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The Creative Businessmen #56 – Dejahzh Hedrick & David Decareaux

The Creative Businessmen

Episode 55 of The Creative Businessmen features Comedians Dejahzh Hedrick & David Decareaux. This was David's 2nd time coming on the podcast but Dejahzh's first and it was our pleasure hosting them both in this 2 hour Episode. In this Episode we bounce around a variety of topics including comedy in NYC, relationships, sleeping habits, breast feeding, evolution of technology, hygiene, and much much more! Please enjoy this episode as I know we enjoyed hosting them! Enjoy Folks! Be sure to Like & Subscribe!!! Follow us on Instagram: Guest: @davirodex — https://www.instagram.com/davirodex/?hl=en Guest: @dr.dejahzh — https://www.instagram.com/dr.dejahzh/?hl=en Host @mrbusiness — https://www.instagram.com/mrbusiness/?hl=en Host @neilhoover_official — https://www.instagram.com/neilhoover_official/?hl=en Producer @jesseknightfilms — https://www.instagram.com/jesseknightfilms/?hl=en David's Twitter: https://twitter.com/davirodex?lang=en Dejahzh's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Dejahzh-Hedrick/100005059154820

2hr 5mins

5 Apr 2021

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Episode 31 - Die Hard VI: Class Dismissed (with Dejahzh Hedrick, Covid 19 survivor)

A guy in his room

JRE intro The JRE experience experience Joe Rogan gay theory, Jiu-jitzu, Alan Dersowitz/Epstein, Epstein’s maids, Megan fox cheating, Bisexual actors, Angelina Jolie good actor? Will smith’s family, Smith kids are clones, Fat actors with hot wives, Acting is kinda sissy, Comedy is done, Brooklyn white comics worshiping Dejahzh, The elites pushing the division and canceling, Occupy movement, Anti police, chaz, Aborginals getting run over, New slurs for different groups, Gay people not allowed to be gay in other countries, Trans Nazi in Hungary? You can’t be a reformed Nazi or bigot now, Nazi’s have to make up codes that mean you’re a Nazi but regular people do those too, Kanye body double? US not lasting till election, Sweden, Honduras problems, Dejahzh job, Gender fluid hard to tell? Blow up twitter, Child sniffer Biden, Every celeb apologizing, Jimmy Kimmel man show, Woke robot talk show hosts, Mentally challenged people standing up for their rights, Jamie JRE bad clone, College kids being taught they’re oppressed, Rich people kid molesting is not a choice, Handicapped guy oppressed speech, Bloomsburg, People ignoring woke BS, 1984 movie, Joe Rogan mask comments, People taking snippets and canceling you, Little Nicky = the origin of deepfakes?? Will colleges die? Bloomsburg block parties with cops beating students, Fireworks conspiracy? Protest girl, 5g caused the virus? Not that racist in Sweden, Was Eve white? White people would be fine in camps, Brooklyn hipster internment camps, Hipster whites would enjoy the punishment too much, White guys whipping themselves at BLM protest, “Cock cages”, Asian guys penises in porn, Tentacle and cartoon hentai porn, Simpsons and family guy porn, New Simpsons episodes, British cockney accents, Slavery helped the US be great, We ask too much of teachers now, Teachers are gonna have to be race scholars and marksmen, The new Diehard - CLASS DISMISSED. Security guards at schools turning into dirty harry, Jojo rabbit, Who cares about the emmys, Who actually watches Samantha Bee? Rich trump voters? What if the Apple CEO supported trump, Hipster ethnic food places suck, Asians can’t make tacos? Spanish people can cook whatever food, Asian’s approximating American food, No southern biscuits in NYC, Indian food amazing, British people tried taking out every culture bc they all had better food, Random trans protests, Dejahzh needs to do the work, Corona symptoms, Levels of autism in vaccines, If weed was legal rioting would stop, What didn’t the Nazis work on? Germans are the best white people, My paleness is offensive, “Work” and problematic words, Do the work.

1hr 51mins

15 Jul 2020

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Episode 24 - Dejahzh Hedrick and the rejected scientist

