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James Orsini: The Legend of "Jimmy the Pencil"

The POZCAST: Career & Life Journeys with Adam Posner

1:03 - Journey towards Accountant side2:15 - Evolution of technology3:19 - Core Fundamental Key Lessons5:00 - Disadvantage for younger folks6:03 - New Employees Onboarding Process9:00 - Passion for Business10:46 - Learning experience12:11 - Idea for Execution13:08 - First Interaction with Gary16:56 - The Secret Sauce19:20 - Early Conversation with Gary22:40 - Scalability23:00 - Ideal clients for Sasha Group23:30 - Recruitment for Sasha Group25:42 - Hardest challenges for small businesses during Pandemic26:40 - Be Invaluable27:12 - Initial Process with a new client29:22 - Happiest in career30:10 - Long term relationships35:10 - Legacy to leave behind35:50 - James's North Star 


15 Oct 2021

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Episode 055 - James Orsini

Seton Hall Undergraduate Leaders Podcast

This episode features James Orsini. He is the president of The Sasha Group, a VaynerX company, which provides educational, consulting, and marketing services to help businesses reach their growth potential. He has also worked with companies such as Saatchi and Saatchi, Sito Mobile Ltd, and Interbrand North America. In addition, he has written numerous business articles and white papers including Agency of the Future, Let Leaders Lead and Practitioners Practice, The Authentic Network, and Reverse 360 Mentoring and appeared on podcasts such as Second in Command with Cameron Herold and Self-made Man with Mike Dillard. He is a board member of residential substance abuse rehabilitation programs Renovation House of New Jersey and New York as well. Program Director: Dr. Bryan Price Chief Engineer: Audrey Pennington Student Director: Audrey Pennington Head of Marketing: Will Steck Special thanks to WSOU 89.5 FM Pirate Radio


3 Mar 2021

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'Building VaynerMedia with Gary Vaynerchuk and the Story Behind Jimmy the Pencil' with James Orsini, President at The Sasha Group

Meet the Creatives


8 Feb 2021

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Throwback Thursday with James Orsini

Negotiations Ninja Podcast


28 Jan 2021

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E005: Building Business with an Agency Perspective with James Orsini


James Orsini is currently the president of The Sasha Group, which is a division of VaynerMedia. Prior to that, he also served as the CEO and Chief integration officer at VaynerMedia working alongside Gary Vaynerchuk. James has a 35-year career under his belt as he previously worked for The Rowland Company, Goldman Sachs, and KPMG. The Sasha Group is a company that runs like a consultancy on the frontend and an advertising agency on the backend. The company has now grown to 65 people in just a year. Senior talents help consult these entrepreneurs, founders, or challenger brands into a new way of marketing, which Gary calls Marketing for the Now. Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation: His career background How he transitioned into the digital media space and taking a risk How Gary Vaynerchuk broke a 150-year-old advertising model in 30 seconds Dealing with the naysayers How the COVID situation and remote work affected the work product, culture, and social connections What is 4Ds? Episode Highlights: Dealing with the naysayers It chokes a vision when people panic. It's therefore important to be able to help translate your vision to the team. How the Covid Situation and Remote Work Affected the Work Product What you're seeing is a new norm for working. Even when you're working from home, you can really stay connected. In fact, James has never felt closer to his company than he does right now. The boxes make everybody equal. They're all equal in size. An account executive has the voice of a senior vice president because it's just the same box size. Plus, there is more effort now to do some social events to keep people together. What is 4Ds? 4Ds is a classroom workshop type settings of 10 to 12 people in a conference room. It's a full-day immersion and Gary is there for an hour and a half. He goes around the room and everybody gets to ask their question. Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs Absorb the fact that the world is different now. So you have to adapt right now. Most are in survival mode. This is not about producing the greatest profits of all time. This is about being around to live and fight another day. Attack and move a piece of your business from defense to offense in order to survive. Resources Mentioned: The Sasha Group


7 Jan 2021

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How to Embrace GaryVee Style Marketing [According to James Orsini] Ep #22

