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11 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Bill Samuels. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Bill Samuels, often where they are interviewed.

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11 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Bill Samuels. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Bill Samuels, often where they are interviewed.

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Bill Samuels

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The former president and CEO of Maker’s Mark bourbon whisky told, in this 2001 interview, how his family started the distillery and how he took it to international prominence. Along the way: a ceremonial recipe-burning that almost turned into a disaster, a long and frustrating search for the right recipe, and one of the biggest […]
Jan 27 2020 ·
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37: Ep 37 Making your Mark, with Bill Samuels Jr.

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This week I sit down with Bill Samuels Jr and Frank Fernandez of Maker's Mark.

We discuss his storied past that has taken him from driver of Colonel Sanders to Nasa, to head of Maker's Mark.

Bourbon Hall of fame inductee Bill Samuels was an absolute treat.

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Nov 23 2018 · 56mins

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Blake Morris and Bill Samuels talks about the Dems winning back the State Senate

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State Senate Candidate Blake Morris and Bill Samuels of Effective NY talks about the Democrats  winning back the majority in the NYS State Senate
Nov 07 2018 · 27mins
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S2E14 - Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Bill Samuels

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In this science heavy episode, we have to re-evaluate the Gravity Triangle, Hubie and Bertie find themselves a new profession, and the Three Bears have some bee trouble.

Also, we play you a good, good song.

Nov 01 2018 · 35mins

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The Bourbon Show #52: Bill Samuels, Jr. Maker’s Mark

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Steve and Jeremy talk to Bill Samuels, Jr. of Maker’s Mark. Bill shares some of the amazing stories from his life in the bourbon industry. Be sure to listen to their interview on The Bourbon Daily where they discuss his contributions to the world of bourbon by clicking here. Today’s show was sponsored by Steve Akley’s book, Mules and More (https://goo.gl/EN3wEj). The Bourbon Show music (Whiskey on the Mississippi) is by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). Check us out at: abvnetwork.com. Join the ABV Network Revolution by adding #ABVNetworkCrew to your profile in social media.

Oct 15 2018 · 1hr 6mins
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Bill Samuels talks about Stephanie Miner

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Bill Samuels talks about Stephanie Miner
Jun 27 2018 · 23mins
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Show #172 - We Love Bill Samuels, Jr.

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Steve, Renee, Baby Hooch and Brodie all talk about one of our absolute favorite people in the bourbon business, Mr. Bill Samuels, Jr. Please check out Flaviar, our newest sponsor. Flaviar (flaviar.com) is a club where you can enjoy many great benefit and sample some increidble whiskey, rum and gin offering on a quarterly basis with their unique tasting boxes. Flaviar is also hosting an event in New York City on September 14 called the Craft Spirits Celebration. Head on over to to our website, abvnetwork.com to click on some links to get more info or buy tickets. Bourbon Daily intro music (Welcome to the Show) and outro music (That’s A Wrap) are both by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com).

Sep 12 2017 · 34mins
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MoxieTalk with Kirt Jacobs Episode #28: Bill Samuels

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Bill Samuels, Jr., is wired to achieve and seeks opportunities that have a beginning, end, and outcome.

Samuels is the president and CEO of Maker’s Mark bourbon in Loretto, Ky. Samuels comes from a long line of whiskey makers tracing his distilling heritage to Robert Samuels who came to Kentucky in 1784.

Samuels never intended to work for the family business. After earning a law degree at Vanderbilt University, he agreed to spend a year helping out at the company and never left. Samuels began his career in 1967 and became president and CEO in 1975.

The Wall Street Journal profiled Maker’s Mark on its front page in 1980 which was a catalyst for growth that would make Maker’s Mark one of the most iconic bourbons in the world.

Samuels is active in his community lending his talents and expertise to various organizations. He is chairman of the board of trustees of Bellarmine University, chairman of the board of Greater Louisville, Inc., and was past chairman of the University of Louisville board of trustees.

Jun 23 2017 · 28mins
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Exploring the History of the Maker’s Mark Brand with Bill Samuels, Jr.

