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APHL CEO Scott Becker wants to bring public health laboratory work into the foreground

Lab Culture

It’s September which means it is Public Health Laboratory Appreciation Month! We are kicking off a month of celebrating by chatting with Scott Becker, APHL CEO, about the exciting work being done by public health laboratory staff as well as the challenges many face. Scott also shares what he’s most looking forward to in the year to come. Don’t forget to follow #ThanksPHLabs and APHL on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok this Public Health Laboratory Appreciation Month! Links: 2022 Public Health Laboratory Appreciation Month Toolkit E.coli Outbreak with Unknown Food Source (August 2022) New Public Health Laboratory Workforce Pipeline Project Receives Historic and Much-Needed $282 Million Investment What is the APHL-CDC Fellowship Program and why should you consider applying? APHL.org/Fellowships APHL ID Lab Con 2023 APHL Newborn Screening Symposium


1 Sep 2022

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Episode #84 High Truths on Drugs and Addiction with Scott Becker and Hospital Reviews

High Truths on Drugs and Addiction

What are the leading issues for Hospitals and Heathcare? Is it COVID, medial education, universal healthcare? And what about the over 100,000 people a year who die from drugs? Scott Becker shares his perspective as a national expert in hospital and healthcare affairs.Scott Becker is a partner in the healthcare department at McGuireWoods. He previously served on the Board of Partners of the firm and chaired the healthcare department for nearly 13 years. Scott is the founder and publisher of Becker’s Hospital Review and Becker’s Healthcare. He represents hospitals and health systems, healthcare companies, surgery center chains, large practices, and private equity funds. Scott is a Harvard law graduate and certified public accountant.


1 Aug 2022

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#29 - Success Stories from True Leaders in Healthcare (Scott Becker)


Welcome to RevDive! For those of you who are new to the Podcast, we use this space to hear from and share with healthcare leaders inside and out of the Revenue Cycle. Our Guest today is Scott Becker of Becker’s Healthcare and McGuire Woods, LLP. Join in as healthcare celebrity Scott Becker talks about how he and his team created the Becker's Health universe, trends he is seeing in the industry today, and the achievements and failures he navigated on his road to success.  What you’ll get out of this episode: How Becker’s Healthcare became what it is today Rising costs, staffing shortages and other industry trends that are seriously affecting the industry today The highs and lows of leadership and self-improvement as a factor of success Join the ConversationWe want to hear from our RevDivers! Tell us what topics and people you’d like us to cover in future episodes:Rev Dive on LinkedInRevDive on TwitterFollow our hosts on LinkedIn:Taya https://www.linkedin.com/in/tayamoheiser/ Kem https://www.linkedin.com/in/kem-tolliver-bs-cmpe-cpc-cmom-1225b115/Follow our Guest on LinkedIn:Scott Becker


19 Jul 2022

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Ep. 20: Power of podcasting and elevating the physician voice with Dr. Katie Deming and Scott Becker

Permanente Medicine Podcast

How can podcasting be used to elevate physician voices and help educate patients? Host Chris Grant talks with a couple of fellow health podcasters in this new episode. Dr. Katie Deming, radiation oncologist with Northwest Permanente and host of the Born to Heal podcast; and Scott Becker, founder and publisher of Becker's Healthcare and Becker's Hospital Review and host of the Becker's Healthcare Podcast, talk about the importance of elevating science-backed facts to public consciousness, trending topics in medicine, and sources of inspiration for their shows.


5 Jul 2022

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Scott Becker on Marketing as a Content Producer

Healthcare Insight for Marketers

As a long time publisher, Scott is no stranger to healthcare content production and we learn his insights on marketing, the business of healthcare, staffing and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


7 Oct 2021

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Scott Becker Shares Great Advice for Emerging Leaders from Wendy Horton, CEO at University of Virginia Medical Center

Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

In this episode, Scott Becker shares great advice for emerging leaders from Wendy Horton, CEO at University of Virginia Medical Center

18hr 90mins

20 Sep 2021

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A Look at the Healthcare Landscape with Scott Becker

This Week Health: Conference

July 2, 2021: How would you assess the state of US healthcare today? Joining Bill is Scott Becker, Partner at McGuireWoods and Publisher and Founder of Beckers Healthcare. What are the highlights of the Becker's Podcast so far? Which US Presidents have the best grasp of healthcare issues? What are the most pressing issues facing health systems in 2021? Do new entrants like Amazon, CVS, Walmartetc pose a real threat? Who do you think is going to win the race to the hospital at home? And what do highly successful CIOs CEOs do that others don’t?Key Points:Healthcare is about serving patients. The number one priority is great quality and connectedness. [00:09:20] The big problem we have is access. Access is a huge challenge with 330 million people and an aging population. [00:23:25] We've got to figure out the labor shortage issue [00:24:50] Hospitals are trying to figure out how to compete against the rest of the world that's moved towards an asset light model because they are asset heavy [00:40:00] Beckers Hospital Review


2 Jul 2021

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Episode 12: COVID’s Impact on Healthcare Systems with Scott Becker, CPA, JD

Moving the Needle

“Two years ago, strategy revolves around ‘how do we make our hospital best for cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, spine...?’ that world has changed a lot, is changing a lot,” says Scott Becker, CPA, JD Founder of Becker’s HealthCare and Becker’s Hospital Review. Scott joins host Randy Moore, CEO of the AANA, to discuss how COVID has impacted healthcare systems, what it will take for companies to maintain a stake in the market, and the difference between healthcare coverage and access to healthcare. Scott Becker, CPA, JD -- Founder of Becker's HealthCare and Becker's Hospital Review  Release date: 6/2/21 


2 Jun 2021

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Healthcare Can’t Be a Zero-Sum Game - Scott Becker, Publisher of Becker's Hospital Review and Becker's Healthcare

Raise the Line

Scott Becker took an interesting path on the road to becoming an influential voice in the U.S. healthcare ecosystem. With an education in accounting and a law degree from Harvard in hand, Becker was attracted to the idea of building his legal practice around a “niche” and gaining deep expertise that others would find valuable. The ever-changing, fast-paced nature of healthcare caught his attention, and he’s never looked back. He eventually added media and communications to his skill set by founding Becker’s Hospital Review and Becker’s Healthcare – leading publications in the industry. In this episode of Raise the Line, Becker shares his keen insights with host Rishi Desai on the greatness and flaws in our system, meeting the demand for more clinicians, the political struggles over coverage and access, and the impact of COVID, among many other topics. Don’t miss this valuable discussion with a powerfully positioned observer.


23 Apr 2021

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From Doctor to Inmate: Life Lessons From Lockup with Scott Becker

Eric Rogell Talks with Warriors, Lovers, Kings, and Heroes

Scott Becker was a respected pediatrician. Until he became Inmate 03655159 in a federal prison, serving a 5 ½ sentence. Stripped of his identity and status, and in a dangerous environment he knew nothing about, Becker had to learn the rules of survival quickly. A highly educated man whose intellect had served him for more than 50 years, he now had to step up as a man and earn respect from other inmates. In today’s episode Becker shares the hard-won lessons on manhood, respect, courage, and more that he took from his time behind bars.


22 Apr 2021