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Ep 41. Behavioural Engineering (ft. Dilip Soman)

Questioning Behaviour

In this episode, Sarah Bowen and Merle van den Akker speak with the wonderful Dilip Soman about professional identity, the behaviorally informed organisation, and his work at BEAR (Behavioural Economics in Action at Rotman). We get into the power of metaphors, how to improve the way we communicate behavioural science, and how to get around the "RCTs-are-the-gold-standard" problem when applying behavioural science within organisations. Finding Dilip: BEAR: https://www.rotman.utoronto.ca/FacultyAndResearch/ResearchCentres/BEAR Dilip Soman at Rotman School of Management: https://www.rotman.utoronto.ca/FacultyAndResearch/Faculty/FacultyBios/Soman Twitter: https://twitter.com/dilipsoman?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor Questioning Behaviour Socials: Facebook: @QBpodcast (https://www.facebook.com/QBPodcast)Insta: @questioningbehaviour Twitter: @QB_podcast (https://twitter.com/QB_Podcast) LinkedIn: @Questioning Behaviour (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8928118/)  Music: Derek Clegg “You’re the Dummy” https://derekclegg.bandcamp.com/


3 May 2021

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BEworks Conversations with Dilip Soman: Digital transformation and online learning

BEworks Conversations

This episode of the BEworks Conversation series features a discussion with Dilip Soman. Dilip is a Professor of Marketing at Rotman and holds the Canada Research Chair in Behavioural Science and Economics. He is the Director of the Behavioural Economics in Action Research center (BEAR) and is the Director of the Behaviourally Informed Organizations Partnership Grant. His research is in the area of behavioral economics and its applications to consumer wellbeing, marketing, and policy.----more----In this conversation, Dilip and Kelly discuss: Behavioral science and COVID-19 Digital transformation strategies Reimagining the online learning experience For more information about this episode, including the full transcript, visit our blog at https://blog.beworks.com/becurious/beworks-conversations-with-david-rand-the-role-of-behavioral-science-in-the-era-of-covid-19-0


16 Mar 2021

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Dilip Soman: Behavioral Economics In Action

B.E. GOOD! by BVA Nudge Unit

Dilip Soman is a Canada Research Chair in Behavioural Science and Economics and serves as a Director of the Behavioural Economics in Action Research Centre at Rotman [BEAR]. His research is in the area of behavioural science and its applications to consumer wellbeing, marketing and policy.Please join us to hear…• How Dilip’s mechanical engineering experience with earth-moving machines got him interested in behavioral science• Three things that Dilip learned from Richard Thaler as a PhD Student at University of Chicago• The story behind Dilip’s pioneering MOOC – and several big ideas from his book, The Last Mile• Two big issues that Dilip thinks will be the future of behavioral science• Where Dilip sees “win-win-win” opportunities for businesses, consumers and societyFor more, check out Dilip’s book, The Last Mile.


21 Sep 2020

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"THE LAST MILE" de Dilip Soman

Libros y Dinero

En pleno distanciamiento social muchos emprendedores están reinventándose. Aquí encontrarás ideas de fácil aplicación, desde mejorar tus procesos de entrega, hasta promociones especiales e incremento de ticket promedio.Casos de estudio y casos reales de éxito, todo respaldado por las Ciencias del Comportamiento. Las innovaciones para mejorar conductas y tomas de decisión que nos presenta Dilip Soman son tan versátiles que pueden aplicarse casi a cualquier negocio. Comparte con otros emprendedores y ayúdalos echar a andar la economía.


12 May 2020

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S1 Episode 9: Faculty Insights: Prof. Dilip Soman

Rotman Podcast

Ever wondered WHY people behave the way they do, in various situations? Ever caught yourself making a choice that was reflective of 'unconscious biases', but proceeded with it anyway? Rotman Professor & Behavioural Science Research Chair Prof. Dilip Soman has spent decades studying human behaviour. He breaks it down for us in this episode as we chat about his journey into academia, what makes a good behavioural scientist and why he does not particularly like the term 'bias'.


16 Feb 2020

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Episode 3 with DILIP SOMAN: How Behavioral Experts Got to Where We Are Today

It's All Just a Bunch of BS

Dilip Soman () is the Canada Resarch Chair in Behavioural Science and Economics at University of Toronto’s , and serves as a Director of the Behaviorual Economics in Action Research Centre at Rotman (). He is the author of “The Last Mile” and teaches a hugely popular MOOC called : Behavioral Economics in Action.


23 Oct 2019

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PBTO50: Understanding Why We do, What We do with Dilip Soman

Pushing Beyond the Obvious - Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed

Who is on the show: In this episode we host, Dr. Dilip Soman. He is a behaviour scientist and the author of the book  The Last Mile, and is a Professor of Marketing and holds the Corus Chair in Communications Strategy. His researches behavioural economics and its applications to consumer wellbeing, marketing and policy. He is also the director of the India Innovation Institute at the University of Toronto. He works with ideas42 and serves as advisor to a number of welfare organizations. Why is she on the show: In his book The Last Mile, he tackles a very important topic. He takes the concepts of behavioural economics that were introduced by Dr. Richard Thaler and shows how they can be implemented in a personal, organisational and national policy making to improve our chances of making good decision. What are we talking about: In this free-wheeling conversation, we talk about: What is Choice architecture & nudge and what it means for us Why as humans we tend towards making poor decisions when presented with complex choices? What are Mindful and mindless nudges and where can we use them? Why is it a big surprise that businesses assume that people make rational choices Some practical examples of products built using the insights from behavioural psychology: Sticking to a plan… stickk.com Cookie jar with a timer The emerging Market for self control based products What is Implementation intention and why is it important How can we use insights from behavioural psychology to Create the kind of organisational culture we want? When is nudging the right approach, and when it is not Important insight: Potential loss VS Potential Gain – fear of loss > pleasure from gain How Amazon has leveraged insights from Machine learning, coupled with the insights from choice architecture to become the behemoth that it has become. Nudging in public policy and some examples of the same Theory of decision points Humans struggle to make good decisions when presented with complex choices.Click To Tweet How can you reach him: You can reach him on twitter at @dilipsoman or through LinkedIn. Patreon: If you like what you hear, I would request you to head over to my patreon page and become a patron for the show. You could do so by contributing anywhere from a single dollar to about 1000 USD depending upon how much you like the show. Think of it like the following – I will bring thought leaders to your door step and in return all I am asking is for you to spend just enough get us a cup of coffee. I would like to keep this podcast ad-free and need your support regarding the same. You can also find some very interesting artists whom you can also contribute for. I myself support James Victore as a patron. If you are an artist yourself, consider becoming a patron for James as well.

9 Feb 2017