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Episode #153 Mental Health and Improving Athlete Performance with Philadelphia Phillies' Mental Skills Coach Hannah Huesman

Muscles and Management

*SHOW TIMESTAMPS FEATURED AT THE END*In this episode, Gerry welcomes Philadelphia Phillies Mental Skills Coach, Hannah Huesman, on the show to talk everything pertaining to mental health and improving mental health performance for athletes.To start, Hannah discusses her journey into the field, education and the things she has learned both in AND out of school that has shaped her outlook of human mental health, particularly for athletes. From there, Hannah details a bit of the difference between working with normal, everyday people and athletes, and how it is also connected when it comes to certain aspects of human behavior.From there, the conversation turns to some key aspects of mental health performance for athletes including taking risks (both on and off the field), how to equip yourself with tools to succeed, everything pertaining to failure and some of the biggest struggles players tend to have.All that and more on this episode of Muscles and Management!Episode Timestamps4:15 - Knowing How to Shut Off7:40 - Authenticity and Realness14:20 - Hannah’s Background19:45 - Difference Between Normal Clients and Working with Athletes23:40 - Hannah’s Path to Today27:00 - Follow Your Gut & Taking Risks35:20 - Equipping Athletes with the Tools Needed to Succeed40:40 - Having a Plan for Failure45:15 - Biggest Struggles Players Tend to Have52:00 - Final Thoughts Support the show (http://www.challengerstrength.com)


19 May 2021

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Hannah Huesman, Philadelphia Phillies Mental Skills Coach

ABCA Podcast

This ABCA Podcast features Philadelphia Phillies Mental Skills Coach Hannah Huesman. She is a great example of the bright voices we have in the Peak Performance World and her Mental Sweat Mondays have provided a bright spot during the pandemic. Huesman was a dual sport athlete playing basketball and softball at UT Chattanooga and has her master's degree from UT Knoxville in Sports Psychology and Motor Behavior. Prior to working with the Phillies she worked with the Pittsburgh Pirates and also works with the New York City Fire Department. She has an extensive background in working with athletes, business people, health care workers, performing artists and first responders. The ABCA Podcast is presented by Netting Pros. Netting Professionals are improving programs one facility at a time, specializing in the design, fabrication and installation of custom netting for backstops, batting cages, dugouts, bp screens and ball carts. They also design and install digital graphic wall padding windscreen, turf, turf protectors, dugout benches, dugout cubbies and more.

1hr 6mins

22 Mar 2021

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Episode 4 Ft Hannah Huesman Mental Skills Coach For The Phillies

Raised In Baseball Podcast

Some great information dropped by Hannah Huesman, Mental Skills Coach for the Philadelphia Phillies and her Mental Sweat Mondays!  Appreciate her coming on to share a ton of information and insight about baseball, social media, and life! Ive listened to this multiple times and still get something new out of it every time I listen. Drop a follow, a favorite and a comment!  Looking forward to the next one!


1 Feb 2021

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Hannah Huesman: An Optimistic Cherry On Top

Everybody Pulls The Tarp

The importance of physical strength and fitness has been front and center for decades. What about mental performance? In this episode, Andrew explores tips and tricks to strengthen mental performance in business, sports, and life in general with Philadelphia Phillies Mental Skills Coach Hannah Huesman. In addition to her work with the Phillies, Hannah has worked with FDNY, executives, actors, and athletes of all ages to improve performance.  Andrew and Hannah discuss how to determine if you are ready to start your mental skills journey, ways to set ambitious (and realistic) goals, and tricks to stay positive amidst times of adversity. Want to get a little bit better at something today? Hannah has a trick for that as well.  A few show highlights: 11:22- How to determine if you are ready to start your mental skills journey 15:32 - Hannah’s tarp pulling story 24:18 - Setting goals 27:20 - Maintaining momentum 33:29 - How to stay positive **** Follow Andrew on Instagram: @AndrewMoses123 Get Andrew’s monthly tips & insights on leadership, work ethic, and teamwork – Sign up for Andrew’s monthly newsletter: www.everybodypullsthetarp.com/newsletter 


