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Talking Taxes with the #401klady (Special Guest Jeanne Sutton), Ep. 98

Retirement Tax Services Podcast

Jeanne Sutton will be joining the show today to talk about all things 401(k) and all things Roth. Placed among Investopedia's 100 Top Financial Advisors of 2022 and known around the internet as The 401(k) Lady, Jeanne has great insight to share regarding the best ways to use and take full advantage of your 401(k).


8 Aug 2022

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Ep #36: Mastering Social Media Marketing with SRPs Jeanne Sutton and Jake Rushton

The Fiduciary U™ Podcast

Today we have the pleasure of welcoming two very exciting guests to the show. Jeanne Sutton and Jake Rushton both work for Strategic Retirement Partners (SRP), with Jeanne’s title being the Managing Director and Jake’s the Managing Director & Director of Retirement Plans. They are two of the biggest social media stars and brand builders in the retirement industry, and in this episode, we cover a wide variety of topics, including social media strategies and execution.Listen in to learn why they both decided to get involved in social media marketing, their goals and objectives, and the audiences they’re trying to reach. You'll learn how to build a personal brand, where they get their ideas, and the tools they use to make their jobs easier. Social media is a strong tool for growing any business, so if you’re searching for a way to up-level your marketing, this is the episode for you.

1hr 5mins

30 May 2022

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The Endo Episode with Jeanne Sutton

Esther Is In Bits

THE ENDO EPISODE WITH JEANNE SUTTONA few months ago I spoke with writer Jeanne Sutton about living with chronic illness, endometriosis something which one in ten women in Ireland suffer with. When she’s not talking about endo on my podcast, Jeanne writes for many Irish publications including Irish Tatler and the Irish Independent. She has a piece in this month’s Tatler called Girl on Fire about the rise in women’s body writing in print magazine. Her debut short story was published in 2019 in the literary journal, Banshee and she’s currently working on her novel. Furthermore, Jeanne achieved a first-class honours Masters in DCU in Science Communicatio i.e she's incredibly lazy. She also has a newsletter which you can subscribe to and support. Jeanne is so funny and smart and talented and I know great things lie ahead for her. She maketh me laugh-eth.MORE IMPORTANTLY, for all Esther Is In Bits updates follow https://www.instagram.com/esthertwonames/?hl=en and on Twitter https://twitter.com/esthertwonames All The 80% and In Bits updates will be under this Insta now. I've streamlined my social media-I canny take so many apps and accounts.A new episode will be out next Monday!Thanks so much for listening and please, please, please leave a review (esp on iTunes) and share the link with anyone who might nee to hear it.Esther. P.S Subscribe to my newsletter (out every two weeks) for free here.ARTICLES AND LINKS MENTIONED IN THE EPISODEEndometriosis Association of Ireland https://www.endometriosis.ie/Article on hormones and womens health in The Cut Ask me about my uterus by Abbey NormanLena Dunham Vogue piece on deciding to have a hysterectomy at 31 (2018)Vogue on Alexa Chung’s endometriosis Instagram post (2019) Sinead Gleeson’s Constellations which includes a reference to an index of pain as mentioned by Jeanne.Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/estherinbits. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


20 Jan 2020

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#11: You only have one life, why not masturbate?! With Jeanne Sutton

Private Education

Jeanne wrote a fascinating essay on the world of podcast porn and audio porn as part of her masters in Science Communication and I spoke to her all about the topic - which until she contacted me, I had never heard about. Who knew there was a big market for audio porn?! We talked all about the evolution of it and whether podcast porn is public transport appropriate... Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


1 Jul 2019

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Unsticky with Jeanne Sutton

Sentimental Garbage

This week it's indecent proposals, being broke in media, and having grandly un-feminist wanks to deeply inappropriate men with Sarra Manning's Unsticky. Ex-magazine journalist and romance novel aficionado Jeanne Sutton talks us through this deeply underrated 2009 book that was also Manning's debut as an adult novelist. We talk a lot about how the media is a cesspit of corruption. It's a great one. Enjoy!Music by Harry Harris, artwork by Gavin Day. Recorded at Acast and produced by Hannah Varrall. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


21 Mar 2019

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Death in a Digital Age with Kiran Sidhu & Jeanne Sutton

Grief Encounters

To Post or Not To Post, that is the question - that many of us are faced with when overcome with grief, after a loved one dies. For many, social media is where we go to express the majority of our our feelings and emotions, but should this still extend to speaking about our own grief and despair? Are some things too personal for the web? In this special episode of Grief Encounters, Sasha and Venetia speak to two writers about their own opinions around grief in the digital age.Kiran Sidhu is a London based writer who’s work can be seen in The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, The Independent, Southall Gazette, Eastern Eye, Holy Moly, Playboy and Time & Leisure about grief and a wide range of topics. Her article, ‘A dirty secret called grief,’ published by the Guardian, is being used in university modules as part of the curriculum and in professional mental health environments, and was shared over 83,000 on social media around the globe. Kiran has used the internet and social media as a tool to break down the stigma attached with speaking about loss, after her mother passed away at the age of 62. She spoke to Sasha & Venetia about how the internet offered her a path to find those with a shared-experience to her own, something that she still feels is extremely valuable for a person in grief.Jeanne Sutton is a Dublin Based writer, whos article ‘Why You Shouldn’t Judge Other People’s Grief’ caught the eyes of Sasha and Venetia, after recording their chat with Kiran. In the article Jeanne speaks about how the way we mourn has moved online for a lot of people, but that this digital space should also be a safe one for people to grieve. In this really interesting conversation, she speaks about the idea of a digital wake as the new cultural norm for those experiencing loss. In the interview, online etiquette (or lack of) becomes a major topic of discussion, as Sasha, Venetia & Jeanne all share their experiences with death in a digital age in this thought provoking episode.If you're looking for a safe haven to express how you feel,Share articles, photos ,memories and more,Join the Grief Encounters Facebook Group,A place for support, compassion and empathy for those grievinghttps://www.facebook.com/groups/GriefEncounters/Music by: Nctrnm Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


29 Jan 2019

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3: Beauty and the Beast with Jeanne Sutton


Writer Jeanne Sutton joins Alan Maguire and Sarah Maria Griffin to talk about Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. We have a good long chat about things like, but not limited to, Disney On Ice, big books, romance novels, problematic favs, Lena Dunham, angry wardrobes, if you were Belle would you stay in the castle, Twitter beefs, DVD commentaries, Les Miserables, The 10th Kingdom, The Wolf Among Us, Jupiter Ascending, which version of the Beast is the sexy beast? is Sarah Maria Griffin a furry? Shrek, Angela Carter, Bluebeard, Tom Hiddleston, Disney cruises, Stockholm Syndrome, the Good Nazi narrative, Inspirational Romance Novels, Bollywood, and giving Zach Snyder’s money to women. A busy episode I’m sure you’ll agree.  Thanks for listening btw! It means a lot. If you subscribed and rated or even reviewed us on iTunes it would be amazing. Ok thanks, bye.  Juvenalia original artwork by Dee McDonnell

1hr 12mins

14 Apr 2016