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Preity Upala joins the Tim Gillette Show S4 Ep 15

Tim Gillette Show

Welcome to todays episode where we get to meet a former Corporate Investment Banker. Preity turned into a thought leader, media Entrepreneur and Geo Political Expert.  Today she shares her journey with us on the show. Listen in and then be sure to check our her website, and podcast The Preity Experience  Special thanks to those who make this show possible.  Streamyard  If you need an online broadcast tool that can record video, broadcast a show live, or do a livestream show broadcast to multiply places be sure and check them out.  Anchor.Fm  The best broadcasting tool for your podcast.  Simple Easy Marketing Events Hosting online and in person events to help you become the best with your marketing, by making it easy for your clients to find you, get to know you and buy from you faster.  --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


2 Apr 2021

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S2E1 -Preity Rising with Preity Upala

Mostly Ghostly

1hr 51mins

3 Feb 2021

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Cultural Misunderstandings Part 2: Preity Upala, "Ask An Iranian", and Live Listeners Discuss Culture!

Say What Needs Saying: The Most Controversially Civil Conversation Podcast

In this episode of 'Say What Needs Saying', Preity Upala, as well as guests from Iran, David and Mohammed, continue the conversation. Describing their own experiences and familiar cultural misunderstandings, they correct several wrong notions about cultures in India and Iran. FOLLOW US ON YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC73tZwWASIBbHEQ8ALkhzJA/ Say What Needs Saying: Part 2 Cultural Misunderstandings ❏ Joining in for this conversation is Preity Upala, a former Miss India. - [01:31] ❏ Preity shares some examples of cultural misunderstandings she is familiar with, explaining how she has usually been in the ethnic and religious minority in her environment. First of note is the misconception surrounding 'Yoga', particularly the one where it is described as a secular activity when it is an aspect of Hinduism. - [02:31] ❏ Our hosts also welcome guests from Iran who share cultural misunderstandings, from their experience starting with the notion that Iran and Iran are pretty much the same which is far from reality. Another being that all Iranians are Arabs, when in fact only some of them are. Another point of note is the misconception that Iran has nuclear weapons, which at this point cannot be factually confirmed or denied. Iran is also not 2500 years old, Iran was official in 1935. Iranians are not anti-jew, contrary to popular belief as many Jews live in Iran peacefully. Many also believe Iran is only desert land but there are parts of Iran with actual heavy snow, and snow-capped mountains in the winter, which even allows for skiing. Next, unlike the common notion that Iranian women are weak and oppressed, which is true only for some communities, the women are mostly dominant in the home and the society in Iran. An unfounded belief addressed is that Iranians are religious zealots, hardcore Muslims or anti-Islamic dissidents. - [11:15] ❏ Coming back to the US, a common misconception shared by people outside the country is that there is a lot of wealth among the people so there are no poor Americans. Another one pointed out by the guests is that it is extremely cold everywhere in the US, but there are hot areas with desert-like landscapes. Americans don't only eat fast food, and college is not like "American Pie". - [28:10] ❏ Preity also discusses more misconceptions including noting that while Hinduism is the prominent religion in India, India is a center of origin that several religions share, and as such many religions are embraced in India. She also describes some origin misconceptions regarding language and the Aryan origins. - [34:20] ❏ A common misconception that Indians have about America is the overly positive impression that America is some sort of paradise and a green card is a passport to enlightenment. - [43:03] ❏ To learn more about Iran or get the Iranian perspective on things, listen in on the podcast of the guests from Iran called "Ask An Iranian". Website - www.askaniranian.com - [44:20] FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SayWhatNeedsSaying/--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/say-what-needs-saying/support


12 Nov 2020

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Globalization 🌎 | Preity Upala | TCJS #16

The Conor J Show

Preity Upala is a Global Thought Leader, Media personality and Author. She works as a Geo-political expert and speaks on topics of Politics, Religion and Spirituality. She has her own Radio show and Channel called The Preity Experience. Preity also has a book coming out soon.The Preity Experience Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/PreityUupala

1hr 6mins

26 Oct 2020

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Episode 65: Preity Upala

The Hambone Show

Hambone chats with Former Ms. India International about her work in Hollywood, going to international film festivals, meeting Jackie Chan, writing articles for the Observer, being a global brand ambassador, and other things she has done around the globe.https://twitter.com/ThePreityEffect https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJTaFo2h9kgl2N71Ey9xkOg https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3746935/@hb_show @Hb_presentshttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/HG51P6E3ZXF0?&sort=default&pldnSite=1

1hr 14mins

14 Oct 2020

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Spirituality in Modern Times with Preity Upala - Media Personality, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and more

