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Healing with Choices We Don't Know We Have with Tim Walter

Buddhist Biohacker

Tim Walter is a house healer and alternative life coach. Prior to helping others step into their true power as creative joyful human beings, Tim spent thirty years working as a freelance corporate video and conference production consultant for some of the world’s largest companies. In his role as writer, director and producer of video, film and TV he worked to constant hellish deadlines. As a writer of film and TV drama he was often with stressed producers mired in ‘development hell’. It’s taken several decades for Tim to see the theme of change emerge in his working life: from a past personal hell to an almost present heaven. The catalyst for Tim’s life-change began innocuously in 1998 when he moved house and discovered that his family were sharing it with the spirit of a deceased lady they came to know simply as ‘Jane’. Sharing their home with her for nearly fifteen years led Tim on a journey of discovery that at times brought him close to breakdown. Eventually it has led to an understanding of the power of what science refers to as ‘subtle energies’ in our subjective awareness as human beings. Using intuitive skills such as dowsing and a practical spiritual approach to life, house healing helps people overcome personal obstacles like fear, anxiety and depression. Tim is co-author of “Spirit & Earth – A handbook for modern holistic living” and has two more books on practical spirituality in the pipeline. Tim is founder of the KnightRose House Healing Network which provides teaching and support to an increasing number of fellow intuitives. All those in the House Healing network are focussed on creating wellbeing through the subtle interconnectedness of humanity and the earth. Buddhist Biohacker Podcast https://www.lisamgunshore.com/podcast​ Buddhist Biohacker Partners https://www.lisamgunshore.com/partners​ Become A Patron or Donate https://www.lisamgunshore.com/patron


26 Apr 2021

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Healing Your Home and World with Tim Walter

Buddhist Biohacker

One Heart One Earth November Awakening Event 2020 Our Purpose One Heart One Earth is a collaborative effort with practitioners from across the Globe. Our mission is to create a resource of Light that is accessible to everyone who feels called to connect. This website serves as a vehicle for the teachings of teachers and the Grace of the Masters. We are a network of Earth Angels to support Global Ascension. For Presenter/Guest information you can visit our event page.  There you will find each presenter listed with a link to their own page including their bio, links, gifts/offerings, and their pre-recorded presentation and contribution to the Light Library. https://www.oneheartoneearth.net To become a part of the Collaborative visit our website: https://www.oneheartoneearth.net The Buddhist Biohacker platform has made the decision to turn off monetization on YouTube on our most recent livestreams, shows, and special events.  We ask that you consider donating to keep this show alive and/or become a patron.  You can become a patron for only $4.44/month.  This gives you full access to the Light Library.  The ajatakasa Institute Light Library is a video and sound library that contains more than 130 presentations, meditations, and classes taught by facilitators from all around the world in a variety of modalities.  All proceeds from donations and Patrons of the Light Library go to supporting the ajatakasa institute and One Heart One Earth Collaborative. Become A Patron or Make a Donation: https://www.lisamgunshore.com/patron Visit ajatakasa Institute and learn about our Light Warrior Program: www.ajatakasa.com Buddhist Biohacker GUIDELINES: The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the members of Buddhist Biohacker and any of its subsidiaries. We exercise full autonomy to act as an independent entity exercising the freedom to draw our own conclusions and formulate our individual opinions.  We encourage our member body to take what you can use and leave the rest. Buddhist Biohacker is not a political platform and any political statements set forth by our guests are that guest’s individual opinions and may not reflect the views and opinions shared by our members, other guests, and administrative team.  We maintain our autonomy in all matters involving the opinions expressed by others. The only stand Buddhist Biohacker supports the stand for non-violence of any nature that is physical, sexual, or emotional (including bullying) against any other person or creature.  At Buddhist Biohacker we take the issue of violence very seriously.  Violence takes a thousand forms in both passive and overt actions and inactions.  Please be respectful and kind with words and actions.  Buddhist Biohacker reserves the right to discontinue membership at will for violations of the stand against violence. Our primary purpose is to inform and encourage open discussions and ideas concerning personal growth and development in various aspects of living life fully in a healthy state of mind and body.  Our mission is to provoke independent thought and action to deepen understanding and promote conscious contact with each other and the multiverse as a whole.   The Buddhist Biohacker platform provides education, resources, and tools to assist your journey and help you to realize your own, deeply personal, and individual awakening experience. Membership construct –  Upon visiting a link, joining a call, finding a resource, we strongly suggest that you bookmark the page and/or print resources in hard copy or to .pdf and save on your computer for future reference.  Our staff is working very hard to provide you with the very best resources to aid in your personal journey and are not readily available to answer technical questions or provide timely directions to certain resources, sites and calls.  We will post weekly schedules on the MeWe, Buddhist Biohacker/Ajatakasa group forum.  You may subscribe to Buddhist Biohacker and its affiliates at any time, from anyplace. MeWe is an interactive social forum much like those that have been in place for many years.  MeWe is unique in that it provides a secure social forum where our members she freely.  We ask that you be mindful of any confidential information other members may share there.


