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12. Get UNSTUCK, Mama! How to Get Completely Unstuck With the 5 Step Simple Unstuck Framework & LIVE COACHING With Special Guest and CLARITY Coach, Stef Gass!-Part 1

Rooted Working Mom - Christian Mom, Raising Kingdom Kids, Prayer, Jesus, Hear From God, Wholeness Coaching, Wellness for Moms, Motherhood

Hello friend! Mama it is TIME to get UNSTUCK!  🙌🏼 If you are feeling stuck, unsure, unfulfilled, or frustrated in any area of your life today’s episode, with LIVE COACHING, is a must listen. I sit down with my incredible friend and CLARITY Coach, Stef Gass and she walks us through the 5 Step Unstuck Framework. It is the exact formula of how you can get completely unstuck so that you can take ACTION in your motherhood, marriage, health & wellness, career, and spiritual growth.  This episode is GOLD. Are you here for it? 🙌🏼 I pray it helps you get into ACTION so that you can thrive in all areas of your life and walk in your God-given authority as a mama rooted in Christ who is resting and living light, with joy and fulfillment. AMEN!  Grab your journal, a pen, a cup of coffee, and let’s dig in to Part 1 of 2!  Blessings, Cynthia 💖 ✨Connect with Stef on Instagram @stefaniegass or on her website at https://stefaniegass.com. You can also check out her podcast The Stefanie Gass Show.  ✨LEAN30 Transformation Group starts October 4th. If you are READY to get UNSTUCK in your health & wellness, which I believe impacts your entire life, then this is for you. DM me or email me at rootedworkingmom@gmail.com for details. I only have 7 more coaching spots available so don't wait! It's going to be super GOOD! Let's go into Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year with momentum, progress, tons of energy, and feeling our best! #bettertogether  ✨Be sure you are subscribed to the Rooted Working Mom show so that you don’t miss it. If you loved this episode go and tag me on your Instagram stories @cynthia.p.castro and come over to our Facebook mamahood Rooted Working Mom Community and share what your favorite takeaway is. I'd love to hear from you! 


24 Sep 2021

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Ep. 27 - Chasing the what if on your way to your Big audacious dream, and how to stay focused on the long game! with Stef Gass

The Fearless Mujer - Empowering each Latina Mujer to step into her purpose and give herself permission to be the woman God created her to be!

Hey Girl welcome to a new episode of The Fearless Mujer, so glad that you're hanging out with me.  I'm so excited and honored to have Stefanie Gass on the podcast! She is an amazing woman who is leading and empowering other women to step into their purpose and today she's here to drop some knowledge with us, but also share her heart! What I love about her the most is that she is truly an authentic woman. I went from listening to her episodes to being mentored by her. On this episode we chat about chasing your big audacious dream, and how to stay focused on the long game. So many women jump into doing things and want instant results, but the truth is that it takes time to see results. So how do you stay focused when you don't see results? How do you keep pushing through when you feel like giving up because others think you're crazy for chasing your dream. Stefanie shares with us how you can chase your dream while having a back up plan, and wearing your long-term glasses. This episode is going to challenge you to start dreaming big, but will also challenge you to chase that thing on your heart while you're afraid. Make sure to share this episode with your amigas/besties so they can be empowered too! P.S. If you have ever thought about starting a podcast check out Stef's Podcasting course, she's a genius when it comes to helping women launch podcasts. https://www.stefaniegass.com/podcastprouniversity.html?affiliate=mica1983 Stefanie Gass is a Jesus lover, wife, and mom of two boys from Tijeras, NM. She is the host of a top 25 ranked podcast for Christian Entrepreneurs, The Stefanie Gass Show. Stef specializes in helping women uncover and tap into their God-led callings, create Kingdom Businesses, launch podcasts, & monetize using courses and coaching.  (All while rocking pj's all day and sipping luke-warm coffee). Stef wants women to create true change for themselves and God's Kingdom by using their gifts for glory, and serving the world with a business that lights them up!Stef believes that when we let God light our path, we will experience true miracles, live proactively, & design a life that fuels our soul.Connect with Stefanie Gass -Podcast: http://bit.ly/thestefaniegassshowWebsite: stefaniegass.comIG: @stefaniegassCommunity: bit.ly/successsupportgroupEmail: support@stefaniegass.comAre you searching for a community of like-minded Latina women? Come be part of the Fearless Mujer community, a place where you will be inspired and empowered https://www.facebook.com/groups/thefearlessmujerFollow The Fearless Mujer on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thefearlessmujerpodcast/Hey girl, you know I'm always here if you need to chat. If you have wondered why you are here, and  secretly feel like you're not good enough send me a message. I would love to talk with you and help you.  https://fearlessmujer.com/contactEmail: micaela@fearlessmujer.com


21 Apr 2021

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64. Grow An Online Evergreen Audience Using Podcasting (without social media 24/7!!!) with Stef Gass

