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Kundalini Awakening With Valeria Tignini

Outer Limits Of Inner Truth

Kundalini Awakening With Valeria Tignini Valeria Tignini is an international healer, activator and public speaker that works with people of all ages, genders, races, religions and social class so that they may heal, feel deeper peace, love and awakens people to pure potentiality. Pre Awakening: A descendant of the Royal Italian Family the de’ Medici’s, a first generation Italian she was born in Brooklyn, NY. She moved to New Jersey when she was ten years old and once she graduated high school she moved to NYC and now currently resides in the Hudson Valley of New York. Before going on to run her company full time, Val worked as an information architect and model/actress for many kinds of companies. Val has collaborated with a multitude of brands ranging from high-line fashion companies, well-known charities, and as well as wellness and holistic brands such as Swarovski Crystalized, Burberry, Cancer Schmancer, Charity Water, Trump International, and Waleda just to name a few. Val has also starred in a docu-soap on TLC, called “Bama Belles” in 2010, and MTV RoadRules in 2001. She was featured in New York Magazine, Variety Magazine, EW.com, Film.com, GuestofaGuest.com, NY Post, FOX News, E! Online and TV Series, Fitness Magazine. Valeria is an avid explorer of the world and an artist of multiple mediums. Post Awakening: Val had a moment of multi-dimensional experiences growing up with ET’s, a sense of energy and higher awareness. Val had a spontaneous kundalini awakening aka the holy spirit running through her in 2010 by attending an Abdy Electriciteh Session and ever since that day her life has intensely divinely magical. She’s experienced what some call enlightenment and was activated into this timeless gift of which she becomes a conduit to source energy. Val has also been experiencing her work evolving into higher levels of consciousness as she finds herself working with divine multidimensional beings. Her capacity of understanding and mental downloads of universal truths is through her transcendence as she has experienced profound clarity through her energetic activation and tapping into source through visions and sound. In 2016, Valeria had a what is called the “Sacred Tremor of the Heart”, also known as “Spanda”, which is another form of awakening. Valeria has been doing private and group sessions since 2014. She leads workshops in Tokyo for a top Spiritual Company in Japan. She attends two times a year in Tokyo. Valeria will be leading workshops at the RA MA Institute in New York City in 2018 and has been at the Menla Center in Phoenecia, NY for her 5th annual year. She has led group sessions at the Sedona Creative Life Center, ABC Sanctuary in NYC, Bagua Center Miami, Om Fest in PA just to name a few. “Her mission is to bring the crystalline sound codes of new Creation to the Earth, which is the Seventh Golden Age. Born in the USA to join her mission to the Voice of the Command, to embody the highest Love and transmit information unto the world vibrationally and act upon Reality rather than reacting to it, thus creating a new World. Light of the Eternal Truth shines brightly into her heart and mind.” -Soul Channeling from Jhadten Jewall. Val has events to create community and share her spiritual gifts which include; 2 hr Sessions, Overnight Dreamtime Sessions, Private Sessions, Workshops, Parties, Retreats and also Online Sessions. LINK: https://www.valsecrets.com/val Kundalini Awakening, Valeria Tignini, Energy Worker, healer, Consciousness, Outer Limits of Inner Truth, Ryan McCormick, dreams


24 Jan 2019

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Quantum Conversation with Valeria Tignini

Quantum Conversations & NEO Network

Learn more about Valeria Tignini: https://www.acoustichealth.com/quantum-conversations/valeria-tignini-entering-the-truth-era/Entering the Truth Era - A Conversation on ETs, Starbeings, Star Family & Diamond ConsciousnessSource Enegy Channel Valerie Tignini shares an update on the Shift in Consciousness and how we are becoming elevated Beings with no limitations (but only after a purification process). She shares her story of various awakening points in her lifetime, beginning with an ET experience when she was 9 years old and just recently with a kundalini awakening 8 years ago. This Quantum Conversation also explores Star Beings, Star Family and the History of the Earth’s first root races. Her connection to her own Star Family revealed to her a new Diamond Consciousness is now available and she leads us into the Sirius Diamond Meditation & Transmission. This is a journey to release you from the old 3D Matrix and into feeling and knowing who you Truly Are.

1hr 43mins

11 Apr 2018

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Shift In Consciousness with Valeria Tignini

Truth Be Told

Energy Worker + International Speaker of Consciousness Valerie Tignini talked with Tony and Captain Ron about the shift in consciousness and how she can and have connected to Extraterrestrials. Check out her website at valsecrets.com


26 Sep 2017

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Special Guest: Valeria Tignini 06-08-2015

Create More Love

A love filled episode beyond measure. Deanna's guest (in her own words) is a "vessel for source energy". After a Kundalini awakening, Valeria Tignini's life changed. She closed a very successful business, became a mom and started sharing her gift with the world. Always curious about how people follow their passions (especially fringe passions) Deanna gets to asks Valeria all about it. Then Val shares her gift with you. www.valsecrets.com


8 Jun 2015

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