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#13 Alex Echols | Following an Anti-Cancer Protocol, Finding Balance with Meditation, The Power of Psychedelics, and Much More

The Monk and The Hedonist

A lifelong creator at heart, Alex's focus is at the intersection of emotional intelligence based leadership, mindfulness and wealth building. He is the best-selling author of The Two-Week Notice, an advisor and investor for disruptive companies, and a Certified Teacher for Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) which was incubated at Google. Alex is also a Cancer Survivorship and Prevention Advocate, lobbying on Capitol Hill for greater support, care and funding for those directly impacted by cancer.

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30 Apr 2021

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7 Habits That Helped Alex Beat Stage 4 Cancer In Under 2 Years - Alex Echols

The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen

Our guest, Alex Echols was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at age 29. After doctors detected cancer in his system, he shifted his mindset and adopted new principles that helped him change his health and his life forever. Within 2 years, he was fully recovered and now, he is here to share the 7 practices he used to beat cancer with our founder, Vishen Lakhiani. Listen in. A lifelong creator at heart, Alex's focus is at the intersection of emotional intelligence-based leadership, mindfulness, and wealth building. He is the best-selling author of The Two-Week Notice, an advisor, and investor for disruptive companies. He is also a certified teacher for Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) which was incubated at Google. Alex is also cancer survivorship and prevention advocate, lobbying on Capitol Hill for greater support, care, and funding for those directly impacted by cancer.  Listen out for: - The story of how Alex was diagnosed with cancer.  - The 7 habits that helped Alex beat cancer. Bonus:                                           - Find Vishen’s notes on the episode here 👉 https://go.mindvalley.com/CancerVishenNotes - Subscribe to 'Mindvalley Membership' to discover 30+ Mindvalley Quests – at a surprisingly low annual fee. You can also watch our podcast sessions live, interact with the guests, connect with the world’s best teachers and find your community here 👉 https://go.mindvalley.com/NOW Like this episode? Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or your favorite podcasting app. Share this with your friends on Instagram or Twitter.


22 Feb 2021

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EP 30: The F*CK YES Life with Alex Echols

Follow Your Path Podcast

Just a few years ago Alex received his wake up call from the Universe in the form of a sudden diagnosis of late stage cancer. This would spark his inner journey of healing, forgiveness, and gratitude ultimately leading him to the discovery of who he really is. Back in June, Alex joined one of our men's retreats in The Joshua Tree where we were honored to celebrate his rebirth of his new lease on life being one year cancer free. He has a powerful message to share. A message that spoke to the deepest parts of me while we were around the fire sharing from our hearts.In this episode we talk about asking the question what is the highest I can actually go in this life? Who do I want to be and where do I want to go?-Opening the portal for energy to flow through. Loving your life no matter what is happening in your current circumstance.-One of my favorite quotes Alex drops in this episode, "We’re not here to suffer, to just get through life, we’re here to thrive and transform energy. To be beacons of showing each other what’s possible. Life truly being a reflection of what’s going on inside."If you need some inspiration and insight to move through some challenging times this episode is just for you. This episode is an invitation to start thriving and to let go of anything that happened in the past and powerfully move forward into your potential.www.http://www.alexechols.comIG: alexliveson

1hr 21mins

16 Aug 2019

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232 Alex Echols - One Life To Live, Gratitude To Give

Are You Being Real? | The Authenticity Podcast

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes As far as we know, we only have One Life to live. In an ideal world, we would all demonstrate our appreciation for our bodies and minds by treating them in the best way possible. But sometimes, it takes confronting a life-threatening giant (like cancer) to light a fire under our rear and make the necessary changes to keep on going. Alex Echols had to do just that. After doctors detected cancer in his system, he shifted his mindset and adopted an attitude of gratitude for his relationships, his health, and his life. He was able to make it through chemotherapy and now chooses to make the most of his One Life. Gratitude has become his most important daily practice. To hear how he overcame this challenge that so many people succumb to and how we can also cultivate a life-changing habit of living in gratitude, check out Episode 232! Enjoy!! Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Connect with Alex: Instagram | Facebook | AlexEchols.com Show Notes: -How shifting his mindset and adopting an attitude of gratitude helped him overcome cancer. -What authenticity means to Alex. -How he used to spend his time vs how he spends it now. -How travel helps change your perspective. -Why he wants to have a family more than anything. -What he wants everyone to do every day as they look into a mirror. Things to check out:• Book: "The Two Week Notice" by Alex Echols • Episode 227: Seeing & Addressing Your Blindspots • Alex's DJ page on SoundCloud [COMING SOON]


