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Phil Galfond II / Founder of Run It Once / PLO Legend / $3M career tournament earnings

Jeff Gross - The Flow Show

Phil Galfond, the founder of Run It Once and a PLO legend with $3M career tournament earnings, shares the inside scoop on his challenge against VeniVidi and how he kept his head on straight during his big downswing. He talks about Run It Once training, how to approach studying with videos, and his predictions of the future of online poker. Tune in to hear Phil break down how he stays motivated and focused, his favorite poker tools, and where he slips when it comes to work-life balance – and learn what’s happening on the ground in Vegas. Visit Jeff Gross - The Flow Show or find us on iTunes to subscribe, visit previous episodes, and learn more about your host, Jeff Gross. Time Stamped Show Notes:                                                                                                               00:00 – 26:00 – The inside scoop on the challenge with VeniVidi, what he did during the challenge, how it felt, and his thoughts on other players. 26:00 – 39:00 - Phil’s workday structure, work-life balance, the Jungle Man and Bill Perkins challenges, and what he thinks of the poker content that’s out there. 39:00 – 45:00 – Information about Run It Once training, what he loves about Elliot Roe’s course and other big courses, and how to approach video studying. 45:00 – 57:30 – Run It Once, the world of online poker, news and updates, how it works to try and enter the US, and his predictions of the future of live poker. 57:30 – 01:14:00 – Phil’s invitation to play, site promotions and personal brands in challenges, Vegas and Vancouver, and how he stays motivated and focused for downswings. 01:14:00 – 01:36:30 – Investing, education, the tools that are out there to improve your game, the purest form of poker, and what’s happening in Vegas. 01:36:30 – 01:54:30 – Accountability, the area where he can slip and wants to improve, why he doesn’t have an official system, and other players that he admires. 3 Key Points Think on your feet. Hold yourself accountable. Recognize where you can do better and work on it! Contact/Resources Partner - partypoker Website - Jeff Gross Poker Jeff’s Twitch Phil’s Twitter Phil’s Instagram Phil’s HendonMob Run It Once

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26 Feb 2021

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Phil Galfond Shares His Poker and Family Values | Ep: 17

The Heart of Poker Podcast

Phil Galfond is one of the most thoughtful and interesting people in poker, and his wide ranging personality is plain to see in the latest episode of Heart of Poker. Phil is an OG in online poker and his PLO Galfond Challenge matches against some of the best players in the game have become legendary over the last few years. He’s also got 3 WSOP bracelets for good measure. Using her menu of psychologist-approved questions, Kara gets personal with Phil. He explains how he met his now-wife Farah Fath on Twitter, his thoughts on parenting, and even losing friendships in the poker world. Phil also gives us a sneak peak into the book he might just get around to writing.... Phil is routinely called one of the nicest guys in poker and these insights into his life, family and values do nothing to disprove that reputation. Enjoy the episode and don’t forget to check out previous editions with poker pros and personalities, including Mori Eskandani, Jason Koon, Dominik Nitsche, Vanessa Selbst, Maria Ho, Brad Owen, and many more.


15 Feb 2021

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E068: Phil Galfond on Negreanu vs Polk Arbitration, Victory vs Chance Kornuth & More!

The Rake

Play Run It Once Poker Today: runitonce.euTrain With The Best on Run It Once Training: runitonce.comEmail suggestions to: TheRake@runitonce.comEmail your worst punts to: AsPlayed@runitonce.comTimestamps:00:08​Welcome Phil Galfond!  And our new host, Ben Wilinofsky!01:10​Congrats on your recent victory vs Chance Kornuth in the Galfond Challenge!  Did anything surprise you about that matchup, or about Chance?03:09​What elements of Chance’s game were difficult to tackle early on?05:33​Chance’s unconventional approach took advantage of waning focus over long sessions.06:54​What does he do between sessions to optimize his level of focus?08:33​How does Farah celebrate the win of a Galfond Challenge?10:51​Phil is a fan of Halo Top ice cream.  Was a lack of Halo Top in the diet a contributor to his struggles early on in the VeniVidi challenge?11:29​Has fatherhood and family life changed his perspective on poker?13:29​Phil hasn’t had much luck getting responses to his call for new challengers.  Does that make him feel good?16:37​Did he have any fatherhood advice for Chance?18:53​Did he notice any changes in Chance’s game after he and his wife had their baby?20:57​Does he find that it’s more difficult to tell if he’s running good in PLO vs Hold’em?22:34​How does he feel about being asked to arbitrate the tanking controversy in the Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu challenge?29:25​What are his thoughts on Real Time Assistance?  What’s the Run It Once approach to dealing with bots in general?35:08​How much does he think HUDs, RTA, solvers, etc should be used in online poker?36:27​What’s his vision for what online poker should be?39:55​Another state (Michigan) just came onboard for legalized online poker.  What would it take for Run It Once to pursue licensing in the US?41:46​More of Phil’s thoughts on the future of online poker in the US.45:26​Phil talks a bit about Vision, the GTO optimizer offered by Run It Once Training.47:28​Jamie asks Phil about her favourite romantic tweet of his, referencing the beginning of his relationship with Farah.50:54​Wrapping up.  Thanks Phil!  Way to not get fired Ben!


