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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Lucinda Smith. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Lucinda Smith, often where they are interviewed.

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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Lucinda Smith. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Lucinda Smith, often where they are interviewed.

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S2 #6 Did God say that? Featuring Lucinda Smith

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Steve's wife Lucinda joins us again - this time to reflect on the issue of faith. Faith has been described as the currency of heaven and the Bible tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb. 11:6). But what is faith? Perhaps one of the biggest challenges that many of us have is to hear and respond to the seemingly very small call of God on our lives. 

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May 30 2020 · 14mins
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#13 Joy in trials? Featuring Lucinda Smith

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James encourages us, in the first chapter of his letter, to consider it joy when we encounter various trials. But is that really possible?

In this episode, hosted by Steve Smith, Lucinda (Steve’s wife) joins us again to consider this question. Both Steve and Lucinda reflect on how their own faith has benefited from testing in the past. They both look at how ‘with the problem comes the provision’. Most often, the ‘provision’ is God Himself!

If you haven’t already done so, please download our 'Live From Rest' app (see www.livefromerest.com), We have written a new meditation in the ‘specials’ section, entitled ‘Joy in trials’. This is available now in the Apple version of the app, and should appear very soon on the Android version. We trust you will find this helpful.

Oct 19 2019 · 19mins

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#12 Can I, should I have a rant at God? Featuring Lucinda Smith

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We’re delighted to have Steve’s Smith’s wife Lucinda joining us again for this episode, in which we look at the value in sometimes simply having a ‘rant’ with and even at God! It can be healthy for us to vocalise our frustrations and difficulties to Him. It is a part of being intimate and can enable us to move to a place of being able to hear back from God from a place of thanksgiving. We consider various people in the Bible - Martha, David and Habakkuk - who were able to move on after they’d first expressed their pain and frustration to God.

Oct 13 2019 · 19mins
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#4 Rest is a weapon - with Lucinda Smith

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This episode, hosted by Steve Smith and featuring his amazing wife Lucinda,  concludes a four part series of short talks on the vital subject of rest. This week we hear how living from and being in a place of rest thwarts the devils tactics. Our enemy seeks to have us living frazzled lives, but we have a much better option! 

Aug 15 2019 · 15mins

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Hannah Lucinda Smith on the past, present and future of Erdogan's Turkey

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Hannah Lucinda Smith on her new book “Erdoğan Rising: The Battle for the Soul of Turkey” (William Collins). Smith has been Turkey correspondent for The Times of London since 2013 and her book is a part-biography of President Erdoğan, part-journalistic account of contemporary Turkish history.

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Aug 13 2019 · 52mins
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#3 Rest is Faith - with Lucinda Smith

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Lucinda Smith shares her thoughts on rest being a matter of faith. How we can choose, through faith, to be in a place of rest regardless of our circumstances. 

Aug 09 2019 · 17mins
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#21 Dr Adobi Udechuku & Dr Lucinda Smith create 'the village' for new parents

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This episode is brought to you by Victoria's Small Business Festival, happening across the state from in August 2018. Check out festival.business.vic.gov.au to access hundreds of free and affordable events to elevate, support and inspire you and your business.

In The Company is a podcast about humanising work and designing better working lives. Each episode is curated to provoke you to think more deeply about the things that matter in your career and life and to build your toolkit for how to thrive as a human in business today. We explore how we work from the inside out.

In this episode of In The Company we chat with Dr. Adaobi Udechuku and Dr. Lucinda Smith, co-founders of Glow, a multidisciplinary clinic in Berwick that supports the emotional health and wellbeing of women, infants and families from pre-conception to Kindergarten.

We explore how Adaobi and Lucinda launched their business after seeing gaps in caring for women and their families as they transitioned into parenthood, and created a new mode of care that brings together a spectrum of perinatal healthcare providers under one roof in a unique business model.

We also explore their perspectives in supporting women move in and out of the workforce during this time, and the issues that clients experience in managing careers and family.
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Jul 30 2018 · 48mins
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"HI, I'M OVULATING" by Elysia Lucinda Smith

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My mother calls them phases and maybe
that's an accurate representation because
they're lunar, edges of something, the kind
of scrambling you do drunk in the dark.
It's a lot of being drunk in the dark.

I'm dying to discover myself and finally
be cool. I'm smoking. I'm smoking hot.
I'm a smoking gun. I went out one night
and suffered through talking because
I just wanted someone-anyone!-
to fucking kiss me.

The next day, I booty called Colin
and took Jay home and kissed Emily
and thought about kissing Jessica and
I know I'm not falling in love with anyone
but maybe just falling in love with touch?

What is it when I dry hump the rug and
watch porn and drink all the Elderflower
Liquor in the cabinet? What is it when I
let you make a home in the back of my throat?
The thing is: I've got it all figured. Finally
something to pass off as the truth.

I'm just wrapped up in movement, in fingers
wet hot small of my back smell like fir needles
poking out of the snow. Touch me and touch you
and it's a special thing. It's the only thing you
fucking have. Do you hear me?

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Feb 05 2018 · 1min