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Your Diamond Light Body and Quantum Evolution with Julie Umpleby

Your Divine Uniqueness - The Podcast

Julie Umpleby's story is full of inspiration about trusting our higher self and Spirit, and being leaders of what we're here to create. The information she shared about the Diamond Templates, our Diamond Light Body and also receiving the incoming Diamond Frequencies is so profound! You'll learn about the story of our quantum evolution. And the group process which she guided us through afterwards, is a great opportunity to experience what she talked about. Julie also touched upon the process of "cutting cords" with people we don't feel comfortable with. She explained how the release can be much more profound without the need to go through this process. "The Diamond Template Activations" Program: YourDivineUniqueness.com/julie Julie's website: DiamondLightWorld.net Join the LIVE sessions: YourDivineUniqueness.com 

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16 Nov 2020

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Bridging Myths - The New Awakening with Julie Umpleby

The Alara Canfield Show

www.alara.at/show www.alara.at/show/julie7 Please join Julie Umpleby and me as we talk about Bridging Myths - The New Awakening, as well there will be live Q&A and healing processes. Another powerful conversation with new awarenesses, new information, and new perspectives. As well as a beautiful process that we did not want to come back from that can assist us in stabilizing ourselves during these high energy times. Many are currently going through enormous inner shifts where they are beginning to question the initial beliefs they have adopted on their awakening journey. This can lead to a lot of confusion around identity and purpose for instance. These current times are fueling a new level of awakening, an expanded awareness and new understandings. In this conversation we will explore some of the current transitions and influences that are driving these changes, including : -A fresh look at Ascension-Waves of consciousness and the ‘new wave’-The Schumann Resonances, 3d vs 5d, carbon to crystalline and the propagated myths-The Diamond Light and Diamond Light Codes As a futurist, Julie brings a revitalizing energy into working with consciousness. She is a bridge between worlds – scientific & consciousness, heaven & earth. ‘The Diamond Light is the brilliance that cuts through all illusion, bringing the light of Truth into all”

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30 Jul 2019

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The Courage to be You with Julie Umpleby

The Alara Canfield Show

www.alara.at/show www.alara.at/show/julie Join Julie Umpleby and I as we talk about The Courage to be You. Wonderful guidance and insight, and wisdom. Wonderful and powerful diamond light energy process that we can use for ourselves to let go of even more of what is not us to create more ease and joy in our lives. Among the things we will discuss: -How to enhance intuition and discernment for self-empowerment-How to build trust in your own truth and knowingness-How sacred geometry and light can enhance your brain and potential-Maintaining connection with your inner life navigator-Live Q&A calls.-and so much more

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10 Apr 2019

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Quantum Conversation with Julie Umpleby - Spiritual Gifts of the Sacred White Animals

Quantum Conversations

Learn More about Julie Umpleby: https://www.acoustichealth.com/todays-show/julie-umpleby-crystalline-diamond-consciousness-a-gateway-to-the-new-earth-2/Recent decades have seen an exponential increase in the numbers of special white animals appearing across many species. You may be familiar with the most widely known of these, especially the legendary White Buffalo and White Lion. In many indigenous cultures, the reappearance of these prophesied white animals heralds a time of great blessing and warning for humanity.These animals are sacred embodiments of higher or diamond consciousness and as such, they come with great wisdom and sacred teachings to share. They are great light-bearers, evolved manifestations of the animal kingdoms and there is much we can learn from them if we pause to listen. From lions, to whales, pythons, koalas, dolphins, ravens, deer and many more, each new white animal appearance brings us a unique new lens into the aspects of evolved consciousness.As a pioneer in the anchoring of diamond light upon our planet, Julie began hearing the calls of the Sacred White Animals almost a decade ago. Join us for this fascinating show as we explore some of these unusual manifestations and the implications for humanity.Access Julie's Special Offer: http://www.acoustichealth.com/specialoffers/diamond-light-world-with-julie-umpleby/

1hr 27mins

26 Jun 2018

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Quantum Conversation with Julie Umpleby - Diamond Light Consciousness

Quantum Conversations

Access Julie Umpleby's Special Offerhttp://acoustichealth.com/julieuoffer.htm Crystalline Diamond Consciousness: A Gateway to the New Earth Crystalline Diamond Consciousness is the ultimate pristine nature of our Highest Self in embodiment. It is a frequency of consciousness that holds all polarities in absolute balance as it embraces all in wholeness.At this juncture in human history, we are being driven by a broad spectrum of forces to evolve into our highest human potential. The diamond or sacred octahedron as a conduit for this crystalline consciousness, forms the fabric of a fractal pattern that can be found throughout the whole of life. There is a reason for this, for at all levels of our being we are being prepared to become that which we have always held the seed potential for - the embodied divine expression of the universe itself. The Living Creatrix.Access Julie Umpleby's Special Offerhttp://acoustichealth.com/julieuoffer.htm REGISTER for all Quantum Conversations: www.acoustichealth.com

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12 Dec 2017

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Julie Umpleby: Opening Your Crystalline Diamond Light

Happy Empires : Business Behind Wellness Brands

So, let's talk about the energetics beyond the right, wrong matrix that we often live by.On this call:Julie Umpleby will share with you some insight into the waves of evolution that are directing the awakening of humanity and the manifestation of a New Earth.She will explain how current cosmic events and cycles of time are supporting these changes and guide you through a connection to the Diamond Energy and the Diamond Light Codes.Your personal grid of crystalline lightDiamond Light World is a community dedicated to exploring, sharing and understanding our spiritual evolution through the development of your Diamond Light Grid - a personal grid or 'matrix' of crystalline light. This exploration has spanned many years through the fields of science, metaphysics, biology, cosmic cycles and patterns to bring you a cohesive and extensive understanding of the power and beauty of your diamond energetic structure.What is the Diamond Light Grid?Far from being just a spiritual analogy for soul perfection, your Diamond is actually a foundational energetic structure that helps to bridge the material and non-material worlds. It vitalises your ability to receive the many frequencies of light (and therefore information) from the universal electromagnetic spectrum. As a sacred architecture found at all levels of our known universe, your Diamond Light Grid harmonises you with the heart of all patterns and geometries that ultimately form your grandest Light Body. It is a crucible of creation, receiving, transforming and then transmitting information back to the Universal source. It is a vehicle to align your DNA with the cosmic blueprints for life, a connection to the HEART of all that is.Many people around the world are beginning to 'see' diamonds in their meditations and in other people's energy fields. This diamond fabric is a fractal pattern that can be found throughout the whole of life. There is a reason for this, for at all levels of our being we are being prepared to become that which we have always held the seed potential for - the embodied divine expression of the universe itself. The Living Creatrix.On the many pages of this website you can explore some the facets of your Diamond Light Grid, why it is important, where it comes from and how you can build and develop this body of light. In addition we feature the Diamond Light Codes, a language of light that that 'speaks' to your soul through the beauty of geometric forms and colour. These very special geometric images received as a transmission in 2003, transcend words and communicate directly to your unconscious self, transmitting their information to your DNA. They are also an integral aspect of your Diamond Light Grid and support the new alignments of your DNA.Spend a while and hear your soul's voice stir within as you reactivate the energy of your personal Diamond Light Grid through the pages you will find here. Rest into your being and know that you are on your journey home!"Your diamond is the temple of your awakened soul. Through the sacred chambers of your personal diamond matrix, you activate the codes of your unique divine blueprint and become the living programmers of the New Earth Unity Consciousness" ~ Julie Umpleby

1hr 39mins

21 Nov 2017