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Episode #9 - NFL Week 6 Recap with Andrew Bailey

Certified Beef

Jack and Brandon invite special guest Andrew to discuss this week's NFL action

1hr 30mins

22 Oct 2021

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Pitching Coach Andrew Bailey on NLDS Pitching Performances

Inside Giant Moments

Pitching Coach Andrew Bailey talks about DeSclafani being on the mound for NLDS Game 4 versus the Dodgers. He also discusses Webb, Doval, and Wood's performances from earlier in the series. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


12 Oct 2021

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Bitcoin Philosophy - Andrew Bailey - Ryan Research Podcast #5

Ryan Research Podcast

I'm joined by Andrew Bailey. He is an associate professor at Yale-NUS College, where he teaches classes on money, philosophy, and politics. His work with the Resistance Money research collective aims to understand and evaluate bitcoin in a way that integrates philosophy, politics, and economics. In our chat, we discuss the foundations of bitcoin. We explore its origins and the deeper meaning behind its attributes. We touch upon both advocate and skeptic perspectives in our analysis. We untangle confused definitions and shallow concepts to reveal objective explanations that integrate various fields of study like technology, economics, philosophy, and more. Specifics include a close reading of Satoshi's whitepaper, the history of the scaling debate, etc. Please enjoy our in-depth discussion.  Follow him on Twitter:https://twitter.com/resistancemoneyOn his website:https://andrewmbailey.com/At his research project:https://www.resistance.money/You can listen to the video version of this podcast here:https://youtu.be/sBneVnsxzyMThe Ryan Research podcast explores economics, history, technology, business, geopolitics, and more. Peter Ryan, the host, lectures on these issues and interviews compelling thinkers that touch on these subjects. Follow @_peterryan and @ryan_research on Twitter.Visit www.ryanresearch.co for articles and more.

2hr 48mins

3 Oct 2021

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An interview with Andrew Bailey, AKA, Ironbeak Mercenaries!

Brush Wielders Union

This month I spoke with my old friend and fellow BWU Member, Andrew Bailey. You might know Andrew from his days as Mod_Faultie on the Privateer Press forums but these days he's best known for his incredible kitbashing creations, focused on the Kroot of Warhammer 40,000 and one of the pillars of the #siegeofpech and #krootvasion communities on Instagram. We chatted about kitbashing, world building, and carving out a niche for yourself in an existing setting as he's done in 40k. Be sure to follow Andrew on Instagram at @ironbeak_mercenaries and on Twitter @ironbeakmercs As usual, this episode will be exclusive to BWU members for a few days before being released to the general public. Union Strong!


30 Jun 2021

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Andrew Bailey joins me for today's podcast.

Just Dad's Fitness Podcast

Andrew is a pricing and price negotiation specialist. We talk about how exercise is important as you get older. And some tips for busy dad's who want to get started on their health journey.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/JDBSC/support


24 Mar 2021

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Bitcoin: Is it Money and Is it Good? feat. Andrew Bailey and Bradley Rettler

Open to Truth

Have you seen all the hubbub about Bitcoin and wondered what it's all about, but at this point you are too afraid to ask?  Join the club! It is a complex topic to get a handle on precisely because it touches on a number of disciplines such as philosophy, politics, economics, computer science, and others. Luckily we aren't on our own to figure this out.  Our guests are here to help guide our exploration of this topic and what it means practically in our lives.  Andrew Bailey is associate professor at Yale-NUS college and Bradley Rettler is assistant professor of philosophy at University of Wyoming.  They have formed, with their colleague Craig Warmke, a research collective called "Resistance Money" where they aim to understand and evaluate the cryptocurrency phenomenon and Bitcoin more specifically. We discuss what Bitcoin is, how it works, whether it is money and how it compares to other forms of money like the US Dollar and gold, and also whether Bitcoin is good - good for you and good for the world.  There's so much to learn here and we hope this conversation can serve as a helpful primer in your efforts to understand Bitcoin.  Be sure to visit resistance.money to check out Andrew and Brad's work on these topics. Stay Curious!

1hr 14mins

23 Mar 2021

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The Bank of England’s perspective: A special recording with Andrew Bailey

DiverCity Podcast: Talking Diversity and Inclusion in the Financial Services Industry

Julia Streets interviews Andrew Bailey, Governor of the Bank of England. This episode, recorded shortly after Inclusion Week, outlines how the Bank of England ensures that diversity and inclusion is embedded in its culture, its commitment to diversity and inclusion, as well as The Bank’s key areas of focus, which includes supporting staff during Covid-1 and the importance of social mobility. As one of the world’s oldest financial institutions, the Governor discusses the progress made, why diversity must remain a high priority, and sets The Bank’s expectations on firms to align and demonstrate similar commitment.


