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WIL Talk #17 Kelly Wendorf, author of Flying Lead Change

WIL Talk (Women in Leadership Talk)

We spoke with Kelly Wendorf, author, visionary teacher, horse-woman, and socially responsible entrepreneur from Santa Fe New Mexico. I am so excited to have Kelly on the WIL Talk podcast.  I fell in love with Kelly’s book, “Flying Lead Change” an evolutionary kinship with horses and just knew we needed to hear her message. She shared with us her journey into the EQUUS experience and how an ancient system reveals how to respond to our changing world. We learned about being fully present, safety, connection, the lead mare and so much more.   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


22 Jul 2021

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Building Better Humans - Kelly Wendorf

Coacharya's Coach to Lead

What does it take to show up as a better version of ourself and to build better human beings?Join Magda Walczak  and Kelly Wedorf, MCC (and author of Flying Lead Change) as they talk about how to bring innovative spiritual, social and neurobiological technologies into the coaching framework to build better humans. Kelly’s work weaves contemplative wisdom, neuroscience, indigenous knowledge and nature-based intelligence into a ground breaking format for transformative change. You can see the recording on our YouTube channel. If you like this episode, please subscribe to our podcast and connect with us on the links below. Thank you for your support!Contact Us https://coacharya.com/contactWebsite https://coacharya.comWebinars https://coacharya.com/events/LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/coacharyaYouTube https://youtube.com/c/coacharyaFacebook https://www.facebook.com/CoacharyaTwitter https://twitter.com/coacharyaInstagram https://www.instagram.com/coacharya

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7 May 2021

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Finding A Bridge To Indigenous Wisdom And Worldview: An Interview With Kelly Wendorf

Kindred World

Kelly Wendorf shares her two decades of indigenous worldview allyship captured in her latest book, Flying Lead Change, and shared on her teaching ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Kelly has lived and worked around the world, studying with many spiritual and indigenous leaders in India, Africa, Indonesia, and Australia. Her early work inspired her to found Kindred to answer the question: how do we live a sustainable and peaceful life? A question we still aspire to answer here at Kindred.Read the transcript and find resources here: www.kindredmedia.org/2021/03/findin…kelly-wendorf/

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21 Mar 2021

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How to live deliberatly! The fieldguide to being human, with author and coach Kelly Wendorf

Intimacy with the world

Kelly Wendorf is an expert in the artform of taking people through transformative change and on to their greatest levels of success, meaning, purpose and profound fulfillment. For about 25 years, she has extensively researched this question: what conditions need to be created to allow people to live a life of deep authenticity, freedom and joy? This conversation has its basis in Kellys new book: Flying lead change, 56 million years of wisdom for leading and living. We talk about using the wisdom inherent in nature as our master teacher to find our true autehenticity, to learn to truly listen to ourselves and others. And what we can learn from horses, a 56 million old and wise species, where f.eks. it is not, as popularly thought, the strongest stallion who is the leader, but the most caring mare. We speak about how care is often a misunderstood phenomena. We speak about how we need to rewild our domesticatede selves.  And how we need to rewild ourseves back into our own bodies. How we need daily rituals to to make sure we stay true to ourselves We speak aboutthe importance of setting healthy boundaries and space around ourselves, and how these boundaries and spaces don't seperate us, but quite the opposite, how they connect us. How to claim our dignity, and how meaning and purpose have to o with an existential sense of belonging to the greater whole and how the goal must be to just feel whole in and of yourself The thread throughout our whole conversation is: How can we live deliberatly instead of on autopilot! You can find Kelly Wendorf at:  www.equusinspired.com and you can find me, Durita Holm at: www.duritaholm.com


14 Jan 2021

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70 - Kelly Wendorf: What Horses can Teach Us About Leading & Coaching

Coaches Rising

What would happen if we chose leaders who were more like horse leaders? What can the animal kingdom teach us about living together in a healthy system? In this conversation with coach and equestrian Kelly Wendorf we explore what needs to change in our leadership model, how horses lead, how to attune to horse consciousness and how this can help us help our clients.Kelly Wendorf is an ICF Master Certified Coach, a published author, motivational speaker, skilled systems-change and leadership mentor and socially responsible entrepreneur. She is Partner at EQUUS, an innovative self-mastery, discovery and leadership development organization, where she has developed The EQUUS Experience® an equine-assisted learning process. Kelly founded, edited and published Kindred magazine and is the author of “Flying Lead Change”.A list of resources mentioned in the podcast can be found here: https://www.coachesrising.com/podcast/what-horses-can-teach-us-about-leading-coaching-with-kelly-wendorf/

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19 Nov 2020

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Kelly Wendorf: Flying Lead Change and Our Evolutionary Kinship with Horses

Sounds True: Insights at the Edge

Kelly Wendorf is an executive and personal development certified master coach, educator, spiritual mentor, and socially responsible entrepreneur. She is the founding partner of EQUUS, a leadership development organization that works with high-performing individuals, groups, and thought leaders. Her evidence-based approach to creating conditions for breakthrough transformative learning has earned her worldwide acclaim. In this podcast, Kelly joins Tami Simon to talk about her new book, Flying Lead Change: 56 Million Years of Wisdom for Leading and Living, and the unique evolutionary relationship between human beings and horses. Kelly and Tami also discuss the five central values of equine culture (safety, connection, peace, joy, and freedom), the community we share with the larger natural world, and much more.

