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Tips, Trials and Triumphs of a Multi-Million-Dollar Business with Joe McCall

The Lifeonaire Show

What makes a person successful? Joe McCall is a perfect person to ask, because he’s done it ALL! From overcoming debt to making his business simple enough that he could spend several months in Prague with his family, Joe lives by several simple principles that have contributed significantly to his successful and fulfilled life. Stick around with him, Jason Wojo, and Polish Peter as they dive into: The way Joe thinks that helped him manage his business while traveling abroad What it means to work ON your business, not IN your business How to ask better questions to make better decisions Valuable insight Joe’s learned from living paycheck-to-paycheck And the role his faith plays in his decision making So if you’re stuck behind obstacles in your life, drop what you’re doing and listen in. Joe’s insight may be just what you need to start propelling towards the life you crave! Learn more about Joe at https://joemccall.com/


6 Apr 2021

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Wholesaling Lease Options With Joe McCall

Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast

Everybody thinks that their market is the hardest place to do deals. While it’s true that it’s more competitive and more challenging than it used to be, the deals are still out there, and Joe McCall is out to prove it. Joe helps people find simple ways to make money in real estate. Today, he joins Mitch Stephen to talk about lease options and why he thinks they’re the easiest and fastest way to make money in real estate! He also shares some valuable lessons on the best wholesaling lease options you can use to boost your sales. These options are so simple that anyone can do it. All you need is action, consistency, and your phone. Are you experiencing difficulty getting deals? Join Joe and Mitch Stephen in this conversation and discover how it’s done.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Real Estate Investor Summit Community:reinvestorsummit.comReal Estate Investor Summit FacebookReal Estate Investor Summit TwitterReal Estate Investor Summit YouTubeMitch Stephen LinkedIn


2 Mar 2021

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Creative Financing Lab - Free Coaching Call With Joe McCall & Matt Theriault Part 2 » Episode 966

Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast

This podcast was your chance to ask Matt Theriault and me anything about creative financing, and we gave it to you straight. From questions about evicting tenants to whether the bank will repossess a subject-to loan, we clarify any confusion you might have about how creative financing works. If you’ve invested in a few real estate courses, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with all of the information coming at you. I want you to find the answer to your questions today, and then go out there and start talking to sellers.Different markets are going to require different strategies. While Texas won’t allow sandwich lease options, that doesn’t mean that creative financing strategies are completely off the table. It works that way across the country; creative financing gives you options to meet whatever situation you come across in markets all over the country.How do you find subject-to homes? I used to go through list providers looking for homes that had been bought in the last 3-5 years with FHA or VA loans because I knew they had little to no equity. And then on top of that I’d just layer some additional motivation, like needing to move, and you have a list of people who might agree to a subject-to.Building a real estate side hustle while you’re still working a full-time job can make marketing harder. After all, how are you going to answer the phone when your boss is standing next to your desk? Just a short phrase on your postcards inviting sellers to call your toll free number 24 hours a day is a simple solution. People have no problem leaving a message, especially if they can leave it any time of the day.Do I prefer Trulia, Zillow, or Redfin? How do I build my own lists? What’s the best marketing for lead gen right now? I’m laying down the knowledge for free in this episode, so don’t miss it.|What's Inside:—Which is better for your real estate strategy: Regular tenants or tenant-buyers?—Because this is a marketing business and not a real estate business, you have to learn to talk to sellers.—If you’re new to real estate and you’re just completely overwhelmed, this is the one thing you absolutely have to focus on.


