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Episode #15 - A peak behind the curtain of retail supply chain with James Fry

What's in the Box?

In this episode, we're talking about the retail supply chain and how it's changed over the last 10 years.  Discussing the evolution of omnichannel and rapidly changing consumer trends. Including the impacts of COVID and the supply chain solutions to adapt to the new normal. I am pleased to join James Fry, the head of solution design at Zencargo, who has worked with Europes biggest and fastest-growing retailers over the last 10 years. This episode provides some great insights into: The evolution of the retail supply chainTypical areas of opportunity discovered in most solution design workThe supply chain as a competitive advantage 


2 Mar 2021

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The one size fits all of gardening: Interview with James Fry on Revolution Garden

Life and Health Matters with Dr Shakib

If you think you don’t have the space or resources to produce your own veggies think again! In this interview with James Fry, the maker of Revolution Garden (RG), you will learn how even your balcony can be the ground for your weekly produce. The RG consumes minimal water and space while providing nutritious veggies for your family. Please direct you comments, questions and suggestions to drspodcastshow@gmail.com James Fry bio: James has been studying sustainability since his high school years when he interned with a solar energy company in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. Having woken up to the fact that some things were seriously wrong in the world, he set out on a mission to help. He's a permaculturist by training, but experiments with and develops any food growing method that guarantees boat loads of nutrient-dense food with minimal effort and resources. www.groweverywhere.com


24 Sep 2020

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Getting a Grip with James Fry

'Getting a Grip' with Julian Leeser MP

In this episode, James Fry talks about how he was enticed into a white supremacist group as a young man, and how he found his way out.After experiencing a number of years of terrible bullying, James was searching for an identity and found himself putting his anger and confusion into drug use and being part of a sub-culture that nurtured white supremacist thinking.His ideological standpoint started to shift when his mother found a white nationalist’s newspaper under his bed.Fry explains, “I’d come downstairs one morning, and my Mum was holding up a white nationalist newspaper she had found under my bed … she said ‘this isn’t you. You used to stand up for the underdog. … I remember being lost for words.”To hear what James Fry has to say about human resilience in overcoming significant social and personal disruption, listen to Julian Leeser MP’s podcast , Getting a Grip with James Fry.


14 Aug 2020

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Cashflow to Tax, Business Loans to Grants - James Fry - Garbutt and Elliott

The Jonny Ross Audio Experience

S01 E01 Series 1 Episode 1 - "Coronavirus lockdown". This is an archive of live video Q and A's streamed online dating back to 26th March 2020, only three days after the UK government announced the lockdown. We set up a Facebook group for local businesses to find support during the coronavirus chaos that followed in this first episode, I chat to James Fry from Garbutt and Elliott Accountants.It was only three days after furlough loans and grants had been announced and I threw it all at him. James is great. He's one of very few accountants who really gets your business and ask you the important questions. Enjoy.


26 Mar 2020

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PRIMERA HORA: James Fry, Seremi regional de Obras Públicas entrega información actualizada sobre megaobra Puente Chacao

RADIO SAGO: Informando Primero al sur de Chile

Analizar las grandes obras públicas de la #RegióndeLosLagos, su ejecución, avance y aporte al desarrollo de la región y el país, así como la mejora en la calidad de vida de las distintas comunas, fue el objetivo de la entrevista desarrollada la mañana de este jueves 20 de febrero en radio Sago, al seremi de la cartera.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/entrevistas-radio-sago/message


20 Feb 2020

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CP Mid-week Fix: Barr Fight Continues, Sweet Home Alabama, and Chief of Police James Fry on Moscow’s Bond Election