1hr 4mins

6 Oct 2020

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How You Can Lead From Behind with Kelly Wendorf

The Virtual Campfire's Podcast

Kelly Wendorf is an ICF Master Certified Coach and founder of EQUUS, a discovery, leadership, and self-mastery development organization. The company offers coaching for clients, thought leaders, and certifications for advanced coaches. She also founded KIndred Magazine, an Australian non-profit and alternative media outlet, where she spent 15 years learning about neuroscience and neuropsychology. Kelly is also the author of Flying Lead Change, a unique take on leadership based on the ancient system of the horse herd. Kelly joins me today to share her flashpoints in life and how she found her passion for horses. She describes how her father influenced her work today, the influential people in her life, and how working with horses affected her career trajectory. She explains why horses are connected to the Earth through their heart as well as what we can learn from the way they live together in a herd. Kelly also discusses the time she founded Kindred Magazine and her company, EQUUS, and the importance of understanding your true self and how it relates to the way you lead. "The most powerful leadership is when you enable those you serve to be emboldened and be all they could be to the point where they don't even know you're doing anything." - Kelly Wendorf This week on The Virtual Campfire Podcast: How Kelly's father influenced the work she does today. How a friend from Ethiopia affected the way she perceived race. Identifying our true selves outside of what were raised to be. What it means to lead from behind and inspire without the spotlight. Why Kelly prefers to use the term teachings over lessons. What Kelly learned about herself after she understood who she really is. How Kelly found a career working with horses. The events that led her to founding the Kindred Magazine. How horses are connected to the cosmos through their hearts. The importance of going back to your roots and connecting with the Earth. Our Favorite Quotes: "Don't believe everything you learned about who you should be." - Kelly Wendorf "When you're engaging with a horse, you're engaging with a conduit that is in an active relationship with the Earth and the entire cosmos." - Kelly Wendorf "As the world gets faster and technologically driven, messages of how we're meant to be socialized are coming thick and fast." - Kelly Wendorf "So many people don't think they're leaders because they imagine leading is out front." - Kelly Wendorf Connect with Kelly Wendorf: Official Website Kindred Media Equus Inspired Flying Lead Change Sharing Inspiring Stories Around The Virtual Campfire Thanks for tuning into today’s episode of The Virtual Campfire with your host, Tony Martignetti - the Inspired Coach. If you enjoyed this episode, please head over to Apple Podcasts to subscribe and leave a rating and review. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and share your favorite episodes across social media. And for more great content, powerful stories, and helpful insight, be sure to visit our website.


23 Sep 2020

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Episode 43: How to Lead From Behind, with Kelly Wendorf


As the world grapples with Covid-19, deep presence and the ability to create a sense of calm and groundedness feel more important than ever in leadership. I'm not just talking about VIP's in the business world. I'm talking about self-leadership too. Today's guest says a leader is someone entrusted with holding the heart of an endeavour or a family. It's someone who inspires us "to hold each other well." (I mean, how beautiful is that?) Kelly Wendorf is a coach, mother, spiritual mentor and founding partner of Equus, an 11-acre experiential learning & discovery campus in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Horses are co-facilitators in their work at the ranch, and much of Kelly's wisdom on leadership has emerged from her life-long observations of the horse herd, a 56-million-year-old system. Kelly's also the author of the forthcoming book, Flying Lead Change, published by Sounds True this autumn. In this episode, we discuss: What it means to lead from behind  Leadership the equine way - tapping into the wisdom of the horse herd Qualities to base your own leadership on What if I don't see myself as charismatic, or having any X-factor? How can I lead? How checking in with your body can change how you plan your diary (and your life) Join us (and alpha horse, Artemis). Links and Resources: Equus Flying Lead Change Getting Ahead by Leading From Behind Mandy Lehto Mandy Lehto on Instagram Review MoxieCast on iTunes Quotes by Kelly Wendorf: “I love to create conditions for people to have transformative experiences and change their lives.” “The qualities I trust and I look for, both in myself and in those who I trust to lead, are curiosity, vulnerability, porousness.” “These are qualities that are much more powerful because they draw people in.” “Be deeply present with what is—our feelings, who we are, our circumstances. That is a powerful spiritual practice.”


28 Apr 2020

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Episode 1: Kelly Wendorf


We chat with @kellywendorf of EQUUS a self-mastery, discovery and leadership development organization that offers uniquely inspired transformational coaching, retreats and workshops, utilizing lessons learned from sacred elders and horses. Long before their fated partnership with mankind 6,000 years ago, horses became one of the most successful mammals due to their agility, sensitivity, sociability, and resilience. Learn more about this fascinating leadership approach on our very first episode🐴🏔


18 Apr 2019

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20 - Kelly Wendorf: What Horses Can Teach Us About Leadership

Coaches Rising

In this fascinating conversation Kelly Wendorf explains the ground-breaking work she does with leaders and horses; and what the current crisis in leadership is evolving towards.A gifted horsewoman, Kelly developed The EQUUS Experience®, a horse-assisted learning process, in response to her frustration with the limitations of conventional learning methodologies.It turns out horses are powerful mirrors of how we show up in the world. They help people see things in themselves that are tricky to access in conversation alone. Through working with horses people come away with more insight into the self-doubts that cover the connection to their authentic way of being and leading in the world.A list of resources mentioned in the podcast can be found here: https://www.coachesrising.com/podcast/what-horses-can-teach-us-about-leadership/

1hr 9mins

4 Jun 2018