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An Unfiltered Best Friend Q&A with Nicole Ferrier

Unfiltered Fitness Radio

Taking a little break from the fitness related content with today's episode! This is a replay of an episode Nicole and I recorded for her podcast, Beyond the Bikini Radio.  We both love podcasts where it's just like you're overhearing a couple friends talking, and we figured some of you out there enjoy the same type of episodes. Grab some coffee, your water jug or a glass of wine and listen to Nicole and I answer everything from what the funniest moment of our friendship was, our favorite compliments and who I would murder for free- ya, told you it was a juicy one!Connect with Nicole:Instagram: @nicoleferrierfitnessBeyond the Bikini PodcastConnect with SarahInstagram: @SarahFordBishop1-on-1 Coaching ApplicationEmail: SarahBishopFitness@gmail.com


16 Mar 2021

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NCS 004: The Mental Side of Nutrition with Nicole Ferrier

Nutrition Coaching Secrets with Jason Phillips

In this episode meet online coach, Nicole Ferrier. Nicole coaches lifestyle clients, who are not necessarily interested in competing. Nicole, herself, competes and truly wants to help women develop a better relationship with food. Nicole’s story of starting with an eating disorder at 14 years old to now coaching others on their relationship with food, is so inspiring! Enjoy this episode as Nicole and Jason discuss their own relationship with food, the common misconceptions around food, and how to make those positive changes for a healthy life! In this episode you will learn: Nicole’s background About relationships with food About body image  How to sign up for coaching Connect with Nicole!  @nicoleferrierfitness | Website | Beyond The Bikini Podcast | You Tube Connect with Me! @jasonphillipsisnutrition | @nutritionalcoachinginstitute | YouTube If you’re a current Nutrition, Fitness,, Health & Wellness Coach, or striving to be one in the next 6 months, check out the Nutrition Coaching Secrets Facebook Group! Free Training: https://ncicoachingformula.com


4 Feb 2021

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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

