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It's Not You, It's The Patriarchy with Joanne Bagshaw, PhD, LCPC

Find Your Feminine Fire


10 Nov 2020

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The Feminist Playbook: Claiming Our Power To Fight Back With Dr. Joanne Bagshaw

Authoring Life

One thing that women of all age groups, races, backgrounds, religions, and sexual orientation seem to have in common is that they question themselves about what is wrong with them in a way that men never do. Dr. Joanne Bagshaw’s book, The Feminist Handbook, highlights this issue and takes the spotlight off women, shining it on the patriarchy and the male-dominated system. On today’s podcast, Dr. Bagshaw joins Alicia Dunams in an eye-opening conversation about dismantling the patriarchal system and claiming our own power to create a better world for ourselves and the future generations.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the The Authoring Life Community today:aliciadunams.comAlicia Dunams FacebookAlicia Dunams TwitterAuthoring Life PinterestAlicia Dunams YouTubeAlicia Dunams InstagramAlicia Dunams LinkedIn


29 Sep 2020

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Power, Patriarchy & Playing Games with Joanne Bagshaw & Adrienne Lawrence

Efficiency on Demand

Joanne Bagshaw, PhD, LCPC is an award-winning professor of psychology and women’s studies at Montgomery College. She is also an AASECT-certified sex therapist with a private practice in Maryland and she the author of "The Feminist Handbook: Practical Tools to Resist Sexism and Dismantle the Patriarchy“. She also writes the popular feminist blog, “The Third Wave,” for Psychology Today. Before specialising as a sex and relationship therapist, Joanne was a trauma therapist, working primarily with rape and sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and adults who were abused as children. Joanne brings her nearly two decades of experience as a therapist to help clients transform their relationships and lead happier and healthier lives.As an award-winning on-air commentator and a Women's Media Center Progressive Voice of 2018, Adrienne Lawrence does more than just talk. The former litigator empowers the everyday professional with her engaging on-air legal analysis and with candid advice in her book, “Staying in the Game: The Playbook for Beating Workplace Sexual Harassment,” a first-of-its-kind survival guide published by Penguin Random House’s TarcherPerigee on May 12, 2020. Staying in the Game has been heralded as “a must-read for any woman in any workplace”. Whenever she’s not writing about workplace sexual harassment issues or furiously tweeting about gender parity problems, Adrienne's engaging audiences while speaking in large forums like SXSW, coaching clients as part of Jennifer Brown Consulting, or breaking down trending legal issues for outlets such as The Young Turks and NPR.In today’s episode, Joanne and Adrienne talks to Monique about sexual harassment, power & healing while centring a Black woman's experience. Knowing how to handle sexual harassment when it happens increases efficiency!HOT TOPICS OF THE EPISODE[1:18] - Monique introduces her guests, Joanne Bagshaw & Adrienne Lawrence.[1:51] - Tell us about who you are, what you do and where you’re from?I'm Adrienne Lawrence, I'm from Los Angeles, California. I'm an attorney turned TV broadcaster and I wrote a book called staying in the game.I’m Joanne Bagshaw, I'm from Long Island, New York. I'm a professor of Psychology and Women's studies and a sexual relationship therapist and the author of the feminist handbook.[3:11] - What got you to the point of writing the book about feminism, making sure women understand it's not them but the patriarchy?The telling story from my childhood that resonates today with feminism and helps lead me down the path of being a feminist is that I'm an adoptee. After eight years of practicing law, I wanted more for myself, I wanted to challenge myself. [11:53] -  What do you think is the impact of adoptions on kids?That really depends on the adoptive parents and the birth parents on what kind of arrangement they make.[16:06] - What do you think should be changed to be able to create better better systems?The first step is to get more women in politics. A patriarchy is a male dominated system, and we have mostly men making these decisions.[35:48] - So, this is for the both of you, what would be one thing that you wish women would change in themselves, in terms of interactions excluding women in order to improve the situation?I would like more women to speak up to call people out. I would like to specifically call on white women to speak up.[42:41] - Joanne talks about what feminism is all about.[45:42] - What are we going to do to those people who're telling us that we are making up everything in our mind?My thought is that your thoughts of me have nothing to do with me.So if you think I'm making things up in my mind, you tell yourself what you need to tell yourself to not address your behavior.[54:06] - What does efficiency mean to you?Not having to do everything myself.Efficiency should be maximizing your time to focus on the things that are aligned with your goals.[55:13] -  Which of the three things would you keep doing over and over again to get back to success?I'm definitely still going to law school.I'm probably gonna still get all of the schooling that I got. I think for me, trusting my intuition.Moving off of Long Island earlier.Maintaining my educational background.AWESOME RESOURCES THAT WE TALKED ABOUT IN THIS EPISODEBook: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/609265/staying-in-the-game-by-adrienne-lawrence/Program: https://joannebagshaw.mykajabi.com/sales-page-b06fac61-e4cb-44c3-9943-03bcd68bd72cIMPACTFUL QUOTES OF THIS EPISODEIf you think I'm making things up in my mind, you tell yourself what you need to tell yourself to not address your behavior. - Adrienne LawrenceEfficiency means getting help. - Joanne BagshawFIND MORE ABOUT JOANNE & ADRIENNE HERE.Websites: https://www.joannebagshaw.com/ &https://www.adriennejlawrence.com/book-1Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joanne.bagshaw/Twitter: https://twitter.com/adriennelaw See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


