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Capitalize On Your Strengths As An Agent To Crush It As An Investor w/Colton Lindsay

Agent Investor Podcast

One of the biggest questions agents have when making the transition to investors is, where do we even begin to find deals? However, the real question we should be asking is, what’s stopping us from using our existing skill sets?  How can agents tap into their unique networking capabilities to build a successful investing business? Is there really any difference between finding investment deals and lead generation? In this episode, CEO at The WGR, Colton Lindsay shares how he applied his expertise as an agent to the investing side of real estate.  "Network, stay in front of people, add value, and when there's an opportunity, you’ll make money on it." -Colton Lindsay Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode One thing to be mindful of when reaching out to potential clientsAre we simply speaking to people everyday, or are we having actual conversations with them?  The importance of shifting from service-provider to experience-providerWhat can we do to stand out in the eyes of our network and make a real impact on their lives?  How to build a successful investing business WITHOUT paying for marketingIs it possible to get the word out about what we do without paying for it? What are our alternatives to traditional, cold advertising? Guest Bio: Colton Lindsay is the CEO and Founder of The WGR Real Estate Team and The WGR Academy, a Mastermind designed to help agents learn faster, remember more and accomplish out-of-this-world results. Colton is also the host of The WGR Academy Podcast.  To find out more, go to: www.the-wgr.com Or connect with him at https://www.instagram.com/thewgr/?hl=en For tickets to the upcoming WGR Summit, visit: https://www.thewgrsummit.com/2021


9 Sep 2021

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How YOU can THRIVE in 2021 amidst all the chaos! with Colton Lindsay

Freedom Hack Radio

DISCUSSED DURING SHOW:Colton Lindsay Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thewgr/The WGR https://www.the-wgr.com/The WGR Alliance https://go.thewgracademy.com/apply-allianceThe WGR Mastermind https://go.thewgracademy.com/applyT Harv Eker's - Millionaire Mind Intensive  https://www.harveker.com/calendar/Colton Lindsay Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thewgr/Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder - Nassim Nicholas Taleb https://www.amazon.com/Antifragile-Things-That-Disorder-Incerto/dp/0812979680/ref=sr_1_2?crid=2V5Q8BSKP1GDN&dchild=1&keywords=antifragile+by+nassim+taleb&qid=1603235569&sprefix=antifra%2Caps%2C183&sr=8-2Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires - Esther Hicks https://www.amazon.com/Ask-Given-Learning-Manifest-Desires/dp/1401904599/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling - John Taylor Gatto https://www.amazon.com/Dumbing-Down-Curriculum-Compulsory-Schooling/dp/0865718547/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2STTO4E1BWDMZ&dchild=1&keywords=dumbing+us+down&qid=1603235426&sprefix=dumbing+us+down%2Caps%2C456&sr=8-1Normatec https://normatec.hyperice.com/IN THIS EPISODE COLTON & BRYCE COVER: The current state of the economy & real estateHow to raise children amidst undesirable narrativesThe ability to trust yourself & be self reliantHow to remain the calm eye of the stormHow to thrive in 2021 with all the chaos that surrounds usEPISODE DETAILS:Colton leads one of Utah's top real estate teams and has helped thousands of buyers and sellersHe built the foundation of his real estate sales business from the proven techniques he learned from the founder of "Fearless agent"Colton now host events and educates realtors all over the globeColton became financially free via real estate and online marketing and he shares his experience and many freedom and success hacksColton shares his gratitude for his family, his daughters, and for feeling loveBryce and Lindsey discuss alternative schooling so kids can live their full potential vs. the restricting standard curriculum, that is designed to create employee’sColton explains how 80% of success is psychological and emotional success. Success it's not only money, it's the energy in motionColton shares why he understands the importance of peopleColton discusses being grateful in the now, that every moment we exist, right here and right now is a giftHow lockdown is a perfect situation for us to reflect on our current circumstances and environment and make changes as neededColton shares why he’s growing hydroponic vegetables in his home in UtahEmotion is energy in motionLearn to be the calm eye of the storm amidst chaosBryce and Colton discuss what asset classes and investment types they are interested in now, and over the next few years. Real estate investment secretsListen and trust yourself to live successfully and your own freedomFREEDOM HACK RADIO LINKS:Freedom Hack Radio Website https://www.freedomhackradio.com/Freedom Hack Radio YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSo5jy_kZWtB0NJK38Mdo4w?view_as=subscriberFreedom Hack Radio iTunes https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/freedom-hack-radio/id1511789247Also available on your favorite podcast platform

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6 Nov 2020

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DNRE04 - Colton Lindsay: How To Scale A Fulfilling Career

