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La Ruleta Rusa 36.2021. Jimi Hendrix. Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets. Placebo. Bob Mould. Neil Young.

La Ruleta Rusa Radio Rock

Jimi Hendrix. South Saturn Delta, 1997.Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets. Live at the Roundhouse, 2020.Placebo. Once More With Feeling - Singles 1996-2004 (Limited Edition), 2004.Bob Mould. Blue Hearts, 2020.Neil Young. Roxy (Tonight's The Night Live), 1975.

22 Aug 2021

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Episode 355 - Jason Narducy (Split Single, Bob Mould, Verboten, Superchunk)

Turned Out A Punk

How many 10 year olds have helped shape rock history?! Today on the show, Split Single's JASON NARDCUCY talks about his "influential" elementary school punk band & his incredible career since then. Join Damian as he sits down with his friend to discuss: being a 10 year old punk, Bob Mould being awesome on & off stage, Tim Meadows' love of music & SO MUCH MORE! Don't miss this one & don't miss the awesome new Split Single album "Amplificado" on Inside Outside Records OUT NOW! Also Touched On: Getting into punk at 8 Rock n Roll High School with Cheap Trick? Gigging by age 11 Tracy is the COOLEST being too young to understand the scene meeting Vic Bondi as an adult Why Bob Mould rules The influence of the Germ’s “Panther” The issue of kids in the punk scene Meeting a Coachella Going to parties with grown-ups Off Broadway Did DCHC like KISS Leaving the punk scene at 13 Seeing Sonic Youth in Europe on the Sister tour put yourself in the sightline Tim Meadows is super cool Taking the Dead Kennedys to a country club & SO MUCH OTHER GOODNESS!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS

1hr 29mins

11 Aug 2021

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Mike Mills (R.E.M.) with Jason Narducy (Superchunk, Bob Mould)

Talkhouse Podcast

Jason Narducy is a Chicago guy, but he spends a ton of his time—or at least he used to—on tour, playing bass for both Bob Mould and Superchunk. In early 2020, a local theatre mounted a production of a musical called Verboten, which was based on Jason’s life—specifically his time as a pre-teen in a punk band. As a grown-up, in addition to providing the low end for those other great folks, he fronts his own band, Split Single. Under that moniker, Narducy writes the songs and recruits incredible musicians to record and play with him. For the excellent new Split Single album, Amplificado, Narducy once again asked Superchunk’s Jon Wurster to play drums, and he summoned the bassist from a certain famous Athens, Georgia band to play as well.That’d be R.E.M.’s Mike Mills, who fleshes out the Split Single sound with his bass and backing vocals on Amplificado, which the trio recorded here in Chicago before the pandemic ground everything to a halt. Mills has kept himself busy since R.E.M. split up about ten years ago, playing with the Baseball Project and playing golf, as you’ll hear. (He’s earned it, right?) In this conversation, he also talks about a long-gestating solo album, a project that incorporates classical music, and his rescue pooch. In case you missed it, Mills’ R.E.M. bandmate Michael Stipe was on the Talkhouse Podcast just six weeks ago—we’re two for four!Elsewhere in this conversation, Mills and Narducy talk about the pandemic, of course, as well as hope for the future, passing the baton to the next generation, and the majesty of working with excellent drummers—specifically Jon Wurster and Bill Berry. Enjoy.This episode was produced by Melissa Kaplan. The Talkhouse theme is composed and performed by The Range. Thanks for checking it out!


29 Jul 2021

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REPOST: Jason Narducy (Split Single / Superchunk / Bob Mould Band)

Vinyl Emergency

Enjoy this encore presentation from February 2020 with guest Jason Narducy of Split Single. His new album Amplificado is out now! 


27 Jul 2021

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Bob Mould Matters


The year was 2002, 22 years into his career when I first got to speak to the one-time Hüsker Dü and Sugar lead singer and equally successful solo artist, Bob Mould.  Over that year and the next, Bob delivered no less than three albums. I caught up with him just after the release of the first of the three, Modulate.   * Disclaimer: Due to the poor sound quality on this one, it's intended for the die-hard fans, if only due to a buzz on the line I simply don't have the tech to remedy, and for that, I apologise.    Nonetheless, I loved the interview and thought it only right to share it with those of you who can listen past the buzz and enjoy this rich, humble and engaging artist at a critical stage of his music career.


21 May 2021

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Episode 14 : Bob Mould "Blue Hearts"

Somethin To Dü

For Episode 14, Jude and Greg dig into a Bob Mould solo album for the first time on the pod. "Blue Hearts" was just released in September of this year and is perfect for the current climate.  STDu wanted to make sure to get this episode out in time for Election Day and managed to get it out one day ahead of schedule. Enjoy and GO VOTE!

