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15 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Taylor Jacobson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Taylor Jacobson, often where they are interviewed.

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15 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Taylor Jacobson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Taylor Jacobson, often where they are interviewed.

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Taylor Jacobson - Small Business Marketing

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Getting your business noticed is a constant challenge. Where do you advertise? What’s the best way to connect with potential customers, and how do you maximize your limited advertising dollars to help grow your Small Business? I have asked myself these questions over and over with each Small Business that I have owned. Joining us today to help us answer those questions is Taylor Jacobson, a marketing expert that specializes in helping Small Businesses get noticed using various techniques that he is going to share with us today.

  • 00:00:00 Small Business Show #285 for Friday, July 17, 2020
  • 00:02:16 SPONSOR: Linode. Instantly deploy and manage an SSD server in the Linode Cloud. Get a server running in seconds with your choice of Linux distro, resources, and choice of 10 node locations. Visit Linode.com/SBS to start with a $20 credit. 
  • 00:03:39
  • Taylor Jacobson — Small Business Marketing and Bait by Jake
  • Random Read: The New Rules of Marketing and PR
  • For everyone who needs marketing advice:
    • What are your goals?
      • Is it sales? Or is it branding?
      • Either way we need a plan
        • For sales: Then you need funnels.
    • Where is your audience?
    • Find your audience, and then start!
      • Iterate later.
  • Telling Your Business’s Story
  • Your goal is trust
  • Using video to promote your small business.
  • Mistake: not asking for help.
  • Take action: Get your phone, set it up to record video, and talk to the camera for 3-5 minutes about your company.
    • What do you do?
    • How are you better than your competitors?
    • What do you do best?
    • Stop. Watch it back.
  • SBS 285 Outtro
Jul 17 2020 · 40mins
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Dr. Deb Interviews Taylor Jacobson, Founder and CEO of Focusmate

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Productivity. Wow.What exactly does that word even mean in a world of COVID19? One day life at work was in an office and then next day, a majority of people began working remotely. While remote working isn't new, this level of people working from home is new and this new experience is increasing isolation, desire for authentic connections, and meaningful relationships.

Enter, Taylor Jacobson, Founder and CEO of Focusmate; A person with an idea pitched to his friend. From that one idea, Taylor decided to try it out. From the feedback and interest, Focusmate was created!

Focusmate is a virtual coworking platform where you're paired up with a random coworker from all over the world! How does it work? You choose a time to work, Focusmate pairs you with an virtual accountability partner where you (and they) experience a live, virtual coworking session that will keep you on task, focused, and experience human connection!

Listen to this week's PTSD and Beyond Podcast to learn more about Taylor Jacobson and Focusmate! For more information about Focusmate, to sign-up (it's free), go to: www.Focusmate.com

Remember to post your comments, share, and send suggestions of guest and topics you'd like to hear on the PTSD and Beyond Podcast.

Thank you for your continued support!


Dr. Deb

May 09 2020 · 38mins

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Taylor Jacobson of Focusmate, Eliminating Procrastination with Virtual Coworking: WeAreLATech

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Welcome to WeAreLATech's Los Angeles Tech Community Spotlight!

“Taylor Jacobson on eliminating procrastination with virtual coworking”

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Host, Espree Devora




Taylor Jacobson of Focusmate


Listener Spotlight,

Gregg Martin


Rocio Villalobos



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Short Title: Eliminating Procrastination with Virtual Coworking

Apr 22 2020 · 29mins
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Taylor Jacobson

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Fellow stylist to the stars, Mom, TV star, and co-founder of Duke Alexander, Taylor Jacobson is here to chat and recap everything Grammy’s! They’re running through Brad’s Best from the ceremony, her work with some high-profile clients, and how they became friends. Plus, Questions with/for…Taylor!
Jan 29 2020 · 49mins

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Interview with Taylor Jacobson

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We talk with Taylor Jacobson,  founder, and CEO of Focusmate.   Among the topics, we talk about include:

  • What  events led Taylor to found Focusmate
  • Why Focusmate works
  • The importance of reflection in his life
  • The two questions he asks himself daily

We hope you enjoy this interview with Taylor Jacobson

Jan 16 2020 · 21mins
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99: Adjusting Your Focus with Taylor Jacobson

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When you work a traditional 9-to-5, working from home (for yourself) can feel like a real treat. You sit in a comfortable chair of your choosing, you can blast music as loud as you want, and pants are optional.