1 Dec 2020

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Ley Lines and Sacred Space with Tim Walter

Buddhist Biohacker

Tim Walter is a house healer (geomancer), dowser and alternative life coach. An ex-film maker he now researches aspects of consciousness in order to help people realise their extraordinariness in the everyday. Using intuitive skills such as dowsing and a practical spiritual approach to life he helps people overcome personal obstacles like fear, anxiety and depression. Primarily working remotely on the environment where people live or work with focused intention Tim facilitates improved wellbeing by assisting in a positive re-alignment of the powerful subtle energies of ‘place’. Background In 1998 Tim and his family moved into a house in which they encountered what is ordinarily called a ghost. But this was no ordinary disincarnate soul, this was a guardian aspect of the ‘spirit of place’ who very quickly announced that she “just wanted to be a part of the family”! Tim and his family lived with the spirit aspect known simply as Jane for almost fifteen years, during which time they had conversations about the subtle energies of the land known as ‘earth energy’ and eventually realised humanities role in the guardianship of the physical environment. Learning acquired from such great dowsers as Hamish Miller, who jointly with author Paul Broadhurst, rediscovered the earth energy lines that stretch across southern England known as the Michael and Mary lines, added comprehensively to Tim’s current outlook on life. Tim now shares his experience not only with his clients but also with those he teaches to become house-healers. www.knightsrose.com More information on Tim’s dowsing and house healing can be found on his YouTube channel  www.youtube.com/c/KnightsRose Buddhist Biohacker Creating Conscious Content for 11:11D Our Stand Against Violence: Violence manifests in many forms; the word, the weapon, the emotion, and the fear.  We ask you to put your weapons down for the greater good of all mankind.  United We Ascend. The Buddhist Biohacker platform has made the decision to turn off monetization on YouTube.  We ask that you consider donating to keep this show alive and/or become a patron https://www.lisamgunshore.com/patron View upcoming LIVEstreams: https://www.lisamgunshore.com/podcast... Join our forum discussion: https://mewe.com/join/buddhistbiohack... Your Host is Lisa M Gunshore; Channel, Author, and Functional Ayurveda Practitioner. www.lisamgunshore.com Lisa’s Sacred Container for Channeled Transmissions:  www.ajatakasa.com The Buddhist Biohacker podcast is partnered with some incredible companies. www.lisamgunshore.com/partners Music by Pulscension Productions www.ajatakasa.com/sound-experiences Link to LIVE https://www.youtube.com/c/BuddhistBio... IG: @buddhistbiohacker Twitter: @buddhabiohack mewe: Buddhist Biohacker Forum


28 Sep 2020

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#56 mit Daniel Batz und Tim Walter


#56 mit Daniel Batz und Tim WalterSky Moderator Patrick Wasserziehr blickt mit seinen Gästen auf das Pokal-Viertelfinale zurück. Natürlich wird auch über den Titelkrimi und Abstiegskampf in der Bundesliga diskutiert. Und auch die Champions League steht wieder vor der Tür. Rund um den Fußball gibt es also viel zu besprechen. Tim Walter: Trainierte bis Ende 2019 den VfB Stuttgart. Davor war er bei Holstein Kiel sowie beim FC Bayern II und der U17 des Rekordmeisters. Walter spricht erstmals nach seiner Entlassung bei den Schwaben. Friedhelm Funkel: Rekordaufstiegs-Trainer. Funkel wurde erst vor wenigen Wochen bei Fortuna Düsseldorf entlassen. Sein größter Erfolg als Spieler war der Gewinn des DFB-Pokals 1985. Halbfinal-Gegner damals: Saarbrücken. Tobias Altschäffl: Chefreporter der BILD & Sportbild. Berichtet seit fast 15 Jahren über den FC Bayern und die Deutsche Nationalmannschaft. Auch der FC Augsburg und der VfB Stuttgart gehören zu seiner Berichterstattung.