Garden of Favor Podcast: Purpose, Identity, Breakthrough, Biblical Mindset Life Coaching for Christian Women with God-Sized Dreams

I've been getting a lot of you messaging me asking questions about PODCASTING! Have you been feeling like the Lord might be calling you to use your voice through a podcast? If so, this episode is for YOU! I am so stinkin' excited to introduce you to our FIRST GUEST EVER -- who just so happens to be my podcast coach, now dear friend, Stef Gass. You are going to LOVE her! She not only loves podcasting but she loves JESUS and she loves helping women like you figure out if podcasting is for you. In this episode, Stef shares her brutiful story and answers all the questions about why to start a podcast, how you can make money doing one, and the tools to go from thinking about it to actually doing it. Are you ready? Let's grow girl!SHOW NOTES: Podcast Pro University: https://www.stefaniegass.com/heathershriverburns.html Clarify Your Calling:https://heathershriverburns--stefaniegass.thrivecart.com/clarifyyourcalling/ Stef's Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/stefanie-gass-show-clarity-coaching-kingdom-entrepreneurs/id1437868374 Stef's Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/stefaniegassstudentcommunity


19 Mar 2021

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EP 23 Live Clarity Coaching Call with Stef Gass: How to Gain Clarity on your Calling When You Don't Know What Steps to Take Next- Sneak Peak How to Create Pillars for Podcast

Wholly Made Life™- ReClaim your Whole Life, Tap into God-Sized Fulfillment for the Success Driven Woman, Mama, Wife, Sister

