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GHIT 0169: Brad Brownell about Radwood, Autopia 2099, and all things cars

Garage Heroes In Training

Brad Brownell is an automotive journalist and is also well known for his involvement with starting Radwood and their newest car festival that is for electrified cars entitled Autopia 2099.  His passion for cars and the people who love them is evident throughout the episode, especially by the excitement he displays when talking about the cars that have come to events in the past and will hopefully come to festivals in the future.  Threshold braking is often the braking method of choice on track, with there are many areas of a track that this may not be the best braking method to employ.  On this episode’s Dominating with Dawson, we try to go into examples where threshold braking is best used and several areas where there may be better options. We hope you enjoy this episode! PS  Please don’t forget that if you are looking to add an Apex Pro to your driving telemetry system, don’t forget to use our discount code for all Apex Pro systems you will receive a free Windshield Suction Cup Mount for the system, a savings of $40.  Just enter the code “ghitlikesapex!” when you order.  We have two systems for our team and Bill is looking to add a third for this season, pending CFO approval from Vicki.  They are a great system and truly invaluable in safely increasing your speed on track and/or autocross etc. Best regards, Vicki, Jennifer, Alan, and Bill Hosts of the Garage Heroes In Training Podcast and Garage Heroes In Training racing team drivers Highlights from this episode include: 1)  While talking about Autopia 2099, Brad confuses Roy Rogers with Buck Rogers.  (See it’s not just us, lol.)  It’s probably a result of talking with Jay Lamm too much about EV’s, lol. 2)  Brad is a car guy through and through who metaphorically devoured any car magazine he could when studying abroad in Spain. 3)  We think Brad has taken care of all of his spare time, yet he is looking for more things to do.   4)  Brad finally brings a Bill & Ted reference to the podcast.  Long overdue. 5)  Brad goes into a full description of a Radwood event and the new Autopia 2099 festivals. 6)  We go over some of the highlight cars that come to mind and then ask the question everyone is wondering.  What is the white whale for Radwood that hasn’t come to the event yet? 7)  We tried to get the Radwood schedule for 2021.  Brad put up a good fight, but he wisely avoided getting too specific with the uncertain nature of the upcoming season. 8)  The trials of starting a virtual Radwood event.  It went well at first, but lost momentum after cars and coffees resumed.  9)  Rad For Sale is a great resource that is coming soon where you can find and purchase various cars from the Radwood area of the 80’s and 90’s cars. 10)  Fake cocaine stories?  Yep, they are in here.  It was the 80’s after all. 11)  Radwood is threatening to export to several areas around the world.  We lobbied for many of our listeners favorites.  There are signs of life.  We even offered a sponsor to Brad to help with the costs. 12)  Potential partnering and sponsorship opportunities were suggested, and some may even come to fruition.  Pit Viper sunglasses was suggested more than once by our listeners. 13)  Bill misheard that Brad’s family had driven 300,000 miles on a lease.  Luckily, that was not the case. 14)  Brad has some of the most entertaining car history stories we have ever heard. 15)  Jennifer's method of learning how to drive a manual transmission may have been exceeded by our guest.  It wasn’t on track, but it may be the winner. 16)  We may have the most surprising answer for the car decade driven for the rest of your life ever.  Hint, it’s not within the Radwood era.  Brad even avoided the Radwood era for his top 5, almost. 17)  If in Scotland, you may find Brad on his dream drive.  We are still looking for the exact road, but we will let you know when we find it.

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8 Feb 2021