2 Feb 2021

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#87: Phil Galfond: Nosebleed Cash Legend, Run It Once Poker Founder, & All-Time Great

Chasing Poker Greatness

Today’s guest quite frankly needs no elaborate introduction to get you excited about hearing from him but I’m going to give you one anyway.Phil Galfond is a living legend in the world of poker at the ripe old age of 35. What would be the career-defining highlight of pretty much anyone else’s poker career, having won 3 WSOP gold bracelets, is merely a footnote in Galfond’s journey through cards.He’s the founder of one of the most prestigious training platforms in poker, Run it Once, and is doing his damndest to realize his vision of providing the poker world with the platform he feels we deserve at Run It Once Poker.If you’re not living in the US and you have not checked out Run It Once Poker, I exhort you to go do that right now. It simply isn’t enough to sit back and complain about the way platforms treat their players. If you want things to change for the better because you love this great game of poker as much as I do, you have to start taking action and do whatever you can to support the good guys in this world.In my conversation with Phil Galfond, you’re going to learn:- His poker origin story from PartyPoker SNGs all the way up through the nose bleeds.- What I believe to be his superpower that has allowed him to thrive in a way almost no one else has.- Phil’s advice on bankroll management and why he’s never been afraid of taking his shot.- And much, much MORE!And before we dive into the show if you’d like to be more efficient in your poker learning while gaining focus and clarity so that you skyrocket your game check out pokerwithpresence.com.Once more time, that’s pokerwithpresence.com.Now without any further ado, I bring to you one of the most brilliant, humble, and influential human beings in the world of poker Phil Galfond.

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9 Oct 2020

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Phil Galfond - qualities of successful poker players

The Runchuks Podcast

In this episode of Runchuks Poker Podcast Phil Galfond talks about the qualities that make him a great poker player, his decision making process, how does he think through the hand, how does he handle the stress and of course how does Phil sees the future of online poker, what are some of the biggest dangers that the industry is facing (such as collusion in poker and poker bots) and what can poker sites do to overcome those. We also talk about the Galfond Challenge. So far Phil finished two of them, winning the matches against the high stakes crushers VeniVidi1993 and ActionFreak. We also dig deeper into how Phil managed to overcome the huge early downswing against VeniVidi to come out on top. His insights on what qualities make a successful poker player are invaluable. And Phil also shares his opinions on Poker Solvers and other study tools as well as HUDs. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay informed about new videos https://www.youtube.com/RunchuksPoker?sub_confirmation=1 And if you'd like to receive my key takeaways from each latest podcast episode, subscribe to my newsletter https://www.runchukspodcast.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/RunchuksP iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/mt/podcast/the-runchuks-podcast/id1511439478&ls=1 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/3noSXKdBtcqqGWOpE4tsWR Overcast: https://overcast.fm/itunes1511439478/the-runchuks-podcast Follow Phil on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PhilGalfond Timestamps: 00:00:00 Introduction 00:01:44 Where is Phil 00:02:20 Seriously missing poker 00:03:12 How Phil Galfond came up with the challenge 00:09:13 Phil Galfond poker passion 00:11:22 The qualities that made the best players then are still needed now 00:19:31 Thinking ahead during the hand 00:20:48 Memory 00:22:18 Key points 00:24:20 Being aware of your feelings 00:25:23 VeniVidi frequent check-raises on the river 00:29:49 Limited time for making decisions 00:31:26 A second or two to refresh 00:33:02 Why Galfond Challenge is so special 00:36:01 What caused the most stress during the challenge 00:37:25 Did VeniVidi1993 and ActionFreak feel the same? 00:38:29 What Phil expected from the challenge 00:40:20 Traffic on RunItOnce Poker during the challenge 00:41:38 The incredible VeniVidi1993 match 00:45:59 The importance of working with a team 00:49:12 Investing in learning 00:50:30 If your only motivation is money 00:51:08 Phil Galfond coaching videos and thinking process 00:55:19 How was life at home during the challenge? 01:00:25 Switching off after the session 01:01:53 How did the days off look like? 01:02:30 Maintaining a consistent schedule 01:05:29 Being a father 01:06:46 Teaching games to his son 01:08:16 RunItOnce Poker, what are the next challenges? 01:24:45 Pros feeling entitled 01:26:36 What do recreational players want? 01:29:09 Not everyone is a big winner or a big loser 01:31:49 Reaching all player types and where to draw the line 01:33:15 Being open-minded about changes 01:35:27 PokerStars changes 01:37:58 The future of poker 01:41:17 Deep Blue effect 01:43:38 Using the challenge to prove that solvers didn't kill the game of poker 01:45:15 The definition of "studying poker" is broad 01:46:12 Custom tools for studying poker 01:47:32 Importance of good memory in poker 01:50:58 Restarting the challenge

