on listening more and exceeding expectations
Related Mentions
Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead

Upton Sinclair, Oil!, There Will be Blood

Robert Penn Warren, All the King's Men

Barenaked Ladies

Guns N' Roses


Pearl Jam


Stone Energy Corporation
Jul 20 2020 · 58mins

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Chris Bosh talks Heat, Raptors, Tim Duncan & The Last Chip

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 Zach talks to Chris Bosh about his playoff runs in Miami, his early days in Toronto, his new newsletter "The Last Chip," guarding Tim Duncan, much more. 

Jul 07 2020 · 1hr 7mins
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Kobe Vs. Tim Duncan

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Tonight we will discuss the careers of Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant, we will see who had the better Hall of Fame Career, buckle up this will be interesting!


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Apr 08 2020 · 33mins

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EPISODE 613: Tim Duncan is the GOAT Power Forward

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On this episode Joe and Andy cover 2020 NBA Hall of Fame class, Jameis Winston's marriage and Matt Ryan's place in NFL QB history. They also listen to DirtBall calls and discuss sports movies and Ruther's awful gaming skills.


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Apr 06 2020 · 1hr 37mins
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Experts About Nothing: Coronavirus: Covid-19 Myths,The affect of Growing up with 90s influence , Tim Duncan Carried?, Delivery vs Grocery Shopping, and More.

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We discuss myths associated with the Covid-19, Richard Jefferson's comments on Tim Duncan, is it cool to let strangers pick out your groceries, The influence of growing up in the 90's and much more.

Mar 13 2020 · 55mins
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Finding your passion | Dr Tim Duncan

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Talented multi-hyphenate Dr Tim Duncan started out his career in the family business of medicine, before realising he wanted more. And that that more came in the form of filmmaking.
Switching the catheter for the camera, Tim enrolled at the Victorian Collage of the Arts and three short years later, graduated a penniless artist.
Before embarking on his creative career , he returned to medicine for what he thought would be the last time.
It was then that his life changed.
After a car accident in remote Australia, lying near-death on the side of the road, Tim found his calling.
  • To learn more about Tim’s creative endeavors, visit Doctored Films.
  • You can watch his episode of Australian Story on ABC iView.
  • His short film Aboriginal Heart is available on his website.
Social mediaTo continue the conversation, follow us on social media:
Feb 20 2020 · 26mins
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Tim Duncan, University of New Orleans Athletic Director – Work In Sports Podcast

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Hey everybody, I’m Brian Clapp VP of Content and Engaged Learning at WorkInSports.com and this is the Work In Sports podcast…I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about perspective. We all grow up in different conditions, different families, different stresses, and challenges...and it is this foundational time of our lives, our youth, that gives us our first dose of perspective. Growing up in, I guess I would say, lower-middle-class home in Massachusetts...pretty rural, parents divorced, predominantly white neighborhood, gives me a totally different experience than some rich kid in Beverly Hills, or some poor kid anywhere in America. Or some kid who grew up with abusive parents, or someone who was a victim of crime early in life. We may see the same things through very different lenses because of our foundational perspectives. What we see and experience alters the way we move forward through life.But perspectives are a fluid thing, they change as we go through life and expose ourselves to different people, cultures and situations. Living in a rough area of Atlanta for a few years changed the rural kid in me. I saw different things, and they challenged me to think differently. They challenged me to open my mind up to the struggle of others. To understand that not all kids played sports on the weekend and ate orange slices on the sidelines. That some kids struggled to get by, period.  Working with different types of people in a corporate culture like CNN exposed me to different faiths, backgrounds, upbringings, educations… and overall different perspectives. I wonder, again this is where I probably spend an inordinate amount of time contemplating things like perspective… but I wonder, how much our perspectives alter our career choices, or who we are in the workplace. Your perspective and the upbringing you endured, steers you. I was asked recently how many people who work in sports, played sports in college or high school. I have no data, other than the anecdotal story of my life working in sports for the last 20 some odd years… but I’d say around 15% played in college and 90% played at least in high school. It is that perspective, that gave us love. The competition, the teamwork, the grind, the community, the coachability -- you thrive on it all. If I hadn’t grown up playing every sport available… I probably wouldn’t have worked in this industry.  Sports gets into your bloodstream. Not just playing, but being around it. The smell of a gym makes me think back to my youthful perspective. Hearing a certain song on the radio, makes me think of the drive to a game, or post-championship celebration.It’s no wonder today’s guest circled back to sports. Tim Duncan was a division 1 basketball player at Memphis State, teammates with Penny Hardaway and a 2-time participant in the NCAA tournament. He was one of the elite competitors in the game, making it beyond those of us with only high school memories. For those of you who are confused… Yes, there are at least two people in the world named Tim Duncan who played high-level basketball...but this is not that Tim Duncan. For our Tim Duncan, after graduating and starting a successful career in marketing, the sports world beckoned. And because his perspective was on the court, and in the stands and at the arena…  the jump back in was natural.Over the last decade-plus he’s made a name for himself in college athletes, and just last year was named Athletic Director of the University of New Orleans. It is my honor to have him on the show this week… here’s Tim Duncan…Questions for Tim Duncan, University of New Orleans Athletic Director 1: You have had many stops in your career in college athletics to get to this point of being Athletic Director at the University of New Orleans…but before we get into your role at UNO and your journey to it… I want to go back to the beginning a bit.You played college ball at Memphis State during the Penny Hardaway era, you played in 64 games,
Jan 15 2020 · 37mins
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Flap w/ Tim Duncan

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NBA champion Tim Duncan (Michael Colangelo) joins the show to tell some never before heard stories from the court!

Oct 16 2019 · 25mins
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Episode 83 - Zach Harper, Serius XM NBA Radio | Trade Market For CP3, Coach Tim Duncan, Team USA

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Zach Harper joins in for Episode 83 of Combo's Court. Combo and Zach discuss the Tim Duncan hiring, Chris Paul's trade market, and the New York Knicks current roster. They also share their thoughts on Steph Curry's MVP chances for next season. Plus much more!

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Jul 26 2019 · 37mins