28 Jan 2021

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36. The Best Place to Gain Your Confidence with Philadelphia Phillies’ Mental Skills Coach, Hannah Huesman

Game of Her Own

How would you rate your mental fitness?  Are you ready to take it up a notch? Yes? Well, friend - let's do it! Hannah Huesman, Mental Skills Coach for the Philadelphia Phillies is an absolute POWERHOUSE!!! She has a critical role where she works directly with the players.    But listen, it’s not only the players that need to work on their mental fitness. We all need to work on our mental fitness if we want to be successful! And that's why I invited Hannah to be a guest. She shares her journey and you better believe she gives you some fantastic nuggets that will help your mental fitness game. Don’t miss out on our conversation when Hannah and I talk about:  -Where she got her grit and sass  -How she landed a job as a mental skills coach for the Philadelphia Phillies  -Where she believes your confidence should come from  -How she handled an interview with 9 men at a fried chicken joint  -Why when she cries, she cries HARD!   -How you're wasting so much energy if you are focusing on things you can’t control  And you know there is so much more packed into our conversation!  Enjoy!  Connect with Hannah:  Instagram: @hannahhuesman Twitter: @hannah_huesman LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/hannah-huesman-ms-cmpc-76658bb4/ Email: hannahhuesman@gmail.com Hannah Huesman is a Mental Performance Coach in the Philadelphia Phillies Organization. She also travels for speaking engagements on how training your mental skills can help ANY performer. Hannah has worked with the FDNY, MLB, Business executives, actors, and athletes of all ages. She is also the host of #MentalSweatMonday on Instagram (@hannahhuesman). This is a 1 minute video, posted every Monday, of tips & tricks to help you work on your mental game.  Connect with Jahaan:  Instagram: @jahaanblake Email: jblake@jahaanblake.com Website: jahaanblake.com LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jahaanblake


7 Jan 2021

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#123 Hannah Huesman - Mental Sweat: Mindset Techniques for Stretch and Support

The Sport Psych Show

I’m delighted to speak with Hannah Huesman in this episode. Hannah is the mental skills coach for the Philadelphia Phillies Major League Baseball organisation. Hannah received her Master’s degree in Sport Psychology and Motor Behaviour from the University of Tennessee. Hannah is also the host of Mental Sweat Monday – one minute videos containing tips and tricks to help viewers work on their mental game.  We speak about using mental skills to help simplify performance; attentional cues; being comfortable with being uncomfortable; and optimism versus positivity.

1hr 3mins

4 Jan 2021

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Unlocking Mental Performance with the Philadelphia Phillies Hannah Huesman

The Work in Sports Podcast - Insider Advice for Sports Careers

Hey everybody, I’m Brian Clapp, VP of Content and Engaged Learning at WorkInSports.com and this is the Work In Sports podcast.In January of 2020, which feels like 10 years ago, I had a plan to double up our podcast episodes for the month. January is a big month for WorkInSports.com - so many people coming to our site looking for a new opportunity to gain sports employment and follow their dreams. January is a month so many of us say -- I’m going for it! I want to lose weight, I want a new career, I want to make more time for myself... it is the month of affirmations. The thought was, let’s capitalize on that attention -- let’s get everyone feeling motivated and ready to conquer the sports world with a double dose of top podcast guests. So I built a target list and started aggressively reaching out to guests I thought wouldbe great to kick off the year. My first goal was to book Hannah Huesman, someone I had really grown to admire in the world of sports mental performance training. Hannah is so motivating -- she posts 1-minute clips on her social media channels every Monday called Mental Sweat Monday, where she gives her listeners actionable tips to improve their mental performance, AND she works for the Philadelphia Phillies traveling to all of their minor league teams and helping their players become their best.  Perfect guest. She said yes almost immediately. We conducted the interview...and I was so so so excited. Hannah is awesome. She explained how she got into sports mental performance, so it’s interesting from a career standpoint, but she also shared her background as a student-athlete, and gave incredible tips on how we can all improve. I mean come on?!Last week was stressful. Between the election and increasing casualties and sickness from the global pandemic we are still facing, this felt like the right time to bring back some positivity. Hannah has a plan, listen in.