1hr 52mins

26 Jun 2020

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120 - Phil Galfond - Galfond Challenge Recap

The Mindset Advantage Poker Podcast

Click Here To Enroll In Elliot Roe's A-Game Poker Masterclass After starting the first Galfond Challenge down nearly $1,000,000, Phil Galfond stormed back and sealed the victory during an epic final day of play. In this episode, Elliot and Phil discuss the key mindsets Phil adopted that allowed him to play his best despite the pressure and the swings of the challenge.


1 May 2020

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The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts

Phil Galfond talks coming back from $900,000 down to win the Galfond Challenge with less than 100 hands

1hr 56mins

15 Apr 2020

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Phil Galfond Talks $900,000 Comeback!

The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts

Phil Galfond is doing the Galfond Challenge right now and came back from being down $900,000 a few weeks ago to take a brief lead in today's session against Veni Vedi. They are playing a 25,000 hand challenge and are about 20,000 hands in so far. We talked more about the challenge. 


3 Apr 2020

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Phil Galfond Talks Challenge & Being Down $900,000

The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts

Phil Galfond joins the podcast today to talk being down $900k in Match 1 of the Galfond Challenge against Veni Vedi on Run It Once Poker. We will ask Phil all the questions that so many of you out there want to know about.  TIMESTAMPS 0:003:30 How does Phil feel about the challenge?? 5:12 Why not end the first match?? 7:30 Will time off make a difference in the results?? 8:30 Does Phil think he has an edge?? 11:53 At what point does Phil quit the match?? 15:24 If I think he is better, I will quit.... 22:52 What has made the match so tough?? (Pattern Recognition) 27:00 Why did Phil choose Veni as first opponent?? 32:50 Has Run It Once Poker traffic grown?? 34:20 Free $10 on RIO Poker now 37:50 When will RIO Poker make money? 39:00 Possible bankroll challenge for myself on RIO Poker 42:20 Do you think Veni is cheating? 47:00 Luke Schwartz comments 51:30 Thoughts being down $400,000 53:00 How has Phil's wife Farah handled challenge? 58:53 Adam Levitan question on God Mode... 59:30 Downswing piece of advice  1:04:40 When will challenge resume? 1:09:00 Dealing with criticism 1:11:30 Does Phil have all his own action?? 1:13:30 When will MTTs be on RIO Poker? 1:18:00 Aussie Matt story 1:21:00 RIO NEW PLO Product Vision 

1hr 27mins

20 Feb 2020

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Ep 40 - The Barstool Poker Tour, Zillion Beers, A Phil Galfond Update, And Legalized Sports Betting in VA

Cracking Aces

We open by talking about Zillion Beers and break down the entire saga (0-7:00). Then we go over some sad hand histories from a disastrous weekend of live poker (10:00-23:10) and the potential of a Barstool Poker Tour (23:10-30:00). Jake then updates us on Phil Galfond's PLO challenge where he's down almost a milly (30:00-37:00), we play a LEGENDARY Charder30 hand from WSOPE (37:35-41), and end the show talking VA legalizing sports betting (41-45:20) and preview next episode with Kelly Minkin (45:40-end).


11 Feb 2020