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David Shor: College liberals have hijacked the Democratic party

UnHerd with Freddie Sayers

David Shor is not afraid to say the unsayable. As a Democrat party strategist, this trait has at times got him into trouble; last year, he was fired from his job at a progressive think tank for tweeting out a study that showed that nonviolent demonstrations were more effective than riots at pushing voter behaviour in a Leftward direction in 1968. But this has not stopped him from trying to deliver home truths to Democrats. For the past two years, he has made the case that the Party has lost touch with its working class base, and its relentless focus on identity issues has alienated moderate support. This is a near-heretical position to take in today’s Democratic circles, particularly from a self-described Leftist.In his interview with UnHerd, Shor goes further, arguing that the Democrat Party has become hijacked by white liberal college-educated activists whose interests and beliefs represent a tiny fraction of the country as a whole.For more, read The Post from UnHerd See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


13 Aug 2021

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"Swing voters don't share our values. If they did, they would be liberals." Democratic data guru David Shor on Dems' growing peril.

Beyond Politics

Democratic data expert David Shor has a stark warning:t if Democrats think they're sitting pretty, they're deluding themselves. "We actually aren't winning the war of ideas as much as we think...and the Republican Party is more popular relative to the Democratic Party than people think.  The Democratic Party brand and agenda has shifted a lot in the last four to five years, and it's gone in a direction that a lot of voters aren't comfortable with.  People can easily overestimate how much support there is for the Democratic Party." Check out the whole show for more from this fascinating interview.  Shor is a data scientist who consults with progressive groups around the country and is one of the most trusted and widely respected voices on what’s actually happening with the American electorate. He's the Head of Data Science at OpenLabs R&D, and previously was the director of Political Data Science at Civis Analytics, overseeing a research and development program that interviewed millions of people for hundreds of individual campaigns and electoral organizations. Photo by Marvin Esteve on Unsplash


2 Aug 2021

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Data Analysis: A Conversation with David Shor

CNalysis Podcast

A conversation with David Shor on polling errors, elections, and demographic swings.


11 May 2021

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The Sean Lowery Show - Ep 91 - David Shor

The Sean Lowery Show

The Sean Lowery Show - Ep 91 - David ShorDavid Shor is an American data scientist known for analyzing political polls. In 2012, he joined the Obama re-election campaign, working on the Chicago-based team that tracked internal and external polls and developed forecasts.[13] Shor was 20 when he started working on the Obama campaign. He currently serves as head of data science with OpenLabs, a progressive nonprofit. He was born in 1991. He presently serves as a Senior Fellow with the Center for American Progress Action FundTopics00:00 90 sec rapid fire02:49 Being on Bill Maher04:18 Progressive?04:02 Election Night06:15 Data Scientist07:22 Polling08:59 Michigan10:30 Online12:03 People who vote14:31 World was boring15:55 Ads16:50 Data doesn't matter17:10 Talk about issues18:28 Political Strategy20:13 Trump's Genius25:14 Electoral College26:00 Most votes should win25:52 Mark Cuban30:23 Bill Maher31:43 Different People Talking✏️Please Subscribe on Youtube! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe9zJOLgxCH4rRFcP0oZ6Rw🎙Subscribe to the #Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-sean-lowery-show/id1473326723Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/seanlowery20/Twitter: https://twitter.com/SeanLowery20Website: https://www.seanlowery.show/


8 Apr 2021

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SE3, EP08 David Shor, data scientist, Sr. fellow at CAP action, talking Dem’s data, 2022 midterms!

Lush Left Media

David Shor is a data scientist, Sr fellow at CAP Action Fund, Sr. data scientist w/ Civics Analytics — we discuss the 2020 election, the GOP, how the polls were wrong and what Dems can do to win in 2022. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


31 Mar 2021

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David Shor

Kudzu Vine

David Shor will join us to discuss political data trends, South Florida politics and more.