The Thrifty Marketer Podcast

In this episode, I had a chat with Preity Upala - Media Personality, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and more. Topic: Spirituality in Modern Times Preity is a former Investment Banker from Australia who is now a Multimedia personality and Entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. Her expertise is in the area of Geopolitics, International diplomacy, Conflict-resolution, Counter-terrorism, Middle east politics, US-India relations, Religion, and peace.  As an international speaker, she has taken part in several elite summits such as WEF, Women's Economic Forum, HORASIS, Raisina Dialogues, University of Zurich, Wellness Dubai 360, IFSEC -India, and many more.  Topics Discussed How can one find their life's purpose? Sanatan Dharma - What is it? The principles The importance of Meditation and Yoga in our modern lifestyle The significance of Ayurveda  - And more. For more such episodes, follow The Thrifty Marketer Podcast at https://bit.ly/2EN15cJ For SMB Marketing tips, visit https://bit.ly/3hHaj8V

1hr 11mins

13 Sep 2020

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#023 Intera: Waking Intellectual Individuality - Preity Upala (Geopolitical Analyst)

Future Design Podcast

The polarization of people, especially in the US stems from inequality in my view. Inequality isn’t just about the capital-rich and the working poor. There’s much more depth in the definition of rich and poor. Future Design Podcast hopes for an egalitarian future but if the system is already set up so that equal opportunities can’t turn into reality, hoping for it, voicing for it, won’t simply do. If governments were to tax the rich, the ideology can be based on the egalitarian start of a new life, not the equal result of every life, reducing the wealthy down towards the lower denominator. Follow us on (IG | LinkedIn)Guest: Preity Upala (Uupala Foundation)Host: Takatoshi Shibayama (LinkedIn | Twitter | IG)Music: ShowNing (Website)


9 Aug 2020

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HHIGS #85 with Preity Upala

Hey, How's It Going Show

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/preityupala/ Twitter: @Preityuupala IG: Preityu Youtube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJTaFo2h9kgl2N71Ey9xkOg --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/promiseskeptcollective/message

1hr 54mins

12 Jun 2020

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"Preity Upala"

Hellbound with Halos

Preity Upala is a former investment banker, turned Miss India and currently a hollywood entrepreneur. She gave everything up to move to the other side of the world to pursue her Dharma. She speaks around the world, has her own radio show, is currently writing a book, is a political editor, and is also producing a TV Show. Spirituality is the foundation of everything she does. She lives her life with love and compassion. A true citizen of the world, she has travelled to almost 100 countries, and her message of Dharma permeates through everything she does. She believes she is on an inspirational journey that you need to hear.  Social Media Links - Facebook - https://facebook.com/preityupala YouTube - https://youtube.com/watch?v=wgwfsouXM68 Twitter - https://twitter.com/preityuupala?lang=en Email Contact - missp.productions@gmail.com


14 Jan 2020

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57: Preity Upala, William Pounds, Chad Wilson | The Assassination of General Solaimani

Independent Thought & Freedom

This week, I am replaying a panel discussion in which I participated, speaking about the assassination of Iranian General Qasem Solaimani,  along with Preity Upala (geopolitical analyst with the Jersalem Post and Times of Israel), William Pounds (Independence Media Network), and Chad Wilson (Green Party, running for the party's Presidential candidacy)We discuss:- the legitimacy (or not) of the US assassination of Iranian General Solaimani- US disregard of other nations' sovereignty- the problem of US ignorance of the difference between Ba'athist, Arab nationalists, Arab socialists, Salafists, Wahabbis, Shias, Sunnis, etc. despite the War on Terror- the possibility of increasing World Peace by requiring US Congressional approval and re-introducing the draft- re-alignment of global military and political alliances- Iran's economic and deep historical connection to India, and the complication of the India-US relationship- double standards with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia state-sponsoring of terrorism, as opposed to Iran opposition to terrorism- the difference between the Lebanon-Israel conflict, and Jihadist Salafist terrorism- nuclear weapons as a deterrent for regime change- uniting an anti-war political movement in the US across left and right- the contradiction of Trump's anti-Imperialism -- calling out the Deep State, CIA, FBI, military-industrial complex, G7, NATO -- and the neocon American Imperialists in his Cabinet- how ISIS and others are benefiting from the US attack on Iran, and the miseducation of the general public- the necessity of fighting Jihadist terrorism, and understanding it properly, historically and ideologically- How Christian, Jewish, and Muslim eschatology drives foreign policy in many important ways, but which is ignored in mainstream discourse- the breakup of the Ottoman Empire as the root of the current confusion in the Middle East- the spread of Wahhabism as behind Muslim radicalism around the world in Russia, Nigeria, the former Yugoslavia- Islamism and the left- The contradictions of American Christianity- The controversy over the Citizenship Amendment Act in India- possible implications and repercussions of the Solaimani assassination

1hr 36mins

10 Jan 2020