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Ep. 60 - What is Cloud Computing and is Your Business Ready? With Joseph Landes from Nerdio C Suite


There’s a good chance that MOST of the software applications you use every day are SaaS applications, or  ‘software as a service’.  In other words, you don’t have to install them on your server or computer, you simply access it as a pay as you go model for only the licenses, space and features that you use. This gives you the ability to access highly sophisticated software and functionality at a fraction of the cost and without long term commitments.  With just a username, password, and internet access you have the ability to access highly sophisticated software and take advantage of all its  functionality. With the recent introduction of Windows Virtual Desktop, which is sometimes called desktop as a service, it is enabling businesses to lower their costs and greatly improve the ability for remote workers to connect and work “in the cloud”. Now companies can host their applications, data, email and other functions “in the cloud” that simply means it is stored offsite a highly secure, high availability “utility” company that has far more power and resources that you could ever logically have onsite as a small business. So with me here today is Joseph Landes from Nerdio C Suite, to let us know what the benefits of a windows virtual desktop are, and if cloud computing is right for your business. 00:00 - 02:44 Barb’s introduction 02:45- 04:15 Meet Joseph Landes 04:16 - 6:22 What is Windows Virtual Desktop, why is it so popular and what are the benefits? 6:23 - 8:15 If you have a Windows Virtual Desktop environment, is it secure? 8:16 - 10:34 If someone is connecting with their personal device, does that device need to be secured as well? 10:35 - 13:06 If a company is considering a move to the cloud, what should you do beforehand? 13:07 - 14:54 Does the size of the company matter when moving to the cloud? 14:55 - 16:00 How long does it take to move to the cloud? 16:01 - 19:01 What’s the most important thing Joseph has ever learned? 19:02 - 21:01 Barb’s extro If you have questions about your IT vulnerabilities, or have any questions, call Barb at 905 542 9759  or visit CDNTechnologies.com.


23 Sep 2020

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Episode 98: Nerdio’s Joseph Landes on Simplifying Cloud Adoption

pod2112 Podcast

If we learned anything during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that cloud computing is the resilient resource it was always billed. Businesses leaned heavily on cloud-based resources and services to maintain operations as their staff shifted to work from home postures. At the same time, businesses – particularly SMBs – leaned on managed service providers to help them adopt, setup, and support their cloud services. The underlying challenge of cloud computing is setting up various services and understanding the total cost of ownership. A company helping MSPs simplify their path to the cloud is Nerdio. The company’s chief revenue officer, Joseph Landes, joins Pod2112 to discuss getting more MSPs into cloud services.


15 May 2020

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Joseph Landes: 3 Challenges MSPs Face Moving to the Cloud

Channel Journeys Podcast

Understanding the challenges your partners face can create opportunities for channel managers. It can also create an idea for a company. That’s the case for today’s guest, Joseph Landis, who is the Chief Revenue Officer for Nerdio, a Chicago-based startup helping MSPs create successful cloud practices in Microsoft Azure. Joseph shares the top 3 challenges MSPs face in moving to the cloud and how Nerdio is addressing them through their SaaS offering. KEY TAKEAWAYS MSPs face 3 common challenges when building a cloud infrastructure practice. Addressing these challenges can help your success in leveraging the MSP channel.  1. Talent. MSPs often don’t have the people with the experience to architect and manage a cloud infrastructure. One way to solve this problem is to provide automation to stand up and manage the cloud.  2. Complexity. The complexity of trying something new can prevent MSPS from taking the leap to the cloud. Get creative in how you can educate your partners through a variety of vehicles including blogs, podcasts, and trade shows.  3. Risk. Many MSPs view doing things a differently, like moving to the cloud, as risky. Not as much from a technical perspective, but financially. This risk can be addressed through education as well as technology that mitigates the risk.  SHARE THIS I've talked to many MSPs over the past month that wish they had actually made the move to the cloud much earlier. @josephlandesClick To Tweet If you're looking to be successful with MSPs, look at how your solution automates or reduces the amount of labor required by that MSP. @josephlandesClick To Tweet LINKS & RESOURCES Find Joseph on LinkedIn and Twitter Get the 10% discount code for all channel certificate courses at the Channel Institute Learn more about Nerdio’s Azure Management System The post Joseph Landes: 3 Challenges MSPs Face Moving to the Cloud first appeared on Channel Journeys.


13 May 2020

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Joseph Landes and Amol Dalvi on Windows Virtual Desktop - Episode 82

