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Episode 2215: Rob Wilson ~ CNN Financial Expert aka "Bobby Dinero” talks Financial Literacy!

Building Abundant Success!!© with Sabrina-Marie

Rob has been dubbed “Hip Hop’s Financial Advisor” because he is a trusted advisor to professional athletes & entertainers; Rob believes that we can all learn from their success. However, Rob states: "I realized that as a financial advisor, I have also come into contact with, and have as clients, a plethora of doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects, business people and entrepreneurs that are living fabulous lives. In fact, many of these individuals live lives that are far more enriching than a number of these celebrities, because of the fact that, due to their inability to manage their money, the average celebrity’s “high life” is short lived. However, the stories of these wildly successful “non-celebrities” has largely gone untold…" Rob is originally from Pittsburgh. He received his bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and his Masters in Business Administration from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.~ RobWilsonTV.com © 2021 Building Abundant Success!! 2021 All Rights Reserved Join Me on ~ iHeart Radio @ https://tinyurl.com/iHeartBASSpot Me on Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/yxuy23baAmazon ~ https://tinyurl.com/AmzBAS


14 Oct 2021

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Rob Wilson & The Art of Breath


In this episode I speak with Rob Wilson about the incredible complexity and transformative potential of our most fundamental connection with life, the breath.Ive been following Rob @preparetoperform and his counterpart @_brianmackenzie for years as they apply modern understandings of physiology, performance, and energy production to the techniques used in yogic & contemplative traditions that manipulate the breath as a means to transform the mind and body.  This conversation spans a variety of related topics including assessing breath control capacity as a readiness and allostatic load (stress) gauge, the Wim Hoff method, energy system development, hyper-emotional states, connecting the body with the mind, shamanic foundations of modern techniques, near death experiences, and training for off-time vs real-time stress events. Im so pumped to share this episode with you.  Get your notepads out because theres a ton of incredible information packed in here.  

1hr 26mins

19 Aug 2021

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Nailing Down ONE NICHE & The Future Of YouTube Shorts | Rob Wilson | Content Marketing Crusaders

The Impact and Income Show - All Things Personal Branding, Content Marketing And Social Selling

Nailing Down ONE NICHE & The Future Of YouTube Shorts | Rob Wilson | Content Marketing Crusaders


4 Aug 2021

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Rob Wilson: Farmers across NZ Protest Government Regulations, Non Consulting, Water Rights, Land Grabs

