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Jadah Sellner — Build Resiliency Around Rejection and Failure

Dare to Leap

Jadah Sellner is a best-selling author, business mentor, host of the Lead with Love® Podcast, and sought-after international keynote and TEDx speaker. Jadah helps founders grow their businesses to the next level without sacrificing what matters most. Jadah has seen a lot of success throughout her career, but it didn’t always start that way. Her first business was a complete failure, but she never gave up. Jadah shares her dare to leap story and how she was able to prevail against all odds. Key takeaways: A little bit about Jadah and how she built her company. In 2008, during the financial crash, no one was hiring. Jadah had to become her own boss out of necessity. Jadah admits that she and her husband had no business starting a business! Unfortunately, starting a business with Jadah’s husband really hurt their relationship and their marriage. There was so much financial stress happening. Jadah had to move back to California and stay with her husband’s in-laws. There were 10 people living under one roof. When Jadah reached out and asked for help, that’s when things changed for her, but it can be hard for women to ask for help. Be proactive in your own success! When we hit a wall and when we hit failure, we can completely give up or keep pushing through. Reach out to your network or new groups and never take no for an answer! How did Jadah get started with her green smoothie business? In 2012, Jadah grew her company’s Instagram followers by 30K people! Things were really blowing up. How did Jadah keep focus while her company was growing? Jadah has a policy of “no comment” left behind. Which means she responds to everyone! It’s tiring but so worth it because everyone gets seen. Education doesn’t make or break you. Jadah does not have a college degree; she didn’t go to school for this and was still able to come out successful. Women have a lot of added pressure to provide for their families while also balancing their health and wellness. We need to be surrounded by other visionaries that are pulling us up and keeping us grounded on what really matters. Resources: Jadahsellner.com Quotes: “Something happens where we fail or we get rejected, we go into, ‘I will never put myself in that situation again.’ But for me, I just had to keep going.” “Don’t take no as a rejection. It’s just no for right now!” “There’s extra societal pressure on us as women building meaningful businesses but also still having the energy and presence to have meaningful lives.”


11 Aug 2021

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#148 How to lead with love with Jadah Sellner

The Unconventionalists with Mark Leruste

Jadah Sellner is the founder of several companies including the company she sold in 2016, Simple Green Smoothies, which generated over $1 million and 1 million followers in the first two years. Today Jadah is a bestselling author, business mentor, TEDx speaker, and host of the Lead with Love® Podcast. She’s been featured in O: The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, CBS’s The Doctors TV, and on the cover of Women’s World. As an advisor to founders and mission-driven companies, Jadah provides the strategic roadmap you need to execute your vision and grow your business to the next level without sacrificing what matters most to you. This is a powerful conversation about turning adversity into an opportunity and how breaking all conventional marketing rules enabled Jadah and her co-founder to build a massively engaged community online. Enjoy this powerful conversation! Mark Shownotes: www.theunconventionalists.com/episode/148 Learn more at JadahSellner.com and follow on social media @jadahsellner This week’s episode was brought to you by: The Podcast Revolution: https://theunconventionalists.com/launch-a-successful-podcast-from-scratch - Use code "PODCASTTRIBE" to get 20% off the entire course.


24 Feb 2021

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138: “Why Is Writing a Book So Hard?” with Jadah Sellner

Authors Who Lead - Learn about writing books from bestselling authors and leaders

Writing a book is not about achieving a goal or getting published, it’s about how the book will change you as the author and the transformation that you can make when you let it be your commitment to yourself. Our guest today is Jadah Sellner and she talks about breaking free from the fear and resistance of writing a book. What We Discuss with Jadah Sellner: The fear that comes with writing a book The process of self-transformation from writing a book Transform yourself first if you want to transform the reader Words can get in the way of really good books Write a book about how you see the world, not just what you know To view full show notes, Click Here! Like this show? Please leave us a review here -- even one sentence helps! Consider including your Twitter handle so we can thank you personally!


