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34 of The Best Podcast Episodes for David Berkowitz. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about David Berkowitz, often where they are interviewed.

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34 of The Best Podcast Episodes for David Berkowitz. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about David Berkowitz, often where they are interviewed.

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Serial Killer: David Berkowitz | Son of Sam | Demon Possessed Dog | Crime |Torrie with Brett | Ep 23

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Torrie: Pumping out 

Music: videos because 

Torrie: I suck at staying on a schedule. I am so sorry to my fellow subscribers. Okay. So 

Brett: three weeks later 

Music: you got what I’m trying. Okay. Hold on.

Brett: Okay, well, 

Torrie: you’re going to do it. Okay. You and Charlie, you’re better. Stand up straight, sit up straight, come closer. Get your tits out. Okay. We’re going to do frame 

Music: crime. I’m fucking 

Torrie: panicking. 

Brett: Okay crime. So, um, we’re going to go through, I only have like one that I really know about. 

Torrie: Um, 

Brett: I mean, there’s not that much know about him.

He wasn’t like any like psychopath or anything. You know, we just had like abandonment issues. Okay. So 

Torrie: deal though. 

Brett: Okay. But like that’s the attachment, no parents in our like beat as a child and all kinds of stuff. And then they have like a Cinderella story and there were football players. 

Torrie: That’s not common.

Brett: Okay. Well, it’s definitely a thing. 

Music: Um, 

Brett: okay. So he was like born in, uh, what’s his name? Okay. It’s David Berkowitz, but he was known as a son of Sam or like the 44 

Music: 45 

Brett: caliber. 

Torrie: Okay. So what year was this? 

Brett: The, the killings and hold on reference. 1976, 

Music: 1976. Cool. Oh, 

Torrie: okay. So this happened in the seventies. 

Brett: What state.

This was in New York. Okay. Backstory though. Backstory. 

Music: You need the backstory. If you don’t have the backstory, that’s like, 

Torrie: well, that’s what you’re doing right now. We’re fighting. I’m 

Brett: a fighter 

Music: in the parking lot to getting, 

Brett: um, break whistles. Now 

Music: that’s what they give us.

Brett: Okay. So basically, I guess there was something with his, uh, original parents, uh, were like having affairs with two other people. And then the person, his mom was having an affair with. She got pregnant supposedly with his kid and he didn’t want it associated with him at all. So she put up for adoption.

Torrie: Okay. 

Brett: And he had a different name. I forget what the original name of the kid was, but his adopted parents gave him a new name and it was David Berkowitz. Okay. 

Torrie: So we don’t know his old name. 

Brett: We do. I just don’t remember it 

Music: at the moment. Okay. 

Torrie: Yeah. So is he still alive? 

Brett: Uh he’s 

Music: he’s still alive. He’s like 66 66.

Torrie: Okay. So take me back 1976 in New 

Brett: York. No, before this. So he gets adopted, right? Apparently his parents are like, his adoptive parents are super nice, which is not your normal, like killer backstory. You know, they’re like 

Torrie: super loving there’s people that are foster parents. Don’t go into it to be 

Brett: the kid.

His foster mom dies. Okay. 

Torrie: Why did she 

Brett: die? Uh, cancer and yeah, tragic. And then what, I guess it really threw him off was his foster dad, like a year or two later, it got remarried and he’s like, Oh, is that possible? You’re supposed to like, love one person. How could you like remarried? Well, yeah, no, obviously that’s why he’s thrown for a loop.

No, no, no, no, no, no. Like the people that adopted him, his foster father remarried and he’s still his father they’re living in the same house. So now obviously the new. Mom is there and it’s just like 

Torrie: messing with him. He doesn’t like it. 

Brett: No, he’s not a fan of it. 

Music: Is she nice? 

Brett: I mean, she was, yeah, she was nice.

She was nice. They were trying to like all get along and he just couldn’t get past the fact that like his like father foster father would remarry because he was supposed to love the same person all the time. So 

Torrie: no it’s because he wasn’t paying attention. 

Brett: He also was closer with the mom. So the mom dies he’s with the father.

The father is like, I’m going to go remarry because. He’s not that old yet. You know? So what’d you Aubrey, 

Torrie: Mary? 

Brett: Um, I don’t know. 

Torrie: I’d have to marry a widow. 

Brett: It depends on like, I guess, situational in like, yeah. Okay. Like, okay. If I taught like my wife cheated on me, I’d probably be Merry after, but like, if she died, And like, I wasn’t in like, say my like early thirties or anything.

If I was a little later on, I already had kids or something. It’d probably be it. 

