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Ep. 99 wth Tim Adams

Jump Street Podcast

Tim is a Rochester native who continues to put out incredible sections to this day. We talk about his latest section "SINNER", coming out to the skate community on Facebook, support for the LGBTQ community, and more.

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11 Jun 2021

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59 - Tim Adams & DNS Filtering

The InfoSec & OSINT Show

In episode 59, Tim Adams joins us this week to talk DNS security, Zero Trust, TLD filtering and more. My 3 main takeaways were 1) How to integrate DNS Response Policy Zones, or RPZs, to prevent access to known bad domains 2) How aged a domain should be, sort of like wine, before trusting it and 3) DNS Tunneling, how to identify it and stop it For more information, including the show notes check out: https://breachsense.io/podcast 


3 Jun 2021

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Episode 174 - Tim Adams on Creating Opportunity for ALL Kids

The Lifestyle Chase

Tim Adams is the founder of Free Play for Kids which started out as Free Footie in 2007, when he met a group of kids that broke his heart into a million pieces.  Tim Adams was at an inner-city school filled with struggling kids, doing a story for his former job as a reporter with CBC Edmonton. After turning the mic off, he asked about volunteering. He had played a lot of soccer and thought he could give the sport back to some of the kids who wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to play.  That instance grew into what we know today as www.freeplayforkids.com The lives that kids lead in our diverse community can get dark. Not everyone has the coach that has changed their life or the mentor that leads by example or the opportunities that make things work out. Not everyone has a safe space at home or their basic needs covered or the skills that some of us take for granted like making breakfast or even being able to afford breakfast. Tim works very hard putting in the reps, to make amazing things happen for kids and young leaders. He recognizes the privilege he has and the experiences he’s had that other kids haven’t even been able to imagine before Free Play For Kids.  He also knows first hand just how life changing having access to sport and coaches who make you feel seen can be on someone’s life.  Not only has Tim provided an opportunity to play, he’s grown the program to provide opportunities for leadership, and created a safe space for kids to be their authentic selves.  His team of coaches comes from diverse backgrounds and skills and identities. You can see it in how they lead, and how happy the kids are to be around them.  They’ve found ways to transport the kids so that it’s no longer a barrier. They’ve formed partnerships with businesses to bring food to kids when gathering wasn’t an option. They’ve worked hard to be there for kids when kids need them most in these unprecedented times.  There is no perfect journey to an undertaking as massive as Free Play, but Tim shares a piece of it all on this episode and how sometimes we have to leave a financially secure space where we don’t feel supported and take a risk on ourselves.  Sometimes you have to simply bet on yourself. Just do it.  Over the years, Tim has been recognized as a Top 40 Under 40 (2011) by Edify magazine, he was on of two civilians to receive the 2013 Alberta Justice and Solicitor General Crime Prevention Award, and he was most recently a Northern Lights recipient in 2020.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg. To get to know more about him, he’s most active on Twitter. To get to know your host, Chris Liddle, you can follow him @christianliddle, or follow the show @thelifestylechase or head to www.invigoratetraining.com The Lifestyle Chase is available in both audio and video. To help the show succeed, please share it on social media, and rate it on your favourite podcast platform. 


10 May 2021

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Simply the Best- Interview with Tim Adams

Mindful As A Mother

The first guest on the pod is the one and only Tim Adams. He really is simply the best (This is a Tina Turner reference). We dive into marriage, parenting, and infertility.  Be Peace, Be Love, and Be Mindful as a Mother --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


16 Mar 2021

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Does Tim Adams Have The Perfect Blockers To Call It Off In A 25k?

