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The Innate Connection - Dr. Sharon Gorman

Back 2 Being

Step inside with a modern pioneer of Chiropractic, Dr. Sharon Gorman! As the world is engulfed by the fear of the media, Dr. Gorman reminds us of the inherent power and healing capabilities of our own bodies. She shares what chiropractic is to her, her 36 years of serving people, how to attract people, and how to thrive in practice...  She is the co-founder and current president of the League of Chiropractic Women. She served on the Board of Trustees at Life University from 2002 until 2017.  She has spoken on the biggest stages and has inspired 1000's of students and chiropractors to succeed with the principle of chiropractic... She is still taking care of people, currently practicing in Roswell, GA at Clarity Chiropractic.. Have a listen and regain confidence in your body!


19 Jul 2020

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Dr. Sharon Gorman- Service Based Learning

The Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast

Dr. Sharon Gorman (Professor of PT at Samuel Merritt University & Current President of the Academy of Acute Care Physical Therapy) comes onto HET Podcast to chat about service based learning. Sharon discusses methods of integration in education/population health, pros & cons, vision for service based learning, and much more. Resources Mentioned: PT Day of Service Health Volunteers Overseas Academy of Acute Care Physical Therapy Samuel Merritt University DPT Program Dr. Gorman's Biography on Samuel Merritt University Website Contact information: E-Mail: sgorman@samuelmerritt.edu The PT Hustle Website Schedule an Appointment with Kyle Rice HET LITE Tool  Anywhere Healthcare (code: HET)


16 Sep 2019

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RDM 045: Rockstar Mom Interview With Dr. Sharon Gorman

Rockstar Doctor Life| Chiropractic Life & Practice

Dr. Sharon Gorman has been a passionate and inspiring Chiropractor for 33 years. She has opened and operated multiple clinics, spoken on stages internationally, served as a board member at Life University, mentored students, co founded the League of Chiropractic women, coached other chiropractors, and raised 4 great children!  In this conversation with Dr. Melissa Longo, Dr. Sharon offers her experiences running successful practices, working with some of the greats in chiropractic, and what still keeps her continuously engaged in her practices. She discusses her top tips for practice growth, how to keep your office team inspired, the rituals that help her start her day, and why she believes listening to our instincts is one of the keys to living a life of purpose and joy. Connect with Dr. Sharon Gorman here Find Out more about the League of Chiropractic Women Connect with Dr.Melissa Longo and find out more about the Rockstar Doctor Mom community, Fierce Club and other Mentorship program Join Our Community On Facebook Here


14 Aug 2017

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CBM 101 : Want to Own and Run Multiple Practices? Here's How! - Guest: Dr. Sharon Gorman

Lifestyle Practice Builders - Chiropractic Business & Marketing

Dr Gorman has been In practice and managing successful high volume practices, running two to four simultaneously, since 1985. She’s personally trained over 50 doctors over the years to work in and run her practices. She created Focus Philosophy Weekends in 1990 and has held hundreds of events over the years. She is the recipient of numerous awards including: New Beginnings Philosophy of Chiropractic Award in 1998, Life Force 1000 Chiropractor of the Year in 2015, and Distinguished Fellow of the International Chiropractors Association in 2015. She is the co-founder of the League of Chiropractic Women (LCW) and has served as its  first president from 2012 until 2016. Show Notes Back to the beginning: Dr. Gorman became a chiropractor because she is a chiropractic “miracle” After graduation: worked for Dr. Sigafoose and learned how to be successful. After starting her own practice, it took her only 3 months to see 100 patients per day! “If you’re on fire, they will come and watch you burn.” 4 offices in 4 years, buying and selling practices. Having associates: believe in them more than they believe in themselves. They have to be coachable. Barriers to success: people have trouble seeing themselves successful. Everyone needs a “life line” or support system. Be around successful people. Creating a special and different patient experience in the office. Always try to exceed the expectations. Train the staff on procedures, team building, no negative energy. Marketing: screenings, lunch n learns Establish the need for chiropractic when at screenings and making the appointment is key. Look at what you do well, and delegate the rest. Women need to mentor women, we are not well represented. Women are better to listening to their innate wisdom, following intuition. For new docs: associate yourself with other successful people in chiropractic. Don’t let anything hold you back. Get constant connection through seminars or coaching. For seasoned docs: People get “bored out” of practice. Keep it fresh by learning new things. Lesson learned: you need the ability to get up and move forward after falling down. Heroes: Dr. Jim Sigafoose, Reggie Gold, and many more. Different things to learn from different people. Daily rituals: Half hour of silence. Favorite Books: The Green Books, The Bigness of the Fellow Within, Abundance for Chiropractors By Sigafoose, The Purpose is Profit by Skip Mclaughlin. Best business advice: Save money, be independent, give back. League of Chiropractic Women: lcwomen.com Life University Chiropractic Mentoring drsharongorman@yahoo.com Like what you hear? Subscribe! If you’ve found any value or helpful information in the Chiro Business Mojo Podcast then we’d love to hear about it! Please head over to iTunes and subscribe. While you’re at it, leave us a rating (5 stars would be great) and a review so others can find us! If you have any questions or comments about this show or its contents, please post them in the comments area below and we’ll be happy to answer them!


6 Feb 2017

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097: Dr. Sharon Gorman: Watch what you ask for…you just might get it!

The Chiropractic Philanthropist with Dr. Ed Osburn

Dr. Sharon Gorman has maintained several large family practices for over 20 years, specializing in health and wellness. She has cared for thousands of patients and has performed over half a million adjustments in her career. Dr. Sharon graduated from Life Chiropractic College in Marietta Georgia in 1984. Her first position as a Chiropractor was in Thomasville Pennsylvania. After working with another Chiropractor for a year she decided to open her first practice in Stroudsburg in June of 1985. In 1987 she opened her second practice in Brodheadsville and in 1989 she opened offices in Marshall’s Creek and Pocono Summit.  Dr. Sharon Gorman has always been very active in the Chiropractic Community as well as the local community. She has recently begun to serve her second 3-year appointment on the Board of Trustees of Life University. She travels to Atlanta at least 6 times a year to fulfill this obligation. She serves on the Board of her state association, the Chiropractic Fellowship of PA. She speaks at many Chiropractic Colleges and at many State Association Seminars. She puts on a monthly seminar for Chiropractors here in the Pocono’s, which is also open to perspective Chiropractic students.


14 Feb 2015

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Sharon Gorman: Life in High Volume

JustTIC Chiropractic

Join Liz and Loz at the BCC seminars in Barcelona as they interview Sharon Gorman. Sharon loves to do things in high volume, wether its building practices, having children or being on boards. Sharon speaks about her song – Chiropractic and how she loves to have her hands on peoples spines. We speak about the intent behind her adjustments and how she explains Subluxation. For more info on the League of Chiropractic Women go to http://www.lcwwomen.com, and for more info about the BCC seminars go to http://www.bccseminars.com https://justtic.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/life-in-high-volume-sharon-mp32.mp3


5 Aug 2014