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Life and Safety Inspections Matter - Danny Randazzo

Multifamily Missteps Hosted by Jerome Myers

Today, I had the pleasure of talking with Danny Randazzo, a full-time multifamily investor at PassiveInvesting.com. His company controls more than 2,000 apartments valued at 225 million assets under management. In 2019, they were able to purchase over 120 million dollars in multifamily real estate.Let's dive into Danny’s story and get expert advice from a real estate pro![00:01 – 06:26] Opening SegmentDanny Randazzo talks about his background and his multifamily journey Danny shares the skills he can offer in multifamily investing [06:27 – 11:59] The Three Amigos Danny talks about how he met his business partnersThey slowly found alignment in their business pursuits    “Let’s look at this thing together”He shares some tips in building partnerships you don’t want to miss! [12:00 – 19:58] Life and Safety Inspections MatterDanny shares that there’s not a lot of difference between a 50-million-dollar deal, a 5-million-dollar deal, and a 500,000-dollar deal.Find out why! Here’s a quick shout out to our website, Myers Methods Danny tells us why we need to check if our properties have fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems  [19:59 – 23:48] Closing SegmentDanny shares some words of wisdom you’d want to check out!Danny talks about what we can do if we don’t have access to people who can help us in our business Tweetable Quotes:“Be grateful for what you have and continue to work hard.” – Danny Randazzo“Multifamily is definitely a team sport.” - – Danny RandazzoResources mentioned:Myers MethodsYou can connect with Danny on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and his website, https://dannyrandazzo.com/. Listen to his podcast, The Danny Randazzo Show. Visit his company’s website at https://www.passiveinvesting.com/ and their social media channels: Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to learn more from mistakes and missteps by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes.If you are interested in getting into multifamily or scaling your current business, hop over to our website myersmethod.com to grab your free four-step guide on how to get the ball rolling!Support the show (https://www.facebook.com/groups/157335752156211/)


17 Mar 2021

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How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be With Danny Randazzo

The Next-Level Income Show

A wise person once said, “A genius without a map will get lost, while an idiot with a map will get to his destination.” This quote perfectly illustrates why you should need a roadmap on your journey to financial success. We each have our unique paths to financial freedom and ultimately it is we who are responsible for it, but learning from the people who have been there can make that process a whole lot easier. Danny Randazzo helps people in this through his book, “The Roadmap to Financial Success: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.” In this episode, Danny returns on the show with Chris Larsen to share his advice on how you can change your mindset and develop your personalized roadmap to achieve financial independence. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Next- Level Income Show Community today:https://www.nextlevelincome.comYouTube


23 Feb 2021

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Episode #12: Budgeting with Danny Randazzo

Asset Management Mastery Podcast

Creating air-tight budgets, which factor in all expenses, no matter how small, is no easy feat. It requires patience, commitment, and an eye for detail. Danny Randazzo, our guest today, certainly possesses these skills. As an asset management and budgeting whizz, he knows how to get the maximum NOI on properties. In this episode, Danny walks us through the current budget he is doing, and how his company creates multiple budgets to come up with a solid end number. He also talks about why they choose to do cost per door as well as the importance of being market-specific. Geographic location can shift several budget factors, so it is important to be cognizant of this. Along with this, Danny sheds light on the importance of having strict criteria that you stick to when looking for properties. We learned a great deal in today’s show, and we know you will too. Be sure to tune in today!Key Points From This Episode:Learn more about Danny’s background and what he is currently involved in.Find out about Danny’s budgeting process on a new property he is underwriting.The differentiating line items to look for when creating a budget.Gary unpacks how location plays a role in budget differentiation.Why Danny believes focusing on one market and knowing it well will lead to greater success.How having strict criteria can help you stay conservative.Danny’s asset management superpower and his top tip for success.Tweetables:“When we budget, we look at what the previous owner’s performance was. And we understand how they operated it because likely, them being a pretty decent owner-operator, their numbers shouldn’t be too far off.” — Danny Randazzo [0:02:48]“You need to have a strict set of criteria and stick to it. If a deal doesn’t work because your criteria is conservative then it is not the deal for you.” — Danny Randazzo [0:10:18]“Every single dollar counts when you are looking at asset management.” — Danny Randazzo [0:13:48]Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:Danny Randazzo Danny Randazzo on LinkedIn Danny Randazzo on Instagram Danny Randazzo on Facebook PassiveInvesting.com Sam WaltonCoStarPassive Income through Multifamily Real Estate Group on FacebookGary Lipsky on TwitterAPT Capital GroupAPT Capital Group - YouTube ChannelKyle Mitchell on FacebookGarzella Group


