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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for William Rufus. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about William Rufus, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for William Rufus. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about William Rufus, often where they are interviewed.

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MDT Ep. 78: Concerning the Character of William Rufus and Some Scandalous Shoes

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This episode, we explore a character analysis of an unpopular leader, as William of Malmesbury explains how the virtues of William Rufus transformed into his greatest vices. Along the way, we also learn why pointy shoes are indicators of moral degradation.

Today's Texts:
William of Malmesbury. Chronicle of the Kings of England. Edited by J.A. Giles, translated by John Sharpe and J.A. Giles, George Bell & Sons, 1895.

Orderic Vitalis. The Ecclesiastical History of England and Normandy. Vol. 2. Translated by Thomas Forester, Henry G. Bohn, 1854.
Dec 20 2019 · 35mins
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William Rufus DeVane King | Episode #207 | Election College: United States Presidential Election History

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In the fashion of continuing on with our episodes about Vice Presidents who never made it to the presidency, we're talking about William Rufus DeVane King! 

King served a very short and not-so-effective presidency, but he was very interesting before that! Find out more about him in this episode!


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Jul 11 2017 · 22mins

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MDT Episode 12: Concerning William Rufus, Treason, and Portents of the King's Death

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In this episode of Medieval Death Trip, we hear the Warenne Chronicle's account of how as King of England, William Rufus dealt with rebels and how his own death was foretold in signs and visions.
May 23 2015 · 29mins
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26 William Rufus, Normandy and the First Crusade

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William Rufus was a flamboyant, red faced, pudgy and irreverant bloke, but none the less his father's favourite son. So Dad tipped him the wink and he left the death bed to take the throne of England from his older brother. And spent his reign trying to re-unite England and...

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Jul 11 2011 · 30mins

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18. William Rufus

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By the Holy Face of Lucca, it's William II! Better known as William Rufus, the favourite son of William the Conqueror who inherits the English throne while his older brother, Robert, takes on the Duchy of Normandy. Thanks to the writings of disapproving monks (not least the saintly Anselm), Rufus has often been condemned as a bad king. However, can a man wearing pointy shoes, cracking jokes and winning fame even from the monks for being a great chivalrous knight be all bad? There's a lot more to Rufus than an unfortunate hunting accident in the New Forest!
Jan 25 2011 · 44mins