GreenplanetFM Podcast

NZ Farmers are pushing back against bureaucratic Government and Local Council regulators (especially land grabs) due to no open communication, or open meetings and sharing of information and genuine consultation. Rob sees the farming sector throughout rural NZ being challenged like never before. Yes, there is water pollution, chemicals on the land, (huge stocking numbers - Corporate farms) and health issues that need to be continually addressed. However, what farmers have been experiencing though is escalating Governmental regulations, plus local Council intrusions into their lives by a hive of unknown bureaucrat regulators pushing an agenda, that in many ways is - one size fits all.  The United Nations Agenda21 and Agenda2030.  This adds to the recent GreenplanetFM.com - interview of Heather Meri Pennycook - where we cover many of the same issues - but worded differently, especially the expanding nation wide push back that continues to grow, via Groundswell, but with a very defined focus.    Yet, what’s getting under the ‘farming sectors’ skin is the extreme lack of face to face consultation and communication. especially the sharing of information at local gatherings, town hall meetings and villages. For the farmers it’s just more paperwork, and compliance. Like the Emperors of the past exacting tribute from the peasants  and having an intermediary, the Governor collects taxes and that one follow ‘dictats’ - without human contact and open discussions. This has resulted in the Groundswell uprising and farm tractors descending on villages, towns and cities across NZ with a follow up statement that this will occur again mid August if the Govt and local Councils do not front up. Yes, it’s about the pace of change - on the back of climate change - increasing storms, encroaching sea levels and weather*events but it’s being run by bureaucrats - who have no skin in the game - with  no financial risk involved making demands on a map somewhere. Plus, most bureaucrats have never been out in stormy cold weather - in the wind and the rain, helping cows calve or sheep stuck in a drain, or dealing with a flood, fallen trees etc etc. Yet it’s about SNA’s. What is an SNA? SNA stands for Significant Natural Area and they are becoming  important whichever way you look at them. Forest and Bird says they are "New Zealand's most important remnants of native habitat - places where rare or threatened plants or animals are still found". However  after the signing of the United Nations Rio’ Agreement in 1992 - NZ committed to Agenda 21 and more lately, Agenda2030 - so as to impel environmental and ecological change by 2030. Hence the ’so-called’ hurry’.   However the fine print and the detail is all hidden in plain sight.  Like the 17 United Nations sustainability development goals - they look and sound wonderful - we are going to eradicate poverty and have equality - have a sustainable future and look after our environment.   But, if you go to www.aag.org.nz  - and download the fine print of what that Agenda actually is - and it’s a 352 page document - it virtually covers every aspect of our lives - healthcare, education  - and a stock take every single living being and resource and mineral on the planet - so that ‘they’ can ‘stock take’ everything thing - eventually right across our country - and more and more are saying - control it. https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/rosa-koire-agenda-2030-is-totalitarian-takeover/ From your reading you will see that the Agenda wants to eradicate that which is not sustainable - and that is - the private ownership of land. i.e. farming - private ownership of motor vehicles, roading, irrigation, ski fields, golf courses - even the family unit - in their eyes is listed as unsustainable. That this is something that ‘bureaucrats’ want to eradicate. So once we read the fine print we become aware of where our Government is taking us, Be it National or Labour (Greens) - that due to no consultation that this ‘unconscious’ legislation is crippling our agricultural sector - starts to make sense. That everyone has to do their own research - bypassing Google and using Duckduckgo.com because if you are not aware of what’s in the fine print - and you learn this for the very first time - it will sound quite bazaar - so the imperative is for all NZers to see what is being planned for our future - and if you are a parent - your children’s future. (and that you have been cut out of the dialogue with zero say). Note, that anyone who criticises the Govt narrative is deemed by the Govt as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ - however when you read the fine print you realise that this is ‘not theory.’ On the AAG.org.nz web site you can see the video for yourself of the NZ Prime Minister stating that this Labour Government is going to carry out all the contingencies of the Agenda2030. Plus the link to the UN Agenda document. Many NZ farmers, contrary to common belief, are not farming for the money - it’s the lifestyle they love and they wish to hand their farm on to their children and future family generations. However certain contingencies within the UN Agenda2030 - make their plans basically unobtainable.  Now - this has never even been a serious discussion with NZ farmers.  This is a far ranging plan that in essence wants to do a full stock take on all biota within the biosphere and all inanimate things as well. For example, on the microcosm - a corporation completes an annual ‘stock take’ of everything that corporation incorporates.  