BONUS EPISODE! EP 23 Live Clarity Coaching Call with Stef Gass: How to Gain Clarity on your Calling When You Don't Know What Steps to Take Next- Sneak Peak How to Create Pillars for Podcast And today I am jamming with my client and my friend, Angie Tonini-Rogers from the Wholly Made Life™ podcast. And we are doing a full on podcast strategy session in today's call. So this, this is for you. If you just are searching for some clarity or you have clarity, but you don't understand how that clarity translate into a podcast. This episode is for you. Have you ever wanted to start your own podcast?  Take a look at Stefanie Gass' HOW TO PODCAST COURSE right HERE! ==> http://ppu.atrogers.com Connect with our FB Group Community ==> https://bit.ly/whollymadelifefbgroup Need Coaching to create the Intentional Life your deserve? Email me at angietoninirogers@gmail.com Hey, what's up sisters. I am so excited for today's episode because I have a special recording for you. This is an audio of an actual coaching call that I did with my friend, Stephanie Gass. She owns the Mompreneur Mastermind Show. She is amazing at what she does. And she is the one that helped me create the logistics to get the Wholly Made Life™ podcast up and running. So if you've ever wondered, how did I come up with this idea? I had a whole bunch of jumbled ideas and she helped me get this thing up and running and all the things. So I am so excited to let you get a sneak peek and how I created, how Wholly Made Life™ came to be. I'm so excited. Stef Gass: What's up sister. And today I am jamming with my client and my friend, Angie Tonini-Rogers from the Wholly Made Life™ podcast. And we are doing a full on podcast strategy session in today's call. So this, this is for you. If you just are searching for some clarity or you have clarity, but you don't understand how that clarity translate into a podcast. This episode is for you. Cause we really take her direction, which she totally has. And we plug all the pieces together for her so that she has a TA, a tagline, a title pillars episodes for the show, a vision for how this podcast is going to touch other women's lives, how it's going to help them inspire them be, be a gift of service that Angie's going to show up for. And when she does that and shows up for them with this podcast, then she's able to figure out what the solutions are that her person needs and create a course or coaching program from it, which is exactly why she is now inside of podcast to profit as well. So I hope you guys enjoy this episode, so let's get it. Welcome back to the mompreneur mastermind show, where we choose to run insanely successful, passive income businesses that light us up while consuming iced coffee, braless and flawless, and maybe breaking it down to some gangster rap while our kids aren't looking. Did we just become best friends? Yes. Yes we did. Hey, I'm Stephanie gas. Six-Figure corporate exec turned top 1% network marketer turn podcaster. I believe when we let God light our path, we experience true miracles. Welcome sister. Let's get pumped up for today's show. All right. All right. So before we get into this strategy session with Angie, you might be wondering how Steph do I snag myself one of these 30 minute coaching calls. Like I need me a boom shakalaka strategy call. You know what I mean? So this is something that you have access to as a Stephanie gas student. So awesome. Here's your great news. If you are registered in clarify your calling or podcast pro university, you get access to 30 minute strategy calls with me where we can jam out basically any of this stuff, your strategy for your show, I'm putting together any missing pieces in your clarity work. Like I'm here to support you and to bring all the pieces full circle. And you guys have heard me do enough of these coaching episodes at this point to know that I don't mess around like 30 minutes, we are getting it done. So if you are a Stephanie gas student inside of clarify your calling or podcast pro university, you can email us support@stephaniegas.com and you can grab a 30 minute call. Yeah, I'm so here for it. Now, if you are not a Stephanie gas student in one of my two main courses, or you don't really want to do the course option, you want coaching. That is still an option for you guys while I am taking fewer clients, I am still taking clients, but so if you want to grab a breakthrough call with me, this is your year girl. Cause I'm not sure how long I will be offering one-on-one coaching. So if that's something that's on your heart, head over to support@stephaniegass.com and email Nina me mail. Nina will email you our coaching menu and you can see what might work best for you. I'm here to support you. I can't wait to work with you. Hey, where there's a will. There's a way I believe that if you've been called to say yes to any of this, that the doors will open for you and that you will figure out a way to make that happen. Also that when God opens doors for you, he provides a way for you to walk in what he's calling you to do. So it's basically raising your hand. Yes, I'm doing that, praying for it. Getting resourceful and making it happen. So I'm here for you. Let us know what you need and enjoy today's episode. HI Angie, I'm so excited. It's so fun. I'm so excited to work out the podcast kinks girl. So start me off with like, where are you at with it? I read your notes. Just curious if you already have like the vision for what's inside of it and what really you want to get done because 30 minutes goes fast. Angie Tonini-Rogers: okay, well I haven't started it yet. I think I'm just looking for clarity on what am I taught? You know, what order, the things that I talk about it, there's a lot of things I'm good at, but what, you know, what do I talk about? How do I organize the episodes and that kind of thing. So I just think, I just need some of that clarity and maybe the clarity with who I'm talking to and what I'm talking about. That'll help me. Stefanie Gass: Good. So yeah, let's start with the podcast pillars, cause that's really what you're going to stand on. What are those things you're going to talk about on your show? And then that then allows us to back into the little other stuff cause we have to have, what is it first? Yeah. Talk to me a little bit about your vision for that. Like, yes, you're good at a lot of things, but when you think about what do you really want to talk about and how do you really want to serve? What do you think those topics are? Like, what are those giftings that you have when it comes to others? Angie Tonini-Rogers: I think leadership and the way that I lead with love that's huge. That's a lot of what I focus on. That's how I think everything else comes from love. So that's how I teach people how to lead. So leadership is something I'm good at. And so that's definitely, their faith is huge. Part of that becoming who it is that you're called to be. How do you, you know, how do you listen for that? How do you get confirmation for that, that kind of thing? I am, I've been in corporate or healthcare for years and so I have like perfectionism and people pleasing and not feeling like you're enough and you're trying to do all the things you're given all of your stuff to the career. So just getting women to understand that it's okay to focus on your family and your career or it it's okay to leave your career. I mean, I've just recently taken a huge step of faith Crazy and awesome. So but you know, so, so really stepping into who it is you're called to be and, and trying to figure that out and