1hr 22mins

9 Mar 2020

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Pellegrino Matarazzo folgt auf Tim Walter - Hitzlsperger und Mislintat beweisen Mut bei der Trainerwahl

STR - VfB Stuttgart Podcast

Der VfB Stuttgart sorgte selbst in der Weihnachtszeit für wenig ruhige Tage und hielt seine Fans mit einer erneuten Trainerentlassung in Atmen.Tim Walter wurde entlassen. Es passte einfach nicht mehr zwischen Trainer, Hitzlsperger, Mislintat und auch Teilen der Mannschaft. Nachfolger wird der wenig bekannten, aber fachlich hochqualifizierten Pellegrino Matarazzo. So richtig wissen auch wir nicht was uns erwartet. Trotzdem versuchen wir euch Matarazzo näher zu bringen und ordnen die Entscheidung der sportlichen Führung ein.Ein weiteres Thema sind Abgänge von Santiago Ascacibar, Emiliano Insúa, Nathaniel Phillips und Jan Kliment. Des Weiteren diskutieren wir über Sinn und Unsinn, von Verpflichtungen irgendwelcher Jungprofis, wenn im eigenen Verein Jugendspieler mit Topleistungen auf sich aufmerksam machen. Der Fokus auf die eigene Jugendarbeit und eine bessere Durchlässigkeit sind bislang nur Lippenbekenntnis.Apropos Jugend. Wir waren beim Mercedes Benz Junior Cup und hatten die Möglichkeit die „Stars von morgen“ unter die Lupe zu nehmen. Unser Fazit hört ihr in dieser Ausgabe.Am Rande des JuniorCups hatte Sebastian Zeit um sich mit Thomas Hitzlsperger und Timo Hildebrand zu unterhalten. Beide Interviews könnt ihr in dieser Folge hören. Noch mehr zum JuniorCup findet ihr auf Vertikalpass.de und beim Rasenfunk (Interview mit Nico Willig).Dennis braucht unsere Hilfe.Hier könnt ihr Dennis helfenDer Artikel über Dennis in ze.ttEin weiterer Artikel über Dennis auf t-online.deSTR könnt ihr ab sofort auch auf Patreon und PayPal unterstützen.Patreon.com/VfBSTRpaypal.me/RikyPalmHier findet ihr STR – VfB Stuttgart PodcastTwitterInstagramFacebookiTunesYouTubeSpotifyDeezerStitcher

2hr 28mins

6 Jan 2020

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#28 Guest Interview: Tim Walter

Gospel Focus Podcast

Tim Walter, director/founder of Gospel Focus Ministries, makes his second appearance on the podcast to update listeners on the most recent evangelistic addition to Gospel Focus' ministries, the Face-to-Face internship. Along with this update, Tim, Cole and Joe discuss the challenges of maintaining a joyous perspective when sharing the "good news".


11 Nov 2019

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#6 Guest Interview: Tim Walter

Gospel Focus Podcast

In this episode, Joe and Cole talk with Tim Walter, founder of Gospel Focus Ministries. They discuss the beginnings of the ministry, eternity, and what an eternal perspective looks like in the day-to-day.


31 Dec 2018

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011: The Benefits of Backpacking on Your Small Business with Tim Walter

Business Infrastructure - Curing Back Office Blues

Do you feel stressed out? Maybe a weekend hike can help! According to a 2018 report by the Journal of Travel Research, backpacking is not only good for your physical health, but for your mental health as well. In this episode, Tim Walter, an operations consultant, shares his experiences in hiking the Appalachian Trail for five months. Learn how Tim leveraged his professional background in project planning and strategy implementation to research and link the people, processes, and tools necessary for him to “hike his own hike.” He emerged from his backpacking experience with better clarity, agility, and perspective on wants vs. needs — all of which had a profound effect on him both professionally and personally. You might gain similar results.


2 Sep 2018