For example: Land - buildings, automobiles, trucks, bulldozers, (aeroplanes, ships) office equipment stationary, stock - be it live stock, (animals) and product (wheat, soy, maize - iron ore, oil, etc) and what monies they have in the bank, stocks, shares, gold, silver, bitcoin, IOU’s, sureties etc. What the Agenda2030 does - is stocktaking of everything in every country so that countries assets are known by the bureaucrats in a UN building somewhere and they then command how a farm shall be run and governed on a planetary scale.  Yet, that bureaucrat may not know squat about farming and the culture - and especially the prevailing weather, climate etc of that particular farming region.  It is this macro managing from afar that is disturbing. Just have a look at how the WHO - the World Health Organisation acted over the last 18 months to see how their edicts are given out.        This is where Agenda21 is leading us. So that those ‘who make the decisions’ can see what is happening on our whole planet at any time, but with a limited understanding of how farmers may live. To them they do not want to distinguish countries as such - but see just ‘trading blocks’ - North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe etc. At this moment they are still piecing together how these so-called Trading blocks will fit. Or at least make it public. Though National Party Leader Jim Bolger signed the 1992 Rio de Janeiro Agenda2, it was John Key who signed Agenda2030 - so for the farmers of NZ - they have to realise that a huge percentage of them voted for the National political party run by these two Prime Ministers. - that in many ways is aiding and abetting the  silent, stealthy and hidden program that is being rolled out now. This is where there is a gigantic gap between the Agriculture Action Group and Groundswell - https://groundswellnz.co.nz/ have a huge chasm to cross. AAG.org.nz see the global clamp coming on fast whilst the Groundswell supporters basically think that getting rid of the Labour Party will save them. This is where they have been hoodwinked by National Party politicians not telling the truth or saying that the UN Agendas are conspiracy theories - when in fact - National are basically as donkey deep into the take over of NZ as Labour and the rest of the political apparatus. There were a number of National Political Party representatives in the crowd at the NZ wide Friday Groundswell event - who remained quiet, keeping their head down - because they do not want a discussion around Agenda21 or Agenda2030 - because then the farmers would become wise to the fact that Labour and National are just different wings of the same pterodactyl.   The Paris Climate Treaty was signed by National Party Ministers Paula Bennet and Simon Bridges at the end of 2015. The Zero Carbon Act was passed with unanimous support from National in 2019 which makes the legal changes required from the Paris Climate Treaty previously signed. So Groundswell farmers and rural people have to see that this change that is being enforced - is beyond NZ politics. Just 2  months ago, one of the largest protests seen in the Far North saw Māori converge on the Far North District Council offices, opposing the council's plans to declare large swathes of land as SNAs – significant natural areas. Māori saw it as a breach of their rights as landowners and were upset at a lack of consultation, but it wasn't just Māori who were part of the hīkoi. They were joined by significant numbers of Pākehā farmers and property owners, a fact veteran activist Hone Harawira remarked upon. https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/civil-unrest/only-the-french-know-how-to-protest/ The Great Reset Now as an adjunct to the United Nations Agendas - we now have from - stage left the emergence of the World Economic Forum out of Davos, Switzerland. You will have read snippets and heard sound bites of the super rich and celebrities, flying there in private jets taking up runway parking space at the airport as they descend on their annual glittering conferences to engage in ‘how we are going to solve world problems.’  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JB9-uL9o-w  - 4 IMPORTANT minutes  This is the showcase event of the likes of political figures, business leaders and cultural leaders …. under the heading of various vernacular like …Successful Global Corporate CEO and Entrepreneur or internationally acclaimed actor, fashion icon and mental health ambassador - all to win the younger unknowing, wannabes over etc.  Or Global Shapers, Young Global Leaders, and Social Entrepreneurs - Thought Leaders etc  - all among the Elite - rubbing shoulders - ‘being friendly’  do you remember when rock musicians like Bob Geldof and the lead singer from U2  and a stream of film stars hobnobbed at these type of events. Be it Tony Blair, Prince Charles, Leonardo Di Caprio, Bill Gates, go do a duckduckgo.com - search and watch the WEF videos - you will see them ‘conveniently’ placed in the videos - to get your ‘buy in’ and convince you that what frontman Klaus Schwab is doing - is going to be good for you, the rest of humanity and the planet as a whole.  But they never speak of one's heart, of love, of soul, spirit - it is a Godless organisation. Some would say that communists like it very much - specifically for that very reason.   