understand that that's a journey and being bold and courageous and, and doing some of those things. I'm a boy mom, so I love all things, boy, mom themes. Yeah. And those are my major things that I know. Stefanie Gass: So when we look at those four things that you just said to me, the first one was leadership. Okay. And then we, we've got to uncover like, okay, well then who is this for? And what kind of leadership? Cause there's lots of different types. Second one was faith and really partnering with God on what God wants for your life and leaning into all of that trust and those types of things. The third one was being bold, having courage and taking action. And then the fourth one was motherhood. So if those are your four pillars, who is this person we're talking to? And obviously I think it's a mom based on our mother had tiller. Right. Is she though when it comes to that leadership part, what are we doing in that bucket? Is that leading in her life? And like, are we going to leave the corporate and the, and the business stuff out of this podcast? Angie Tonini-Rogers: Yeah. I think it's being able to find fulfillment outside of your career. Because for me, I'm on the journey where my identity was in. I'm a chief nursing officer and that's what I do, you know? And so when you strip that away, okay, what are you, who are you? And what do you do and how do you serve? So I'd like to help people. And of course I'm walking that path right now too, but I think it's finding that balance outside of the career. Yes. You're great at that. But then you've got all that guilt of using all that you got at work and not having thing left with your husband, for your husband and your kids. Stefanie Gass: Yeah. So when you think of the woman though, so she's, I think she's a working mom or a corporate woman who maybe has a lot of success or has the titles, or has the money, the salary. Right. But she's seeking to plug in some boundaries like she's ready. So maybe it's not even the leadership part. Maybe it's the, Hey, let's take what we're good at at work of our boundaries of our listening to our employees. Like we joke in my family sometimes I'm like, don't treat me worse than you treat your employees. Right. Cause they go good. Do we treat our family that way? Exactly. Yes. Maybe teaching Her how to pull in boundaries and leadership and listening, respect all those things that she does in her job, into her motherhood and relationship with Christ. So when I, when I looked at this, I'm like, okay, maybe it's working moms who are seeking for more fulfillment outside of her career or work she wants to, she wants to grow in her motherhood and in her purposes outside of work. Angie Tonini-Rogers: Yeah. I definitely, because I don't know if it's necessarily someone who needs to leave their career. Certainly I can talk through that, but it is about, for me about why, what am I doing, spending all these hours and all of these on-call and I'm never available, you know, in all of my good stuff, goes to the people that I love at work, you know? And then my husband and my kids get the, you know, the crappy end of the deal and myself too. That's the other huge thing is that I come way less. Like I completely let myself go. So I think getting back to loving yourself and not feeling guilty about that. And that's a journey that I am on every day. Stefanie Gass: Exactly. So if we were to think of like a tagline here, so if your, if your pillars are this like boundaries and leadership bucket one, that means you get to talk about all of those things. Pillar two is faith. Pillar three is the taking action and doing hard things because when you decide to have every area of your life be great, instead of one, that's really hard, right? We've gotten communication that has to happen. We've got to lay things down. We have to even sometimes go part time or even leave the career or go, go start a job. Maybe that's the thing. So like you're just helping this mom figure out how to make all areas of her life. Great. Instead of one and the other one is motherhood. So when we think of the tagline, if those are the four things you're going to talk about and we go up one rung in the ladder, it's now what's the promise? Like, what is this thing that we're giving her? What is this podcast? Like? Something like finding meaning, purpose time and boundaries. If I say like in all areas of her life, it sounds too like, where like, well, what does that mean? So it's almost like define it, like finding meaning, purpose times and boundaries in motherhood, faith and marriage in life with purpose. We could say finding meaning time and boundaries in a faith, fueled life with purpose. Angie: Yeah. I like the motherhood, faith, marriage. I like those words. Okay. I love purpose because I think that's what we're all striving for is what, what are we doing? What's our purpose. Yeah. Stef: So maybe it's even like claiming a faith, fueled life with purpose. Angie: I like claiming cause that's good action word. And it's like, you're taking it back almost. Stef: Yeah. Yeah. Like, so here's where I'm at. I've got cutting it down, trying to get it clean and short. So far I'm at claiming faith, courageous action and fulfillment in motherhood, marriage and mindset. Angie: Yeah. I like it. Okay. Stef: So that's the tagline of like, well, what is this thing? Right. Like, okay, I'm going to land on this podcast. And our next question is what's the name of it? And Then that looks and cleans it up for her. She's Like, Oh yeah, I want to have faith and take action. And fulfillment in my mother had married in mindset and why this is so good is we didn't say business. We didn't even say the word purpose because then we get all into the business. Like I think this is like this woman who wants, you know what, no, I want the courageous action and fulfillment in these three buckets over here. Angie: Sometimes talk about what, what she's doing in her work or in her purpose or in her job, get back to why it matters in her mother had marriage in mind. Okay. Right. Does that make sense? Okay. Yeah. Cause I think that this woman feels confident in their career already and that's yeah. Stef: Okay. So what's our, what are we calling this thing? Huh? Did you have any ideas? Angie: I don't have any ideas. I, I like let's see. This is where my my creativeness just kind of goes out. I don't know if there's a rediscover or becoming Stef: It's really, you know, for this mom, so we could have mom in the title or we can really focus on the fact that she's kind of finding this fulfillment and joy. Like maybe it's the claiming that you love so much, right? Like, like claiming courage, like claiming courage to not be everything in your job, claiming courage to set up the boundaries, claiming courage to get into that intimacy with God. So claiming courage could be a fun theme and a great name. I have no idea if that's available, we have to go look, I'm claiming. Cause what else is she claiming? She's claiming courage. She's claiming. And I love alliteration. So I mean, I think she's going to, she needs to find her joy again. She needs to find her confidence and competence outside of work. And I think that that's, you know, you don't feel like you're enough with mom with being a mom and with your husband and all of that. Because you don't have enough and you feel guilty about not having enough after work. So, well, What about, I don't know what this was like, pretty clear just now I just had this vision of like, what if it's like this whole life project, like whole life, like whole