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#13 - Lindsay Stidham - Filmmaker - Will You Be My Friend?

Will You Be My Friend? With Eric Davis

#13 - Lindsay Stidham - Filmmaker - Will You Be My Friend?    Lindsay Stidham, aside from being my friend, is a filmmaker and educator at USC. Keep up with Linsday at @lindsaystidham   "Will You Be My Friend" is an unstructured conversation between me and my friends. Or me and a stranger, and then hopefully at the end they want to be friends with me.    -Eric

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23 Apr 2020

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...But His Bed Is On The Floor w/ Lindsay Stidham

Don't Waste Your Pretty

This week Lindsay Stidham, filmmaker and feminist extraordinaire is back for a round up of some of the major recent events in life in the patriarchy. From dating in LA to supporting migrants in Tijuana, and emotional labor in relationships to the role unconscious bias plays when we talk about our 2020 election faves— get ready because we’ve got a little wine, a lot of feelings, and a slumber party game or two... 


13 May 2019

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Trippin in the Desert w/ Lindsay Stidham

DopeTown 3000

Lindsay Stidham (Welcome to the Clambake) gives the us lowdown on all the hip spots in the Southern California desert and also the rejuvenating experience of a sound bath -- females only!


17 Jul 2018

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Medical Marijuana with Lindsay Stidham

Guilty Pleasure

Today’s guests was Director/ Producer/ Co-host of ‘Welcome to the Clambake’ - Lindsay Stidham and we talked medical marijuana! (Happy 420 ya’ll!)


23 Apr 2018

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73: Lindsay Stidham

Friends Without Benefits

I chat with Lindsay Stidham about her career as a writer/comedian, the #MeToo movement, and her podcast Welcome to the Clambake. Lindsay: https://www.welcometotheclambake.com Jason: http://www.twitter.com/jason_horton Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


26 Mar 2018

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Melania's Body Double with Lindsay Stidham

Lizard People: Comedy and Conspiracy Theories

Stalin. Putin. Saddam Hussein. Melania Trump. What do these three public figures have in common? They’re all rumored to use body doubles! The controversy over Melania’s possible impersonators started in October of 2017 with video of her looking weird and plastic-y at a press converence, and it’s been bubbling ever since. And our guest, podcaster and feminist and truly brilliant writer/director Lindsay Stidham, is convinced that Melania employs one or more body doubles to serve in her place.


26 Jan 2018

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I Want To Get Into Hoetation w/ Angela Gulner and Lindsay Stidham

Don't Waste Your Pretty

What happens when you combine the mind/vagina powers of two feminist podcasts on the night of a full moon with more than a couple of bottles of champagne? Listen to this week as, Angela Gulner and Lindsay Stidham, the brilliant and hilarious ladies of 'Welcome to the Clambake' join us to play slumber party games and swap battle stories from the wars of love, sex, and patriarchy dismantling. 


13 Sep 2017

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Clam Corner with Lindsay Stidham and Angela Gulner

Welcome To The Clambake

Lindsay and Angela reflect on their journey with Welcome to the Clambake.


28 Aug 2017

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74. Lindsay Stidham - The Power of “Twin Magic” in WWE

You Should Love Wrestling

Lindsay Stidham (Welcome to the Clambake, Play Nice) joins the show to talk all about the power of “Twin Magic” in wrestling by examining clips of the Bella Twins, The Usos and more. Also, Lindsay explains her experiences as a fairly new fan to wrestling, including her first event at PWG. Then, Nick tries to sell Stephen on PWG and the wonderfully dingy American Legion in Reseda, CA that hosts it. Plus, many of the discussions lead to what’s working and what isn’t working on current WWE product, particularly for the SmackDown LIVE brand. For full show notes, including links to watch matches, go to BoardwalkAudio.com/YouShouldLoveWrestlingFollow us on Twitter @YSLWpodcastLike us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/YouShouldLoveWrestling/Email us at YouShouldLoveWrestling@Gmail.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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19 Jun 2017

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Andy Kaufman's Death with Lindsay Stidham

Lizard People: Comedy and Conspiracy Theories

Comedian and director and writer and all around boss ass bitch Lindsay Stidham is on the show this week, and she's here to talk about a conspiracy theory surrounding one of the comedy greats. Andy Kaufman died in 1984 of complications from lung cancer. OR DID HE??? He said a lot of weird stuff before he passed about staging a hoax and escaping from celebrity. But was he just a big weird loon? Or was he the greatest comedian ever to live? Or both? Or neither? Either way, more comedians should take the audience out for milk and cookies.


17 Jun 2016