Torrie: But now 

Brett: if I already, if I already kids and I was older, probably not. But if I was like, but if you 

Torrie: put me in a nursing home, I’ll be mad. I’d be pretty pissed. 

Music: Anyways. Keep going 

Brett: now. Okay. So to the store. Okay. Okay. So then he, uh, he’s so upset with this.


Torrie: how old was he at this point? 

Brett: At this point, I guess this went on for a few years, that he was upset about this. How long did he leave? I think it was at 17 or 18, he left boom went to the army. 

Torrie: He did that for two to 

Brett: three years. No. Okay. No trouble. I mean, okay. So he, he did like to cause like trouble he’d steal stuff from stores and that, 

Torrie: Oh, it’s going to be a psychopath conduct disorder 

Brett: when they were like a kid.

Torrie: No, I mean, like gets in trouble with cops. Like they 

Brett: don’t just to see what, how much he could get away with. Gotcha. Because I guess he was, he was. Like above average intelligence, he was very smart and it was just 

Torrie: bored. 

Music: Was it like, I dunno, probably like one 40 

Brett: or something. I don’t know. It was, it was high.

They didn’t say, 

Torrie: wait, what’s the number where like, from then on, it really doesn’t change that much. Do you know Tony? It’s like one 25 

Brett: and you’ve cured above that. You’re like a legal, like genius. You 

Torrie: have like one 25 and I have one 78. Like, it doesn’t make a difference. Like if they’re both at that over the above Mark 

Brett: certain point.

And I think it doesn’t really make that much of a difference, but, um, yes and no, he was really smart. Started losing interest in school then was getting into a bit of trouble. Not like anything like where he was like any assault or anything, nothing violent. 

Torrie: Was he showing up to class? 

Brett: Yeah, no, he was, he was still going to school and 

Torrie: stuff.

Brett: So, yeah, no, he’s not the best looking dude. Um, no. So then he goes off to at like 17, 18, he leaves for army and he gets he’s there for, was it two or three years and he gets discharged honorably. Okay. And it w it was never found out why he was discharged. People still don’t know. So he comes back and I think was he working and not, not any, anything special, you know, he’s just working probably like a part-time job.

I don’t think he was, it wasn’t specified if he was living foster parents at this point. I’m 

Torrie: just keep that on him while he talks, because I’m going to find out 

Brett: that fucking 

Torrie: facts. 

Brett: So then at this point, he comes back and wants to meet his. Uh, foster mother. I mean, uh, his real mother, my bad has real 

Torrie: marksman.

Brett: It’s like a sniper. 

Music: Yeah. A marksman sharpshooter. 

Brett: Yeah. 

Music: I thought they just called it sniper. Now there’s a bunch of different words for 

Brett: it. Yeah. So a marksman is somebody that has a good 

Torrie: shot actually did really well in the military. 

Brett: Yeah, no, there was never any issues. I then, for some, there was an incident and then, but they didn’t really specify or you have to do some, some deep digging.

Torrie: If you get honorably discharged, it means like either you got wounded or, well, they have like their separate court. Did you know that 

Brett: there’s a court for the military? 

Torrie: Yeah. I didn’t know that up until like a couple of years ago. 

Music: Okay. That’s also how some stuff does go behind the scenes. But yeah, 

Torrie: my ex was another for gang related shit and God you got discharged?

Yeah. Mistaken identity. Okay. Wait. Okay. Berkowitz grew up in New York city, served in the U S army before committing crimes. Okay. 

Music: Wait. 

Brett: Okay. I, it doesn’t really, I mean, unless you dug really deep, but I don’t know. How or, I mean, why he was kicked out of there. 

Torrie: So he was honorably discharged after three years because, 

Brett: or does it say why?

Music: Yeah, I just clicked on it. 

Brett: Sorry, keep talking. Okay. So then he meets he, uh, I guess he contexts. Somehow he finds out who his real mother was. He contacts her, they meet up, they talk, she tells him about like how she put him up for adoption and like how, you know, things weren’t working out and stuff. And, you know, normally you would think this would like ease somebody up a bit.

They’d feel better about stuff, but it just made more of a mess for him. Cause he just sat there and thought like, Oh, so why didn’t she want me, you know that 

Torrie: it’s Tony, what does this mean? He was stationed in Korea and was honorably discharged after three years, acquaintance, acquaintances say he went and gung-ho for military service, but came back a dove, like 

Music: you went in, like I’m ready to fucking kill and then came back and angel aren’t.

They telling us why he got destroyed. 

Brett: I know that is weird. Right? So it’s not really weird or anything, you know what I mean? 