living, like you have this whole you're, you're only experiencing a pie, a piece of the pie. What if you could experience your whole life? What if your whole life there are eight different buckets or something and podcast is going to teach you how to step into claiming faith boundaries, fulfillment so that you can have the whole life. Angie: I like it. I like it. Yeah. I like, because nursing is such a holistic view to where you're touching all areas of the person's life to make them whole in their mind, body, spirit, emotions. Yeah. And finances. Yeah. I like it. Stef: Okay. So there's whole life, whole living. There's like whole her whole her. Is that a weird, they whole, her whole, her whole, If you don't have the L then Yeah, I liked, I liked like the whole life project and like, you know, the whole life project. Holy Holy made. Woo. That's kind of fun. So it's a play on words, but like, obviously you're Holy made like you are living with the Holy spirit within you. That's kind of a thing. Yeah. That's kind of fun. Holy made even spell wholly wrong. W H w H I have wholly be like caps or something. That's pretty fun. Yeah. That's kind of neat. Whole, whole circle of your life. And then also like you are Holy made. Like, are you living in potential as a mom, as a, as a wife and not just your title or not just your income or what, what are you idolizing that needs to be put down so that you can live your whole life? Angie: Yeah, I like that. I like it. Okay. So we have Holy made H O L Y made, or we can spell it. Holy Holy. Like with the w I spell it and tell you H O L L Y, but it doesn't look right, but that's not what, Who knows. Let me Google it wholly. W H O L L Y. Is that right? It looks super weird. It does paper So weird. Now what's really though, let's see, is wholly made with an age it's only four grand, four grand wholly made with a w w H O L Y. But they're going to think you just spelled it wrong. So we can't do that. Holy made regular spelling taken. How about Holy made podcast.com because we know it's not trademark because, well, we don't know that for sure. But the.com is not it's available. They just know it's so good that they are selling it at a premium. So wholly made podcast.com is available and you could just use fully made as your brand. And just know that when you start rolling in the dough, you grabbed that 4k domain, like literally spelling it wholly H O L Y O H O L Y. Yep. Wholly made. And then we can plug wholly with the H into the tagline, like claiming faith, courageous action, and fulfillment to be Holy made. W H O w H O L L Y in motherhood, marriage and mindset. Yeah. I definitely liked the Holy made. That's so good. You got to use it. I'm telling you that. It's so good. And I love the play on words there. I love the connection too, with the nursing, since obviously that's I know that holistic approach You got literally holistic, which plays off of your Holy you've got Holy made with the pie that she's living in this bucket with different pieces that make her whole spirit, Holy, like God and faith and spirit being like it's so good because it hits all of your three buckets. Yeah, It does. It's good. Stef: All right. Are we good with that part? Yeah. Okay, perfect. So let's keep digging in. Okay. All right. We've got Holy made is your show. We've got a tagline claiming faith, courageous action, and fulfillment in motherhood, marriage and mindset. If you want to add that to be Holy made in, you can. But I just think that makes it too long. I think we should just say, okay, we got our pillars. So what you're going to talk about in here are your boundaries, leadership, listening, respect, bucket, your faith bucket, you're taking action and courage bucket, and then your pies. I think this motherhood family thing is actually the pies that cause you can talk about, like you said, what makes up the whole circle of her life? Well, we've got motherhood. We got family. We have financial, you can paint this picture of the whole life project that could even be your program. The whole life comes full circle. Okay. So then Angie: Yes. Okay. I like the whole life project too. Stef: Yes, me too. So, cause your next question for me was like, how do I monetize this ASAP? Right. Well, Yeah, of course. You know, cause I'm taking that step of faith, you know? So obviously I know it takes time and all that stuff, but you know, ideas on, I know there's content. I just don't know how to put it together. And then obviously I know there's affiliate and all that kind of stuff too initially. Yeah. That's what you teach. So when we look at this woman, what do we think her pain point is? Angie: I think it's being burnt out on doing everything for work and not, and feeling so guilty and shame, you know, all that guilt and shame and, and worry and anxiety over. Not fulfilling her role as a mom, as a wife, as a, maybe a servant vendor, church, maybe her health. I think she's, you know, lets herself go. I mean, I'm talking to me. Okay. So… Stef: Stressing about that. When we say those are our biggest pain points, what does she really want? She wants the whole life again. The whole thing. Yeah. I'm really tired of living one piece of this pie. Yes. I'm done with It. That piece of the pie is getting back in its place and I'm getting the full pie back out and I'm going to pour into here and here and here and here, like right. Angie: Givin me chills. Yes. That's exactly right. Like I'm done with that being my life. That is, that's been my life leadership and healthcare or corporate world or whatever that becomes your life. And then everything else falls. Stef: I wonder if we should rework your tagline, I'm going back to that for a second. Cause it's like maybe what it is is what is it? What is it? So we go, Holy made it is like spirit restoration and it's something like spirit restoration and reclaiming your whole life. And it's spelled, you know, whole life for the burnt out working mama or something like, because really when we're talking about like, well what is this? This is like, let's reclaim your whole life. Yeah. Tired with living a one piece of your life. Well living the other nine pieces of your life. Well too. Angie: Yes. That's so good. And that's exactly it like because yes, it's wellness. It's emotional stability is all of it. Yeah. I mean it's the whole, it's the whole pie and you're living the career one. Great and finances. Great. But for what you're giving for, what? Because the rest of your life has not been benefiting from that great salary that you have. Stef: Yeah. Okay. Something like reclaim your whole life and tap into God's size fulfillment. This is the whole podcast. Can I get an amen? Angie: Hmmmm. Wow. So good. Yes. Reclaim your whole life and tap into your God-sized fulfillment. And what did you say? That's it? What did you say after that? Stef: Reclaim your whole life and tap into God's size fulfillment. Now we can say who it's for, but I don't think we should say it in the tagline. Let's pull that into the description. Okay. Okay. So let me try and give you a description. Okay. Hey mama, welcome to wholly made where I believe you are not created in this life to do one thing. Well, you are not your job, your title, your salary, just a mother or just a wife. You are actually made up of a bucket of things that create your whole life different pieces of the pie that create a complete circle that God is trying to show you. If you're ready to stop ignoring different pieces of your pie and reclaim your whole life and tap into the life that God has for you to