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#70. Interactive Films feat. Evelyn Smith

Gentlemen Prefer Cinephiles


5 Jul 2019

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082: The Ted Bundy Tapes And Cathy Evelyn Smith

The Blotter Presents

Sometimes I feel like I should retitle this podcast The Joe Berlinger Review Hour, because he's back on Netflix with Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, and first-time guest Piper Weiss joins me to discuss the male gaze of the miniseries; Carol DaRonch's bitchin' Camaro; and the things about Bundy that it's not possible for us to understand. Later, we dug into the death of John Belushi -- specifically, Cathy Evelyn Smith, the woman who allegedly gave him the speedball that killed him, and whether she did time for administering those drugs because someone had to do time for something. Would Belushi have died the same way anyway? Is there any groupie who isn't, in some sense a victim? And can Erin Lee Carr please tell Smith's story? So many questions, so many muddled '70s non-answers in an all-new The Blotter Presents. SHOW NOTES Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes on Netflix The Stranger Beside Me and other Ann Rule essentials You think Zac Efron playing Bundy is nuts? Dig THIS The 20/20 interview with Cathy Smith Rolling Stone's piece on Belushi and Smith Wired on YouTube PiperWeiss.com Special Guest: Piper Weiss.

1hr 18mins

23 Jan 2019

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#18: Video Games as Cinema feat. Evelyn Smith

Gentlemen Prefer Cinephiles

We discuss video games as cinema with Evelyn Smith!


30 Apr 2018

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Buxom Blondes with Ray Guns E03: Evelyn Smith - 1955

Buxom Blondes with Ray Guns

This episode is about Evelyn Smith and the year 1955. I read “The Vilbar Party” and “The Doorway” by Evelyn Smith.


10 Feb 2018

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The New Meaning of Mom Guilt with Mary Evelyn Smith (BUB #19)

Bringing Up Betty | True Tales of Special Needs Parenting

Today we're doing something a little different. Betty's been sick and I didn't want to wait yet another week to put a new episode out, so instead I'm sharing a few uncut chunks of my chat with Mary Evelyn Smith that didn't make it into her story in episode #17. I had such a great time chatting with Mary Evelyn and found her so relatable. I think you'll really enjoy this unedited discussion on a few different topics. To sum it up, we chat about: The new (intense) forms of mom guilt that show up when your child's early childhood involves a lot of therapy (or maybe Mary Evelyn and I are just both really good at beating ourselves up?) How to ruin any fun/relaxing/enjoyable activity The terrible selection of children's books about disability and differences How to approach and teach your child about disabilities The connections that our kids (and their siblings) are not making about the world The responsibility we have as parents in shaping how our kids will be viewed and treated If you haven't had a chance, visit Mary Evelyn's blog, where she chronicles her family's beautiful (but real) life. -- Today's episode is sponsored by ezpz. The silicone ezpz Happy Mat has been a game changer for our family! It means Betty can eat at the table with us - without flinging a plate or tipping a bowl. Use the promo code BETTY at checkout to save 20% on your ezpz order today!


26 Apr 2016

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When Your Second Child Doesn't Have a Disability with Mary Evelyn Smith (BUB #17)

Bringing Up Betty | True Tales of Special Needs Parenting

Mary Evelyn Smith tells the story of becoming a mother to her son Simeon, who has spina bifida, and daughter Franny, who does not have a disability. She explains why constant attention can be exhausting, and how parenting a child with special needs can make you feel like you've got a big secret.


22 Mar 2016

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2011 Louis P. & Evelyn Smith First Amendment Award

Ford Hall Forum

1hr 40mins

21 Apr 2011