21 Oct 2020

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Mic Check Ep #7 - Andrew Bailey of Diiv

Mic Check

Andrew Bailey of Diiv sits down to discuss conspiracy theories, upcoming music, over coming addiction, becoming a better person, and a lot more!

1hr 31mins

10 Sep 2020

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Episode 2: Andrew Bailey (Pretender)

Chicken Parmcast

I go over last episode's questions of the day answers, then I have an awesome convo with rapper Andrew Bailey, aka Pretender!  Listen to his music here: https://soundcloud.com/imthepretender Please subscribe/follow/rate the podcast! Thanks for listening!    --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/anthony-stiriti/support

1hr 30mins

9 Jun 2020

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Mastering the Value Conversation to Sell What Matters Most to Your Customers with Andrew Bailey

Impact Pricing

Why you have to check out today’s podcast:  Learn how to communicate value to your customers so they get what they want, and you protect your own position in terms of profit and margin  Discover how to strategically negotiate to win a sale at a higher price  Find out why lowering costs and increasing value doesn’t need to be a trade-off  Andrew Bailey is a Value Pricing and Price Negotiation Specialist. He is the founder of Commercial Strategy 4. He helps you unleash your pricing power to sell more, more often, and at a higher price to achieve the profits you deserve.  In this episode, Andrew shares strategic ways to communicate your product’s value through value selling.  “The value selling journey is about understanding what the customer perceives as value.”   - Andrew Bailey Increase Your Pricing Knowledge: Become a Champions of Value INSIDER! To sign up go to insider.championsofvalue.com.   Topics Covered:  01:27 - How Andrew got into pricing: a discovery: focusing on pricing and margins is a much more powerful way to maintain and grow profits, than starting the year with a big sales gap to fill  02:45 - What keeps him in pricing: taking people through the journey of realization to more fulfillment in their business  04:40 - Expounding on what selling value means: Getting focused on what this looks like, what they really do for people and quantifying that, so they really get a great fix on what drives value for their customers and how they can help their customers by delivering value  05:27 - Andrew’s thoughts about value when creating new products or new features: go back to the pricing term, willingness to pay; what we've got to try and do is get the customer in the position where they're willing to pay for outcomes in a fair way, so we get what we want in return for what we’re going to do for them  06:50 - How Andrew communicates the value selling element of a product to win big deals and prices - what I do is backtrack and cover off some of the fundamentals. And so go back to something around the product and what it's delivering  08:19 - Most companies don’t know about their products’ value, hence the lack of value perception. Andrew relates further to what it’s like working with clients who have this challenge  09:26 - How can I get my value across to them? Andrew’s idea of a value conversation explained  12:28 - One of the things they developed in the business is what is called a sweet spot type approach, learn how a company can apply this to get better at negotiation  13:56 - When it comes to negotiation, who do the salespeople talk to? Is it the decision-makers alone?  16:04 - Getting all the stakeholders on the customers’ side together for a value conversation is his idea of how a negotiation happens. Because to Andrew, that is easier in order to win a sale at a high price.   22:30 - Andrew believes the only way we really find out what people are interested in is when we ask questions and listen to them.   24:08 - His thoughts on Mark’s negotiation rule number one: Patience wins.  25:03 - Adhering to rule number two: Never let the CEO negotiate.  26:07 - You don't give anything unless you get something in return. To Andrew, it is important that what you give is valuable to the other person, but that it still preserves your own position.  Key Takeaways:  “Value selling is taking the customer through a journey or a process, just understanding the value of what they do, and the results and the outcomes they can deliver for their customers.” - Andrew Bailey “Value conversation is a collaborative process that you go through that can uncover more of the value you can deliver, and the value there is for customers to capture, which is ultimately what they want.” - Andrew Bailey “Negotiating is there to help you secure and protect the value you're delivering to customers that you're going to get through your price.” - Andrew Bailey “In negotiation, people need to just be more open, ask straightforward questions to sit down the first time, and just say, which do you prefer?”  - Andrew Bailey Resources Mentioned:  "The 7 biggest mistakes people unwittingly make when negotiating and how to avoid them" by Andrew Bailey Connect With Andrew Bailey:  LinkedIn commercialstrategy4.co.uk Connect with Mark Stiving:     Email: mark@impactpricing.com      LinkedIn Twitter


8 Jun 2020