The Breakdown Poker Podcast with The Poker Guys

Late in a high roller, elite tournament pr Timothy Adams faces major aggression. Does he have the right hand to call it off? FLOP: Ks 10s 9s TURN: Kh RIVER: 7sAdams: KdJs Speranza: 10d8dFor access to exclusive Poker Guys freerolls and other tournaments on Nitrogen Sports Poker Room, use this link to sign up: www.nitrogensports.eu/r/632610***Our Book is NOW AVAILABLE! Get "How Can He Fold???" here: www.thepokerguys.net


1 Feb 2021

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e32: Free Play For Kids (Tim Adams)

The Love, YEG Show

[2:00] Who is Free Play?[7:27] The evolution of Free Play For Kids & his awakening moment for the direction of the organization after COVID[10:21] The value of "play" [12:32] Tim talks about his mentors & who impacted him[17:15] How can it be practical?[19:09] Hi my name is...[25:01] The 0.0001% of kids[26:03] Alfonso Davies' impact on their program[30:21] Essential leadership skills for "A" players & "B" players[33:02] "That's your team..."[39:10] We're not just a sports program, changed since COVID[40:03] Kids who go through the programs & are now back giving back to the program[42:17] Average day for Tim  & Free Play For Kids[46:04] Taking a step out of the spotlight[51:00] COVID's impact on the organization[54:32] How to support them to get through this time - change in donor mentality[59:21] Celebrating the success of Free Play For Kids[1:01:00] How Tim wants to be remembered..."We don't talk enough about the value of play & how it relates to belonging & mental health.""I just wanted to pay it forward.""I think about how privileged positions of leadership are.""We need life experience in positions of leadership.""When are we ever taught these simple life skills?""We don't need more people that look like me in those leadership roles.""Every kid should have access..."----------More information about the Free Play For Kids: https://freeplayforkids.com/

1hr 4mins

7 Oct 2020

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Episode 31 : Tim Adams - Tim Adams Coffee

Suncoast Fresh Prodcast

Ep#31 - Tim Adams - Tim Adams Coffee Tim, like many people, landed in the hospitality industry by chance but quickly realised that coffee was more than a morning ritual. It was his passion. Tim's spirited and determined nature drove him to enter a range of national and international barista competitions where he earned several awards.  Tim Adams Specialty Coffee places a significant emphasis on sustainability and giving back to the communities that farm the crops. Tim and his team travel the world working directly with farmers to make sure they are paid appropriately and the coffee beans they're hand-selecting are of high quality.  We have teamed up with Tim to create the Suncoast Seasonal blend. This coffee is complex, full-bodied and full of character. You can now add this to your fresh fruit & veg box, so give it a try and enjoy the Prodcast!


22 Aug 2020

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R1SR 7/29/20: KHSAA fall sports update. Interview with Ballard AD Tim Adams.

Region 1 Sports Report


29 Jul 2020

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57: Empowering Communities Through Sport | Tim Adams

Love What You Play

This episode of the Love What You Play podcast features Tim Adams, founder of Free Footie, a totally free after school club for 4,000 kids in need. Tim shares his story of transitioning from journalist, to volunteer coach, to working to provide vulnerable kids with the opportunity to play in a safe, accessible, and inclusive environment. Learn more about Tim and Free Footie here: https://www.freefootie.ca/ Table of contents:0:00 - Introduction1:00 - Falling in love with sport3:45 - Favorite memory (barefoot football)5:35 - Passion for journalism 9:30 - Top 3 characteristics of great coaches (compassion, passion, commitment)12:35 - Reasons for coaching soccer19:30 - Growing Free Footie24:30 - Partnering with community members27:45 - Certifying refs29:40 - Planning camps31:10 - Success stories32:50 - Dealing with burn-out 36:50 - Emphasizing fun44:00 - Organized free play 53:45 - How to contact Tim 54:30 - Leaving a legacy  The interview featured on this episode of the Love What You Play podcast originally debuted on the For the Love of the Game free Spring Virtual Summit 2020. To learn more about our upcoming summits and events with featured speakers, head to: https://www.fortheloveofthegame.ca/events


8 Jun 2020

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Short Strike - Get It Together! Organize Your Gear with Yeti Ambassador Tim Adams

Hooked in New England

Most of us have a constant challenge keeping our gear organized. After a few hours on the boat, on the beach or beside the river, our gear ends up spread out across half a mile, lost, tangled and crazy. Listen in as Tim Adams, owner of Oxbow Brewing and Yeti Ambassador, hooks us up with the ultimate fishing gear organization system. https://www.yeti.com/en_US/cargo/loadout-gobox-30/26010000026.html#start=1https://oxbowbeer.com/


5 Jun 2020