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How to Scale your MRR with CRO and PPC for SaaS Companies With Dylan Hey #47

SaaS District

Dylan Hey is the Co-Founder & CEO of HeyDigital, a creative PPC & CRO agency that focuses on helping SaaS & B2B Tech Companies scale revenue with PPC & Paid Social Advertising Campaigns. After successfully managing hundreds of thousands of dollars in spending on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Capterra for a lot of customers, Dylan has built an effective SaaS specific advertising process that works.Dylan is also the podcast host of The SaaS Marketing Show, where you can learn practical marketing and growth strategies from leading marketing experts and SaaS Founders.During this interview we cover:00:00 - Intro01:13 - Dylan’s Background & How He Discovered the Opportunity For Launching Hey Digital 04:38 - What is the Problem Dylan is Looking to Solve Focusing on PPC & CRO  for SaaS & B2B tech06:25 - What Does HeyDigital CRO Process Looks Like09:47 - Best PPC Channels for B2B SaaS Companies15:55 - How HeyDigital Helps Leverage PPC with SaaS Company’s Marketing18:53 - Establishing Baselines and Measuring Performance Per Campaign23:22 - Are PPC campaigns For Everybody?25:33 - How Does Marketing Campaigns Change When LTV Values are Different28:34 - Example Exercise for a B2B SaaS (Baselines & Campaign Structure).31:07 - How Should SaaS Companies Should be Setting Budgets For PPC to Maximize Results34:09 - Main Reasons Why SaaS Companies PPC Campaigns are Failing 35:53 - Get In Touch With DylanMentions:HeyDigitalLead FeederHootSuiteCustomerlabsHubspotSalesforceSaaS Hey Digital PPC Budget PostThe SaaS Marketing ShowTerms:PPC MRRCROLTVGet in touch with Dylan:Dylan’s LinkedinTag us & follow:FacebookLinkedInInstagramYouTubeMore about Akeel:TwitterLinkedInMore SaaS District


6 Oct 2020

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How PPC can be a game changing customer acquisition strategy for B2B & SaaS businesses? - With DYLAN HEY, Co-Founder, Hey Digital (Episode 005)

The SaaS Growth Show

How PPC can be a game changing customer acquisition strategy for B2B & SaaS businesses? Guest: Dylan Hey - Co-Founder, Hey Digital Host - The SaaS Marketing Show    What you can expect to take away from the episode?   1. How are the user journeys & what are the touch points before purchase decisions?  2. What are the preps required before you spend on paid media / PPC?  3. How content strategy & marketing play a catalyst towards paid media goals?  4. Does stage of the startup really matter for your PPC strategy ?  5. Importance of focussing on "high-intent" users  6. Early stage (vs) Mid Stage Campaign strategies  7. How PPC is beyond just Google ?  8. Do SaaS verticals need a different approach ?  9. Does PPC strategy really depend on the stage of the funnel ?  10. How traditional PPC Metrics is not enough ? What are the new metrics?  11. Importance of tracking & attibution. How dataflow back into system is critical for decision making? Role of CDPs  12. How audience building is the next must thing for B2B / SaaS?  13. Brand Building / Organic are often under-utilized strategies?  14. Budgeting for PPC & How it must be done  15. Recap with a mini PPC playbook    Resources:  Hey Digital Website: www.heydigital.co The SaaS marketing Show: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClHYSabg0MuntjZnGI_eE-g


2 Aug 2020

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Proven Paid Ad Strategies For SaaS w/ Dylan Hey @ Hey Digital

Marketing Strategy Talks w/ Ian Luck

Hello all you marketers out there my name is Ian and you’re listening to another marketing strategy talk. And recently I had the absolute pleasure to speak with Dylan Hey, founder of Hey Digital, a paid marketing agency who are absolutely crushing the LinkedIn game right now. Seriously go check out Dylan’s profile, he’s dropping serious PPC knowledge on the daily with video snippets and live streams on the regular. And I’m super excited about this one because Dylan goes deep into paid strategies.  I’m talking the dream team deep I’m talking Mariana Trench deep I’m talking bottom of the peanut butter jar deep.  In this Marketing Strategy Talk, Dylan gives away some of his top Facebook LinkedIn and google strategies that are driving real results for his clients. We talk about optimizing ad creative, proper ad structure, playbooks to drive crazy cheap demo requests, what you shouldn’t do on LinkedIn, and why Facebook is still the best platform to drive scalable growth for B2b saas companies. Dylan covers it all but more importantly, he gives you actionable strategies you can try out immediately in your paid marketing efforts. So get the pen and paper ready and let’s dive right in. Don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn, visit us at marketingstrategy.com where you’ll find the most effective strategies for rapid growth for marketers by marketers, till next time.


2 Jul 2020

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How To Build An Inbound Marketing Machine with Dylan Hey

Confessions Of A B2B Marketer

Full show notes here: https://saasmarketer.io/saas-inbound-marketing/


16 Jun 2020

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Dylan Hey AKA The Hardest Kicker in Marketing

The Marketing Picnic

We're talking about: - How to build and leverage a Personal Brand. - How to scale an agency FAST. - Vipassana retreats. - Coaching. - Life and stuff

1hr 10mins

18 Feb 2020

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Dylan Hey aka The Guy Who Pissed Me Off Once With a Post About "Stealing Your Competitor’s Customers"

The Marketing Picnic

We're here with top 50 UK SaaS Sales leader, aka Top 15 podcast host AKA THE GINGER BEARD EVANGELIST HIMSELF. Who's also a generally top bloke. So psyched to have him.

1hr 48mins

23 Jan 2020

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657: How to Drive New Business with Facebook w/ Dylan Hey

B2B Growth: Your Daily B2B Marketing Podcast

In this episode we talk to Dylan Hey, Business Development and Partnerships at Leadfeeder. Click here to connect with this guest on LinkedIn.


19 Mar 2018

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Dylan Hey of Leadfeeder: Social Selling 101

Inside Selling

It might be time to supplement your sales efforts with a little social. But where to start? Social selling expert Dylan Hey of Leadfeeder has the answer.

30 Nov 2017