experience God's size fulfillment, then sister, you are in the right place together. We are going to walk through some boundaries, leadership, different areas of your life that need to change. It's going to be some tough work up in here, girl, but then we're going to uncover some bold courageous actions that we can take to experience. Not just the good life, but the whole life. Yeah. Angie: Yes. Oh my goodness. That's so good. I would listen because that's me. I think my gosh, Stef: Like this so much as you've niched in now to the woman who is so unbalanced and really good at the one thing, which I really think of myself, you know, eight years ago and I'm like, wow, it was really great at work. I was really great at network marketing and my life was grumbling. Right? And now I'm going, I'm now living the whole life. The Holy Holy made I'm living the whole life. Holy made. That's how you ask, are you ready to live your whole life? Holy made. Let's go. Angie: Yes. That's yeah. It's great. It's so good. Stef: The question, which I'll try to at least give you a direction would be what happens on this. And I think if I was to, I think, I think where you can go with this is you can create the course, right? Which is the whole life project and what it is is it's walking her through boundaries, fulfillment maybe time-blocking uncovering purpose and just some basics in each area of the pie. So you're going to have to identify what are these areas of the pie. There's obviously inner work. So their self, their spiritual with God, there's her marriage. There is her motherhood. There is her home. There is her health. There are also relationships like maybe you can come up with each module is a bucket, a piece of the pie. And you're just going through how to be your best you in that one pie and not perfect and not amazing, but like how do you get 1% better in each area of your pie? And how do you identify which, which areas of the pie are really like lacking and which ones are overflowing. Cause you want to balance it out. How to balance her pie to live her whole life. I think that in course I do, they might want to do it group coaching style so that you have like 10 women together, instead of it being fully passive, you can play with it. Like, what I like to do is I launch something live the first time a to see does it light me up to do this live? And if not, well, now I've recorded everything and I have a course. Okay. Angie: Right. Yeah. I like it. That's good. And you know, it's funny as I use a training and I talk about the P hat, making sure you have all the pieces of the pie and all of that stuff. Stef: So yeah. I'm serious. It's kind of crazy. Actually. I'm thinking about it. I'm like, okay, he's got jokes, you know, he's like, Oh my God. Bringing it back to the pie today. Oh my gosh. All right. Well, and it's good after the dreamer summit too. Cause that they talked about that pie, that pie as well. And that's just kind of a, that visualization that I get of like, and it can be whatever can be the buckets. It could be the, the, the box that has the like what, but the point is you're, you're this one thing that God created you to be. And there's pieces of that. And you're ignoring half of it, which doesn't light up your soul because you only focusing on the one or two and this woman is specifically and you're going to help her break free from that. Yeah. Yeah. I love it. And you believe it in 30 minutes, look at us. Go. Yeah, it is. It's very mean you have such a gift. So I just love, I just love listening to you. He has such a gift. Stef: How incredible was that conversation and how excited are you guys to go check out Angie's new podcast. Holly made life. It is so awesome. I know y'all are going to love it. So I just pray over you now, sister, friends, that wherever you sit, you will find yourself encouraged. You find yourself growing in confidence that you too can step out in faith to pursue the purpose that God has for you. I pray that you walk into clarity that God gives you new eyes to see new ears, to hear and pours into you. The belief that you can, that you can impact others, that you can use your voice to help inspire people. And that all you need to do it are your experiences are the tests that become the testimonies are the mess. That becomes the message. And that God will reveal that to you in a big, incredible way. And just pour into you that belief that you are here to do big things for the kingdom in Jesus name. I pray, amen sisters. I told you guys, she is amazing. She's a good friend and she is my coach. And I just wanted to give you guys the opportunity to see how it is that I had this idea. I had this calling and she helped me gain some clarity. So I highly recommend if you need clarity in your calling, she has a free Facebook group that you can get on over just search mompreneur mastermind show. And she has some free content in there that is about clarity on your calling, finding that clarity on your calling. So I highly recommend her for that. She has a God-given gift, as you can see, she took all my jumbled up ideas and she helped me make a reality out of that and, and helped me clarify enough to where I could focus. Angie: And wallah here is Wholly Made Life™. In a few of you guys have asked questions about how do you start a podcast? How do you record? What do you use to edit and all of these things? Well, I am not the expert in that I have learned, and I am learning as I go, but I am telling you, I learned everything that I needed to know from Stephanie gas. And that is who you just heard coaching me. So not only is she an amazing God gifted clarity coach, but she helps people start podcasts and from step a, all the way to Z plus a lot of God and Holy spirit in the middle of it. So if you want to take a look at what her course is, how it teaches you, how to start your own podcast, then go to http://ppu.atrogers And that will lead you right to her course. And she will help you get started. I promise you will not have any questions left once you take her course. It's amazing. I was able to get this podcast up and running in less than two weeks of taking her course. So, and it was an idea that I'd had for a little bit of time, but the logistics were bam. Bam. Thank you. Ma'am okay. She's got everything you need to know in that course. http://ppu.atrogers. If you have any inkling that you might want to start a podcast. Okay. And I just threw that in there. Cause I know some of you guys have emailed me or, or messaged me and asked me, how do you start a podcast? Or what platform do you use, etc. And everything that I've done is exactly how she taught me. So I want to give her the credit for that. All right, guys, I will see you guys on the next tech next episode. And I love you guys. Stay warm, stay healthy. Hey, before you go, I'd love for you to hop over to the podcast and give me a review. And you know, I'd love five stars. That's how we can share this thing with other women just like us. You're five stars and written review really helps me get the word out. You can also take a screenshot of this episode and tag me in your Insta and Facebook stories. And I'll give you a shout out right back, leaving a review and sharing this episode is the best way you can show me some left. Thanks so much. And I'll see in the next episode, and remember your smile is like a boomerang, throw one at somebody and it'll come right back. *some of the links provided may result in a small affiliate fee that allows me to continue to keep putting out this free content on this podcast*