But anyone who works remotely full-time or runs their biz from their home office knows: it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Much of the time, you’re fighting distractions that are pulling you away from your work. Thankfully, Focusmate can help you… well, focus. We talked about productivity and human habit with Focusmate’s creator, Taylor Jacobson, on this week’s episode of Wealth by Design.

  • [01:46] Who Taylor is and how he created Focusmate
  • [05:05] How Focusmate uses virtual coworking to help you get work done

  • [07:48] The versatility of Focusmate (it’s not just for paperwork!)

  • [09:00] How Focusmate creates a distraction-free environment

  • [10:44] Why we still need accountability in the digital age

  • [13:18] Using behavioral triggers to get into a “flow state”

  • [15:23] The three things you need to do to focus

  • [16:47] The toughest part of running your own (online) business

  • [19:07] How changing up your scenery makes a difference, too

  • [21:10] The ways that community input advise Focusmate’s growth

  • [24:24] Why the traditional workplace needs to evolve

  • [27:36] How Taylor’s life would change in “revivement”

  • [28:47] The non-sexy big thing that Focusmate is working on right now



Procrastination is a drag. Avoiding something may feel good in the moment, but it just creates even more stress in the long run. But even though we know that procrastination is “bad” and productivity is “good,” that doesn’t make it any easier to actually get our work done. Especially when you’re your own boss.

Focusmate works because you have an accountability buddy to keep you in check. Here’s how it works:

  • You choose a time you want to work on Focusmate. Morning, afternoon, evening, it’s your call.
  • You get a 50-minute session with your Focusmate partner, which starts with each of you sharing your goal for that chunk of time. 
  • You get to work and achieve that goal.

When you join a Focusmate session, you’re paired with a random coworker — and they come from all over the world! But you can set up private groups if you find that you’ve matched up with some really great people in the past. Taylor mentioned that one of Focusmate’s goals in the future is to allow users the option to choose their favorite partners to work with individually.

After hearing Taylor explain how Focusmate works, we assumed that its magic worked best on traditional office tasks. Emails, reports, budgets, that sort of thing. However, Taylor pointed out that Focusmate isn’t limited to work. You can use it for other things on your to-do list, like self-care practices, workouts, or meditation. Focusmate is incredibly versatile. Fun, right?!


How does the methodology behind Focusmate work? Dustin mentioned that he geeked out over “The Science Behind Focusmate” page (linked in the show notes below!). What does it all boil down to? Understanding the psychology behind our actions and using that to your advantage by adapting your behavior and responses to triggers.

Let’s say you set a goal for yourself at work: you want to spend two hours a week researching what your competition is doing on their website and social media channels. You know that this research will help you discover any current trends you might have missed, and it may even affect your own social media strategy. However… you fail to stick to this goal. Other tasks get in the way. (Or, more likely, you just get lost down an IG rabbit hole #guilty.) 

Before you know it, the workweek is over and you’ve pushed that task to the next week. And the next. Repeat. 

One reason this might happen? You’re setting yourself a vague, generic task to get something done at some point… you know, whenever. It’s different with Focusmate and accountability practices in general. You have a specific commitment to another person, not just yourself. It’s a lot harder to break that commitment. That’s one of the many ways Focusmate works: by anticipating your behavioral triggers and providing solutions for it ahead of time.

Taylor even shared that some Focusmate users said that they were productive long after their coworking sessions even ended! Their mental state was so deeply ingrained in work mode that they tackled other stuff they had to do, even if they technically were “off the clock” at that point. We think that’s pretty cool.


