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Martin Chuck

Shotgun Mulligan

Martin Chuck joins the show: Top 50 Golf Instructor, Inventor of many golf training aids such as the Tour Striker, Tour Striker Golf Academy. Discussion on keys to success in the game of golf and great stories. Enjoy the show.

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12 Aug 2021

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#32 - Martin Chuck talks Training Aids, Tourstriker and the key to Routine

Read it, Roll it, Hole it

This weeks guest of the Readitrollitholeit podcast is top 50 golf digest coach and inventor of the tourstriker training aids Martin Chuck. He also appears on the golf Channel and has many videos on Golf Pass as advertised on TVMartin is a great guys and shares some really cool stories and golden nuggets with you. He talks us through his passion of training aids, cool stories around the tour striker smart ball as used by Justin Rose and much much more. A fantastic listenInstagram @martinchuckpga@tourstriker

1hr 6mins

12 Apr 2021

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Martin Chuck: From Director of Golf to selling 180,000+ training aids

GOLF IN THE LIFE OF – education for golf instructors

This week we talk with Martin Chuck – he’s a top 50 instructor, and has created one of the most successful tools and academies out there. Martin gives us a deep look at his experience from starting out to what his weeks look like now. He explains the mentality it took to get there, and how he overcame his biggest hurdles.  He specifically emphasizes the greatest lessons he’s learned in building his business – being dedicated to excellence and building a great relationship with your audience. “The one thing that would be the biggest mistake, is to take yourself so seriously that somebody doesn’t feel good in your presence. You will lose the students.”  Building Your Business:  Martin shares how he’s come to quantify his time, understand his audience and why he’s transparent when it comes to coaching. His stories show vivid examples on how to maintain the value of your coaching time and holding people accountable, why it’s crucial to pick a niche in what you’re trying to be, and the benefits to being vulnerable in your coaching technique.  “The common theme is that people that I’ve seen that have become most successful in the business have been absolutely okay. Getting out in front of things and sharing why they believe what they believe, whether it’s in a video, written, blogging, or however it is. Now all of a sudden an audience starts to happen.” Click here to get started The post Martin Chuck: From Director of Golf to selling 180,000+ training aids appeared first on GOLF IN THE LIFE OF - education for golf instructors.


2 Nov 2020

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Martin Chuck

The BodiTrak Podcast

Martin Chuck is one of the most recognizable names in all of golf instruction. He is the founder and owner of Tour Striker, one of the leading brands in golf learning aids and happens to be on of the top 100 coaches in America. Old pals Terry Hashimoto, Ryan Groves, and Martin chat about Tour Striker, what Martin calls "Buckets of Golfers", Revolution Golf and much more!


15 Oct 2020

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37. The secret value of training aids with Tour Striker founder Martin Chuck

How’s My Hand Path?

Fellow Canadian, and Tour Striker founder Martin Chuck shares about the inception of his famous training aids (from the original tour striker club to the more recent Smart Ball and Plane Mate), and how they went from idea to reality.


4 Sep 2020

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Ep. 05 | David Woods & Martin Chuck on Finding Success in the Golf Industry, Creation of Training Aids, and Advice for Young Professionals

The Urban Golf Podcast

David Woods (@davidwoodspga) and Martin Chuck (@tourstrikergolf) joins us for this episode.David is the Director of Golf at the Vintage Club and is the former coach of Masters Champion Mike Weir. Martin is a Top-100 coach and started the Tour Striker Academy, and has consulted and taught PGA TOUR Winners, Ryder Cup, President’s Cup, and Major Champions. Together, they've created the PlaneMate training aid that has helped many golfers feel a professional takeaway and transition.In this episode, we learn more about their journey to success and experience as immigrants; perspectives on service, networking, and training aids; and their advice for young professionals in the golf industry.Follow us on Instagram: @urbangolfperformanceFollow Mac: @mactoddlifeFollow Leo: @leo_ugpWebsite: urbangolfperformance.com