28 Jan 2021

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031: How to Build an Online Community with Jadah Sellner

Success with Soul

It is so important to build real relationships and trust with your peers and community in order to have a business that lasts the test of time. When you nurture a community of people who love what you do, you can create so much success and impact! Even though everyone seems to talk about community building these days, creating an engaged audience is easier said than done when you’re competing for small attention spans in the digital world. Join us today to talk about how to build an online community with heart, and in a way that creates genuine connection, authentic engagement, and raving fans! My guest today, Jadah Sellner, is the host of the Lead with Love® podcast, Business Mentor, and a TEDx speaker redefining the future of work for female founders. As the co-founder and author of Simple Green Smoothies (featured in Oprah's O Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and CBS’s The Doctors TV Show.), serial entrepreneur and business strategist, Jadah built a community of 355,000 email subscribers and 415,000 Instagram followers. With a simple and inspiring model, Jadah dedicates her time consulting companies and personal brands to build a business and life with love, service, and impact.  What you’ll learn in this episode: The importance of connection and building community, and how Jadah built two businesses from scratch How to unhook your self worth from your net worth Why love over metrics is so important How to use free challenges to grow your email list and sell digital products Subscribe and Review Thanks so much for joining me this week. If you liked what you heard, please leave an honest review for The Success with Soul Podcast on Apple Podcasts so we can improve and better serve you in the future. Plus, you could be featured on a future episode during our listener spotlights. Ratings and reviews are extremely helpful and greatly appreciated! They do matter in the rankings of the show, and I read each and every one of them. And finally, don’t forget to subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts to get automatic updates. My goal for this podcast is to inspire those who seek flexibility and freedom in their lives by making something happen with holistic, soulful, step-by-step strategies from me and other experts. Links + Resources Mentioned in this Episode:  Don’t forget to join the free Success with Soul Facebook community here! We have follow up conversations about the podcast episodes and I often go live to answer your burning questions. 018: Marketing Advice for Your Myers-Briggs Type with Brit Kolo Get Jadah's free 5 Step Challenge Roadmap here! Check out Jadah's She Builds Advisory Program for female founders Essentialism: Do Less But Accomplish More, Guide to Identifying the Essential Things, Focus On and Getting Them Done By Martin Hell Learn more at JadahSellner.com and follow her on social media @jadahsellner Follow me on Instagram @katekordsmeier and @rootandrevel More Ways to Enjoy Success with Soul Download a transcript of this episode Download on Apple Podcasts Email me new episodes Don’t forget to join our free Success With Soul Facebook community for follow-up conversations about the podcast episodes and where I also often go live to answer your burning questions. Hangout with like-minded bloggers and heart-centered online business owners exchanging priceless feedback, encouragement, and other golden insights from the trenches. EPISODE CREDITS: Produced by Danny Ozment at https://emeraldcitypro.com

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12 Nov 2020

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103: Building a Community Of Raving Fans (with Jadah Sellner)

She Means Business Show

In this episode Jadah Sellner and I dive into her experience building the Simple Green Smoothies community from zero into a seven-figure business with over 400,000 Instagram followers and 355,000 email subscribers.  Jadah shares some amazing strategies for building a really engaged community and growing your business by focusing on loving up on your people rather than the metrics, numbers and followers. I hope you love this episode! :) xx


20 Oct 2020

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Lead with Love Over Metrics Jadah Sellner

Live Your Dreams Awake Podcast

Failures are good learning lessons, but are willing to put yourself out there knowing that you literally don’t have something financially to support your dreams? In this episode, I am really excited to have Jadah Sellner with us. I have not met her personally, which is weird for most of my guests, whom I have personally met, but I have listened to her stories, which I really love. Jadah Sellner is an author, international keynote speaker, poet, and the creator of Love Over Metrics™ Business Growth Incubator & Build Your Challenge™. You may also know her from her work as co-founder and co-author of Simple Green Smoothies. Coming from a place of lack, Jadah was able to overcome challenges to growing her business through a social media platform that grew to 355,000 subscribers and 415,000 followers. This episode is going to be really heavy with inspiration and it will speak to you from the heart.    So, get ready to listen through your heart! REMEMBER - Don't put a timeline on your dreams, put a timeline on your actions. This week's tip is to enhance prosperity in your life. Would you like to add some more prosperity into your life? I would recommend enhancing your home with two different types of plants. One is called a lucky bamboo plant, which is a long Chinese one with little twirls on the top of it. And the other is the jade plant, also known as the money plant. To attract more money and prosperity into your life, focus on bringing upward growing plants like the lucky bamboo plant and the jade plant into your home. And you will see having more prosperity in your life. HIGHLIGHTS OF WHAT WE COVER DURING THIS EPISODE: How to overcome the feeling of not knowing where you fit, where you belong? How to monetize our passion and have the flexibility of time to home with our family  How did she start - from failure to launch It all started from a Green Smoothie blog How she grew the Simple Green Smoothies community to 355,000 subscribers without  paid advertising? Challenges in the Pivots Book Jadah Sellner is reading   CONNECT WITH JADAH SELLNER: jadahsellner.com/ jadahsellner.com/podcast/  - Lead with Love Facebook Instagram   CONNECT WITH ME Website