In this episode, Celeste kicks off the second round of Coach’s Week by speaking with Nicole Ferrier, an online lifestyle and competition coach who is also the host of her own podcast, Beyond the Bikini, and who is an NPC Bikini athlete and has competed in 18 shows. Celeste also emphasizes Nicole’s education credentials and certifications and highlights that Nicole also focuses on prioritizing her clients mental health and food relationships in both the lifestyle and competition realms.  First, Celeste breaks down the types of questions she will be asking Nicole so both Nicole and the listeners can understand the structure of this new Coach’s Series. Celeste starts off with a round of philosophy questions, asking Nicole to summarize her personal philosophy and coaching style. Nicole then goes on to share how she handles the mental, physical and emotional demands that coaching can have as she is a coach who is heavily invested in her clients results and progress. Celeste mentions how Nicole emphasizes educating her clients and how she works with them on their relationship with food.  Nicole shares how she works with clients that feel apprehensive or overwhelmed about the prescribed food on their plan, especially with those that are prescribed more food than they are used to eating. Nicole also opens up and shares her personal struggles with an eating disorder and how that experience has helped her become a better coach.  After discussing the importance of coaching and food relationships, Celeste asks Nicole her opinion on what she feels is important in a coach or a team that sets them apart from others. With Nicole’s opinion in mind, she shares how her experiences as a competitor have helped her shape and mold her personal coaching philosophy and also talks about what she wishes potential clients would ask her in their initial consultation call.  Next, Celeste asks Nicole to elaborate more on some of her coaching strategies. Celeste starts off by asking a listener question, having Nicole share how she determines how far or how hard she can push her athletes. Celeste then asks Nicole how she addresses situations with clients that go “above and beyond” their plan. Branching off of the topic of monitoring client progress, Celeste asks Nicole about the approach she takes when peaking her clients for competition while taking a macro based approach.  Nicole then shares her opinion on what she feels are qualities or characteristics that separate the good  athletes from the phenomenal athletes. Celeste then asks Nicole to share her opinion on the somewhat taboo subject of natural athletes in the NPC and their potential for success without having “gifted genetics.” Circling back to the focus of client health as Nicole had mentioned previously, Celeste asks Nicole how she keeps her clients internal health a priority.  After talking coaching strategies Celeste and Nicole discuss pet peeves and about both the fitness industry in general and coach-client relationships. Nicole gives a more in depth description of how she prioritizes her clients given that they have such varying goals, for example lifestyle and competition, and she also shares her opinion on politics in competing.  From there, Celeste starts the second round of questioning, the hypotheticals, and asks that Nicole share her best opinion on each question. The subjects in this round consist of topics such as clients on their road to pro looking to change coaches before hitting the national circuit, client reassurance from Nicole as their coach if they are experiencing doubt during contest prep, what Nicole would like a potential client to know before committing to a competition prep, how she would help a competitor deal with a bad rebound, and if she would follow through with putting a competition client on stage even knowing that this client hadn’t been as diligent and dedicated to perfecting their stage presentation.  After finishing the hypotheticals, Celeste and Nicole get into the quick fire round of questioning. The quick fire round includes topics such as meal plan preferences, best methods of cardio for fat loss, waist trainers, and supplements. Nicole chooses a few of those questions to elaborate on and share her deeper thoughts and insight. She then shares key advice to listeners about the process of interviewing and hiring a coach and Celeste concludes the episode by having Nicole share where and how listeners can find her and connect with her further. CONNECT WITH NICOLE: https://www.nicoleferrierfitness.com https://www.instagram.com/nicoleferrierfitness/?hl=en https://linktr.ee/nicoleferrierfitness CONNECT WITH CELESTE: https://www.instagram.com/celestial_fit/?hl=en FOOD RELATIONSHIP COACHING FREE SERIES: https://celeste-rainsturk.clickfunnels.com/free-food-relationship-mentorship Episode Time Stamps: [0:45] Celeste introduces Nicole. [1:40] Celeste goes over the format of how and what types of questions will be asked for the Coaches week series. [2:00] Nicole summarizes her coaching philosophy. [2:50] Celeste asks Nicole how she handles the mental and emotional demands that come from being a coach. [4:20] Nicole shares her top three recommendations for clients who are apprehensive about eating the prescribed food on their plan.  [5:50] Celeste asks Nicole how her personal struggles with her relationship with food has helped her become a better coach to her clients in the same respects.  [7:45] Celeste asks Nicole’s opinion on what she thinks makes a good coach or team truly a good coach/team.  [9:10] Nicole shares how her experiences as a competitor have molded her approach to her coaching style. [11:25] Nicole discusses what questions she wishes potential clients would ask her before deciding to work together.  [13:30] Celeste asks Nicole how she determines how hard or far to push an athlete. [16:25] Celeste asks Nicole how she addresses situations where she feels her clients may be going “above and beyond” their prescribed plan. [18:05] Nicole shares insight on peaking her athletes who take a macro based approach with their diet. [20:00] Celeste asks Nicole what qualities she feels separates the good athletes from the phenomenal athletes. [21:15] Celeste asks Nicole’s opinion on natural athletes and their potential for success in the NPC. [22:30] Nicole discusses how she keeps her clients hormonal health a priority. [24:00] Celeste asks Nicole about any fitness industry pet peeves. [25:45] Celeste asks Nicole if she has any pet peeves in terms of coach-client relationships. [27:40] Nicole talks about how she prioritizes her clients, despite their varying levels of goals (ie. competition vs lifestyle clients). [29:00] Nicole shares her opinion on the topic of politics in competing. [31:10] Celeste starts the hypothetical round of questions, starting with this: if she were a competitor going for her pro card and seeking a new approach with coaching, why would she hire Nicole? [32:00] Hypothetical question #2: how would Nicole reassure a client they are on track and will be ready for their show, despite the clients doubts? [33:35] Hypothetical question #3: what is something Nicole wants a potential client to know before committing to a contest prep? [35:30] Hypothetical question #4: how would Nicole address a client who comes to her wanting to reverse and get “back to normal” after feeling they had a hard rebound. [37:50] Hypothetical question #5: would Nicole put a competition client on stage even while knowing that client has not spent enough time on their posing? [39:15] Celeste kicks off the rapid fire round of questions with Nicole.  [40:35] Nicole expands on the rapid fire question about firing a client. [42:43] Nicole expands on the topic of supplements and competing. [45:00] Nicole shares advice to listeners about the process of interviewing and hiring a coach.  [46:20] Celeste asks Nicole to share how listeners can find and connect with her further. 


4 Jan 2021

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Paige of Swords Podcast

Nicole talks about her thoughts on the current Bikini division for the NPC. She is also a coach and helps women eat more and build their body & relationship with food. Tips for new beginners coming into the sport and mistakes we have lived and learned. Nicole also has her own podcast called "Beyond the Bikini"Stay tuned for future episodes with Nicole when her 2021 prep starts . Follow her IG account : @nicoleferrierfitnessSupplementswww.bowmarnutrition.com use code NICOLECompetition Suitswww.angelcompetitionbikinis.com use code NICOLE


9 Sep 2020

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KNP146 - Beyond The Bikini With Nicole Ferrier