1hr 9mins

2 Nov 2020

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Episode 290 - Bob Mould (Hüsker Dü, Sugar, World Championship Wrestling)

Turned Out A Punk

IT FINALLY HAPPENED: BOB MOULD HAS COME ON TOAP! One of the most requested guests for the podcast, as well as one of Damian's biggest inspirations, is here to talk Punk & it is spectacular. From Jesse "The Body" Ventura coming to hardcore shows to the infamous Tulsa Jack demo, this one is a trip. Also, don't miss Bob's UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING new album "Blue Hearts"! Also Touched On: CHOM-FM Seeing punk before you heard it School bus trips to see concerts in Montreal Rush at their peak versus Aerosmith at their worst Cheap Trick blowing KISS of the stage Ramones opening for Iggy Suicide Commandos in Rock Scene Blank Records records in Burlington Vermont Where did punk start? Divergent evolution The Suburbs Taking lesson from Chris Osgood just to hang out How different would alternative music have been if Husker Du had kept Charlie? Final Conflict and Willful Neglect Ken Lester with the hook up Ron Reyes coming through with ribs and the strawberries Making Duff McKagan leave the TV so Husker Du can watch wrestling The story of the Tulsa Jacks demo Breaking into the Biz Diamond Jim: Husker Du’s Tour manager Working at WCW The Misfits Vampiro & SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS

1hr 36mins

17 Oct 2020

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Bob Mould & Nervus

Flick Through

Erica & Kay look into the brand new album Blue Hearts by Bob Mould, and celebrate the first anniversary of Tough Crowd by Nervus.BOB MOULD - BLUE HEARTSOrder the record: https://shop.specialistsubjectrecords.co.uk/products/679154-bob-mould-blue-hearts-lpListen: https://bobmould.bandcamp.comLabel: https://www.mergerecords.comResearch:Our Noise: The Story of Merge Records (the indie label that got big and stayed small)Merge Records: 25 Years in 24 MinutesCreative Mornings talk with Mac https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/sep/30/bob-mould-alt-rocks-gay-icon-takes-on-american-evil-my-heads-on-firehttps://www.loudersound.com/features/buyer-s-guide-sst-records2019 interview Lockdown interviewhttps://www.talkhouse.com/bob-mould-talks-with-alicia-bognanno-bully-on-the-talkhouse-podcast/Professional Rock and Roll book reportOur zine Band BasicsNERVUS - TOUGH CROWDOrder the record: https://shop.specialistsubjectrecords.co.uk/products/648092-nervus-tough-crowd-lpWebsite: https://nervusmusic.com/Label: https://bsmrocks.com/Lucinda's projects: Ladyfuzz / Bloodflower DesignResearch:Nervus ‘The Way Back’ Music VideoEm at 2000 Screenshttps://www.loudersound.com/features/tough-crowd-inside-nervus-confrontational-third-albumhttps://mmhradio.co.uk/nervus-tough-crowdhttps://mightymoonmedia.com/101-part-time-jobshttps://www.upsetmagazine.com/features/heres-everything-you-need-to-know-about-nervuss-new-album-tough-crowd---IG @specialistubject / TWT @specialistsubSupport the show (https://shop.specialistsubjectrecords.co.uk/products/673192)

1hr 1min

6 Oct 2020

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10-4-20 -- Thurston Moore, Bob Mould, and Hum

Will's Band of the Week

Will, Chris, Nicholas and Jason discuss the latest releases by Thurston Moore, Bob Mould, and Hum, plus Rolling Stone's revised top 500 list, the Ramones, and the Sludge-O-Matic 8000.

1hr 28mins

5 Oct 2020

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Bob Mould with Alicia Bognanno (Bully)

Talkhouse Podcast

For this week's episode of the show, we paired two brilliant rockers from different generations, each of whom has a fantastic new record out: Bob Mould (Hüsker Dü, Sugar) and Bully's Alicia Bognanno.They chop it up about a lot, including the making of their new albums; how the music industry has changed since Bob’s early days in the game; the ups and downs of sharing one's life — including familial and mental health issues — with the public; and so much more.Check it out, and subscribe now to stay in the loop on future episodes of the Talkhouse Podcast, including Tame Impala's Kevin Parker with Caribou's Dan Snaith, and Mac DeMarco with Dayglow. Follow @talkhouse across socials to catch upcoming installments of Talkhouse Podcast Live On Insta.—Elia Einhorn, Talkhouse Podcast host and producerFor this week’s episode, everyone you hear recorded themselves. Our producer is Mark Yoshizumi.The Talkhouse Podcast theme song was composed and performed by The Range.Please direct all podcast-related ideas, vitriol, and compliments to elia@thetalkhouse.com.


24 Sep 2020