1hr 8mins

8 May 2020

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Live with Martin Chuck - Inventor of the PlaneMate - Talking Golf with BGI Ep. 5

Talking Golf with BGI

In episode 5 of Talking Golf with BGI, Neil Barnhill and Kyle Clapper interview the inventor of the PlaneMate, PGA Show 2020 Product of the Year!Welcome to BGI, Neil Barnhill, PGA Teaching Professional, and Kyle Clapper are committed to providing the highest quality golf content. Considering supporting them by using the links below!  BGI is a proud partner with Wilson Golf - https://www.wilson.com/en-us/golf/Consider becoming a BGI Patreon by the using the link below or using one of our affiliate links.   Become a BGI Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/BarnhillGolfBGI Amazon Link: http://bit.ly/BGI_AmazonIf you want to purchase your own PlaneMate use the link below and help support BGI!https://www.tourstriker.com?ref=1072Purchase a Mevo+(Plus): https://mevo.golf/37VYWnQPurchase a Mevo: https://mevo.golf/2ORiV1gPurcahse a SC300: http://bit.ly/BGISC300Use Coupon Code Barnhill50off for a 50$ Discount!Purchase BGI's Net: http://bit.ly/NetReturnHomeSeriesUse this link to purchase your own RMT Club: https://shop.weckmethod.com/?rfsn=3769851.eddd4cDiscount Code: WMA73Purchase BGI's Golf Mat: https://www.realfeelgolfmats.com/Use Coupon Code BGI for a 10% Discount! Purchase the SkyTrak:Use Coupon Code BARNHILL and http://bit.ly/BGISkyTrakSX400 Special Offer: Use coupon code BGI400 – Receive free shipping, pre-registered device and a free silicone skin!https://web.skygolf.com/products/SkyCaddie-SX400Coupon Code: BGI400SX500 Special Offer: Use coupon code BGI500 – Receive free shipping, a pre-registered device and a free leatherette holster! https://web.skygolf.com/products/SkyCaddie-SX500Coupon Code: BGI500TruSpeed Golf Complete Set: http://shrsl.com/28np6Discount Code: BARNHILLGOLF10Support Edwin Watts: http://bit.ly/EdwinWattsOrlandoIf you like what you have seen today please make sure to like and subscribe!*Some of the links/codes are affiliate links which help support BGI, thank you!Make sure to follow BGI:Neil's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/neil_bgi/ Kyle's Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/kyle_bgi/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Barnhill-Golf-Institute-249018918976728/#BarnhillGolf #BGI

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29 Apr 2020

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Martin Chuck & David Woods

The TXG Podcast Channel

Talking with Martin Chuck and David Woods about their Planemate training aid, PGA tour players and being a golf professional.


3 Dec 2019

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Episode #010: Martin Chuck – Learning from Legends, Developing Products, and Improving Golfers

Golf 360

Martin Chuck (Twitter: @tourstriker, Instagram: tourstrikergolf, Facebook: @TourStriker) is the Founder of Tour Striker Training Products and Golf Academy. Martin is a Top 100 Coach that began his career under the tutelage of golf legends George Knudsen and Moe Norman.   Martin has worked to help improve the games of golfers of every type; from beginner to major champions and everyone in between. His line of golf training aids under the banner ‘Tour Striker’ and have been used by players at every level to improve their game. You may have seen them on the Golf Channel or in some of Martin’s videos for Revolution Golf. In addition to his coaching, he also has the Tour Striker Academy, located at the Raven Golf Club in Phoenix, Arizona. When taking time off in the summer months Martin takes the Tour Striker Academy on the road to help golfers around the world improve their games.

2hr 13mins

22 Sep 2019

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Martin Chuck A Top 100 PGA Coach | Episode 5 | The Next Shot Podcast

The Next Shot

Thanks for checking out this episode! Today we talk to Martin Chuck about his trip up to Vegas for the expos show, some of the things he has created and also just some of the things he enjoys in golf swings, teaching and the things he looks at as a coach so what are you waiting for lets hop right in!


24 Aug 2019