11 Nov 2020

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Mental Skills & Performance Coach with the Philadelphia Phillies - Hannah Huesman

Career Competitor

We welcome on Hannah Heusman to the show who has a fascinating career as a Mental Skills and Performance coach, and today is working with the Philadelphia Phillies in Major League Baseball. Hannah grew up on the sports of Basketball and Softball before her education took over in her senior year of college and she discovered the world of mental performance in relation to sports. This episode provides some incredible messages from a very specific field that are extremely applicable to all walks of life. As a competitor, Hannah is driven by the opportunity to help give athletes that extra level of mental strength where they feel they can achieve their best. A large part of Hannah’s role is ensuring she is providing specific advice to a very specific area for athletes and people as a whole, despite the fact a lot of professionals within her field find themselves performing more roles than they are maybe qualified to be doing. This allows Hannah to excel in her role and not potentially feel distracted by having to also counsel clients or work with them on their mental “health”. In the world of Baseball, specifically, Hannah is trying to encourage a proactive nature towards their mental skills and performance so that they can remain ahead of any possible setbacks. Furthermore, this strength can be the difference in a minor league player getting a chance within the majors or not; Hannah’s role is undoubtedly a powerful one to say the least. We hear from Hannah regarding her role as a mental performance coach with the Philadelphia Phillies and the differences between mental health and mental performance (4:45), before then highlighting how she pursued both the sports of Basketball and Softball to a collegiate level in a rather unique way (7:47). The role of mental health in Hannah’s sports performance was something you she did not gain appreciation for until her final year of college, but it had an immediate impact on her as an athlete and immediately affected her educational and career journey (10:34). Despite the clarity Hannah gained from her new found love for her education and what she wanted in her career, she certainly did not know the direction she would be able to go with it (14:15), while introducing an issue within her field of professionals having to balance multiple roles that really require more than one individual for them (15:30), and how her role in baseball allows her to simply be available and not rely on clients (17:10). The conversation then moves towards the specifics of helping baseball players gain that extra advantage in the mental side of their game seeing as so much of their work is physical (22:05) and also the importance of seeing someone in Hannah’s role at all times as opposed to only when you are encountering adversity (23:30). Hannah is generous enough to provide a couple of her consistent pieces of advice and areas of focus with her clients across all fields that are extremely applicable to anyone listening (28:15), and Steve then provides his Keys to Success (35:40).


15 Oct 2020

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Hannah Huesman- Mental Skills Coach for the Philadelphia Phillies

Nashville Restaurant Radio

On this Motivation Monday episode, we talk with Hannah Huesman about mental toughness and perspective. There are so many issues in this world right now, and it takes a strong metal state to stay sane. She goes over some tactics you can do to keep the peace in your brain. She also talks about why it is super important to talk to the most important person in your life, with empathy, and compassion. LISTENER BEWARE!! YOU ARE GOING TO FINISH THIS PODCAST MOTIVATED AND READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD! PLEASE BE ADVISED!There is a few adult words, so be cautious around the kiddos. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/brandon-styll/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/brandon-styll/support


4 Oct 2020

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Hannah Huesman : Fear of Failure, Building Trust and High Level Performance

Big Idea Big Moves

Hannah Huesman is a Mental Skills Coach in the Philadelphia Phillies Major League Baseball organization where she works with their athletes on improving performance using evidence-based techniques.  She has worked with business executives, firefighters and first responders, actors and athletes of all ages.  She has a social media series called Mental Sweat Mondays with a one minute weekly session on how to work on your mental game.In this episode, host Jamie Allison and Hannah talk about building trust,  failure as the path to personal improvement and the secrets to high performance and your own version of success.Tell Hannah and Jamie what you think about this episode by leaving a  review and rating.  It helps us get the message out there!      Download your own FREE BIG MOVE PLAN TEMPLATE - Knock 2020 Part 2 out of  the park! www.bigideabigmoves.com          Follow us on  Instagram :  @bigidea_bigmoves   Facebook @bigideabigmoves      Need Help Getting Back to Work?  Not getting call-backs.  Don't wait.   Get out there now.


7 Sep 2020