18 Jan 2021

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E136: The Secrets to Successful Underwriting - Danny Randazzo

The Investor Mindset - Real Estate Show

This week our special guest is the coveted underwriter Danny Randazzo! Join us as we discuss how to increase your returns with great underwriting.Danny is a real estate investor, author, entrepreneur, mastermind host, national speaker, podcast host, volunteer with The First Tee and world traveler.He retired from corporate America at age 30 after working as a financial consultant for over half a decade and building a real estate portfolio that generates monthly income to achieve financial freedom.  Today his company controls over $220,000,000 in real estate assets. When Danny is not investing in real estate you can find him walking with his wife Caitlin and dog George or playing competitive golf.Understanding the underwriting and analyzing of multifamily apartment deals is vital to a successful return on your investment. If you're a seasoned pro or just getting into investing, then this is a topic you simply can't ignore or ever have enough knowledge on.  So join the conversation as we dive deep into this complex topic and provide you with free professional knowledge that you can use to nail this subject and become a successful investor.   KEY TAKEAWAYS1. The basic philosophy of investing: 1. Preserve capital and 2. Buy cash flow producing assets for long term gain. 2. When finding a deal look at the market itself and identify the fundamentals that you want from that specific market. 3. Some key fundamentals to look for in a good deal are: 1. Location 2. The business plan 3. The economic growth of the investment area 4. Seller performance  5. Occupancy 6. Income 7. Expenses 4. At this moment in time be conversative with your cost reduction estimates and general underwriting 5. How to judge a market´s future performance: Look at market rent performance and sub market fundamentals reports that are available via brokers. This can tell you what rents will be like and what rental increases there are. 6. Always have an underwriter on your team who can verify all the data and financials when analyzing a market or property. 7. Stress test the deal. Look at return metrics like: vacancy & occupancy numbers, interest rate, expenses and exit cap. 8. You could be saving money on the performance of your property by reducing costs on administrative expenses such as internet, cable and phone packages. 9. You don't have to know a mentor to benefit from their teachings or knowledge. Take and create your own inspiration.  BOOKSFirst a Dream - Jim Claytonhttps://www.amazon.com/First-Dream-Jim-Clayton/dp/0972638903 LINKShttps://dannyrandazzo.com/https://www.instagram.com/danny.randazzo/https://www.facebook.com/dannyrandazzo/https://twitter.com/dannyrandazzohttps://www.linkedin.com/in/danny-randazzo-61126449/


30 Jul 2020

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102 | Outlining Roles And Having Fine Tuned Systems with Danny Randazzo

Making Money in Multifamily Real Estate Show

Danny's Background:He has over half a decade of professional experience working as a financial consultant where he advised multi-billion dollar companies to improve their operations and balance sheetsPrincipal at Passiveinvesting.comWithin the company, Danny is focused on asset management, building relationships, investment analysis, planning, and all things financeIn this episode we cover:00:04:36 Tighten up on your criteria00:05:30 Danny's metrics to target00:07:38 Diversifying your portfolio00:11:06 Transitioning into different asset classes due to investor interest00:13:30 Staying in your lane00:17:30 Digging deeper00:22:21 Other players that need to get involved to close00:26:37 You can't plan for everything00:28:47 Staying conservativeConnect with Danny:https://dannyrandazzo.com/https://www.multifamilyinvestornation.com/https://passiveinvesting.com/Connect with Dave:Schedule a callWebsiteE-mailOther ways to listen/watch:https://lnk.bio/multifamilyFollow or Subscribe:Facebook GroupLinkedInInstagramYoutubeIf you enjoyed this episode or like the show, please subscribe and leave a review! It is a huge help for just a little effort


23 Jul 2020

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Multifamily Asset Management - With Danny Randazzo

Wealth Builders Real Estate Investing Podcast

Danny Randazzo Bio: - Danny controls over $225M in real estate  - His First investment was a $1M building - He Became a millionaire at 29 - He Quit his corporate consulting job at 30 - He is a National speaker - Author of Wealth Lessons for Kids  - He is also a managing partner at PassiveInvesting.com Key Insights: - Danny’s journey from corporate consulting into multifamily investing - Why multifamily real estate is a stable investment  - Background on PassiveInvesting.com - Finding partners with complementary skillsets and “staying in your lane” to run a successful real estate syndication business - Key steps for an asset manager taking over a new acquisition  - Quick tips to add value to an apartment community  - Building the right team as an asset manager - What reports and discussions an asset manager need to have with their property manager  - Building an effective business plan for a value add property Book Recommendation: Mistakes Millionaires Make -  Harry Clark Contact Information: Company Website: www.passiveinvesting.com Personal Website: www.dannyrandazzo.com


