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Instability at WarnerMedia, revisiting ‘Disclosure’ with Laverne Cox and Sam Feder

The Business

Kim Masters and Matt Belloni offer a fresh banter about the current awkwardness at WarnerMedia. The company is set to spin off from AT&T and merge with Discovery, but the deal will be delayed while undergoing federal review. And The Business replays a conversation with director Sam Feder and executive producer Laverne Cox about their documentary “Disclosure,” which explores the history of trans representation in Hollywood.


11 Jun 2021

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Laverne Cox, Sam Feder: Trans Lives Depend on Owning Our Stories

The Laura Flanders Show

Full episode notes are at https://Patreon.com/theLFShowTrans liberation is the latest frontline in the struggle for civil rights. In their new documentary, Disclosure, director Sam Feder and producer Amy Scholder use over a century’s worth of film to show that trans identities have long been at the center of our collective cultural history. They join four-time Emmy nominated actress and Emmy winning producer Laverne Cox in a groundbreaking conversation with Laura on how trans people are reclaiming their stories and transforming the power structures in Hollywood. They describe the experience of assembling the first majority trans film crew and interviewing an incredible range of trans actors and media critics to understand how media shapes attitudes, behaviors, and laws about gender and trans lives. With film history as a background, Laura and guests explore what’s next for trans liberation — and the bearing it has on the continuing struggle for human rights for all.  Music in the Middle, “Free” by Ultra Naté and produced by Ultra Naté and Mood 2 Swing, courtesy of the artist. While mainstream media or money media keeps you in a bubble, we’re committed to popping that bubble by continuing to bring you radical, intersectional media! Can we depend on you to chip in? Go to LauraFlanders.org/donate and join our team by making a donation today. Thanks


11 Jun 2021

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FREE THE WORK Focus: Pride Ep. 2: Sam Feder with Chloe Coover


On the second episode of this mini-series, FREE THE WORK's Chloe Coover chats with "Disclosure" director Sam Feder on what trans visibility truly means and how trans representation can evolve and progress from our current moment forward.Subscribe to the FREE THE WORK podcast on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Soundcloud to listen to this episode and get updates on the next one!Then be sure to follow @GLAAD and @FREETHEWORK across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.For a full transcript of the episode, head to https://freethework.com/article/free-the-work-focus-glaad-podcast-sam-feder-chloe-coover


10 Jun 2021

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S3 E8: How ‘Disclosure’ is changing Hollywood with Sam Feder

Chosen Family

Thomas and Tranna discuss the idea of being unremarkable and what it would be like to move through the world if there wasn’t so much pressure on trans and gender non-conforming folks to disclose and explain their identity. Who better to join the exchange than Sam Feder, the brilliant director of the groundbreaking Netflix documentary, Disclosure. Celebrating the film’s first year anniversary, the conversation with Sam takes a look at how Hollywood is changing and how decades of negative, dehumanizing representation in film and television has affected the trans community. Thomas connects with artist, author, director and overall superstar Chella Man, to talk about representation in social media. Plus, Tranna shares a totally off-brand obsession that may leave you questioning her taste level.


27 May 2021

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Episode 109: Sam Feder, Disclosure

In Creative Company

Q&A with director Sam Feder on Netflix's documentary Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen. Moderated by Mara Webster, In Creative Company.A look at Hollywood's depiction of transgender people and the impact of this on American culture.


11 Jan 2021

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Episode 142 - Disclosure (ft. Sam Feder)

The DTALKS Podcast - Detoxing from Life

In this episode of the podcast Joe talks to Disclosure documentary director: Sam Feder. Joe and Sam discuss transgender representation in media, and how we can all work together to raise more inclusive kids. Be sure to go learn all about the documentary at http://www.disclosurethemovie.com/ and click below to go watch the movie on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/81284247 DISCLOSURE is an unprecedented, eye-opening look at transgender depictions in film and television, revealing how Hollywood simultaneously reflects and manufactures our deepest anxieties about gender. Leading trans thinkers and creatives, including Laverne Cox, Lilly Wachowski, Yance Ford, Mj Rodriguez, Jamie Clayton, and Chaz Bono, share their reactions and resistance to some of Hollywood’s most beloved moments. Grappling with films like A Florida Enchantment (1914), Dog Day Afternoon, The Crying Game, and Boys Don’t Cry, and with shows like The Jeffersons, The L-Word, and Pose, they trace a history that is at once dehumanizing, yet also evolving, complex, and sometimes humorous. What emerges is a fascinating story of dynamic interplay between trans representation on screen, society’s beliefs, and the reality of trans lives. Reframing familiar scenes and iconic characters in a new light, director Sam Feder invites viewers to confront unexamined assumptions, and shows how what once captured the American imagination now elicit new feelings. Disclosure provokes a startling revolution in how we see and understand trans people. #DisclosureNetflix #beabetterdad This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Snuffy! Snuffy is a clothing brand about empowering you to show your weird - unapologetically, with bravery and confidence. 10% of profit goes to LGBTQ+ organizations led by Trans* people of color. Shop online now at snuffy.co


7 Sep 2020

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"Trans people are the experts of their own history. No one can or should talk about or for us." - a conversation with Sam Feder

