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Ep. 139 - Last Night Was A Movie (w/ Trav & Tony Fish)

Dude Nobody Cares

Campy gets his hands on some Khalifa Kush, Jake makes boss moves at a strip club, Tony Fish says he could eat 300 oz. of steak with the help of a pep rally, Travis tummy texts a baseball card model from the bedroom floor of the Pink Flamingo.

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13 May 2022

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Ep.16 Tony Fish

Time for Action

This week Systems Entrepreneur, Doug Morwood speaks with Chair-Person, Director & Digital Non-Executive Director, Tony Fish – where they explore some big questions, such as:  If society's North Star is to become a better society – how do we tackle the conflict of values & principles in a developing society that operates under outdated rules Retention issues, the great resignation and the concept of a Universal basic income And our ability to tackle future existential threats  #TimeforAction Tony FishLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tonyfish/ Medium: https://opengovernance.net/ Insight Futures Twitter: https://twitter.com/InsightFutures LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/insight-futures Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InsightFutures Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/insightfutures/ 


28 Jan 2022

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Cllr. Tony Fish - Labour Party Councillor and AOFAC Foundation Trustee - Real Life Interview

Real Life

"Real Life" is a series of podcasts that focuses on inspirational day-to-day people and how they navigate the course of their lives. In this episode, Femi Ibiwoye interviews Tony Fish - Politician and AOFAC Foundation Trustee. The questions cover a personal fact-find, background in politics, Charity work and bouncing back from & over obstacles. Councilor Tony Fish Tony Fish is a Labour Party Councilor representing Grays Riverside. He left college in 1975 with ‘A’-Levels in English and French. Worked in Insurance in London. Got involved in political activity from 1982 and subsequently several voluntary organizations around disability and youth work. · 1990 – First Stood for election · 1995 First elected into Thurrock Council · 1996 – present, held various leadership posts as a councillor, including portfolio holder for ‘social care and environment; Chair of Standards and Audit Committee, Vice-Chair Licencing Committee · 2013 – Became Mayor of Thurrock · 2016 – Attended INAUGURAL AOFAC event, became a Trustee. Since then has been actively involved in all outreaches, campaigns and funding bids.


17 Sep 2021

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S1 Episode 9 - Tony Fish - The search for a Data Philosophy

A New Digital Responsibility

"There is no single answer - as a company, you need a data philiosophy." Continuing the theme discussing data ethics in business, and the complexity in driving change. Rob meets Tony Fish, entrepreneur, investor, visiting lecturer, NED and Chair, Board Committee Data Ethics & Privacy of a bank.  For more information on #CDR and #DigitalResponsibility check out http://corporatedigitalresponsibility.net LinkedIn:      Rob Price Facebook:    CDR Twitter:        @the_Digital_COO Instagram:    the_digital_coo


23 Feb 2021

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On the purpose of principles and being better ancestors - with Tony Fish

The Irish Tech News Podcast

In an industry where the business model is largely detached from consumers’ financial well-being, what is our purpose and what are our principles? Can we govern ourselves to make good decisions? Can we truly prevent the abuse of power and maintain transparency? Can our industry act as a true global fiduciary, or must there always be a conflict of interest? As we look forward to the next decade and the next 100 years, how can we become better ancestors to the next generation and the generations after that? In this new episode of One Vision, Theo and Bradley chat with Tony Fish on data, money, and purpose.


4 Feb 2021

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The Global Interview - S9 E7 - Tony Fish Adventurer, Pioneer & Maverick

The Global Interview

Tony Fish thrives in complex, ground-breaking and uncertain environments; bringing proven judgement and decision-making skills and experience. He has a track record of sense-making and foresight; his enthusiasm and drive are contagious & inspiring—definitely a maverick and unintentional rule breaker. Tony’s current focus is on imaging a board meeting in 2025, rethinking corporate governance models, data economics and dealing with volatile situations. He has founded, co-founded, sold and listed many businesses but remains passionate about new ways of creating value which has the capability of scaling fast, are at an early stage and creates value for many people. “Be strong, but not forceful. Be confidence but not arrogant. Recognise those who are supporting you and on whose work you build on. You are never aware or sure what is going on in someone else's life or mind, so I don't judge why, but will encourage them to try again, "Just one more.".” Tony Fish


12 Nov 2020

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How To Manage Corporate Governance and Innovation in the Digital Age with Tony Fish

Innovation in Business

Today on the Innovation in Business Podcast I am joined by Tony Fish. Tony describes himself as thriving in complex, ground-breaking & uncertain environments; bringing proven judgement and decision-making experience. He is an entrepreneur who over the last 20 years has founded and grown multiple digital and tech companies, writing several books on the world of digital in the process.His current focus is on imaging a board meeting in 2025, rethinking corporate governance models, data economics and dealing with volatile situations. We talk about how he came to entrepreneurship as a career, rethinking corporate structure for the digital age and a mental model you can use to help you prepare for the future of work. It’s going to be a good one!Listen to hear about:Starting internet companies Unconventional career pathsMental models for corporate governance in the digital age References and links:Tony Fish: https://tonyfish.com/Try Siteground Hosting:https://artificiallyintelligentconsulting.com/siteground/Get in Touch:https://www.linkedin.com/in/claire-whittaker-37636a65/https://artificiallyintelligentconsulting.com/https://www.instagram.com/artificiallyintelligentclaire/


10 Feb 2020

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16 Jan 2020

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Tony Fish talks about Immutable Data and the need for Corporate Data Governance.

Sam Talks Technology

Tony has been a friend for over two decades.  In this podcast we talked about the problem with immutable data and blockchain and the benefits of the Chinese Social Score and why this is all our futures.  Tony also explained why he thinks 'data is not the new oil to mine.  And finally we talked about companies having to deal with so much data that there is a board level need to manage the data, the value and also take responsibility for protecting it from leaks.  

1hr 18mins

12 Dec 2019

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Peeling back the layers. With Tony Fish.

Privacy Matters with Nicole Stephensen

When we unpack privacy in the context of smart cities, it’s like peeling back the layers of an onion… to discover a coconut underneath! Tony Fish, leader and advocate for data rights, shares insight about unintended consequences (to privacy) in the data economy, privacy preserving technologies and the role of consent in citizen interactions with our cities.


13 Aug 2019