16 Jul 2020

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#28 with Danny Randazzo: Scaling his Business to 2000 Units and 220 Million in Assets

Millennial Millionaire Real Estate Podcast

In this episode, Jonathan Farber interviews Dany Randazzo who is a Real Estate investor and entrepreneur. He made the move from San Francisco to South Carolina and his business really took off! His main focus is in the multi-family space with properties in the Southeast. He grew his portfolio extremely quickly in a very short amount of time.  In this episode we dive into topics like scaling your business, coming up with a plan to meet your financial goals, starting a meetup group, and more! Top Takeaways: How Danny got started in Real Estate - 6:19 - 11:23 He and his girlfriend came to a point where enough was enough in exchanging time for money He sold everything off in California, moved to South Carolina and started buying cash-flowing Real Estate assets to generate monthly income, and eventually lead to financial freedom Today, he owns and controls about 220 million in multifamily properties The more specific you are in your criteria, the more deals you will find Get a mentor and they will be your biggest cheerleader Transitioning from a W-2 job to investing in Real Estate -  34:16 - 16:07 Started out with the goal to replace his W-2 income The first deal generated 5K in passive income Always have a goal in mind before you get started Start a meetup group and connect with other Real Estate professionals - 34:04 - 36:57 Go to Real Estate meet-ups to find other like-minded individuals Danny runs his own breakfast meetup! His meetups are a time for people to share how they got started, discuss any challenges, and more! Meetups are a great way to motivate you to move forward with your goals How to bring value to Danny: Looking for someone who is extremely proficient in excel and financial modeling Social Links: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dannyrandazzo/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danny-randazzo-61126449/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danny.randazzo/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/dannyrandazzo BiggerPockets Profile: https://www.biggerpockets.com/users/randaz21 Company Website: https://www.passiveinvesting.com Personal Website: www.dannyrandazzo.com Blog: https://dannyrandazzo.com/blog/ Connect With The host, Jonathan Farber Here! LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanfarber1/ Instagram: @jonjfarb FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/jonathan.farber.9 Facebook Group: Real Estate Mentorship Mastermind BiggerPockets: https://www.biggerpockets.com/users/JonathanF29


16 Jun 2020

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CRS65 Danny Randazzo: Accelerated Scaling into $50M Multifamily Deals, Mindset and Lessons Learned

The Capital Raiser Show

Danny tells us about building passiveinvesting.com, scaling in multifamily, financial lessons from being a kid, nurturing his multifamily business, world travels, and spiritual view points for success in real estate and life.  Visit passiveinvesting.com


21 May 2020

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WS568: Prepared to Overcome The Unexpected During a Crisis with Danny Randazzo

The Real Estate Syndication Show

While the sudden changes that real estate investors have seen thanks to COVID have presented challenges, investing in real estate right now is still a sound decision for many reasons. It was great to get Danny Randazzo back on the show again where we discuss business as usual for him, thanks to the fact that he knows what questions to ask when it comes to managing his current assets and vetting new deals. Before all the restrictions of the pandemic set in, Danny and his team were in the middle of acquiring a new deal, and we talk to him about how he took everything in his stride and continued with the closing process. He gives a whole bunch of tips to listeners about how to manage current investments, underwrite an active deal, or vet a potential one in such a way that even if a crisis of this scale hits unexpectedly, you’ll have the right kind of risk-resistant systems in place to get you through it.


11 May 2020

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JF2068: Experience Investor Danny Randazzo Shares His View During The Coronavirus

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Danny is a Managing Partner at Passiveinvesting.com and Author of Wealth Lessons for Kids. He is also a multi-return guest and can be found on previous episodes JF1447 & JF1684. As you know, the Coronavirus has been impacting several investors and In this episode, Danny goes into how he is handling his business during this pandemic.  Danny Randazzo Real Estate Background: Managing Partner at Passiveinvesting.com Author of Wealth Lessons for Kids Became a millionaire at 29 Controls over $225M in real estate Based in Charleston, SC Say hi to him at: https://www.passiveinvesting.com/ Click here for more info on groundbreaker.co Best Ever Tweet: “Over the past year, I have really had the opportunity to work “ON” the business instead of “IN” the business.” - Danny Randazzo


1 May 2020