Torrie: Sometimes they do honorably discharged to like, grant you like, okay. 

Brett: I’m like, okay, we don’t want you anymore, but we’re not going to like, fuck up your future either. Yeah. Because then 

Torrie: you don’t get the benefits and 

Brett: shit.

Also, if you’re dishonorably discharged, it’s a lot harder to find a 

Music: job. 

Brett: Oh yeah. If they’re able, if they do background checks, it’s going to come up that you’re dishonorably discharged. 

Torrie: Police officers can still get a job. 

Brett: Um, I mean, it, it, it’s more like the discretion of like what they want, like depending on like what company you work for, 

Torrie: if they lash 

Music: it’s like, it looks, it looks fine to me even.

Brett: So, um, so yeah. It’s 

Torrie: Oh, I found out why you got honorably discharged. 

Brett: Does it say 

Torrie: yes it does. Fuck kids, Dahmer DME kids. 

Brett: Okay. So anyways, at some point in this period, he decides after meeting his mother, he decides that he wants 

Music: to go, 

Brett: well, he moves out. Now he moves out. Has his own place is living next to, I guess this guy named Sam.

I don’t know why these connect, why he wanted to be named son of Sam because his neighbor was Sam. Stupidest fucking reason. Um, there’s probably a really important reason. I just don’t know it. Um, and, uh, he had a dog to the neighbor, so he wants to, uh, because a lot of, a lot of these killers go after women because they have a lot of resentment to women either because they were always like, I don’t know, talked down to by women because, you know, there were little odd in society or in his case, like his mom, his foster mom died and his actual mom.

He thinks just didn’t want him, which it was more like situational, but he thinks that, 

Music: okay, 

Torrie: we’re going to go back. 

Brett: Okay. 

Music: Just keep it going, Tony, 

Brett: back to which part. 

Torrie: The beginning because I did not. Did you understand any of that? I feel like it was so vague. Okay. So what’s his name again? Berkowitz.

Brett: Berkowitz. 

Torrie: Okay. So he was in the military and he was, he was really good. And that as I’m Mark Smith shut up as a marksman, I think it was honorably discharged, but because of the after three years, but because of the privacy act, so mental 

Music: illness, 

Torrie: that’s why. So, yeah, he does. Yeah, he does. He was admitted to the psychiatric unit.

That’s how I figured it out right after. And he was re receiving $10,000 in medical benefits. So you can’t, you can decide, is it discrimination? Like you cannot go into the military with the mental illness. You cannot take meds. They like it. 

Brett: Oh yeah. I mean, it depends on what it is. Like if you have like add or something, like, I don’t think that’s.

Torrie: No, you can’t like when you go to, 

Brett: yeah. 

Torrie: If you go to basic training, like you can, I’ve considered it. And then I’m like, fuck, if I don’t have add, or I’m going to fucking not make it up the row, but you know, but like, but yeah, you can’t have any medication, whatever, at least in like the bootcamp maybe later, and you have a doctor’s note, but if you’re showing signs of.

Like anything serious, like psychosis, you can’t be in the possession of guns. That’s why when you get your foil card, you can not, you 

Brett: know what I’m saying? If somebody that has like add, but like, they don’t technically need medication for it all the time and 

Torrie: you’re totally missing my point. Tony, did you get my point?

You can join the military with get a foil card. When you have a serious mental 

Brett: illness, 

Torrie: like a psychotic disorder mood 

Brett: disorder, you probably shouldn’t have a gun. 

Torrie: Well, that’s why I’m saying he got discharged for that. 

Brett: But my thing is, is later, okay. After he gets caught and arrested and everything right at the end of it, 

Torrie: I don’t even know like what happened, you know, 

Brett: I’m getting there, but that contradicts the whole thing.

Cause you keep cutting me off. Uh, it contradicts the whole thing. You’re not taking 

Music: direction. 

Torrie: So he gets out of the military in the military, 

Brett: he moves back. They didn’t really specify it. Wasn’t him. I bet 

Music: you’d be dead. Okay. Whatever. 

Torrie: How old is he? 

Brett: He at this point is 22. 

Torrie: Okay. So he went into the military right after 

Brett: something.

Yeah. Okay. So he’s about yeah, 22 at this point. And he has his, he moves out, right. He’s living next to this guy, Sam. Okay. And for some, because he has all these abandonment issues and resentment issues, he decided comes to the conclusion that he’s going to go out and kill somebody. Right. 

Music: That just doesn’t make sense.