CrossPolitic Show

Our local Chief of Police, James Fry, joins us to discuss the May 21st bond election. This bond election is being held to ask citizens to approve or deny the City’s taking on debt to fund a new police station facility and to re-purpose the current station and Paul Mann Building. We also discuss Alabama’s pro-life legislation and the new Barr investigation. Show notes and news links at the bottom of this email. Please visit our corporate sponsors–Classical Conversations, Learnly(Discount code: LearnlyCross get 50% the first 3 months on a monthly subscription plan, on top of the 30 days free), Tenicor (Discount code: CROSSPOLITIC for 10% discount), Moscow’s Tapped, and Logos Online School. Support our network and Join our Club! We are now streaming live Sunday nights 7pm PAC time on Facebook, Twitter (Periscope), and Youtube. Here is our channel schedule below: Facebook CrossPolitic Studios: https://www.facebook.com/CrossPolitic/ Faithwire News: https://www.facebook.com/faithwirenews/ YouTube CrossPolitic Studios: https://www.youtube.com/crosspolitic Twitter CrossPolitic Studios: https://twitter.com/CrossPolitic NRBTV on Direct TV: Channel 378 (Half hour show on Friday nights at 8:30pm) Don’t worry if you miss us live, you’ll still be able to download the show on your favorite podcast platform. Featured Corporate Partner Tenicor CROSSPOLITIC coupon code for 10% off: https://tenicor.com/discount/CROSSPOLITIC Tenicor is an American design, development, & manufacturing company focused on creating concealment products built for everyday.  Tenicor designs uncompromising products that work.  Their designs like the Velo appendix carry holster are purpose built to keep your gun hidden and optimize performance. If you believe in protecting the people you care about and practical everyday carry, then Tenicor products are built for you.  Tenicor supports reliable guns trusted by professionals including Glock, Sig Arms, and Smith & Wesson.  [Hosts personal commentary/experience, use code CROSSPOLITIC for 10% off, etc…] Events New Saint Andrews Summer Worldview Camp for ages 15 to 19 CALLED – a conference that will challenge Christian high school students to become the next generation of cultural leaders, because they are CALLED… → to put on the whole armor of God → to engage culture → to advance the Kingdom Speakers include: Pastor Toby Sumpter, Andrew Klavan, Jason Elmore, Pastor Doug Wilson, and more… G3 Conference The mission of the G3 Conference is to educate, encourage, and equip for the work of ministry and for the glory of God. Our mission is built upon the foundation of the holy Scriptures and upheld by three pillars – gospel, grace, and glory. It is our goal to see the people who attend the G3 to reach the neighborhoods and the nations with the gospel. 2020 G3 Conference: January 16th – January 18th (CrossPolitic will be there!) Sign up here: https://g3conference.com/events/g3-conference-2020/ News Barr in Investigating Origins of Trump Campaign Surveillance https://www.nationalreview.com/news/cia-joins-william-barr-in-investigating-origins-of-trump-campaign-surveillance/?fbclid=IwAR1mS__t7LICvWiUi21zLIErVzLJ1gNSqgrPfnpsZ07SrHcZktVjzcBWmuE https://www.dailywire.com/news/47154/breaking-ag-barr-appoints-us-attorney-investigate-ryan-saavedra?fbclid=IwAR1Ci6K3qhEdcHwriNWUq5zUBa5sdyuOLe32Iq9wTaPSS9ATIHyW9vB0DgU Alabama Senate passes near-total abortion ban bill – CNN Politics https://apple.news/A2NJXL6Y-STCLAt3GmgqoXQ A pregnant 11-year-old rape victim in Ohio would no longer be allowed to have an abortion under new state law https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ohio-abortion-heartbeat-bill-pregnant-11-year-old-rape-victim-barred-abortion-after-new-ohio-abortion-bill-2019-05-13/?fbclid=IwAR0VQKQb3wjXDYnTWuI0_aYoDVNtLMo5uI8D2ElAkqr04_VSSeUQ5KT1FvA


15 May 2019

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Stacy James Fry - New Technology "Smart Bots" Impact to the Automotive Industry


Join Erik and myself on a conversation regarding "Smart Bots" and the potential impact to the Auto industry. During this session we have an in-depth conversation with Stacy James Fry one of the innovators of streaming technology which is responsible for the rise of Netflix! We dive deep on this technology, what it is, what the potential downsides are, and most importantly how it can help YOU sell more vehicles and connect with more buyers. Technology is evolving quickly in all industries and the businesses who adopt early will have an advantage not just in testing potential avenues to generate more business but capitalizing on the lag between adoption and utilization from their competitors. Make sure to tune in on this episode to learn more about what "Smart Bots" are and the impact they can have for the industry! Here is how you can connect with Stacy: LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/stacyjamesfry Email: stacyjames@mayamediafilms.com Phone: 403-968-8549 Also, don’t forget to check us out at our website and on the following  platforms: Website: www.dealertalk.biz  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dealertalk/ Instagram : @dealertalkYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFzze5QDo48HAS2K1kc83Tg?view_as=subscriber twitter: @talkdealer Thank you for tuning in and as usual we will TALK later!


9 Jan 2019

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45 - James Fry

Like I'm A Six-Year-Old

James Fry is a writer whose debut novel, That Fry Boy, tells the story of his journey from a normal happy childhood to a violent white supremacist (and back again). James kindly shared his story with me and we discuss what lessons it might hold for the current conversation about the radicalisation of young men by Muslim extremists. Boundless Plains To Share at MICF 2016  The World Keeps Happening at Perth Fringeworld My mailing list jamesfry.com.au @thatfryboy That Fry Boy James on Q&A Waleed Aly's editorial, ISIS Is Weak Cause of the Week: Medicine Sans Frontier (msf.org.au)


30 Dec 2015