3 Mar 2021

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EP 51.5 - BONUS! Bookkeeping Basics with Stef Gass

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Implants, explants, and where we find our identity w/ Stef Gass

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Today is a super special episode as I get to welcome one of my mentors to the show, Stef Gass of the Mompreneur Mastermind Show. I first found Stef with a random search of Christian Business on Apple Podcast. Stefanie Gass is a Jesus lover, wife, and mom of two boys from Tijeras, NM. She is the host of the top-ranked podcast The Mompreneur Mastermind Show, and her mission is helping, empowering, and transforming Christian Mompreneurs.Stef specializes in helping these incredible women uncover and tap into their God-led callings, launch podcasts, & monetize using courses and coaching.Stef wants women to create true change for themselves and for Jesus by utilizing their gifts and serving the world with a business that lights them up!Stef believes that when we let God's miracles light our path, we will profit from our passions, live proactively, & design a life that fuels our soul.She believes we actually can have it all.In this conversation, we had some vulnerable conversations around her implant journey, getting an explant done, and what drove her to change her body in such a radical way. Perhaps most important of all where it was she was seeking her identity in all of this. Whether you've had implants or entertained the idea of getting them or not, there is something for you here. I know as women, we've suffered some pretty deep wounds aimed at our bodies, our self worth, and the way we view ourselves. We address all of that and more inside this episode. If you want to connect with Stef, you can do that here: Podcast: http://bit.ly/themompreneurmastermindshowWebsite: stefaniegass.comIG: @stefaniegassCommunity: bit.ly/successsupportgroupEmail: support@stefaniegass.comSnag her:Podcast Launch Checklist: https://podcastchecklist.gr8.com30 Ways to Grow Your Following: https://30growthhacks.gr8.comSuccess with Stefanie Insider: https://swsinsider.gr8.com


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Top Podcaster & Coach Stefanie Gass shares her secrets for pivoting & how she has already 4 X’d her income in 2020 by doing just a few simple things like serving her avatar at the highest level!  Ready to start your own Podcast? Stefanie’s Podcast Pro University is truly A to Z everything you need to know to create a podcast! Please feel free to use my affiliate link to get started today! https://sherimiterco--stefaniegass.thrivecart.com/podcastprouniversity/ CONTACT STEF: Podcast: http://bit.ly/themompreneurmastermindshow Website: stefaniegass.com IG: @stefaniegass Community: bit.ly/successsupportgroup Email: support@stefaniegass.com OPT-INS: Podcast Launch Checklist: https://podcastchecklist.gr8.com 30 Ways to Grow Your Following: https://30growthhacks.gr8.com Success with Stefanie Insider: https://swsinsider.gr8.com MORE SHOW NOTES : Are you ready to PIVOT & PROFIT and create your own success story? Don’t miss the 3 Day FREE Interactive Workshop in the Uncharted Entrepreneurs Community FaceBook Group  - https://bit.ly/UnchartedEntrepreneursCommunity This workshop will take you through the 6 “P’s”  you need to swiftly & easily PIVOT no matter what is happening in your life! Plus, inside the community you will receive some "after the show" videos, quotes, materials, to get more tools for success & connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs!  Are you ready to start your uncharted journey?  Head over to https://www.sherimiterco.com/services  where you can :    Grab that 90 Minute Vision Strategy Session that Sheri mentioned in the show!  - Finally, gain crystal clear clarity on your calling, have a vision for your future and a strategy to get you there!  Book FREE Discovery Call - Let’s chat to reveal “within-reach” opportunities for you in your business right now and the best “next step” for you. No obligations!  Inquire about the REVISED  Shift Sail Soar - 90 Day Program that will be launching soon!  Don’t miss the boat on this opportunity to have a complete transformation in your mindset, clarity, strategy, business & life harmony, AND  vision in just 90 days! New Group Program starting soon, email Sheri for details!   Email at sherimiterco@gmail.com Connect with Sheri at https://www.instagram.com/sherimiter 