That’s what I’m saying. This was, this 

Brett: is not the greatest story because he didn’t really, he didn’t have all kinds of like traumatic stuff. He just kind of sat there and he was thinking about stuff, thinking about stuff, thinking about stuff, because he talked to his real mother and she explained why they got rid of him, like, and put them up for adoption.

Oh yeah. No that’s because you weren’t listening after the army, he right away, for some reason, con try to like look up who his real mother was found out, who it was contacted her. And they met up and talked about it. 

Music: I wasn’t in a closed adoption. It’s 

Torrie: illegal. 

Brett: Well, he found out and they talked and she talked to him and she told him like, you know, how it all happened and why?

Like, you know, she got rid of him 

Music: because she was 

Brett: having an affair. Yeah. He was having, yeah.

Torrie: No, not really 

Brett: because she was married. So you would think, you know, if somebody finds out who the real parents are, you know, they’d be mad at them, you know, but it, it kinda be, you know, it’d be nice to know. Yeah. I mean, if she was, 

Torrie: if she was still fucking the husband, she could have just denied until she died.

Brett: No, but her husband was also fucking somebody else. He was also having an affair, 

Torrie: but I’m just saying, like, she could have played it off. Like that was his 

Brett: dad in a fare first. So she. And she found out she went out and she screwed somebody else before they got divorced and boom, kit 

Torrie: cancer, 

Music: no cancers, the foster mom.


Torrie: shit. Okay, good. We’re 

Brett: clearing this up. Okay. All right. So instead of like, you know, feeling better about all of it after talking to his real mom, he feels like he was unloved unwanted by his mom and just everybody in general. Well, he, obviously he had abandonment issues. Yeah. 

Torrie: But if 

Brett: proper parenting, 

Torrie: I just feel like there’s closure.

Music: Like he doesn’t blame 

Brett: closure. He, he blamed himself even more. Oh yeah. So then yeah, no. So he then wants to go and. 

Torrie: Oh, he’s Jewish. 

Music: Sorry. Okay. Keep going. 

Brett: All right. So now obviously having these, you know, thinking that he was unloved, he wants to cause, you know, Hate, you know, not hatred, but you know, I I’m, I can’t think of the right way to explain 

Torrie: it angry at the word, angry 

Brett: at the world.

And he’s gonna go take it out on the world basically. 

Music: So 

Brett: he goes out and wants to kill somebody and it was what, beginning of 

Music: 1967 

Brett: or 19, I mean, 70, 76. 

Music: Flip those. 

Brett: So it might’ve been the year early, 1975. That was the first one. So he went out and they were under a, these two girls were walking and they were under walking under a bridge and he kind of popped out and just stabbed one of them, the death stabbed the other one and ran off, but she didn’t die.

But it was such a sudden like that he just came out of nowhere, just started stabbing these 

Torrie: women. Do you know? 

Brett: She didn’t give a very good, uh, statement because it was in the dark, it was under a bridge. It was so sudden she was freaking out and trying to escape that she didn’t really get a good look at the guy.


Torrie: was, well, it makes me 

Music: question things. 

Torrie: What, how, like the artists. You can literally draw a dude. Cause I would be like, he has like 

Music: an egg and like, 

Brett: he’d just be like, okay, 

Torrie: like how would they get such an accurate drawing? 

Music: It’s crazy. Not that great. 

Torrie: I’ve never watched somebody give like a, 

Brett: no, I kind of skip over that and like a crime show.

It goes from like them starting to talk about it. 

Torrie: And I feel like this is important. 

Brett: It would be, but there’s no, there’s no, uh, nothing, but obviously that’s reported. There’s a big incident, but they have no leads because she couldn’t really give a good explanation. I would be awful trying to point a gun.

Okay. Caliber 44. Right? Cause he was known as the 44 caliber killer. It’s 

Torrie: so stupid because everybody uses that gun when they kill somebody. Am I right? Or am 

Brett: I wrong? The calibers. But he was using, they had no other lead. This was their only lead when they did find it, but we’re not there yet. Okay. So basically he taking a fucking hour for one 

Music: story.

Brett: Um, so he goes out and he. You know, he’s separate, he spreads it out, you know, a few weeks at a time. So they don’t, you know, catch on as quick. And he goes up to a car with a, was it a woman or a woman and a girlfriend. And he shoots. Yes. And he shoots one in the head. She dies her friend doesn’t she gets out of the car runs.

He hits her in the thigh, but it was kind of a populated area. So he books, it doesn’t finish her off because he’s already caused so much commotion. It was like a busy parking 

Torrie: lot. He was in a car. 

Brett: No, he runs. He’s out of his car. He walks up to their car. No, I know out the window, 

Torrie: but so he laughed, got in his car 

Brett: and took off.

