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191: Channeling Your Intensity with Erika Laws

Embracing Intensity

It’s always great to have a good friend visit with me on the show. Join me as I introduce you to my friend, Erika. She’s a ball of energy who focuses on positivity, generosity, and finding workable solutions to everyday problems. Join us! Erika Laws is a recovering networker, positive thinker, and sales enthusiast. She loves people, self-development, and manifesting. Her goal is to be happy no matter what the circumstances and to put her own “oxygen mask” on before helping others. She has lots of life lived and lessons learned. Show Highlights: Why Erika is intensely passionate about helping people, sales, and her unique form of “matchmaking” Why Erika is not too concerned about being diplomatic anymore, asking the tough questions, and being a “say it how I feel it” person Why Erika is a positive manipulator to help people to become better How Erika’s intensity kicked in when she became a single mom and had to channel her intensity toward getting things done and leading confidently How cultural factors influenced Erika growing up because she lived in a world without much diversity but found herself drawn to African-American friends, which isolated her from others How Erika’s acceptance of everyone helped her later in her sales career How Erika had to suppress her gender and act “more male” by holding back her emotion to succeed in her career How Erika’s intensity gets out of control often as she tries to underpromise and overdeliver to customers, which comes across as aggressive and hostile at times How Erika will go above and beyond to make sure people are taken care of; she’s an observant, forward-thinking, and solutions-based listener How emotional awareness helps Erika harness the power of her intensity How Erika follows a process using the acronym SELL in every interaction: show up, engage, listen, and lead The best advice Erika ever received came from Jack Canfield: “There are only two things you can change about a situation. Change how you feel about it or change the situation.” How Erika helps others see that they are valued, leads by example, and loves connecting people as a matchmaker to help them How Erika is committed to holding the line with her boundaries and how she expects to be treated Parting words from Erika: “Intensity can be good, but your greatest strength can be your biggest weakness. You have to channel that intensity for good and know when to dial it back. Choose wisely about who you surround yourself with, and choose those who appreciate and don’t just tolerate.” Resources: Find Erika on Facebook: Erika Laws or Impactful Sales Solutions If you’re in the Vancouver, WA, area, go see Erika at Mattress Firm on Mill Plain Boulevard!


21 Sep 2020

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21: Impactful People Are My People with Erika Laws

Being Motherhustler

Erika Laws have been in consultative sales and management for over 22 years. She has rounded out her sales experience to every facet of consultative environments. From retail, direct to consumer phone sales, to outside business development. She specializes in helping people learn or improve their overall sales process by personalized one on one coaching. She loves helping people by positively holding them accountable and uncovering the areas of opportunity for targeted development plans. She enjoys being the mirror for agents to see what their strengths are and where they can use some new skills, motivation, and encouragement. Learn more about Erika Laws at http://impactfulsalessolutions.com/ and she's also on www.FB.com/impactfulsalessolutions. Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here https://linktr.ee/kareenmills --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/beingmotherhustler/support

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30 Sep 2018

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