This is very sophisticated propaganda - to swing the youth - especially in the tech, smart phone, chat world to ‘ready them to transition to a world that as the World Economic Forum stated and then quickly withdrew - that ‘by 2030 we will own nothing and we will be happy’.  NZer’s across this country have to become very alert and savvy to this global marketing machine and ’thought adjuster’ - as its agenda is total world control with a mandate from the United Nations.    Bood security is possibly the only single issue on which all New Zealanders can agree...and as you see the breakdown of supply chains around the world - especially America  it could very well create famine and unbeknown to most - food shortages are a significant part of the "Great Reset". Strategy Going Forward. Wisdom is finding the weakest point in the global media strategy and focusing all available energy on …exposing the truth - that means , the many groups with grievances against this seemingly corrupt government would be wise to (1) shun attempts to "politicise" their issues and (2) put put some of their good activist energy into supporting the farmers.  Without a doubt, ALL issues confronting us are critical to our survival: 5G, the so-called "vaccine", climate (manipulated by geo-engineering), chemicals in food, water, soil etc.  This is hidden warfare, directed against US. Humans.   To win, we need everyone on board.   The Word Economic Forum have now silently made their move under cover of Covid - and are exposed and people are seeing their moves to use the lockdowns to take control of the world economy - They have all the world's great banks on board as well as all the world's media BBC, CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post, CBS, ABC NBC, - all the way down to the AUSTRALIAN, TvOne and TV3 to a greater extent Radio NZ, Talkback etc   and the status Quo are now moving as fast as they can to capture us all before we wake up en-mass and see what they have planned for us. https://sociable.co/government-and-policy/timeline-great-reset-agenda-event-201-pandemic-2020/ Hence the importance of getting to farmers before they become co-opted by the National Party and be hoodwinked and sidelined to not see the real issue - losing NZ’s sovereignty and their farms as well.  When we talk about an awakening happening across NZ people are realising that even though we thought we were free - that in actual fact - NZ is a Corporation of the City of London and though you may not beleive this - each person born here is a chattel of the City fo London and even migrants - they in return become a chattel too - see previous interview of Jacques Windell https://www.ourplanet.org/greenplanetfm/jacques-windell-is-new-zealand-a-corporation-of-the-city-of-london This is a taster - but you dear reader have to take this further. Snippets from this interview  SNA’s Significant Natural Areas are taking this away from the farmers. With no compensation. It’s destroying the economic viability of those properties … The need for binding Citizens Initiated Referendums As in the Cantons of Switzerland.  Blockchain technology integrated with this method of voting  - to make secure so it can not be corrupted and tampered with. NZ needing a Written Constitution  https://groundswellnz.co.nz/ https://aag.org.nz/ https://landfreedom.net/home.html Instead of google use for searches - duckduckgo.com Note that the World Economic Forum never mentions …heart, love, soul etc - it is Godless Check out …  rumble.com bitchute.com Brighten.com https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/   This is a go to web site NZ Websites: www.thebuzz.nz www.therealnews.nz www.Voicesforfreedom.co.nz www.seemorerocks.is https://nzdsos.com Note that suburban and rural news papers are around 60% owned by one entity.  Vitamin C & D3 is very important for us to take to keep our immune system robust. Eat as much organic food as possible. Drink unsanitised water. Fresh air and daily walks for exercise are an imperative. That NZ is a Corporation of the City of London - this has shocked many unknowing people -  That no matter what, we are entering a new paradigm and we have to educate and learn that we are free beings and retain our sovereignty - yet on a planet of 7.8 billion beings - we meditate on a ‘planet of peace’ and in ‘unity consciousness’ - that we are an emerging global family. Everything is connected - we are in the 4th industrial revolution - which is AI - artificial intelligence driven plus has dictionary computers and surveillance over the internet. You have the Waihopai 5 Eyes listening system at Blenheim with its dictionary computers - listening for key words and automatically tracking and recording …  5G wireless radiation - and towers - turning off wifi at schools and kindergarten and hard wiring all devices in school rooms - especially around infants. Dirty power in buildings - rooms wired with electricity that are unhealthy - it's like living under overhead high power lines. Fairfax bought Rupert Murdoch’s localised NZ newspapers about 60 in number across all the cities and rural areas - they only produce editorial and advertising - That media is not ally reworking to pull the strings of community together.  There is Neighbourly - but it is tightly hemmed in. It is not really open at the level of awakening NZ.  Rob Wilson is an excellent communicator. Apologies for the rushed job at this write up. One person can only do so much. :) Ps - I was shocked at how many of the farmers had taken the ‘shot’.  Turn your TV off - turn your radio off. I have, 25 years ago. Use alternative media above. Please.