Torrie: So they never like said, okay, this car, 

Music: he probably parked farther away. He probably didn’t park in the same fucking parking lot. 

Brett: That way. He didn’t, he didn’t want to get caught. He didn’t want to get caught. He wanted to see how far he could take it without getting caught. He like got off to that, I guess.

So he, 

Torrie: you know, 

Brett: everybody has their thing, so basically, um, 

Torrie: okay, so bitch runs off. 

Brett: Yeah. It runs off tells cops. It doesn’t have that much information because she didn’t really see the guy she was running for her life. Her friend just got her head blown off basically. Right. Her leg. 

Torrie: Oh, wait, her friend’s friend, 

Brett: dad.

So he does this. It’s either couples or. Um, he did have one incident where it was, uh, a man that he shot. It was the first time that he shot a man, but it was because the guy had longer hair. So he thought it was a woman. So, but it was then after a few of these incidents, he’d spread it out. The only lead they had was that they found shelter.

Torrie: Yeah. That was only thing that they can be like, 

Brett: he was going after women 

Music: for me, I’m just glare. 

Brett: Okay. 

Torrie: Where did I go? 

Music: Did I 

Torrie: do my voice thing? Just go out. Or am I just, I 

Music: can hear you. 

Torrie: I didn’t for a second, but I, 

Brett: okay. So then they find shell casings and he’s going for, or most of his victims were women with long dark hair.

So people were coloring their hair 

Torrie: because they’re scared or 

Brett: scared. They put it out. They had was. So they call them the 44 Magnum killer because they started to see a link between who he was killing, how spread out it was and the fact that it was always the same shell casings. 

Torrie: They get closer together.

And they escalate. 

Brett: No, he did it in like Brooklyn. Then he did it in, uh, 

Music: Oh my God. I’m forgetting the other box. 

Brett: We did it by the Bronx too. Yeah, no, he did it in like downtown New York or he did it, uh, another spot. I forgot the name of the town. So he tried to spread it out once they were like hot on his trail a little bit.

Well, the next killing after they put that all in the newspaper, he writes a note. Saying, what do you want to be called? That they weren’t going to catch him, but then he was going to keep 

Torrie: killing killer June. 

Brett: It’s similar, but he gets caught. 

Torrie: Oh, he did with the ladder? 

Brett: No, he, he puts a letter out, so they read the letter and they’re like, okay, what the fuck?

Torrie: Wait, was it in? What’s it called? When they do like the subliminal 

Music: message, 

Brett: he leaves it on the car of people that you just murdered. He left the note on the car. It said four. No. 

Torrie: Well, like, uh, there was the Zodiac killer that would write like cryptic 

Brett: messages been caught. 

Torrie: Yeah. But like they would send it to the FBI to see if they could figure out what it’s trying to say basically.

Brett: Oh yeah. No, his is a really confusing kind of creepy kind of like, okay, like Roger is doing this. You can actually find the letter that he wrote. You can find pictures. It’s a long letter, like a long note. You don’t want to know. It’s pretty long. Um, 

Torrie: okay. So keep going. 

Brett: So he writes this note, no leads, right?

They’re like, okay, what the fuck? This is help us. 

Torrie: Give me a gist of what’s in the note, 

Brett: what’s in the note is him explaining that he wants to be called the son of Sam. 

Torrie: Did he admit he 

Brett: calls himself a monster? He’s a good person, but he’s a monster. Okay. Um, I felt that he, um, he, obviously he, at this point, he’s obviously the guy that’s been killing all the other people 

Torrie: that say that in the letter, like 

Brett: you didn’t need to.

He said he was the 44 Magnum killer, but he wanted to be called. Oh, gosh, Sam. 

Torrie: And then he says, 

Brett: yes, he didn’t like the name he was given. He he’s like, he’s like, really? You couldn’t have 

Music: come up with anything 

Brett: else. So he gives himself his own name. 

Music: It’s like, 

Torrie: when you’re in class, it’s like, like, 

Music: do you want me to call you?

Brett: What’s it called Spiderman? You know, spider dude 

Torrie: or like John, 

Brett: or like. Yeah. Okay. Jim, with webs, nobody wants that, 

Music: you know? 

Brett: Yeah. So obviously he gives himself his own name, says that he’s going to keep killing people, you know, and then he’s not going to get caught. And then he says he, he ends it as mr.

Monster, which is really conflicting 

Torrie: death penalty in New York. 

Music: I don’t know. I don’t know, 

Torrie: Tony. I feel like you went 

Brett: down Tony know that. 