B2B Content Marketing: The Content Callout Podcast

How do you build and market a brand like GaryVee? How do you create marketing campaigns that influence the decision to buy? What’s the difference between branding and marketing? One of GaryVee’s right-hand guys—James Orsini—shares some savvy branding and marketing techniques in this episode of Content Callout. Check it out! James started as Gary’s Chief Integration Officer and became his Chief Operating Officer. Up until 2019, he was part of VaynerX. This year, Gary launched The Sasha Group where James is now President. The Sasha Group serves businesses that make between $1 million to $100 million in revenue.  Outline of This Episode [1:55] James Role at VaynerX [3:04] Create marketing campaigns that influence [5:27] How to have educational conversations [7:32] The difference between branding and marketing [9:12] Invest money in brand development [11:27] Put yourself out there on LinkedIn [14:15] How to improve your marketing [15:45] How to connect with James Orsini Resources & People Mentioned VaynerX: https://vaynerx.com/ The Sasha Group: https://thesashagroup.com/ Connect with James Orsini Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jamesorsini/?hl=en Twitter: https://twitter.com/JimmyThePencil LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-orsini-4b1aaa7/ Connect With the Content Callout Team https://ContentCallout.com Subscribe to CONTENT CALLOUT on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts


5 Jan 2021

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Episode 015 Growing Pains in Operations with James Orsini

#ThisWeekWithSabir - This Week With Sabir Semerkant

Meet James Orsini. James is President of The Sasha Group a VaynerX company. Working alongside Gary Vaynerchuk, its CEO and serial entrepreneur, Orsini leads the group to help small businesses reach explosive growth potential. The Sasha Group provides educational, consulting, and marketing services for companies from $1 million to $200 million in revenue. Orsini held previous positions as Chief Operating Officer as well as Chief Integration Officer for VaynerMedia a digital agency with social at its core. Working alongside founder and CEO Gary Vaynerchuk James helped manage the agency for success. He was Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors of Sito Mobile Ltd., (NASDAQ: SITO) A proven leader and author of numerous business articles including Agency of the Future, Guided Exploration, and Let Leaders Lead and Practitioners Practice. Mr. Orsini has also penned white papers The Authentic Network, Reverse 360 Mentoring, Mastering Procurement, and Procurements Evolution for Today’s Marketing Service Companies. He has done numerous podcasts including Second in Command with Cameron Herold and Self-made man with Mike Dillard. James has more than 35 years of finance and operations experience across a broad range of marketing and communications disciplines. Follow James on Twitter @JimmyThePencil. Chapters 00:00 Sabir Welcomes James Orsini 02:28 Never Be Afraid to Fail 16:50 Taking a Holistic Approach to Business 31:21 The Challenges of Running Public Companies 36:37 The Early Days of VaynerMedia 39:25 The Lessons Behind Rapid Growth 41:55 Don’t be Afraid to Admit What You Don’t Know 43:54 The Mistakes Made by the Advertising Industry 44:55 How The Sasha Group Was Born 49:08 The Mentor Program 51:06 Habib and Young Nails 53:19 The Things That Won’t Change After the Pandemic 54:52 How the Pandemic Has Expanded the Talent Pool 56:37 The $100,000 Question 58:14 You Can’t Know Everything Need help growth hacking your business, reach out to Sabir at GROWTHbySabir. Watch all #ThisWeekWithSabir episodes on YouTube. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sabir-semerkant/support


24 Sep 2020

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CMO Suite - James Orsini, President Sasha Group

The CMO Suite Hosted By Sean Halter

James talks about how a chance meeting with Gary Vaynerchuk changed both of their lives and what he’s doing now to leave a legacy on the industry.


21 Sep 2020

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TBT Live AMA on Instagram with James Orsini, President at The Sasha Group

Meet the Creatives

TBT Live on Instagram with James Orsini, President at The Sasha Groupwww.MeettheCreatives.org


10 Sep 2020

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Episode 042 - Guest Host Andrea Henley with James Orsini, President of The Sasha Group

The OOH Insider Show

You probably know some of the great brands they work with, like Young Nails, Bumbleberry Farms and Pizzeria Locale but do you know the pedigree of the hybrid consultancy-agency that has helped them scale?If not, then this is an episode you don't want to miss.Guest Host Andrea Henley sits down with President of The Sasha Group, James Orsini to discuss the Vayner X company's mission, mantra and how they're helping small business to pivot during pandemic.As a listener of the show, The Sasha Group would like to share a very special offer of 1 FREE Month of their one-of-a-kind marketing insight platform, Stork.Learn more about Stork here: https://4ds.thesashagroup.com/stork/And to learn more about The Sasha Group, visit: https://thesashagroup.com/As always, you can grab your own I ❤️  OOH swag at oohswag.comDon't forget to use promo code INISDER for 10% off your first order!Support the show (http://oohswag.com)


10 Aug 2020