DreamNation Real Estate Podcast with Casanova Brooks

Our podcast guest for today is the epitome of someone who realized the difference between achievement and fulfillment. Growing up, Colton Lindsay with average working parents, his father worked in a gas company for 40 years while his mother worked as a secretary for 42 years. He grew up with limiting beliefs such as rich people screw people over or, or money was the root of all evil or that he can’t afford to be one. He thought he does not have a voice as to what he could create in his life. Not until the age of 21 that he realized that life “happened for me instead of to me”. He entered the world of real estate at the age of 21, and his first year did not look good. He did two deals, and the only reason he survived it is that he still lives in his parents’ house. Then he got a coach. He started going 20, 30, 40 then 75 deals a year. The money he is making made him think should be a source of happiness. He was feeling achieved. But the problem is, he is not fulfilled. He was making good money but he was using it all up. A few life moments caused him to transition in life. In 2016, his good friend passed away, and then he had his daughter. He realized he needed to create financial freedom for his family. He left his old ways of doing drugs and smoking and spent the next year focusing on his mental and physical and spiritual health. That is why I said in the beginning that Colton is the epitome of someone who realized the difference between achievement and fulfillment because now he discovered the secret to being fulfilled. He is achieving the things that he put his mind into such as the financial wins of his brokerage, which is one of the biggest in the country. He also feels fulfilled in his new venture of helping other real estate agents to scale their business in a way that they’ll feel fulfilled. They touch, not just the financial aspects of the business, but the spiritual and emotional well-being of the agent as well. Today, Colton is sharing huge pointers and gems in achieving a fulfilled life! Here’s What You Missed Difference between achievement and fulfillment Difference between interested and committed people. Which one are you? What is financial freedom How to have a smart day Difference between marketing and advertising How to choose your team How to have your actions drive your emotions Knowledge Nuggets [2:22] Life happened for me instead of to me. I could have some say in it. [5:19] There's this difference between achievement and fulfillment. "Now I'm just passionate about tools and techniques that allow people to just be fulfilled from the inside out, truly just have this authentic approval of themselves and to live in purpose." [6:42] Difference of interested versus committed. Interested people, let fear dictate the actions that they don't take. And committed people. They say, Hey, this is my life, my show, my reality. And they take action anyways, but not without fear or worry or doubt or anxiety, but they fucking do it anyways. [7:42] I believe that we get what we tolerate. What are we willing to tolerate in our life? [9:03] You have to invest the time, effort, energy, money first before you get results. [13:13] Financial freedom is where your leveraged residual income pays for your desired lifestyle. [15:03] I invested in my mind and I invested in my development and then I invested in my soul. When you decide now and act, the universe lines it up for it, it creates it. It boils down to a decision, whatever you need to trick yourself into making a decision, decide. [15:30] You've got three parts of your day. You got a morning routine, a daytime routine, and an evening routine. I now have the belief that time equals emotion.  I said, well, what emotion I want experience in my morning?  I put the first three thoughts in my head or the three things that made me laugh or smile in the previous 24 hours. Then move to hydrate, then into breath, work, prayer meditation. [17:49] Smart day: a 30 minutes CEO meeting with yourself. You come up with some outcomes, you create these outcomes, and then you flood it with certainty. [19:06] Unfortunately, we're seeing this today where our emotions are driving our actions. You have to have your actions drive your emotions. [20:29] The secret to success is your willingness to do what you don't feel like doing. [24:29] Difference between marketing and advertising. Advertising is spending time, effort, energy, and money into putting your name, brand and message in front of people that have no idea who you are. In marketing is putting time, effort, energy, and money into putting your brand and message in front of people that already know you that already have some sort of relationship with you. [29:25] In choosing team: 1. What's the culture. Is it a culture you want to be a part of? 2. Identifying a culture, a winning culture. [30:36] Selling is leadership skills and selling is not telling it's asking questions. [33:54] Between now and when you die, what do you want to do? What emotions do you want to experience? What relations to chips do you want to have? Important Reads and Links Recommended Books: The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael Alan Singer The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down by Haemin Sunim Recommended People: Joe Holden Colton Lindsay Website:                                                           https://thewgracademy.com/ Colton Lindsay Instagram:                                         https://www.instagram.com/thewgr/ Colton Lindsay LinkedIn:                                                           https://www.linkedin.com/in/coltonlindsay/ Colton Lindsay Twitter:                                                             https://www.linkedin.com/in/coltonlindsay/ Colton Lindsay Facebook:                                                         https://www.facebook.com/ColtonLindsayTheWGR/ Colton Lindsay YouTube:                                                          https://www.youtube.com/c/ColtonLindsay-TheWGR Love #DreamNation? Check Us Out on Apple Podcasts! At Dream Nation, we’re all about building dreams. We do that through podcasts that motivate, educate, and entertain our listeners with some of the best entrepreneurs from around the world to get you to the best tips to level up your game in business in life. If you enjoyed this episode and want to keep building your dream,subscribe to the DreamNation podcast using the links below. Catch your host on Instagram (@casanova_brooks) If you are in DreamNation, thank you! Feel free to leave a review or share with a friend.


