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9. Kapitel : "Sally Mullins Café"- Springos speziale Aale

Sally Mullins Tee- und Bierstube

Unser bunter Haufen muss seine rasante Flucht fortsetzen. Sally serviert und in diesem Kapitel nicht nur Springos spezial Ale sondern auch ihre Meinung über den Mann ihrer besten Freundin und die Außergewöhnliche Zauberin. Außerdem ist da noch Nickos Liebe zu Booten und das Herannahen des Jägers.  Folgt und schreibt uns auf Instagram: @sally_mullins_podcast oder kontaktiert uns auf Anchor: https://anchor.fm/hannah--ayms


20 Aug 2021

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Sideshow # 71 Sleazy Talk with Sally Mullins

Carnival Personnel

Comedian Sally Mullin’s joins Biff and Jacques to talk about her stand up special “Sleazy Does It” (which is an absolutely hysterical hour of brutally cringeworthy awesomeness), How she’s been killing it in the zoom comedy world over lock down and how she balances all this with HER podcast (PORN MOM PODCAST) and her FAN’S ONLY (@MsJamieFoster) work. As always, Jacques wouldn’t STFU but Sally was able to talk about mentoring comics and adult film talent as well as talk the ups and downs of creating content and the evils of dealing with the selling of content (like her horror, thriller features on Amazon Prime.) Have a pad and paper to jot down the knowledge being dropped here … or just listen twice.  IF you are in the LA area and vaccinated … GO SEE SALLY’S SHOWS… and if you’re in to adult content … check out her FansOnly page. We truly hope Sally becomes a regular CP guest! Sally’s info: Sally’s homepage: Sallymullins.com Sally On Twitter @SallyMullins1 Sally On Instagram @Sallymullins818 Sally On FansOnly @MsJamieFoster CP: Twitter: https://twitter.com/carnivalpodcast Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carnivalpodcast/ Biff on Twitter is @BiffPlaysHockey Jacques on Twitter is @TheJacques4 Opening Song: Gomer by Dan Cray and Beyond Id Closing Song: Mind Time by Dan Cray and Beyond Id

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28 Jun 2021

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2. Kapitel: "Sarah und Silas" - Sally Mullins Bär- und Tierstube

Sally Mullins Tee- und Bierstube

In Episode 2 lernen wir die sechs Söhne der Heaps kennen, erfahren mehr über Sarah und Silas Geschichte, versuchen Sally Mullins fragwürdigen Informationsquellen zu folgen und erfahren endlich mehr über die Identität des gefundenen Babys :)


25 Jun 2021

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Sally Mullins Porn Star | Episode 47

An American Conversation Podcast

The gang have an interesting conversation with porn star & comedian Sally Mullins! Some people get it & some people don't. Listen in, be that Fly on the Wall...


23 Apr 2021

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Ep.42 Granny Porn for Fame! - With Sally Mullins

Can You Help Us Get Famous?! Podcast

Today on “Can You Help Us Get Famous?!” we have a comedy veteran of LA stand-up for 21 years!!! You can check out her special Sleazy Does it on Amazon and Porn Mom Podcast on all platforms. She was recently featured on the cover of Hustler Magazine (WHAT?!) as both a comic and pornographer AND when she isn't busy with both her hustles, she rescues dogs, cats, and ex-boyfriends. Ladies and gentlemen - SALLY MULLINS! Tune in and hear Sally talk about the comedy AND porn industries, her jokes about being a hooker and why she got into Granny Porn ... although we think she's a MILF ;) This week's movie: Scene from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills


24 Sep 2020

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ANWD Episode 164: With Sally Mullins

And Now We Drink

#drinking on the #podcast this week is Comedian/ Adult Performer Sally Mullins. Sally joins us on the heels of the release of her new Comedy Special "Sleazy Does It" and talks about comedy, fetish porn, bloopers, escorting and a whole more in this fun remote episode. Check Sally's Special on Amazon  Sleazy Does it THE VIDEO VERSIONS OF THE SHOW ARE AVAILABLE NOW anwd.net/videos Matt is now a Twitch Affiliate. Check out his Channel at www.twitch.tv/mattfnslayer If you're an amazon prime user sign up for your free twitch prime account and throw Matt a sub. it costs you nothing and would really help Matt out.  This Episode is brought to you by our awesome sponsors Loot Crate trylootcrate.com/ANWD use the code Bridge10 to get 10% off new subscriptions  Vinyl Me Please Sign up today at www.joinvmp.com/anwd Gamefly Sign up for your 30 day free trial www.gameflyoffer.com/ANWD Ghost Tequila  Buy it here. Seriously, it's fucking good.  http://www.ghosttequila.com/ Laughable  IOS users get Laughable in the Itunes app store Android users get it in the Google Play Store Theme music  "And Now We Drink" performed by AS EARTH RECLAIMS US

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25 Jun 2020

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Sally Mullins

Hooking From Home

Comedian and adult actress Sally Mullins talks to Tokyo about her Amazon special "Sleazy Does It" and how she got scouted to be the host of "Deez Nuts" at The Comedy Store.

1hr 18mins

22 Jun 2020

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Sally Mullins - Lunch Therapy - Interview Friday Episode 5

Joel Marshall's Lunch Therapy - Interview Friday

Comedian and entertainer Joel Marshall interviews Comedy Store comedian Sally Mullins about her life as a comedian and her Amazon solo show Sleazy Does it.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/joelmarshall/message


9 May 2020

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Episode 5: Hello Cougar! Sally Mullins talks sex as a Cougar.

Dirty Change

Comedian and Podcaster, Rosie Tran, and Co host Adult Film Star, Tommy  Pistol. This week our special guest is Sally Mullins, Comedian, Adult Film Star, Escort, and Podcaster. Sally is the host of the "Porn Mom" podcast. She talks about getting into comedy and adult film as an older woman and shows that age really just is a number!! Fun and interesting episode with a guest that has a truly unique perspective and life! ------- WATCH FULL EPISODES ON YOUTUBE --------- Dirty Change YouTube ------- FOLLOW US --------- Sally Mullins Website | Instagram | Twitter |  YouTube Tommy Pistol Onlyfans.com | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube Rosie Tran Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dirty-change/message


10 Feb 2020

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BTD EP 235 Sally Mullins (Comedian/Adult Performer)

Broken-Tailed Dog with Josh Accardo & Della Dane

The Broken-Tailed Dog himself was in LA and sat down with comedian and adult film star Sally Mullins. Sally breaks down the differences of creating comedy content and stand up content and how hard it is to make money at both. She was forthcoming and informative. Great episode.


4 Feb 2020