22 Jul 2021

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IN FIVE [EP. 9] - Kanye West (with Rob Wilson)


Because sometimes a waist-deep morass of trashy tabloid pages is just overzealous shielding for a yummy fish supper. Rob & I remind you of that fish supper.  ... yeah, that'll do. Encase your ear-pipes in more of Rob's astute, personable verbiage at https://anchor.fm/the-longest-night or https://wearerebelchums.wordpress.com/ or dig some of his punchy-ass power-pop at https://colourfulsevens.bandcamp.com/

1hr 45mins

12 Jul 2021

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Move breathe Live with Rob Wilson - health, breathe, performance, stress, mental states, politics and more

Move.Breathe.Live. with Wib Yoga and Spirit Wren

Rob Wilson Show Notes Welcoming into the podcast the legend that is Rob Wilson. Rob is a breath work coach, ex cross fit gym owner and coach, has 5 years of working at the highest end of performance with athletes as well as with veterans and active special forces helping them to not only read there mental and physical state better but then how to act and react to it. We dive into ALLLLLLL sorts in this episode including breath work, sleep apnea and Jordon Peterson, physiology of exercise and breathing and more.  He is the co-creater of Art of breath which you can access at https://shiftadapt.com/product/art-of-breath-online-course/ You can see all of the great work at the Shift adapt website, especially great for you athletes looking to up there game and get more efficient and fitter at https://shiftadapt.com/ His podcast that we mention Is available on all platforms but especially on apple at https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/sh-ft-perspective/id1550169169 Finally find him at instagram at www.instagram.com/preparetoperform

1hr 33mins

12 Jul 2021

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Rob Wilson on Post COVID HR issues, New Vegas Resort and More

The Don and Mike Show

Employco's Rob Wilson talks about what is expected in HR aspects in a Post COVID environment, Don and Mike talk about the new Resorts World opening this week, the latest issues with the RECON show and more! TheDonAndMikeShow.net and ExhibitCityNews.com


26 Jun 2021

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Kitchen Table Convo Series - Rob Wilson - Episode 104

weMove Podcast

Hey there and welcome to the weMove podcast We have been having many conversations with people as we work out the route forward for the podcast and weMove as a whole. Most we haven’t recorded, but these four seemed right record and put out. In a way they are the types of conversation we have when we are on our travels, following a curiosity but with no real set direction. They are the kind of chat we would have around the kitchen table with a brew. In order of release we speak to Rob Wilson, co founder of Art of Breath, chiropractor and master healer Perry Nickelston, friend of weMove and Nurse Paul Jones and to finish the series, music producer and co founder of the band Killing Joke, Martin Glover aka Youth. We will be releasing podcasts under our Gear series, where we talk to the creators of brands in the realm of movement, health and wellbeing and then returning in a few weeks with an updated format for new and existing listeners. Thanks as always for listening, these conversations are ones that might take a time of reflection for them to filter through and make sense. I know they did and still do for me. Enjoy.

1hr 59mins

6 Jun 2021

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Heather Meri Pennycook & Rob Wilson: Why are Agenda21, Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset not debated?