21 Sep 2020

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Joanne Bagshaw & Eddie Kim - September 10, 2020

The Conversation

Joanne Bagshaw and Eddie Kim speak with Adrienne Lawrence on The Conversation. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


10 Sep 2020

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It’s About Power with Adrienne Lawrence and Joanne Bagshaw


Laura talks with sexual harassment expert Adrienne Lawrence and Joanne Bagshaw, professor of psychology and women’s studies, to understand how we can protect ourselves and others from systemic racism and sexism, and increase our own self-awareness in pursuit of genuine allyship. Originally aired with Host Laura Zarrow on July 9, 2020 on SiriusXM's Business Radio Powered by The Wharton School, Channel 132. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


9 Jul 2020

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123. Joanne Bagshaw with Kirsten Harris-Talley: How to Resist Sexism and Dismantle the Patriarchy

Town Hall Seattle Arts & Culture Series

From reproductive rights and the wage gap to #MeToo and #TimesUp—gender inequality permeates nearly every aspect of our culture. According to award-winning psychology professor Joanne Bagshaw, the message that our society sends to women and girls is clear: you’re not enough. In conversation with Washington at-large City Councilmember Kirsten Harris-Talley, Bagshaw offered tools for women everywhere to navigate sexist institutionalized power structures, attitudes, and events that are outside of our control. With advice from her book The Feminist Handbook: Practical Tools to Resist Sexism and Dismantle the Patriarchy, Bagshaw helped us confront negative messages that have been deeply internalized by our society, combat the effects of gender and race discrimination, and create lasting change through activism and community. Join Bagshaw and Harris-Talley as they untangle the role that sexism and discrimination plays in our lives, our mental health, and our overall sense of well-being.  Joanne L. Bagshaw, PhD, is an award-winning professor of psychology and women’s studies at Montgomery College. She is also an ASSECT-certified sex therapist with a private practice in Maryland, where she lives with her husband and daughter. Joanne writes the popular feminist blog, The Third Wave for Psychology Today. Kirsten Harris-Talley is a community educator, policy strategist, and activist for reproductive justice and police accountability. Harris-Talley is the interim Executive Director of NARAL Pro-choice Washington and in 2017 served city-wide as a Councilmember of the Seattle City Council. Presented by Town Hall Seattle. Recorded live in The Forum on March 3, 2020. 


25 Mar 2020

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Monday, December 9th @9:00am pst with Joanne Bagshaw, author of THE FEMINIST HANDBOOK.

KUCI: Get the Funk Out

Joanne L. Bagshaw, PhDauthor of THE FEMINIST HANDBOOKPractical Tools to Resist Sexism andDismantle the PatriarchyNovember 1, 2019

9 Dec 2019