13 Oct 2020

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Colton Lindsay Has a Morning Routine You'll Want to Follow

ProspectingToday's podcast

Using the principles he teaches, Colton Lindsay became ranked in the Top 1% of the sales agents in his real estate market by the age of 28. He averages selling 75 homes a year working 4 days a week. Lindsay is internationally recognized as a prospecting expert and inner game master. Featured in Top Agent Magazine as an “Agent that doesn’t use a bag of tricks” and producer of best selling -- Winning The Inner Game – Audio Files. Colton Lindsay is one of North America’s most exciting trainers and presenter’s. His YouTube Channel has empowered thousands of real estate agents to dramatically increase their confidence and skills. He uses “breakthrough” techniques and “accelerated learning” technologies so that agents can learn faster, remember more, and accomplish extraordinary results To learn more visit www.prospectingtoday.com Don't forget to subscribe!


8 Oct 2020

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Season 6, Episode 61: Guest: Colton Lindsay: Time = What?

The Culture Matters Podcast

This episode was recorded in the beginning of May and Jay sits down virtually with Colton Lindsay, Real Estate Mogul and Entrepreneur for a very philosophical, spiritual and realist point of view in conversation.Colton has strong views on culture and why it matters. Listen to this episode more than once to grasp the pure brilliance in this conversation.Follow Colton:@ColtonLindsay on Facebook@ColtonLindsay on LinkedIN@thewgr on Instagram

1hr 1min

30 Jul 2020

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Colton Lindsay on Routine, Mindset, & Follow-Up Strategy - The REDX Podcast

The REDX Podcast

Colton Lindsay (founder of The WGR) explains how to control your mindset, emotions, routines, and follow-up systems to find the most opportunity in today's market. Subscribe here for our updates and latest episodes: https://redx.bz/podcast


20 Jul 2020

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Colton Lindsay. How To Be Authentic In Business and Life. Episode 272 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Dropping Bombs

Colton Lindsay entered the Real Estate business at 21, and only sold two homes in his first ten months. He built out his business in the years that followed and now manages one of the most successful agencies in Utah. His WGR Academy is a real estate mastermind that helps realtors create a business that generates $500,000 to $1,000,000 in annual revenue. Brad sat down to talk with Colton about keeping things real with your business and your personal life.

1hr 14mins

4 Jun 2020

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Adapting & Innovating During The Shift with Colton Lindsay, CEO of The WGR Real Estate Sales Team


Hello everyone! Welcome back to CEO Secrets. I have an exciting guest for today, let's welcome Colton Lindsay, CEO at The WGR Real Estate Sales Team. Colton Lindsay became ranked in the Top 1% of the sales agents in his real estate market by the age of 28. He averages 75 home sales a year working only 4 days a week. Lindsay is internationally recognized as a prospecting expert and inner game master. Let's hear today from Colton how he built his real estate sales empire and how he became financially free at a very young age. Top Takeaways: 1. Marketing and advertising on social media platforms (1:45) 2. Understanding your purpose in life (14:15) 3. Colton's wealth-building affiliations (15:10) 4. Huge opportunity with Infoprenuership (23:56) 5. How Colton developed his prospecting skills (26:13) 6. Colton's insights on what's happening today (35:10) Episode Transcript: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JWi-TQA29k8V50YQP35-OtRguda8rNpdHXkEXY4Iunk/edit?usp=sharing


14 May 2020

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Colton Lindsay - Stability & Opportunity Series - REDX

The REDX Podcast

Concerned About Coronavirus? Our new content series can help. We've found agents with a game plan to find stability during uncertain times.  Subscribe here for our updates and latest episodes:  theredx.com/stability-opportunity-series/


8 Apr 2020

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Creating Certainty in times of Real Estate Uncertainty with Colton Lindsay

Top Listing Agent Show - Real Estate Coaching & Training with Chadi Bazzi

In this episode of the top listing agent show I interview Colton Lindsay.   A Top Real Estate Producer, Investor, Thought Leader and Coach.   Colton says that if you want to make sure you are not part of the 40% who will be pushed out of the business you must, Adapt, Shift and Innovate right away.   He also said that this the time to evaluate everything from the way you think to shrinking your circle, reducing your expenses, taking inventory of your skills and improving them.   This episode is one that you want to listen to more than one time.   Enjoy. Episode Resources: Chadi Bazzi on Facebook Chadi Bazzi on Youtube Chadi Bazzi on Instagram Tlastrategycall.com


4 Apr 2020