Azure DevOps Podcast

In today’s episode, Jeffrey is speaking with two guests, Joseph Landes, the Chief Revenue Officer at Nerdio, and Amol Dalvi, the Vice President of Product Management Nerdio. They both do a lot with Azure and have implemented Windows Virtual Desktop into their work.  Amol and Joseph have some interesting learnings around using Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure for standardized development desktops — which is what they’ll be discussing today! Amol and Joseph share their insights on how they use Windows Virtual Desktop, give their advice regarding it, and share some of their personal experiences with it. You won’t want to miss out if you’ve been interested in learning more about Windows Virtual Desktop and its capabilities! Topics of Discussion: [:40] Be sure to visit AzureDevOps.Show for past episodes and show notes. [:49] About Jeffrey’s upcoming .NET DevOps Bootcamp in Austin, Texas on April 30th and his free 30-point DevOps inspection. [1:21] About today’s episode and featured guests! [1:54] Jeffrey welcomes Joseph and Amol to the show! [2:01] Joseph shares what led up to him working in this field. [3:18] Amol shares his career background. [4:21] Amol speaks about the sizeable development team that he runs and where they’re located around the world. [5:09] How Amol is making heavy use of Windows Virtual Desktop for everyone on his team. [6:11] What Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure is! [9:34] How is Windows Virtual Desktop from the old terminal sever in terms of allowing people to have a remote desktop session? [11:03] If a small development team with 4 developers wants to have their own Visual Studio image and all use the same thing, how would they get started? [12:34] With a small team (such as 2-4 developers) is it possible to use Windows Virtual Desktop without a third-party solution? [13:28] Does Microsoft only market Windows Virtual Desktop for teams of a certain size? Is it not worth using for smaller teams? Or does it have some uses for smaller teams? [15:05] A word from Azure DevOps Podcast’s sponsor: Clear Measure. [15:31] Jeffrey gives some quick announcements. [17:22] Using Windows Virtual Desktop without a third-party solution: what does it look like to shut it down at night? [17:51] When configuring the image, what is the process to actually set up Windows the way it needs to be? [19:30] Would Amol agree with the sentiment that this solution is geared mainly towards really large groups? [20:37] How many VMs do developer share? What is the ratio that Amol has found that works best for him? [22:36] How much ram does Amol try to allocate? [23:45] At this point, is premium solid-state the commodity that’s expected? [24:08] What’s the experience like for a developer at their desk? What kind of computer would act as their terminal? [25:25] Is it literally the Windows Remote Desktop client that is being opened across all three of the monitors? [26:04] If you need to access your virtual workstation can you access it anywhere that supports RDS? [26:32] Amol highlights use cases beyond those for developers. [27:26] Are developers with expensive computers like MacBook Pros just used as terminals? Or is the development distributed between the Virtual Desktop and the actual host computer? [28:32] Are the computers that Amol’s developers use are their own personal computers? [30:23] How much does Microsoft charge for Windows Virtual Desktop? [32:09] What VM code has Amol landed on for his developers? [34:04] Jeffrey thanks Joseph and Amol for joining the podcast! [34:15] Joseph gives his recommendations on what to check out if you want to learn more about Windows Virtual Desktop. [34:51] Amol recommends some of his go-to resources! [35:48] Jeffrey thanks Amol and Joseph once again for joining the podcast! Mentioned in this Episode: Azure DevOps Clear Measure (Sponsor) .NET DevOps for Azure: A Developer's Guide to DevOps Architecture the Right Way, by Jeffrey Palermo — Available on Amazon! bit.ly/dotnetdevopsebook — Click here to download the .NET DevOps for Azure ebook! bit.ly/dotnetdevopsbookforcommunity — Visit to get your hands on two free books to give away at conferences or events! Jeffrey Palermo’s Youtube Jeffrey Palermo’s Twitter — Follow to stay informed about future events! Jeffrey@Clear-Measure.com — Email Jeffrey for a free 30-point DevOps inspection (regularly priced at $5000!) — Spaces are limited! Joseph Landes Nerdio Amol Dalvi Azure Calculator Want to Learn More? Visit AzureDevOps.Show for show notes and additional episodes.


30 Mar 2020

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[11] - Interview with Joseph Landes, CRO at Nerdio


PSAImpact is a podcast series hosted by Chris Timm and Rayanne Buchianico. The series is PSA independent and is designed to help MSPs worldwide get the most from their PSA tool and to manage their business. Get your questions answered by the experts and learn how to maximise profitability and increase efficiency in your MSP. In this episode Chris and Rayanne interview Joseph Landes, CRO at Nerdio.


5 Feb 2020

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Joseph Landes: Being a Learn-It-All Channel Person Rather Than a Know-It-All One

The Software Channel Partner Podcast

After more than 20 years at Microsoft, Joseph Landes is bringing his channel experience to grow four-year-old startup Nerdio, which is "99.9%" channel. He talks about the great value of being actively involved in the MSP community for building their business, and of Microsft CEO Satya Nadella's advice to be a learn-it-all rather than a know-it-all. 


4 Feb 2020

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93: The 3 Biggest Challenges MSPs Face in Cloud Migration w/ Joseph Landes

Ecosystem Aces

It’s a big world out there for the Microsoft Solution Provider (or MSP.)  There are dozens, if not hundreds of different solutions for every problem a customer might be facing, but one thing is for certain.  The cloud is here, and it’s not going anywhere.  Joseph Landes is the Chief Revenue Officer at Nerdio, and was a guest on the Ecosystem Aces podcast recently. He came on the show specifically to talk about:  - What he and his team are up to at Nerdio - How they help onboard MSPs to Microsoft Azure - The 3 biggest challenges that are most commonly faced by those MSPs when trying to migrate to a public cloud services like Azure. 


4 Feb 2020

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4: Tate Talks - With Joseph Landes, Nerdio

Tate Talks - The TotallyMSP Podcast

The first podcast of 2020 gets going with a chat with industry veteran Joseph Landes of Nerdio.  We chat about his history in the channel and how Nerdio is helping MSPs with the move to platforms such as Microsoft Azure.This man has had dinner with Bill Gates so surely worth a listen.If you want to know more about Nerdio - Check them out at www.getnerdio.com


27 Jan 2020