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“For us, marketing meant polishing the apple. Not chasing people, letting them find you.” Over the past 59 years, quite a few people have found Maker’s Mark. The distinctive bourbon has grown from being the hobby of founder Bill Samuels, Sr. His son, Bill Samuels, Jr., led much of that growth. From their wax-dipped bottles to their brand ambassador program, Maker’s has built a brand as unique as their spirits. I couldn’t wait to discuss all of this and more with Bill on this week’s episode of the On Brand podcast.

About Bill Samuels, Jr.

Growing up on Distiller’s Row in Bardstown, Kentucky – son of Maker’s Mark Founder Bill Samuels, Sr. and godson of Jim Beam – Bill Samuels, Jr. has been an eyewitness to many milestones in bourbon history and has made history himself. As the current Chairman Emeritus of Maker’s Mark, Bill ran his family’s company for 35 years as President and CEO. Under his watchful eye, he followed his father’s stern but simple piece of advice for him: “don’t screw up the whisky,” which is the advice he passed on to his son Rob Samuels, Maker’s current COO.

Before passing on the torch in 2011, Bill left quite a legacy which included the introduction of Maker’s first new expression, Maker’s 46, the brand’s beloved Ambassador program, and more. Bill’s current role is perfectly suited for the very first Maker’s Mark Ambassador: travel around the world, introduce Maker’s Mark and Maker’s 46 to folks and share a story or two about all of the incredible history he’s been an eyewitness to.

Episode Highlights

Commercializing a hobby sounds daunting. But that’s exactly what Bill Samuels, Jr. was charged with doing. His mandate was simple — “never compromise on the spirit.” Bill Samuels, Jr. had to carefully exploit this hobby.

“We hired an agency not to do advertising.” What Bill and their agency partners did instead was building on the “discovery” process. “We didn’t want to sell something that people didn’t want to buy. It had to be something you heard about from a friend.”

What about those distinct dipped bottles? “Mom was a chemist and started playing around with wax.” As a patent attorney, Bill Samuels, Jr. patented the process, cementing the red wax drippings as a key brand touchpoint.

And the ambassador program? “That was the mother of necessity. All of our customers previously had been in Kentucky. All of a sudden a credible source praised our product — The Wall Street Journal. That was the moment we became a national brand. Everything we did with customers was personal — 1:1.” The ambassador program helped them identify and embrace those fans who “raised their hands.”

Another benefit to ambassadors … “It’s not a story you want to tell but every once in awhile you screw up.” Like when Maker’s thought the only way to answer demand was by reducing the proof the spirit. They communicated this to their ambassadors first and were met with immediate resistance. “It took Coke nine months to see what they did (with New Coke). We knew in two days.” They took immediate steps to reverse their decision, restoring the spirit to the delight of their fans. “We like to have fun with it, too.” That’s why Maker’s sends out gifts to ambassadors at the holidays.

What brand has made Bill smile recently? Bill reminded us about the story of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, a collaborative effort between competitive distilleries that’s been a big hit with tourism in the state. “Don’t try to do it all in one day,” cautioned Bill.

To learn more about Bill and Maker’s Mark, check out the Maker’s Mark website.

As We Wrap …

Before we go, I want to flip the microphone around to our community …Recently former guest Bruce Kennedy and Rogue Jess gave the podcast a shout. Thanks for listening!

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Apr 24 2017 · 32mins
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57: Legal Tech – The Equalizer with Bill Samuels

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Today’s Boutiques Offer Quality and Value

This is the first episode of our ‘Boutique’ series.

Today’s guest advises clients on protecting, enforcing and leveraging their intellectual property, the Founder of WR Samuels Law, Bill Samuels.

Bill Samuels Bio

Listen in as Bill and Nicole talk about:

– Seeing what people need and providing it to them

– Being a resource

– Client’s niche specific needs driving expansion

– Never stop building relationships

– Following-up

Episode Mentions: ALT Legal and TradeMarkNow

This episode is sponsored by ALT Legal:

Apr 05 2017 · 26mins