A guy in his room

Dejahzh is back and infected! Stay away if you see him, but do check out this episode. Dejahzh talks about how he has COVID and how much he loves virtual open mics and virtual standup comedy. Topics: Unnecessarily long intro of podcast guest, Alex Garrettson screwed us over, What podcasts do I like, True crime everywhere always, Does ugly people dying matter? Black girl missing Facebook posts, Rambly very boring mind hunter reference, I look like a serial killer expert, I’m a rejected scientist and released corona, Perfect conspiracy to blame China if someone made the virus, News shows showing the Wuhan bat, Every white comic is awkward and could be called a shooter, Are there more shootings now bc serial killers get caught too fast, What did whites ever do to native Americans anyway? Inspirational posts about the virus, Only sinners get the virus? The Happening, Is it a conspiracy? A LOT of Chinese people in NYC, Asian people aren’t baptized, How many comics left the city, Girl Dejahzh knows that GOT COVID, Going to church cures it? Black Israelites recruiting during the virus on the J Train, Jared Leto Mobius movie, Feminist invisible man? Dejahzh went to a Scientology church, Eating bats and the first guy who got corona, Mob justice vs internet trolls of today, Columbine rich kid shooters, Jersey city black Israelite vs the Jews, Rent strike? Would Dejahzh pay a girl's bills? We discuss our day jobs (exciting), Dejahzh was almost a Crip, Virtual open mics, Comedy is nonessential, Specials being released now, Tiger king baby, Netflix stuff getting just now put on, M Night Shamwow, 3d in movies, Schindler's list and Roots in 3d, Mel Gibson movies and his hilarious tapes, The Hollywood Q Anon conspiracy w Tom Hanks, MTA virus conspiracy? Trains always involve the destruction of a people, How would they light people at virtual open mics? Virtual American idol, What celebs do you WANT to get it, Comics on twitter making Corona jokes, Women be havin’ corona! Muggers/Rapists are just twiddling their thumbs right now, Harvey Weinstein talk, Bad time to get Aids, The US rose up fast to #1! Stupid comedy festivals, Virtual festivals, Comics still putting out specials from the time of privilege, Eliza Schlezinger’s Nordic Jew Body, John Mulaney not Jewish??? We discuss famous comics and whether I like them or not, The view vs “sassy” the talk, White women saving race relations, White women and white men dating black people, Racist dads cause their kids to date interracially, Dejahzh’s crip past, Mexicans are kinda indian, Reset back to 1870, Virtual minstrel shows, Alex’s zero muscle tone, I’m not a hugger, I’m a jersey boy, PA Redneck religious country people, Dejahzh’s Asian Corona roommate, Rent strike, Asian roommate faking being Asian, Microchip vaccine, Dating in the time of COVID, How long until the jews are blamed, We were just about to be passed at clubs before this, Our comedy show plugs!

1hr 53mins

8 Apr 2020

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North Carolina comedian guys: Dejahzh Hedrick and Alex Garrettson

A guy in his room

Introducing the only two comedians from North Carolina to the podcast, Dejahzh and Alex! I thought I'd put them both on since they're both from the same stupid state and already knew each other. We talk about a lot of things, they do pretty much all the work in this episode and I just say "yeah" a few times. Episode topics: Intro to Alex Garretson and “Dejahzh” Hendrik, My “podcast voice”, Open mic hosts always mis pronouncing Dejahzh, Long not that funny open mic story from Alex, “Mr Direct” comedian, Alex stole Dejahzh’s line for his molesting bit, Ari’s Kobe tweet, Mr and Mrs Direct show, Kobe’s accusation/Mamba mentality, Alex’s badminton past, Alex’s Jamaican nanny, Ronny Chang gave us Coronavirus, Ally Wong water breaking special, “Nanette”, “Mooky the Magician” NC comic, Comics with stage names, My amazing come back to Alex, My Gun to my head hilarious bit, My penis question segment, “Girls we had sex with” podcast, Podcast names, Dejahzh childhood girlfriend that fell and nearly died, but then did die years later, Asian comedians, White guy fade = nazi, CVS Tiki Torch racist accusation story, Being ‘canceled’, Pete Davidson eyepatch guy SNL apology, Comics randomly getting serious in their set, My penguin and dolphin love experiences, Pansexual Koalas, God is punishing Australia, Asian people wearing hazmat suits, “Did you hear that?” “I did hear that.”, Epstein’s egg penis, Dejahzh doesn’t let his body tell him what to do, Dejahzh can’t have milk cause he’s a py, White people become black in the summer, Getting nervous before sets/standup, My process, Naked comedy shows, Alex and me always nervous and never excited before a set, Stock riffs you do after the comic before you, The “trump is a n*” open micer bit, Obama’s playlist, Hillary’s hot sauce horrible pandering comment on the breakfast club, Obama saying the n word, Me confusing Larry Wilmore with Obama, My warmups of saying the n word before the podcast, Can asians or other minorities say the n word? Saying the n word “with confidence”, Dejahzh goes through every asian race and whether or not they get “the pass”, Dejahzh loves talking about “the pass”, Alex “doesn’t see color”, Alex discriminates by the shape of skulls, “Sunduckers” - white people, No good slurs for white people, The new odd couple sitcom with Dejahzh and Alex, Shows being cancelled too soon, Roseanne’s tweet and forgiving people for stupid tweets, Ambien makes people racist, “Women are the n words of the world” John Lennon/Yoko Ono’s song, My eyes are always open? Redbox vs streaming, Alex’s weird body, Saying a comic’s “nice” or “fun” instead of funny, Brian vs Bri Bri, Alex and Dejahzh terrible plugs

1hr 35mins

12 Feb 2020

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Homeless Romantic ft Dejahzh Hedrick and Sebastian Rodriguez

Off the Cuff

This episode we are joined by Dejahzh Hedrick and Sebastian Rodriguez to talk about life, comedy and homeless people. So strap in and go on this ridiculously hilarious journey! Outro: Know Concept - Antion Scales Follow us: IG: https://www.instagram.com/podcastoffthecuff Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/OffTheCuffNC FB: https://www.facebook.com/OTCPOD Listen to us: iTunes: https://goo.gl/XkAVj5 Google Play: https://goo.gl/EoXuJq SoundCloud: https://goo.gl/U7xJYR Stitcher: https://goo.gl/pJkUBh

1hr 59mins

1 Dec 2018