Music: I know. I feel like he knows. 

Brett: Tony’s like, absolutely. Yes, but not Pennsylvania. Hmm. Thinking, 

Torrie: I feel like actually it’s more on the West coast is 

Music: the death penalty. 

Torrie: Do you think those 

Brett: wackos in California are going to let that happen?

I doubt it, Texas. Oh, probably definitely. You know, I think there’s a Texas. You can still legally duel somebody to the death over, over something. If you signed paperwork, you can leave legally duel somebody to the death. I think it’s Texas in Portland. 

Torrie: You can assault somebody like. If you’re like drunk in a bar, like I’m a dude, you’re a dude and we go outside and we beat the crap 

Brett: out of other.

Torrie: We consent to that. Like, yo, I’m going to go out back. And like, you’re like, yeah, of course. And there’s a cop. They can arrest you. 

Brett: Oh, wow. 

Torrie: Dude. That’d be fun if I was the cop outside. I’m like, fuck. 

Music: Yeah. 

Brett: Okay. So then he is not getting caught. Right. And also he dresses himself as mr. Monster at the end of the letter, which is really conflicting.

What do you want son of Sam or you want that like pick one? 

Music: Sounds like he is 

Brett: really confused. It’s a very like contradicting letter. It’s confusing. Um, he doesn’t know we’re getting there, so. All right. So 

Torrie: I read it off to you, bro. 

Brett: That’s from earlier. Hold on. We’re getting there. So go commit another murder.

Obviously they’re telling people to look out report whatever’s going on, hair, dyeing, their hair and shit. So he goes out one night, come in another murder. Some lady sees them getting out of the car. All sketchy, like with like a bag and what looked like something metal sticking out of it. He’s walking out all sketchy.

So she’s like, okay, takes a good look at him. Like, okay, this guy’s like creepy right. Thinks about it 

Torrie: matters. Right. 

Brett: But also there’s, this is the whole big talk of the town now is that there’s a killer. Yeah. And it’s been a couple of weeks. It’s been a cup. It was in the newspapers. Everything people were trying to get the newspapers off the shelves because it was everybody was that’s 

Music: funny.

Brett: Um, yeah, no. Oh, you’ll be fine. You don’t have dark hair, you know? 

Torrie: I mean, in the dark, you know, walks, 

Brett: he probably just knock you off. Cause you get mad at you. Um, 

Torrie: turn not wrong. 

Brett: I feel like, yeah, no. So he goes out and commits a murder, a few blocks from there. So the lady then a few days later, it comes into the police station reports like, Hey, what’s her name?

Music: Kelowna 

Brett: fucking killing it. Karen. Um, it didn’t specify the lady’s name. So she reports, it says what kind of like making models. She said, they’re like, okay, that doesn’t help us. There’s a shitload of those, 

Torrie: but you can put in all, you can’t use 

Brett: the license plate number, but 

Torrie: you can put it in that database.

Music: Do they have computers? And 1977, 

Brett: let me look up a 2015 Toyota Camry. 

Torrie: It shows no, it shows every single it’ll have like a thousand. 

Brett: This isn’t the seventies, though. It was a little, not as, not as close to do that.

It was 

Torrie: okay. 

Brett: Car, but here’s the thing. You get a parking ticket. So it looked up any car like that with a parking ticket in the last few weeks, genius. 

Music: He had it in the last like 

Brett: day or two tops or that night, I forget which one he was like, yeah, boom. So they go to his house, right. They pull his address out of that, go to his house.

They look in the car and there’s a rifle sitting in the back seat. They’re like, okay, let’s get a warrant. So 

Torrie: had to have a gun. 

Music: Back then. 

Brett: Okay. But like, they want to get a warrant because this is the car that she saw him getting out of. He murdered somebody two blocks, like two, three blocks from there had a parking ticket.

Same car has a gun sitting in the back seat, which also in that backseat was a map of all the crimes. All the, there was a map. He had a map 

Torrie: looking in the window. How do they see 

Brett: the British? Sure. They got a Wharton in windows car. 

Torrie: It probably just 

Music: went in. It probably just went in the corner. 

Brett: There was a rifle.

There was like an, a map. And the pistol of the , but they had the map. He literally had a map of where he committed all the murders. 

Music: She was like, whoever could 

Torrie: see through 

Brett: it’s just like, they probably wouldn’t know. And then, so they waited for him to leave the house. Cause I guess they didn’t want to go in because they were afraid he was like armed.