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Transitioning From Corporate America? A Story Of Grit and Grace Even After Losing It All With Stef Gass

She Embraces FEAR - corporate exit strategy, business transition strategies, career transition coaching, success strategies for powerful women

If you are thinking of pivoting in your career, this episode is for you! I had the wonderful honor of interviewing my friend, Stefanie Gass. In today’s episode, she shares the challenges she faced as she made multiple pivots in her career and provides us with strategies on how we can also succeed in our own career and life transitions. You’ll get tangible tips to walk away with and a boost in your confidence to start planning your own career pivot. You can learn more about Stef Gass and tune in to her amazing podcast. If starting your own podcast has been on your heart, Stef has an incredible course called Podcast Pro University. It’s how I got started on my podcasting journey and it’s been nothing short of excellent. We would love to see you there, you can learn more and be part of this incredible community!  Let’s continue the conversation in the She Embraces FEAR Movement group. It’s a community for women who want to crush it in life and career by busting through the lies FEAR tries to tell us. I’ll answer your nerve-wracking questions and dive deeper on my tips to help you bust through your comfort zone. I’d love to see you there! We are fierce women and we deserve to chase after what fuels us, now let’s do this! Come on by and connect with me on: Instagram | Facebook | Linked In | Pinterest Learn more at www.unorthodoxbusinessmom.com All My Love, Susie Q


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EP 36 // On The Fence About Putting Systems In Place? Finally Ready To Take A Chance? Juicy Details About How And Why You Need To Systemize Your Life + With My Mentor Stef Gass

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Work from home moms can often get super overwhelmed with the amount of work they have to juggle day in and day out but here in today's episode you are going to hear the very making of my journey towards becoming a fully systemized momma. Nothing has ever been more clear, systems create efficiency and stress free progress. Wether in your home, or business, you need to have systems in order to make headway and stop feeling the pressure of overwhelm.  Todays episode is a extra special because you get to hear a very candid and honest conversation between myself and my mentor, Stefanie Gass, around the how and why you need systems in your life. On top of that I give away my top 8 fundamental needs system that you can use to ensure you're getting the self care you deserve.  xoxo,  Chelsi Jo  Looking for answers on how to get your motherhood systemized too? Click the link below to enroll in my course Systemize Your Productivity today.  www.chelsijo.co/sypcourse 


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Passive Income Strategies + Podcast Pro University with Success Coach, Stef Gass

The Brilliant Life Show

019  Stefanie Gass helps mompreneurs create passive income businesses that light them up!  Fueled by Jesus, iced coffee, and toddler snuggles, Stef is both an exceptional mama AND an extremely successful entrepreneur. Stef’s call is empowering women to claim their BEST lives by working less, yet making more. Stef believes, as do I, that when we let God's miracles light our path, we will profit from our passions, live proactively, & design a life that fuels our soul. I have been a longtime fan of Stef's and am thrilled to bring this powerhouse to our show.  Be sure to stay tuned in 'til the end where she shares her thought provoking answer of where she wants to be in 5 years! Key Takeaways: How Stef went from a 6 figure corporate career to a top 1% network marketer to total life crisis to where she is today. The how is never clear.  You have to paint the vision of the what.  Who is Lola?  How to define your ideal customer avatar and your niche and why. How podcasting will grow an organic audience to feed a passive income business. Podcasting: Pros/Cons Do you really need a blog?  Podcast SEO Is the podcast market getting oversaturated? Why Stef continues to do 1:1 Coaching.  What are Stef's highest ROI activities? Falling in love with the journey!  Where Stef wants to be in 5 years - this answer might surprise you!  Connect more with Stef! IG:  @stefaniegass www.stefaniegass.com Podcast:  The Mompreneur Mastermind Show Kick 2020 off right!! Join our next 7-Day Mini Habits Challenge Do Less, Achieve More! Register by Jan. 6 Leave a Review to Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card (2 drawings!) Receive your “Top 11 Apps that Will Change Your Life Checklist” AND be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card By doing the following by Fri., Dec. 6th Winner Announced FB Live:  Sun., Dec. 8th at 9PM EST Leave a review for the show Screenshot the review before you submit as it takes 24 hours to post! DM screenshot to my Joy Wilder FB Page OR email joy@joywilder.com  Like my Joy Wilder FB Page Double entry!! screenshot your fave podcast episode share to your FB or IG  #brilliantlifeshow and tag @JoyWilder1000 (FB) or @joywilder2 (IG)


14 Nov 2019