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Rev. Jared Sawyer Jr.: Purpose, Jesus, Equity, Nonviolent Social Resistance, & Defunding Police Unions

Why We Protest

How does You Power Purpose Inc.'s Purpose Curriculum equip our future leaders with moral values to advance social growth? Did the ministries and teachings of Jesus Christ example how we should protest?  What are some suggestions Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave for protesting? What is the "Tired Movement"? What was the energy like at 2020 protests in Atlanta? This episode, Arthur Maxwell Powell II discusses these topics with Rev. Jared Sawyer Jr. Reach out to Rev. Jared Sawyer Jr. at https://www.jaredsawyerjr.com/ and/or https://www.youpowerpurpose.org/ Jared Andre’ Sawyer Jr. is a young man of vision, ambition, and spirituality. A classic example of the anointing operating in Sawyer’s life, is when he was just 5, he was called by God in a dream into the gospel ministry. For 15 years, Rev. Sawyer has acclaimed an international ministry as a preacher, motivational speaker, and author. Jared’s support system has always been his family and being in rooted in the word of God. In 2008, Jared was featured in “The Child Preacher”, a European documentary produced by The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) and “Around The World In 80 Faiths”, an original British television series aired by the BBC for two seasons. Rev. Sawyer is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in Religion degree from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the 2013 recipient of the Trailblazer Leadership Award from Beulah Heights University. In November of 2012, he was graced to be the invocation speaker for the National Black MBA Association. Jared was also the keynote speaker at Howard University’s Paul Anthony Dillard Awards Program in Washington, D.C. Jared is the 2015 recipient of the NAACP’s Earl T. Shinhoster Youth Services Award and the Inaugural Recipient of The King Center’s Dream Forward Spiritual Faith Based Award. Passionate about community empowerment, Jared is a national spokesperson for the American Heart Association and an advocate for civil and human rights as an active member of the NAACP. Along with speaking at venues such as The White House, he has appeared on TBN’s Praise The Lord, Fox News, ABC Nightline, Huffington Post and numerous other media, sending a message to the world that “age is nothing but a number”. Jared is the founder of You Power Purpose Inc., a nonprofit organization designed to help the next generation of leaders discover and drive their purpose equip them with moral values, and advance their social growth. Rev. Sawyer has written 4 books, with his latest release, EMPOWER YOUR PURPOSE, available worldwide. 200,000 people follow on social media. He has been featured in several film and television projects, including Tyler Perry and The Best of Enemies, a feature film starring Taraji P. Henson. - This is my tenth interview, recorded on Wednesday, June 11th, 2020. International protests following the murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Ahmaud Arbery have dominated recent news coverage. However, the peaceful demonstrations' character, purpose, and scale have been miscommunicated. Birthed out of his frustration, Arthur Maxwell Powell II created this podcast to have direct conversations with protestors from Las Vegas, NV to Washington, D.C. Check it out here: https://anchor.fm/whyweprotest Thank you for listening!  Main questions: How do you define “protest”? Why is protesting important? Why did YOU decide to protest? How did you prepare for protesting? What happened on the way to, during, and after your protesting experience? Has mainstream media and major news corporations reported on protests accurately? How so? What can we do to end systemic racism in our society? What keeps you hopeful that our descendants will line in a better world? --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/whyweprotest/message

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3 Feb 2021

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Season One, Episode Twenty-Five: Leading Generation Z w/ Global Speaker & Author Jared Sawyer Jr.

The Leadership Blend Live Podcast

Today we welcome Generation Z leader Jared Sawyer Jr. to the Blend! Me, him and Simone discuss current topics in our current climate (riots, protesting, etc.). Jared also speaks to leading his generation, the communication problem and disconnect with the generations.

1hr 20mins

1 Jun 2020

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Breaking down the Stigma: RE-engineering the Way People Think about Cannabis and Hemp with Jared Sawyer

The Hemp Revolution

Jared Sawyer witnessed how his mom went from perfectly healthy to passing away, undergoing chemotherapy at the age of 44, which made him wonder why they resorted to chemotherapy. Why was a natural alternative not given as an option when our bodies are designed to receive natural medicine and be able to process stuff like cancer out?Research shows that cannabis helps with a lot of health issues. Still, despite its growing popularity and acceptance from the general population, the stigma that’s been surrounding it for years and years continues. In today’s episode, Jared shares his incredible journey into the space to change the way people think about cannabis and hemp by breaking the stigma and his lifelong commitment to serving his client at the highest level possible.


12 May 2020

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IIB Bank Talk with Jared Sawyer Discussing the CARES Act and the Administration's Response to the Coronavirus

IIB Bank Talk

Tune as IIB's CEO Briget Polichene interviews Jared Sawyer, Principal at Rich Feuer Anderson and former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions Policy at the U.S. Treasury Department, as they discuss the development, passage, and implementation of the CARES Act, banks' role in the coronavirus recovery, and where election year politics fit into it all.


15 Apr 2020

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Pastor Jared Sawyer Jr.’s powerful testimony in life!

Bubba’s Bodyguard Podcast

Pastor Jared Sawyer Jr. joins me to discuss his passion in doing God’s calling in his life, his travels and impact across the globe and the importance of faith! Thank you pastor! He was even kind enough to lead us off with a powerful prayer! May God bless you always!


5 Apr 2020

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Jared Sawyer’s Turning Point: How Finding the Cancer Cure for His Mother Lead Him into the CBD Industry

The Hemp Revolution

Jared Sawyer is one of the founders and partners of the premier company for broad-spectrum gummy bears, tinctures and pet treats, Best Bud CBD.His mother passed away at a young age after undergoing chemotherapy. He couldn't help but wonder, what if there's an alternative medicine out there that could have saved her? This led him to his journey to the CBD space.In this episode, Jared shares how he and his best bud Josh Jackson started Best Bud CBD and more about the exciting products that they have in store not only for humans but also for our pets.


17 Feb 2020

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08-25-17 Xile and Jared Sawyer Rip City Drive

Rip City Drive

Xile and Jared Sawyer debut their 2017 Ducks Anthem Do Something.


26 Aug 2017

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EP 34: Don't Chase the Money w/ Jared Sawyer Jr.

The STEM Dialogue with Ricky Venters PE & Ian Ferguson

Email:thestemdialogue@rickyventers.comWebsite:www.rickyventers.comFollow us on:Facebook: Ricky VentersInstagram: ricky_venters_peSnap Chat: rdventersTwitter: rdventers


29 Dec 2016