GreenplanetFM Podcast

AAG.org.nz - the Agriculture Action Group has been founded across New Zealand to push back and question Government intrusion, especially when it has not been announced in the Governments manifestos. This is all about the lack of consultation and enforced regulations and fees at a localised level - via NZ Councils on how we use our land.  These requirements are now being foisted on an unsuspecting NZ public. This has all been arranged and 'agreed upon’ with the United Nations and is known as   Agenda21 & Agenda 2030. In addition to the above is the inclusion from Davos in Switzerland, of the World Economic Forum’s  'Great Reset’   'Where we are told 'that by 2030 we will own nothing and we'll all be happy!' That together these two models are going to be superimposed over all nations that will lead to the long planned for NEW WORLD ORDER. These words were uttered by US President George Herbert Bush when he first mentioned them back in September, 1990.   Now, today, there is an urgent need to ask, why are these two critical global ecological and economical initiatives being inserted into everyday life especially in the Western World and here in NZ. Note that recent NZ governments have made no effort at all to announce this in their political manifestos or brought any of this to the NZ public's notice via MainStream Media. Now farmers in particular are finding that they are  being regulated and having to fulfil certain conditions having had no local community input from Councils or Central Government - prior to what is happening today. Where once ‘we the people’ elected servants to act on our behalf. There was always open dialogue and consultation, with meetings and written submissions. Resulting in questions being answered so that the  electorate were ‘ kept in the loop, but in this interview we hear that farmers, essentially the backbone of the economy of our vast rural sector, have been sidelined. Instead they have found themselves controlled by bylaws and legislation that has been enacted with no consultation or their knowing.   What we are learning is that there has been a huge level of secrecy in relation to how these ‘programs' have been developed and deployed. Though, certain astutely placed ‘buzz’ words have been used to soften the story line, when finally put under the microscope we learn that, ‘we' are being told what to do and what's to happen and that we must ... comply. Agenda21 & Agenda2030 along with the Great Reset are a 'top down game plan' for planet earth. However, there is an urgent necessity to have 'grass roots' input from communities on the ground that takes localised situations and conditions into consideration and be acknowledged. Not a ‘one size fits all’.  But, this has not happened.  Yes, we are very aware of all the many serious environmental challenges within the biosphere that have to be acknowledged and dealt with. As well as the completely unsustainable failing 'casino economic system' that we are ensnared in - that is essentially corrupt to the core.   But, if we as a democratic country based on the Rule of Law - believe in an honest system of Government, are not allowed to have a country wide discussion with local town hall meetings and full media coverage - especially at 6 pm ‘ every' night - we will realise that our long held cherished freedoms - have been hijacked. This we can not allow.  Question; did you give permission to our Prime Minister to make this decision that she made in New York in 2019?   See video below  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XsUV7pwSRg&t=448s The Interview: Listen, this is critical information …  too much to write here. AAG.org.nz    The Agriculture Action Group. What is happening or about to happen is all an extension of the Fourth Industrial Revolution - an omnipresent  computerised wireless world - where we are immersed in escalating oscillating frequencies 24/7.  This wireless radiation coming from both ground towers and the 40,000 plus 5G satellites that Elon Musk and SpaceX are deploying as of now. These technologies will be overlaying and bombarding all of nature and every square millimetre of the biospheres surface.      Notice with spokesman Klaus Schwab of the Great Reset who oversees the World Economic Forum’s  videos - that no ‘love' is mentioned in them - that there is a lack of heart in the narrative. Yes, they point out what the problems are - however all the answers to our planetary problems are coming from the top of the pyramid of power. That they are not coming up from the grass roots, from you and I at a localised level. What we want to hear and see is that we are included in this narrative and that there is heart in this equation.  Question …  is there any warm joy in what the Great Reset is going to do for you?  Time to mobilise - share this …. Some Talking Points of the Great Reset: A global omnipresent digital society with zero cash. The absence of small business owners - only Corporations.  Living in Smart Cities totally connected to overhead satellites. Unable to save organic seeds, or rainwater off one's own roof. Decreasing access to the great outdoors. 24/7 Surveillance and zero privacy. Breathing questionable air. Drinking fluoridated and chlorinated water.  Eating Factory and Industrial Food - non organic - no life force. Submitting to edicts around health requirements - e.g Covid.  Sourcing information via search engines that censor. Enforced ‘Gag' Orders when employed by the system. The lack of Love and connection within the Community.  These above statements need to be addressed ASAP.  More to come.


6 May 2021

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029: Rob Wilson on Improving Performance with Nasal & Mouth Breathing

The Fitness Movement: Training | Programming | Competing

This episode dives deep on how to breathe to maximize training, accelerate recovery and stop anxiety.  Rob Wilson is a Renaissance man of human performance and all things breathing. He was a former CrossFit affiliate owner.  And he now travels the world teaching the Art of Breath Seminar with Brian Mackenzie and working on his company SH//FT, formerly known as Power Speed Endurance and CrossFit Endurance.In this episode we get into the following topics…(1) Rob's Personal Breath Practice(2) The Utility of Supraventilation (e.g. Wim Hof, Breath of Fire)(3) Promoting Recovery & Relaxation with Parasympathetic Protocols(4) Nasal & Mouth Breathing: Gears System for Breathing(5) How to Breath to Maximize Performance in a Variety of TasksSupport the show (https://zoarfitness.com/get-a-coach/)

1hr 2mins

20 Apr 2021