31 Aug 2020

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EP 7: Jadah Sellner on Getting Clear on What You Want, Talking to Your Partner About Woo and Vision Boards (Part 2)

Undercover Woo with Abby Lou Walker

“Get clear on what you want, write it down, share it with someone who can hold that vision for you and then just release, surrender, let go and trust the process. Enjoy it the whole way through because that's what makes life so beautiful.” ~ Jadah Sellner. Listen in to today's episode as Jadah Sellner, Business Mentor, CEO of Lead with Love, Host of the Lead with Love® Podcast, Bestselling Author and TEDx Speaker and I chat about traveling as a family or couple when you each move at a different pace, being woo curious, how to talk to a partner who is not necessarily supportive of woo, getting clear on what you want, finding someone to hold your dream until you’re ready to hold it for yourself, and creating vision boards.Join the UNDER COVER WOO COMMUNITY at https://www.facebook.com/undercoverwoo and https://www.instagram.com/undercoverwooFind JADAH SELLNER at https://www.jadahsellner.com


7 Jul 2020

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EP 6: Jadah Sellner on Divine Downloads, Building a Dream Bank, Why Celebration is a Requirement and Trusting Life’s Flow (Part 1)

Undercover Woo with Abby Lou Walker

Are you living in life’s flow? Are you choosing to listen to the messages that drop into your heart, dream big dreams and follow the path of expansiveness? Listen in to today's episode as Jadah Sellner, Business Mentor, CEO of Lead with Love, Host of the Lead with Love® Podcast, Bestselling Author and TEDx Speaker and I chat about divine downloads, building your dream bank, why celebration is a requirement and trusting life’s flow. Join the UNDER COVER WOO COMMUNITY at https://www.facebook.com/undercoverwoo and https://www.instagram.com/undercoverwoo Find JADAH SELLNER at https://www.jadahsellner.com


26 Jun 2020

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The Value Of Leading With Love (and How It Keeps You Moving Forward) with Jadah Sellner

The Art and Soul Show

Make no mistake, as a business owner metrics and money matter if you want a sustainable business. But in today’s show, our guest, Jadah Sellner makes the case as to why she believes that people matter more.She shares why she passionately believes in following your truth, finding clarity and living a life with hearts wide open. So if you’ve ever found yourself feeling disenchanted with your business because it doesn’t feel like a reflection of you, today’s show is for you.Discover more about Jadah SellnerWebsite: JadahSellner.comInstagram: @jadahsellnerBio: Jadah Sellner is the host of the Lead with Love® podcast, creator of the Love Over Metrics Incubator, and a TEDx speaker redefining the way we work and scale love in business.As the co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies (featured in Oprah's O Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and CBS's The Doctors TV Show.), serial entrepreneur and online community growth strategist, Jadah built a community of 355,000 email subscribers and 415,000 Instagram followers.With a simple and inspiring model, Jadah dedicates her time consulting companies and personal brands to build communities with love, service, and impact.Resources shared in this episodeDerek Silvers Now Now Now page Hipline Dance StudioRebecca McLoughlin


28 Mar 2020

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Ep #105: How to Dream Big Strategically with Jadah Sellner

The Design You Podcast

Discover new ways to be resilient, resourceful, and innovative in rapidly changing times. Jadah has built her businesses online, through recessions, and by loving on her audience, and I know that all of us, myself included, have so much to learn from her to create our dream lives and businesses. Get full show notes and more information here: https://tobifairley.com/105


26 Mar 2020