18 Jan 2021

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Creative Financing Lab - Free Coaching Call With Joe McCall & Matt Theriault Part 1 » Episode 964

Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast

Don’t get sidetracked by the news about the retail market. Matt Theriault and I want you to focus on off-market conditions because that’s where real investors play. When we market to sellers, we’re looking for disease, divorce, distress, death, debt, and all of the other reasons that homeowners get desperate to sell.If you’re not marketing correctly in a distressed market, you’re missing these sellers. That’s why Matt wants you to separate on-market data from off-market decisions, and he shares some of his insights for how that will play out in the next year as the market pretty closely mimics the 2002 real estate market.Are there situations when a different kind of creative financing works better? Or just makes more sense? Matt and I spin out some scenarios based on our experience that should help you see the flexibility that creative financing offers distressed sellers.A big question you’re going to keep coming up against is: Do you need equity in a home to buy it from a seller? Depending on the market, I say that if it cash flows, then it doesn’t matter how much equity it has. Supply is still down so much that real estate investors are going to be able to create deals that they couldn’t have even dreamed of after 2008.Stay tuned for part 2 when we continue to answer your questions about navigating financing in the 2021 real estate market.What's Inside:—When should you use the three option letter of intent?—Why you need to separate on-market data with off-market decisions.—When house cash flows, it doesn’t matter how much equity it has.—Adjusting your marketing will help you continue to find people who haven’t listed their homes yet but are struggling with the 7 Ds.


14 Jan 2021

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EP: 029 Joe McCall on Marketing, Housing and Why He Loves Land Investing

Land.MBA Podcast

Are you an engineer, finance person or other highly educated professional by trade? Do you love to learn dissect processes and then create new clever and unique ways to solve problems and grow businesses? What if I told you that that is the fastest path to the bottom?  Our guest today on The Land.MBA Podcast is Joe McCall. Joe is a leading real estate investor with one of the top podcasts and coaching programs in the real estate investing niche. Joe is a recovering engineer who realized that and I quote: “cubicles made me want to vomit”.  He decided to leave the security of his job and go out on his own. But after struggling with shiny object syndrome, and trying to develop his own approaches to real estate investing, Joe finally decided to buy a course and follow it to the letter. That was the beginning of his truly remarkable career. Oh, by the way, he's quite an innovator now, but that is because he has the expertise to find the subtle opportunities that aren't obvious to everyone else. Listen on, as Joe shares his story of going from near bankruptcy to the top of the mountain Joe’s investing journey started when his friend recommended the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  He started reading everything he could about investing.  He grew his portfolio but when the crash occurred in 2009 he had about 15 home.  He nearly lost everything and was incredibly close to bankruptcy. “I don't know how I survived,” he says.  “It was God's grace”.  It was at that point that he realized he had to learn the art of wholesaling.  Wholesaling is just buying a property under contract at a real cheap discount and then selling that contract or your rights to buy that property to somebody else. He didn't think wholesaling was cool and believed it was just for rookies.  He wanted to do the big deals. Then he realized his back was against the wall.  He needed cash, fast.   Joe became something of a professional student.  He would buy course after course on real estate investing.  He eventually did his first wholesaling deal and made something like $12k.  The deals kept coming and that was enough to convince him to leave his engineering job and to begin his full-time real estate career.    Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/mylandmba Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/land.mba/ Website: https://www.land.mba/podcast


9 Oct 2020

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#006 - Joe McCall and that time Keith 'handled this'

Good One, Keith!

Joe McCall himself starts rumors about himself and tells us a story more about Jenna than Keith


7 Sep 2020

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Joe Mccall talks about Wholesaling Lease Options and the Importance of Systems

Dive Into Real Estate Investing for Newbies

#27 In this episode we have the one and only Joe McCall. Joe gives us his perspective on Lease Options, building a buyers list and reverse wholesaling. You're going to love this interview. He got his start in real estate by investing in Lease Options. Joe also has his own podcast called www.realestateinvestingmastery.com Joe has been podcasting since 2011 and was one of the first in the space. He also coaches students and has several courses on Lease Options, Virtual Wholesaling and much more. You can contact Joe at: https://joemccall.com/


7 Sep 2020

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223: How to Lose Money by Not Knowing Your Numbers with Joe McCall

How to Lose Money

Joe McCall has been investing in real estate full-time for over 11 years. His background and education was in Civil Engineering. Before he started working on his real estate investing business full-time, he had worked for several large engineering & construction companies, building power plants all around the country.   As soon as Joe figured out the three keys to success in real estate investing (Marketing, Automation, and Delegation), and started implementing his unique systems for wholesaling and lease option deals, within 3 months, his part-time income surpassed his full-time income, and he left his job. Joe only works a few hours a week on the “deals” side of his business, while his virtual team consistently flips several deals a month – all for him, in spite of him.   Joe is an expert at flipping properties remotely. In the last several years, Joe has spent many months in Prague, Czech Republic, and 3 months traveling the northwestern part of the US in an RV, with his wife and four kids. While he traveled, he was still able to flip deals in 4 different markets.