Conversations with Liz Gold

In this episode, I talk with Sam Feder, director and co-producer of Disclosure, a powerful new documentary about how transgender people are represented in Hollywood now streaming on Netflix. Learn the back story of how this film was made, the intense research involved and how Sam met activist and Orange is the New Black actor Laverne Cox, who executive produces the film. "It has not been easy. We are still hustling hard every day. It's definitely been a little engine that could kind of situation for five years." "When we were first raising money, we were literally laughed out of boardrooms because our budget exceeded what they expected a documentary budget to be. And that was largely because we paid everyone their day rates and that's part of the standards I am fighting for in the documentary world." "I feel like our culture is hungry right now. People want to know what they need to learn, they want to know what they need to unlearn. It's great to have this two hour document to give it to you and tell you one place and one area where you need to learn and unlearn. And so people are really receptive to the film so particularly because of where we are in our cultural conversations at the moment." "Anyone who finished a film should get a huge prize. Making a film is so so hard. To know that it's being held in that capacity, kind of just gives us the boost we need right now." "One of my dreams was how could lawyers who are representing trans people - how could they use this film to their benefit? And I imagine, my hope, was that they would see this film and then have these cultural short cuts to talk to their jury and be like you might have these stereotypes about my client because of xyz that you saw in this movie and this is why it's not true. And this is a real person here that we're talking about, real experiences. That was a dream of mine." "This is such a community film and part of my understanding of how people would take in this imagery was to be in community, to laugh together, to feel the emotion together, to hear people sigh at the same time. And then have the conversations afterwards. Like that's so meaningful to hear people talk about it and then go out for dinner and talk about it some more and make connections. So yeah, it's been tricky to readjust to experience the viewer experience virtually." Sam Feder bio: Sam Feder has created several award-winning documentaries that center the intersections of race, class, sexuality, and conflict within the queer and trans community. Sam seeks to connect transgender struggles and liberation to the context of the present and legacy of the past by showing that our communal history makes our present lives possible. Sam’s second feature Kate Bornstein is a Queer & Pleasant Danger was named one of the best LGBT documentaries of 2014 by The Advocate, and cited by IndieWire as one of the must-see films of the 2014. http://www.disclosurethemovie.com/ https://www.samfederfilms.com/ https://www.instagram.com/disclosuredoc/ https://www.facebook.com/DisclosureDoc/ https://twitter.com/Disclosure_Doc https://www.instagram.com/samfeder_1/ https://www.instagram.com/lavernecox/ https://www.instagram.com/amyjscholder/ https://www.iatse.net/ https://www.instagram.com/lawyer_stories/


17 Aug 2020

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Kayleigh Llewellyn and Sam Feder


Congrats all around to this year's Emmy nominees, including Matt and Dave who were basically nominated by affiliation. This week the guys listen to another riveting My First Time #Fleshhunger story before welcoming not one, but TWO all-star guests. This is the double feature of the summer! First up the guys chat with Kayleigh Llewellyn about her amazing show In My Skin (on Hulu and BBC3). Then, Matt and Dave talk with Sam Feder about his brilliant documentary Disclosure (on Netflix). BE PART OF THE NEW “MY FIRST TIME" (#fleshhunger) SEGMENT!Tap out a story or send a short audio recording recounting your first time and we’ll read/play it on the show! Email: Homophiliapod@gmail.comGIVE HOMOPHILIA A NEW LOGLINERate, suggest a new logline and subscribe at https://podcasts.apple.com/bs/podcast/homophilia/id1267538496 [podcasts.apple.com]

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31 Jul 2020

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Episode 186: Director Sam Feder 'Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen' (Netflix)

Pop Culture Confidential

Director Sam Feder joins us to talk about his critically acclaimed documentary 'DISCLOSURE: Trans Lives on Screen', streaming now on Netflix! The doc looks at transgender representations in film, television and media through interviews with trans actors, artists and activists including Laverne Cox, Lilly Wachowski, Yance Ford, Jen Richards and Chaz Bono. A history filled with with stereotypes, tropes, heartbreak, bravery, and progressSam Feder talks to Christina about trans representation through Hollywood history (from DW Griffith, to Ace Ventura, The Crying Game, to Pose) , working with an almost all trans crew, the paradox of visibility, his thoughts on J.K Rowlings' anti trans sentiments and how she should really see Disclosure and so much more. Listen now! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


10 Jul 2020

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Changing the Conversation: Laverne Cox and Sam Feder on Trans Representation

LARB Radio Hour

The new documentary Disclosure captures the history of trans representation in Hollywood and mainstream media, with particular attention to the ways in which racism and misogyny influence the portrayal of those who transgress society’s gender norms in order to live their truth. In a wide-ranging discussion, Director Sam Feder and Laverne Cox, star of Orange is the New Black, talk with Medaya and Eric about what has been gained in recent years as well as the challenges ahead as transgender stories, writers, directors, and performers take center stage. Also, Percival Everett, author of Telephone, returns to recommend Laurence Sterne's classic Tristam Shandy, as well as Michael Winterbottom's recent film adaptation: Tristam Shady: A Cock and Bull Story.


26 Jun 2020