Whether it’s fully remote or in-person, running any business is tough. However, choosing what to focus your energy on in your business is one of the hardest things entrepreneurs face. And it’s a constant battle prioritizing your tasks, especially in the beginning stages. You already started your own business, which means you brought a fantastic idea to life. That’s not the last great idea you’ll have and wanting to explore other ideas can be tempting.

Taylor explained that choosing which business ideas to pursue is something he struggles with most. It really can be too much of a good thing. If you focus your attention on too many projects at once, you lose out on efficiency. And those ideas you picked won’t really reach their full potential if your concentration is scattered. Sometimes you have to learn to say no, even to yourself. (Plus, as you know, we’re not big fans of multiple businesses).

This is just a taste of what we chatted about with Taylor this week. Make sure to check out the full episode for more about Focusmate, how it works, and what to expect from Taylor and his crew in the coming months!

This material is for general information only and is not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.



Jan 14 2020 · 33mins
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Taylor Jacobson Teaches Us Distraction-Free Productivity with Focusmate

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After a summer break, we are back with a brand new season of Ambition Today!

Season 3 brings with it some fresh new changes to the podcast, coming to you from our brand new podcast studio in the heart of New York City!

We have some exciting guests coming up and I can’t wait to share all of the great conversations & new questions with you! I hope you enjoy Season 3, now on to the episode!

Who struggles with procrastination? Did you know that studies show up to 95% of people struggle with procrastination!

My guest today is Taylor Jacobson. He is the founder of Focusmate, the app that helps you focus and in return be more productive. In this episode, we discuss with Taylor what in his personal life lead him to the idea of needing a solution like Focusmate, as well as his personal take on a lot of procrastination issues.

As Taylor developed Focusmate, he found three major aspects of being more productive. One, you perform better when you need to complete a task in the presence of someone else. Two, if you commit to another person that you are going to do something, it is highly likely that you will complete it. And three, you are likely to increase productivity if you reflect on your work afterward. You know that you are going to have to review the job that you did, so in the moment of work, your actual focus becomes stronger. Focusmate is now helping thousands of people with all of these aspects! Tune in to hear more about Taylor and his company, Focusmate!

Quote of the Episode: “These are the people {Co-workers} that have my back to grow into my best self”

Gauntlet:This is a new section of my podcast for season 3, where I will ask my guest a tip or tool that they recommend for their business in each of the following categories. Listen in to hear Taylor’s answers:

  • Branding/Design

  • Go-to-Market

  • Product Development

  • Hiring

  • Revenue and Accounting

  • Fundraising

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Nov 27 2019 · 46mins
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How to upgrade productivity with accountability with Taylor Jacobson from Focusmate

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In this episode, Taylor talks about how is workforce more isolated and distracted than ever before and how is Focusmate trying to solve the problem.

May 23 2019 · 24mins
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049 Virtual Coworking for Being More Productive with Taylor Jacobson, Focusmate – ProductivityCast

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In this episode of ProductivityCast, the weekly show about all things personal productivity, we have the pleasure of bringing you

The post 049 Virtual Coworking for Being More Productive with Taylor Jacobson, Focusmate – ProductivityCast appeared first on ProductivityCast.

Apr 25 2019 · 39mins
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Distraction-free productivity, the need for human accountability & Focusmate (Taylor Jacobson)

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"How can you provide human accountability exactly when and how we need it in order to get things done, in a world increasingly, we're distracted, we're alone, and people really struggle with procrastination."

Episode #3 of Season 2 of The Social Impactors Podcast features #SocialImpactor Taylor Jacobson, CEO & Founder of Focusmate, a virtual coworking space that helps you get things done with distraction-free productivity.

Taylor and I talked about how Focusmate spawned from his own challenges with procrastination, how we are social, tribal animals that need human connection and accountability, and how technology can be a boost for individuals who need some distraction-free productivity.

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Apr 04 2019 · 24mins