The Key Nutrition Podcast

On today's episode, we had Nicole Ferrier on the podcast. We had a fantastic conversation around dieting, female health and reverse dieting. More about Nicole: I graduated in 2017 with a BA in exercise science and minor in nutrition at Baldwin Wallace university. Alongside my bachelors degree, I am also a certified personal trainer through ACE. Education has been a big piece to changing my body. I believe in building physiques through physiology. That means, proper workout programming and no cookie cutter programs. Through physiology I am able to program nutritional plans and workouts to evolve physiques to the next level. However, I am a firm believer that fitness is more than our bodies. MY BODY USED TO CONTROL ME. I didn’t always feel strong and confident. As a young teen I never really felt like I “fit in”. I had one major outlet, which was gymnastics. I have always defined myself as an athlete, I trained upwards of 20 hours a week and overall ate like a normal teen. That was until I got consumed by diet culture, tumbler post and some toxic comments from loved ones. This lead me down a dark route. Through my teens years I struggled with a variety of disordered eating patterns. Being a competitive gymnast , I also became hyper focused on my body image. At 14 I hopped on my first ever “diet" where I lost 10lbs in a month. I restricted food severally and couldn’t function normally. This lasted all the way up into my late teens. I struggled with the yo yo of crash dieting and even binging and restricting. My weight fluctuated more than modern day gas prices. The constant changes in weight lead to concern from others and for me, constant frustration. Not to mention my confidence was completely nonexistent. EDUCATION SAVED MY LIFE.  Through my time at university I came to the conclusion that I was and tired of being sick and tired. I was burnt out from trying every fad diet in the book. Plus I was over exercising and running off everything I ate. I knew there had to be a better way.  That was when I found food freedom through macros. I went from a cardio bunny to a weight lifting junkie! I finally felt free from being a treadmill slave and realized the power in weight training.  In 2015 I found tracking macros and started to apply my exercise physiology into my training and it completely transformed my mind and body. With macros I was able to see all food as good. I learned that I could eat way more than I thought and truly change my body. Once, I combined my weight training with flexible dieting, I finally saw results! As an athlete I always wanted to stay competitive. That lead me to the love of bodybuilding.  I am currently a NPC bikini competition and have competed in over 17 NPC shows. Competing in shows allows for my inner athlete fire to stay lit. Competing has also brought me so much confidence and has helped me grown as a person. As a trainer, my mission is to help you grow. Grow in your knowledge with nutrition and training but also your mind and how you see yourself. True fitness encompasses both these aspects.  www.nicoleferrierfitness.com Beyond The Bikini Podcast Next Level Experience Program Beta Testers –> Click Here Order From Top Notch Nutrition -> Click Here Connect with us on Instagram Host Brad Jensen – @thesoberbodybuilder Guest Nicole Ferrier  – @niocleferrierfitness Key Nutrition – @keynutrition


22 May 2020

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Awareness of Disordered Eating Behaviors with Nicole Ferrier

Fit Girl Talk Radio

This week I got to chat with Nicole Ferrier! Nicole is a certified personal trainer with a BA in Exercise Science. She owns her own coaching business, Nicole Ferrier Fitness, and is an NPC bikini competitor. Nicole is not only extremely knowledgeable, but she is very dedicated to educating her clients and followers on all things health and fitness daily. - Nicole opened up with me on her personal history with eating disorders and how she overcame those struggles. She talks about some early signs and red flags of disordered eating and advice to anyone that might be struggling with their relationship with food. - ****Disclaimer: Nicole and I are not MDs or professionals and this podcast is not intended to diagnosis, treat or cure any mental or physical health issue. - *Free resources if you are looking for more help: www.nationaleatingdisorders.org - *Special Offer to Listeners: Join Nicole’s Facebook Fitness Community Here (request approval): https://www.facebook.com/groups/996567930497461/?ref=share - Follow her journey as it continues at www.instagram.com/nicoleferrierfitness - Contact Sara Thomas anytime, directly at: www.strength-sweat-soul.com - Follow us on Instagram at: www.instagram.com/fitgirltalkradio Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/fitgirltalkradio/support


20 Oct 2019

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Episode 49: An interview with Nicole Ferrier

Redefine Healthy Radio

Bikini Diary: Gymnast to Competitor.

1hr 5mins

27 Jun 2019

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Interview with Nicole Ferrier: ALL THINGS Bikini

The Physique Archives

Nicole invited me to be interviewed on her podcast, Beyond the Bikini. We talk about reverse dieting, tracking macros, what you should consider before competing, and so much more!


7 Feb 2019

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#56 - W/Guest Nicole Ferrier

The Two Americans Podcast

Had a pleasure of talking to Nicole a dream chaser! We discussed her journey and much more.Check out her IGhttps://www.instagram.com/nicoleannmarie_fit/?hl=en --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thetwoamericans/support

1hr 1min

24 Aug 2017