So they waited for him to come out of the house and they got him a rifle. He was using a pistol, 

Torrie: a 44 caliber in the car too. I 

Brett: don’t know if the pistols on the car, I’m sorry. The pistol might’ve been, they might have got that later. They did find the pistol that he used to kill people. 

Torrie: Yes. What was he doing inside?

He came out. 

Brett: No, he, they, they waited for, to come out and eventually like later at night he came out and they just right away had a gun to his head. They’re like, all right, you’re coming in for question. Cause they found the map. Of all the murders found the map. 

Music: They found the map, the map, the map, Dora, um, the map.

Okay. So how long 

Torrie: did these killings go on for? 

Brett: Um, was it a year or two 

Torrie: program ticket program to kill? 

Brett: Um, yeah. So then, then when they, uh, within 30 minutes of interviewing them, He had missed all the murders, but he blames it on the fact that his dog was the neighbor’s dog, right. Was possessed by some ancient, demonic spirit.

That’s telling him to do all this. Well, 

Torrie: that’s a sign of, 

Music: um, 

Brett: yeah. Yes. So they bring him into multiple, like psychiatrist, psychologist, whatever, and every single one of them comes back and is like, 

Music: He doesn’t 

Brett: have anything wrong with him like that he has no mental illness. 

Torrie: You can tell somebody has a psychotic disorder.

If they claim they don’t, that’s how you 

Brett: can tap and he right away. Cause he was no, he wanted to do that. So he’d get 

Torrie: mean if he admits to hearing voices he’s lying. 

Brett: Oh yeah. Probably because they don’t want to admit that. No. So he says I don’t fucking. Oh, that’s the one thing she’s like, well, what kind of dog was it?

Cause it depends. Um, now, so then he, later on, he eventually admits that it wasn’t a dog that he just wondered, you know, go out and kill people. So that’s it. And then he will, if they’ve interviewed him and stuff in jail, like daughter 

Torrie: one duty get laid. 

Brett: That’s actually interesting because you wouldn’t, you be like, wouldn’t, you kind of get some red flags while you’re like with this guy, you know, like, 

Torrie: Oh, Bundy’s 

Music: thing.

Brett: But also like Ted Bundy was a good looking guy and supposedly a normal guy when he talked to, he was completely. 

Torrie: I know, but I’m saying like, how do you not know? And Chris Watts. Yeah. 

Brett: But um, this guy, not the greatest looking guy, so I don’t know how to swindle somebody. 

Torrie: In case you’re wondering, he looks like, like the 

Music: pizza statue chefs are, they’re like, Oh, 

Brett: is that little Caesars?


Music: But like, I dunno, 

Torrie: like what do they say? 

Brett: Bita, beta Che. 

Music: That’s what they say. 

Torrie: No, I just mean in general Italians, 

Music: I’m not telling you. I don’t know.

Torrie: I know, but it’s 

Music: like, I’m keep the, I keep thinking OPA, but that’s not what it is. Boppity bop, 

Brett: grandpa and German. 

Music: So, 

Torrie: well it’s cheers. I think in Greek. Okay. Anyways. So what else? So he gets he put, was he on trial? 

Brett: Yeah, he didn’t want it cause he wouldn’t have really been on trial 

Torrie: if 

Brett: he had like psychological disorders.

He didn’t. So obviously they had him on trial and he got 25 to life and he has obviously not been let out since I don’t think they ever will, because obviously he just randomly went around, killing a ton of people. So 

Torrie: wait, so if you were in the military and you go to jail, do you still get benefits? 

Brett: I get paid.

Oh, so here’s a, here’s a different thing. Um, 

Torrie: that was a dumb question. Obviously, they, 

Brett: they took away being able to make money off of stuff while you’re in jail. It’s called the law of. Sam or something like that. So it’s because of him, but he wanted to be famous. He wanted attention. That’s why he did a lot of things.

So he, um, was it, somebody was doing a documentary or like want to do a movie on him. And he was going to get benefits. He was gonna get money from that. And they made a law so that he couldn’t get 

Torrie: anybody to work. 

Brett: I think that’s everywhere now that you can’t make. Money off of, like, if somebody makes a movie based on like the crimes you did or something you can’t make money off that you can’t make one, they call it royalties.

Yeah. But, 

Torrie: but that’s something like, I would love to see more interviews of like serial killers and shit. So you could analyze it 

Brett: should not actually like not confirmed. I guess if anything right. 

Music: That he did. 

Brett: Okay. He’s a rapper from Chicago, but example, if they made a movie about him right now, while he’s in jail, he would not be making money off of it.

Torrie: Interesting. Okay. We’re going on to my story. 

Brett: He gets back out of jail, maybe. Sure. 