3 Aug 2020

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Episode #91 - Maximizing Deal Flow Using Lease Options with Joe McCall

REI Marketing Nerds

You know wholesaling, rentals, fix & flips and a dozen other ways to make money in real estate. And you probably like one better than the rest.  But let’s be real: All of them can be headaches. Rentals are high maintenance, wholesale has small margins and the expenses on fix & flips is high. But there’s a silent group of investors getting wealthy with a “weird” business model. It’s called lease options—and Joe McCall is one of the top experts on it.  On this episode, Joe stops by to show you what lease options are and how you can use them to build your own wealth.  If you’re ready to stop hustling for leads and want a smoother REI business, listen now! Show highlights include:  A virtually unknown book that shows you how to get “dream tenants” that fix your property themselves.(5:23) How 2 months of vacant properties can erase 10 years of progress. (9:44) Rockefeller’s devious success secret that lets you see success without the downside. (12:33) Why getting a job and saving for retirement is NOT the safe option—even if your REI business can’t feed you yet. (19:20) The difference between REI coaches you should hire and coaches you should block on Facebook. (23:21) If you don’t know how to continue, ask yourself this question and you know how to take action. (31:33) How a 14-year old closes more real estate deals than most “investors”. (33:54) To get the latest updates directly from Dan and discuss business with other real estate investors, join the REI marketing nerds Facebook group here: http://adwordsnerds.com/group Need help with your online marketing? Jump on a FREE strategy session with our team. We'll dive deep into your market and help you build a custom strategy for finding motivated seller leads online. Schedule for free here: http://adwordsnerds.com/strategy Find out more about Joe here: https://www.wlobook.com/ and on his podcast: https://www.realestateinvestingmastery.com/


13 May 2020

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869 » Free “Ask Us Anything” Coaching Call & “Hot Seat” with Joe McCall & Gavin Timms

Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast

I love opening up the conversation to include our listeners because they always have such great stories and questions. You guys really make my job easy, so thank you for showing up with your concerns and comments. We talk about how to have natural, easy conversations with sellers, what to do if your deals keep falling through, and how creative financing will help you as this market shifts.Do you want to know how to make even more money on every deal you’re making? The real secret is packaging deals together. This looks like putting together financing, contractors, property management companies, Realtors, and insurance companies all wrapped up in a tidy bow. Watch and see if you don’t go from making $5,000 a deal to $10-15,000 every time.If you find a seller, and you can’t come to terms on a price, that is the perfect time to offer an assignment lease option. Gavin’s role plays with a student for how that conversation might sound, and gives tips on the best way to phrase this offer. I love doing these role plays with our students because it really gives everyone a chance to see common problems laid out.Closing on a deal isn’t the final word on the deal. Communication throughout the entire process is part of the trust that you have to maintain with a seller so that there are no surprises for either of you.I know without a shadow of a doubt that no matter what happens in this market if you can sell deals with creative financing, you’re going to do really well. And if you’re interested in coaching, contact us to see if we’d be a good fit. We’d love to help you take your real estate business to the next level.What’s Inside:—I explain the double-dip strategy that yields big returns.—If you can sell packaged deals with financing in place, you’re going to crush it.—How to find buyers that will want to buy your packaged deals?—Gavin role-plays with a couple of callers to help them work through some current problems they’re facing.—A caller wants to know if you can raise private money for lease-option deals.

1hr 26mins

6 May 2020