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#336: Pinar Toprak – soundtrack composer for Krypton, Captain Marvel, and Stargirl!

Comic Book Central

She composes the soundtracks for superheroes! Pinar Toprak drops by to talk about her recent Emmy nom for McMillions, and how a tryout for Wonder Woman led to super soundtracks for Captain Marvel, Krypton, and Stargirl!Photo courtesy Pinar ToprakImages TM & copyright © Warner Bros., Marvel Pinar’s official websiteFollow Pinar on TwitterFollow Pinar on InstagramStargirl soundtrack from Watertower MusicComic Book Central official YouTube channel


12 Sep 2020

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Ep 22: Pinar Toprak (Captain Marvel, Fortnite, McMillions)

Composer Talk

I met our next guest at an ASCAP event the year I moved to LA right after she did the music for Epic Games' Fortnite. Since then she has become the musical voice of superhero projects ranging from summer blockbuster Captain Marvel to shows including DC’s Stargirl and Superman prequel Krypton. She’s also been nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Music Composition for a documentary for her score to HBO’s McMillions. The composer is... Pinar Toprak --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/composertalk/support


21 Aug 2020

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Episode 200: Pinar Toprak On The Music Of Captain Marvel & Fortnite

Soundtracking with Edith Bowman

We can barely believe we're uttering these these words, but welcome to the 200th episode of Soundtracking. 200! That's a lot of great guests, stories, creative insights and - perhaps most importantly - music from the world of film and television. And we're delighted to be celebrating our birthday with a brilliant female composer, given that it's still an industry dominated by men.  Pinar Toprak is a Turkish American musician, best known for her work on smash video game Fortnite and Captain Marvel. She joined me from her home in the US to discuss all manner of things, from the CD that inspired her to pursue a career in film scoring to the industrious way in which she landed the Captain Marvel gig.


26 Jun 2020

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Headliner USA E11: Pinar Toprak | Scoring Stargirl

Headliner Radio

In this Headliner USA podcast we chat to Pinar Toprak, perhaps best known for scoring Captain Marvel - the biggest grossing movie of 2019. As we talk through Pinar's musical life, growing up in Turkey and building a fantastic career for herself in Los Angeles, it's clear to see that 20 years of hard work really can pay dividends. Her latest project is DC's Stargirl, which started airing in May - we chat through the scoring process. 


11 Jun 2020

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Episode 13: Pinar Toprak

Composer Talks with White Bear PR

Composer Talks with White Bear PR - Episode 13 featuring Pinar Toprak ("Stargirl").Visit Pinar's website to learn more: https://www.pinartoprak.com/


20 May 2020

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STARGIRL! A DC Universe Series w/ Yvette Monreal, Joy Osmanski & Pinar Toprak

Saturday Morning Cereal

Take some time this week to remember your original happy hour: Saturday mornings as a kid, waking up at dawn, jumping on the couch with a bowl of chocolate cereal, turning on the ‘toons, tuning out the outside world and working your way into a sugar hangover before noon. This week, we talk to the stars!Thanks to a teaser look on Earth-2 in the final moments of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event on The CW, fans have been eager to catch up with the “Arrow-verse” JLA and the CW’s first high school superhero show, DC’s Stargirl! From original creator and comic book writer Geoff Johns,itfollows high school sophomore “Stargirl” Courtney Whitmore as she moves to Blue Valley, Nebraska after her mother marries Pat "Stripsey" Dugan and inspires an unlikely group of young heroes, including our guest Yvette Monreal (Rambo: Last Blood) as Wildcat, to stop the villains of the past, including our other guest Joy Osmanski (Duncanville) as Tigress. This live-action superhero drama reimagines the 1999 Stargirl comics and the very first superhero team, the Justice Society of America, in an unpredictable series scored by yet another of our guests, Pinar Toprak, whose geek cred composer credits include Krypton, Fortnight, Captain Marvel and even the new main theme from Walt Disney Worlds EPCOT theme park.Join super friends Grim Shea, Marke and Jimmy as they talk superheroes on this super day!DC’s STARGIRL premieres on this Monday, May 18, 2020 as an exclusive new DC Universe series with a national broadcast premiere on the CW on Tuesday, May 19, 2020.

1hr 56mins

16 May 2020

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Pinar Toprak

The Cave - A DC Universe Podcast

A musical outlook at the new SyFy Series with its composer. Pinar has worked on Justice League, Falling Water and the video game, Fortnite.


14 Apr 2020

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Pinar Toprak

Disney For Scores

Composer Pinar Toprak speaks with host Jon Burlingame about her amazing journey from studying violin at a conservatory in her homeland of Turkey, to becoming the first woman to score a film in the Marvel cinematic universe. She shares stories about the soundtrack that most influenced her career, her work scoring popular video games and the panic attack that helped her come up with the theme for Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel.


23 Aug 2019

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#11 | Pinar Toprak took a pivotal trip to Tower Records

Score: The Podcast

Robert and Kenny start the show sharing a clip from the Rise of the Planet of the Apes scoring session with composer Patrick Doyle, discussing whether Toy Story 4's slow start should be considered a disappointment and updating the developing Michael Giacchino subtweeting situation with The Batman. Then award-winning composer Pinar Toprak (Captain Marvel, Justice League, Krypton, Fortnite) joins to tell the story of how Hans Zimmer's The Prince of Egypt soundtrack might have started her journey into the film music world, getting her first scoring gig while working under orchestrator William Ross, writing pop music for another galaxy for Krypton and revealing that her demo for Wonder Woman was heard by Marvel music supervisor Dave Jordan which got her a shot at Captain Marvel. Follow us on Twitter @ScoreThePodcast Hosts: Robert Kraft & Kenny Holmes Executive Producer: Matt Schrader Coordinator: Carol Kuswanto Copyright 2019 Score: The Podcast

1hr 16mins

25 Jun 2019

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Pinar Toprak


She is a composer of otherworldly music: Turkish-born Los Angeles based composer Pinar Toprak creates music for feature films, videogames – including the massively popular Fortnite --and now the SYFY series Krypton.Born in Istanbul, Pinar earned a degree in classical guitar, a degree in film scoring from Boston’s Berklee School of Music, and then a masters in classical composition. She spent a year interning, then programming, at Hans Zimmer’s studio and assisted composer William Ross before landing a videogame, Ninety-nine Nights, and a direct-to-video film, Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil. Creating additional music for Justice League, at Warner Bros., helped put her in the Krypton producers’ sights. There was a time when most producers didn’t believe that a woman could write an aggressive action score. Times have changed. Meet a very composed Pinar Toprak.  


28 May 2018