1hr 2mins

25 Jan 2021

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28 - David Shor on Why Bernie Would Have Won in 2016- But Not in 2020

The Most Interesting People I Know

David Shor is a data scientist and the former head of political data science for Civis Analytics, a Democratic think tank. In 2012, he developed the Obama campaign’s in-house election forecasting system, which accurately predicted the outcome to within a point in every state. David was the subject of some controversy this summer when he was fired following his tweeting of an academic paper. The paper argued that violent protests decreased Democratic presidential vote share while nonviolent protests increased vote share. Unfortunately, David is not at liberty to discuss the details of this incident, which is an excellent example of what happens when employment protections don’t exist.  I want to state up front that the focus of this episode is on how to improve the electoral prospects of Democrats, which is David’s expertise. I have many disagreements with the Democratic party and its leaders, and there are many pathways to power beyond electoral politics. But America’s political institutions are extremely powerful, and ensuring that they are controlled by the non-death cult party is important.  We discuss: What happened in the 2020 election  Why the electoral college is biased towards Republicans  Efforts to combat structural bias against the Democratic party Why the polls were wrong again and why they’ll be very hard to fix Why Bernie would have won in 2016 but may not have in 2020 How Democratic staffers and left wing activists are massively unrepresentative of the American public The electoral obstacles to passing Medicare for All and how to make the policy more politically popular  Policies that combat inequality without raising taxes Whether Democrats actually want to win Why Democrats need the working class to win power  Why good politicians stay relentlessly on message How we can move voters towards policy positions we think are just Why Democrats should talk more about issues and less about values What we can learn from the growth in support for same sex marriage The importance of getting the media on your side Links: National Popular Vote Interstate Compact Matt Grossman on Twitter David Shor on Twitter

1hr 13mins

4 Jan 2021

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Democratic Diagnosis ft. David Shor

The Neoliberal Podcast

Should Democrats be encouraged or dismayed by their 2020 election performance? Who's correct in the Democratic Party fight between AOC and the moderate Dems?  Polling and election analyst David Shor joins the podcast to talk about the 2020 election, including why the polls missed in the Midwest, the most important demographic shifts we've seen, and how Democrats need to message their policies to win lasting majorities. Follow David at https://twitter.com/davidshor To make sure you hear every episode, join our Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/neoliberalproject. Patrons get access to exclusive bonus episodes, our sticker-of-the-month club, and our insider community Slack.  Become a supporter today! Got questions for the Neoliberal Podcast?  Send them to mailbag@neoliberalproject.org Follow us at: https://twitter.com/ne0liberal https://www.facebook.com/groups/1930401007051265/   Join a local chapter at https://neoliberalproject.org/chapters

1hr 4mins

25 Nov 2020

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Trump stonewalls democracy: Dan Balz & Katie Glueck, plus Democratic polling expert David Shor

The Chuck ToddCast: Meet the Press

Chief Correspondent for the Washington Post, Dan Balz, and Katie Glueck, national politics reporter for the New York Times, join Chuck to talk about the Biden transition effort and Republican resistance. Democratic polling expert David Shor talks through lessons learned from the 2020 vote.


18 Nov 2020

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David Shor’s Unified Theory of American Politics

Josh on Narro

David Shor lost his job at Civis Analytics after his promotion of an academic study on protests created a Twitter controversy. But the socialist data guru’s insights into U.S. politics and the 2020 election are more interesting than cancel culture. https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/07/david-shor-cancel-culture-2020-election-theory-polls.html tweeted out a study(reportedly)apologizedcancel culturepull the Democratic Party left.median voter theorem a papera surge in supporta bigger advantageexceptionally unpopular conceptGallup did something on this in 2017,I obviously tweeted at some pointGreat Awokening was the Lafayette Park incidentMatt StollerRyan Grimactually pulls it to the left,fought to export America’s generous patent protectionsInvestor State Dispute Settlementin a recent paperderegulate banks in 2018recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Boardright-to-work lawssectoral bargainingCodetermination is popular.job guarantee is popular.ticket-splitting declined and ideological polarization went up. TermsPrivacy Notice


13 Aug 2020