23 Jul 2019

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Ep. 26 | Alex Echols The Investor, Consultant, and Author

The 1 Percent Mindset

In this episode Alex speaks to us about entrepreneurship and his battle fighting cancer. How he overcame and is now giving back to underserved communities with his mentorship and course. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the1percentmindset/support


4 Dec 2018

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SAP003: Fears & Successful Book Marketing with Alex Echols

Successfully Authentic: Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Dealing with Perfectionism

I know what you’re thinking “these interview series are getting more serious with every guest” and I have to tell you that I’ve put my soul into creating them and presenting them to you.Today, it’s all about fears, perfectionism, mentors and successful book marketing with my guest, and friend, Alex Echols.About Alex EcholsHe is a best-selling author for entrepreneurs and individuals who want to create profitable online businesses closely related to their passion.You can find out more about him and follow his work at alexechols.com or over at his new venture ultimatebizbuilders.com (catch the webinar on March 24th about building a business from your passions!)Did I mention that Alex has worked with companies like DreamWorks, TEDx, IMAX, Paramount or Mindvalley?! .reading-box-container-6 .element-bottomshadow:before,.reading-box-container-6 .element-bottomshadow:after{opacity:0.3;}Spoiler AlertYou will learn the strategy that he and other influencers are using to promote their books and it's super effective! Hit PLAY! Video Version Get His Book: Two Week Notice Less than a year ago, Alex published a book (not his first one, watch the interview to learn why) together with Andrew Gottlieb and Sulinya Ramanan. The book is a user-friendly guide to discovering your passion and building a successful business around it. I’ll be honest: I got the book, but I haven’t read it all, but what I read was fantastic especially for young entrepreneurs like myself. You can purchase the book on amazon.com! The Questions That I’ve Asked Alex NOTE: these were not the only questions of the interview, but the questions that started the conversation. What were some of the fears and doubts you had when you first started on this path of entrepreneurship? Who inspires you? Who can you say were your mentors? Direct or indirect, it does not matter How do you deal with a bad or stressful day? How do you deal with failure? (you’ll love his reply!) How do you deal with perfectionism on a day to day basis? What advice do you have for fellow entrepreneurs? In your book “The Two Week Notice” you talk about discovering your passion. What would you say are the fundamental steps for doing so? What does it mean to write a book? How much time should you allow yourself? What would you say are the biggest myths of writing a book? What marketing strategy played the most important role in the success of your book? Resources Mentioned During The Interview The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard The Shift by Wayne Dyer Lewis Howes Key Lessons Most important doubts and mindset blocks that he had “am I good enough”, “do I have the right resources”, “do I have the money”, “was I old enough”. His first mentors while growing up were his parents and his sister. “One of the most powerful things that mentors can help you with is to see.” The fundamental step in living a wonderful life, is discovering true passion. While working on discovering your passion, you need to put in the work, take action, try new things, jobs and eventually you will find the one that feels right. In order to successfully market a book, you need brand ambassadors, aka people that love you and are more than happy to promote your book. Alex is young, super inspiring and an example for all youngsters out there doubting themselves if they should pursue entrepreneurship or not. It is possible and it can be FUN! My goal is for you to always get at least one big idea from these interviews. I’d love to know what resonated with you the most (in a comment below). The post SAP003: Fears & Successful Book Marketing with Alex Echols appeared first on Mihai Herman.


