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#408-Fabien Cousteau

Verbal Shenanigans

Shark week maybe over, but Verbal Shenanigans is going to have you excited to sleep with the fishes one more time. Fabien Cousteau has been exploring the seas all his life as an explorer, a conservationist, and TV and film personality. We get insights from him on living this life with grandfather Jacques and father Jean-Michel, discuss the sensationalism in television, breaking world records underwater, and even his favorite water life to observe. An enjoyable and educational conversation for all. We also get an update on Mike's Disney bathroom, Scott's trip to Germany, and learn about some interesting filed trips Mike had as a child.

1hr 29mins

16 Aug 2022

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Rising Tide #57 – Fabien Cousteau In Depth

Rising Tide: The Ocean Podcast

We speak with Fabien Cousteau, third generation ocean explorer and documentary producer. Along with talking about his life and adventures – including in a one-man sub disguised as a white shark - we learn about his newest project. Having lived 31 days underwater doing science and education in an aging habitat off Key Largo, he’s now working to build a larger “international space station for the ocean,” to be located in the Caribbean and carry out the next generation of marine science and conservation. Rising Tide, the Ocean Podcast is co-hosted by Blue Frontier's David Helvarg and the Inland Ocean Coalition's Vicki Nichols-Goldstein. This podcast aims to give you information, inspiration and motivation (along with a few laughs) to help understand our ocean world and make it better. The ocean is rising, and so are we!Learn more at bluefront.org


16 May 2022

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Fabien Cousteau, Aquanaut, Conservationist and Filmmaker: Journey to the Bottom of the Sea

Indagare Global Conversations

What are the small steps we can take to protect the planet and its oceans for future generations? Melissa Biggs Bradley sits down with aquanaut and filmmaker Fabien Cousteau to talk about his underwater adventures, his passion for sharks(!), ocean conservation and his latest project Proteus—and why travel is the best classroom for life. https://www.fabiencousteauolc.org/


26 Aug 2021

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Exploring PROTEUS, an Underwater 'International Space Station' with Fabien Cousteau and Brian Helmuth | Ocean Decade Show!

American Shoreline Podcast Network

On this month’s episode of The Ocean Decade Show, Taylor is joined by aquanaut, communicator, educator, and 3rd generation ocean explorer Fabien Cousteau and Northeastern University’s Dr. Brian Helmuth on an episode guaranteed to make you smile. The trio discuss the importance of the “Inspiring and Engaging” goal of the Ocean Decade and how Cousteau’s proposed “international space station under the sea” Proteus contributes to the essential ocean literacy work that needs to be done over the next ten years. 


2 Jul 2021

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Living in the Deep: Fabien Cousteau Discusses His Underwater Research Station

Blue Earth

In this episode we're joined with Fabien Cousteau, a researcher and explorer who has explored the ocean for his entire life. Fabien has been working hard to get funding for Proteus, which he claims will be the "ISS of the Ocean". He is working on a long-term living facility that would put scientists and divers under the waves for months at a time. We discuss the project as well as his other explorations under the sea. Fabien's website: https://www.fabiencousteauolc.org Find us on twitter @BlueEarthPod.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/blueearth/support


3 May 2021

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Ep. 191 Life On Mars or Underwater First? || Fabien Cousteau, Aquanaut, Ocean Conservationist, and Filmmaker

Real Leaders Podcast

Fabien Cousteau is a 3rd generation ocean explorer and aquanaut who is taking the next step in ocean exploration by venturing into the world’s largest and most advanced underwater research station called Proteus. He shares his journey and hope for the future of life below water. Leave a review, send a screenshot to be@real-leaders.com and we'll give you a free year of Real Leaders digital magazines! Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bqb479JSl0


30 Mar 2021

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Fabien Cousteau

Quite Franklin

Mission 31 Aquarius, the last remaining underwater laboratory at a depth of 63 feet, 9 miles off the coast of Florida. Fabien Cousteau leads a team of aquanauts who are studying the ocean, its marine life and the relationship with the future of our civilization. We discuss the possibility and difficulties of living underwater indefinitely, the effect our lives have on the ocean and the consequences for the entire ecosystem. A cautionary tale, Cousteau lets us know it is not too late to move in the right direction.


3 Mar 2021

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UNCAGED : Oceanic Icon, Jacques Cousteau's grandson, Fabien Cousteau takes Under Water Living to a new Level.


What inspired a man to create a space station under the SEA? Proteus,  is the brain child of Aquanaut , Fabien Cousteau, a massive underwater exploration centre off the coast of Aruba, in the Caribbean that is planned to be complete some time in the next 3 years, Fabien chats to Tessa Williams about Life in Lockdown in New York, keeping swimming and swimming with white sharks, and his plans for underwater domination. Thanks to Floor Tom for sound production.


17 Feb 2021

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Going Deep with Fabien Cousteau

Ridge to Reef

In this episode we will talk to Fabien Cousteau and hear about his new project called Proteus. It is a bold project to build a 4,000 square foot lab under the sea. This was recorded on CLUBHOUSE under the ULTRAMARINE Ocean Club which takes place every week. 

1hr 22mins

17 Oct 2020

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Fabien Cousteau talks about protecting our oceans and its residents

Solar-Fit Renewable Energy Radio

Fabien Cousteau is an ocean conservationist and documentary filmmaker. As the first grandson of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Fabien spent his early years aboard his grandfather's ships Calypso and Alcyone; learning how to scuba dive on his fourth birthday.You will enjoy hearing interesting stories about Fabien's granddad's expeditions and the important work that Fabien is doing now to protect our oceans and its wildlife.Support the show (https://solar-fit.com/contact-us/)


15 Aug 2020