Music: Okay.

Oct 31 2020 · 32mins
Episode artwork

Episode 01 - David Berkowitz (Son of Sam)

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Hey guys! This is our first official episode where we hear the story of David Berkowitz aka Son of Sam told by our very own Erin Hawkins! Fasten your seat belts, because she's one hell of a story teller... and by that I mean easily distracted. Hope you guys enjoy! As always, love you all!

- Makayla & Erin

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Sep 14 2020 · 40mins

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CoronaRadio 7.24 - The Serial Marketer, David Berkowitz

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David Berkowitz has spent his entire life convincing people that he is NOT the other David Berkowitz. No, he hasn’t, but it does explain why he is known as the Serial Marketer, as opposed to a Serial Killer! David has built an incredible Slack community for marketers and he is the rising tide that looks to elevate marketing from the doldrums to where it should be….a force for growth, impact and change.

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Aug 24 2020 · 1hr 2mins
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The Pathology of Ghosting with David Berkowitz

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David Berkowitz is my long time friend, colleague, founder of Serial Marketer, and an all-around good guy that will never ghost you. In fact, David feels as though it’s important to write back to everyone — even if it’s just a brief reply. This week he joins me for a conversation on why people ghost, what to do about it, and why you don’t want to be a victim of ghosting karma. We also talk about our definition of being an agent of change, and how that doesn’t always align with what the company is trying to get out of its interview candidates.


  • Not only does David share a name with one of the most well known serial killers ever, aka the Son of Sam, but he used it to his advantage and Serial Marketer now takes the reins in Google search results when you type in his name.
  • During the pandemic, it’s even harder to tell who is really “ghosting” you and who is just dealing with personal issues. It’s best to first not try and take it personally, and come from the perspective that maybe someone is dealing with some hardships.
  • If you are sure you are being ghosted, it’s a likely sign that you dodged a bullet anyway. It may be a blessing in disguise to have someone not answer when they aren’t capable of having hard or uncomfortable conversations.
  • It’s hard when friends ghost, but just downright unprofessional for roles such as recruiters or hiring managers to do it.
  • It’s best not to ghost people even from the perspective that communicating back with them, even brief but respectfully, can lead to something good for you.
  • The industry is enormous, but small enough that if you ghost, chances are you will see them in person at some point.
  • Instead of ending phrases that close the door such as “hope you are well,” asking someone how they are doing in a 1:1 email will most likely yield better results.
  • Even if the message or promotion isn’t a fit for him, David will still take the time to write back to the sender.
  • You must draw boundaries when it comes to interviewing for a position and giving away full business and marketing plans. If they are looking for a consultant, be sure to get hired before you do all the work for free.


  • “It’s sobering right now. A little bit of empathy does go far.” — D
  • “The more opportunities I create for others, then that’s more fun. It just gives people that chance to get out there.” — D
  • “When you put a whole bunch of good stuff out there, it comes back to you.” — K

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Aug 19 2020 · 56mins
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Episode #189 - Son of Sam (David Berkowitz)

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John and Daryn discuss the Son of Sam killings that rocked New York City in the late 1970's.

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Jul 26 2020 · 50mins
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July 2020 — Witness Testimony of Son of Sam Serial Killer (David Berkowitz)

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Berkowitz had a conversion to Christ and speaks of his satanic involvement that led to his possession and serial killing.

Jul 14 2020 · 1hr 5mins
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#1 - Daniel LaPlante & 'Son of Sam' (David Berkowitz)

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This week, Laura is discussing Daniel LaPlante, known for his complex stalking methods & the psychological torment of Andrew sisters and murder of the Gustafson family.

Tama J. will be taking a deep dive into the 'Son of Sam' killer, his early life, the murders & how he was eventually caught.

NOTE; Our episodes regularly contain discussions of violence, sexual and physical assault. If this content raises any concerns for you or someone you know, please reach out to some of the following organisations:




May 10 2020 · 1hr 22mins
Episode artwork

David Berkowitz (Son of Sam)

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Hey guys! It’s time for another episode of Vicious Villains. This one is longer than normal, but its because this case was FULL of info that I wanted you guys to have. So get a snack, get comfy, and join me in the tale of the Son of Sam.
Mar 09 2020 · 1hr 15mins
Episode artwork

Episode 115: David Berkowitz "Son of Sam" Live at the Gramercy Theater in NYC

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This is the copy of our live show from the magical Gramercy Theater in NYC. We take a deep dive into David Berkowitz AKA Son of Sam or Son of Pearl. Hope you enjoy this, because David Berkowitz is the OG Dennis Rader. 

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