26 Oct 2016

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Episode 21: Creating Your Ideal Customer Avatar with Alex Echols

The Complete Creative

Find us on itunes here. If you love the showplease review, rate, and subscribe. Today on the show we have Alex Echols. On top of being awriter, Alex is also a coach and a marketer. So he knows online marketing morethan most of our guests. He’s developed his ideal client avatar, built an audience,and has a team working with him to launch products. This is a much morebusiness focused interview than we normally do because Alex, well he knowsbusiness. Here’s his bio straight from his website alexechols.com: Earlier in his professional career, Alex helped build severalmulti-million dollar entertainment brands (The Dark Knight, Shrek, Harry Potter 6),but these days, that’s not what gets him to jump out of bed each morning. Today, he is best-sellingauthor, speaker and mentor for millennial entrepreneurs.  His biggestpassion is helping people to create epic online businesses based on theirpassions with Ultimate Biz Builders. By living out hisdreams and impacting others, he hopes to inspire millions throughout the worldto do the same (or bigger). The best-selling author of Abundance Now and the co-author of ‘theSecret,’ Lisa Nichols says that Alex’s bestselling book, The Two-Week Notice(http://amzn.to/1JjWiZ8), is “your guide tounapologetically stepping into your greatness in your business and life.” Throughout his career, Alex has been blessed to learn from some ofthe world’s top entrepreneurs, business leaders, coaches and political leaders,helping him to build and share his message with the world. He has spoken about pursuing apassion-based life at Fortune 500 companies, conferences, universities andleadership development programs, and he writes about personal growth and how itfits into millennial entrepreneurship.  His writing has been published onUnder30CEO, Addicted2Success, ThoughtCatalog, Prsuit, among many others. He is a proud graduate ofVanderbilt University and can be found traveling the world sharing his messageand living a life of deliberate intention and purpose. I’m going to be honest with you, if you come here for thediscussions about creativity, like we did with the fantastic Lila Ash, or forlong form discussions about how to build a career in the arts like we had withLes Garner, this is a very different type of episode, but I think it’s one ofour strongest. Alex is a master at the game of building a creative career. What I love most about Alex is that he wants to show youthat it can be done from just a couple of steps ahead of where you are rightnow. Most marketers or marketing books talk about million dollar launches andmastering all the things, but not Alex. Alex knows the hustle because he’sstill in it. I love this idea because it’s what I try to bring to thisshow. I want to show you who to aspire to be, but I also want to show you bootson the ground, people doing it right now. We started our discussion really focused on the ideal clientavatar, and Alex showed me something I never thought of before. He showed methat I was thinking of avatars only one sided. While an ideal client avatar isimportant to have, it’s also essential to know you are the ideal client forother people and the ideal people aspire to be like. That two way street wasreally eye opening for me. Then he showed me how to go about making an ideal clientavatar, which is very different than the way I made mine. He says to make acircle in the center of a page, and fill the corners with the hopes, dreams,strengths, pain points, and weaknesses of your avatar. This is so important tofind, because otherwise you are flailing, trying to find out who wants toreceive your message. I shared with him that what I coach is to find your ten mostengaged Facebook friends and basically interview them about why they respond toyour message. They are your first ideal clients. We really dug deep into his book, Two Week Notice, too,which you can find on Amazon by clickinghere. The crux of his book is that Alex called two of his friends who allwent from working corporate jobs to entrepreneurship and they made a book aboutwhat it’s actually like to quit your job and how to build your empire. I love this idea so much. As I talked about before so manybooks are written from people at the top of the mountain. Those books areessential reads, but it doesn’t do much for people at the bottom of themountain trying to climb it. There aren’t lots of actionable plans people canuse in the moment. That’s where this book is different. I highly recommend clickinghere and trying it out. There is so much meat in this interview, I feel like I shouldquit typing and just let you listen. If you want actionable advice about how tobuild your audience, find your ideal client, or get the creative juicesflowing, this is a must watch interview. Alex talked about a really cool website to help you redirectpeople back to your site from a retweeted piece of content. That is snip.ly. I tried it out and it’s pretty cool. If you want toconnect with Alex, head on over to www.alexechols.com. And if you really like this show, please review, rate, andsubscribe to it on itunes here. Thanks so much. I hope you enjoy this episode. Russell 


25 May 2016

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Episode 57 Alex Echols: Finding your unique contribution and making it happen [PODCAST]

Crank It Up! with David T.S. Wood

There are many stereotypes and prejudices that have held the world back over the centuries and today’s guest is leading the way to break out of many of those in the younger generation that is rising up to make an impact on the world. Alex Echols  has build a career in his short life out […]


22 Nov 2015

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Alex Echols - How To Discover Your Passion & Quit Your Day Job


Alex is a best-selling author and mentor for young entrepreneurs. His biggest passion is helping people to create epic businesses based on their passions.


21 Jul 2015