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Jake Johannsen (Rebroadcast)

Live From My Office

The HILARIOUS Jake Johannsen joins me to talk about how he's getting through the pandemic, his thoughts on the Election, and where the world goes from here.This conversation originally posted on November 6th.Check out more about Jake!Subscribe to Live From My Office on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.Follow Steve on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.Win an ABT gift card by emailing me three of your friends emails who you think would like the show, and include your mailing address in the email. Check out the details here.Email the show with any questions, comments, or plugs for your favorite charity.


26 Feb 2021

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Jake Johannsen

Live From My Office

The HILARIOUS Jake Johannsen joins me to talk about how he's getting through the pandemic, his thoughts on the Election, and where the world goes from here.SHOW NOTESCheck out more about Jake!


6 Nov 2020

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440 - Jake Johannsen and Belinda Waymouth

Tangentially Speaking with Christopher Ryan

Jake and Belinda are close friends of mine and have been married to each other since before either of them can remember. This is what happens when the three of us hang out WITHOUT wine. Belinda's show on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram. Jake on Twitter, Instagram. Find me on Instagram or Twitter. Please consider supporting this podcast. This Amazon affiliate link kicks a few bucks back my way. Intro music: “Brightside of the Sun,” by Basin and Range; "Making Do," by Lake Street Dive; "Smoke Alarm," by Carsie Blanton.

1hr 51mins

7 Oct 2020

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Episode 388 - Jake Johannsen

Probably Science

Comedian Jake Johannsen (@Jakethis) of the podcast Jake This joins Andy and Matt to discuss an herbal would-be COVID-19 remedy out of Madagascar, why men and women experience alcohol differently, alcohol's lack of protection against COVID-19 and appearing on Dr. Katz.

1hr 9mins

16 Jun 2020

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Monster Party

IT'S ABOUT TIME... THAT MONSTER PARTY DID ANOTHER EPISODE ABOUT TIME TRAVEL! JAMES GONIS, SHAWN SHERIDAN, LARRY STROTHE, and MATT WEINHOLD, once again break the barriers of the space/time continuum! How they do this, is with a provocatively paradoxical podcast episode called... TIME TRAVEL: TAKE 2!!! Why is this a "Take 2"? Well, when we did our first TIME TRAVEL episode with JAKE JOHANNSEN, LARRY STROTHE was unable to attend, and SHAWN SHERIDAN had to arrive late. Luckily, MATT WEINHOLD'S WIFE, CARRIE, was able to fill in! And,  although this episode was extremely entertaining, the episode didn't always entirely focus on time travel. Thus... TIME TRAVEL: TAKE 2! If you're going to attempt to create an alternate timeline episode about time travel, it helps to get the guest from the original timeline. So by traveling back in time, we managed to get celebrated comedian/writer/actor/friend of the show/time traveler... JAKE JOHANNSEN!!! ("JAKE THIS" PODCAST, THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN, THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JOHNNY CARSON, LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIAN, COMEDY CENTRAL PRESENTS, JAKE JOHANNSEN: I LOVE YOU) We hope you enjoy this episode. But if you don't, travel back in time and fix it! It's the least you could do!

2hr 48mins

6 Jun 2020

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EP374 Jake Johannsen - Acme Comedy Company - 2020


Ep 374 with Jake Johannsen (Late Night with David Letterman, HBO, Jake This Podcast) Topics include: Dry Bar disqualification, matrimonial unrest, false porn bust, fan art, the Sex Robot guarantee-shirt, and no toilet paper....no problem! #nolaughtrack   Get your tickets to see Jake here: Jake Johannsen Tickets OR call and make a reservation: (612) 338-6393 Thanks to Circle of Heat for the intro music. Listen to them here: Circle of Heat


13 Mar 2020

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021 Jake Johannsen

The Business of Comedy with Tom Simes

Host Tom Simes talks to comedian Jake Johannsen about how the comedy business has changed during his long career.


17 Feb 2020

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Guys Doing Stupid Things, Peeing In the Shower, and Jake Johannsen

Logan & Lewis

1hr 50mins

16 Jan 2020

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316 Shantaram with Jake Johannsen

Tom Rhodes Radio Smart Camp

Shantaram with Jake Johannsen "I would never commit a felony, I am strictly a misdemeanor guy." Jake Johannsen comes to the Rhodes library to talk about his favorite book 'Shantaram' by Gregory David Roberts. In this conversation we talk about people losing the sparkle in their eyes in Hollywood, how Kurt Vonnegut will improve your life and how Kurt Vonnegut is to Jake what James Brown is to me. I teach Jake the 8 words of Spanish that saved me from getting ripped off by cops and I tell him about the one and only time I have ever been in jail which was when I was 19 years old in Little Rock, Arkansas. That weekend I spent in jail at 19 was very influential in my life because I would never commit a felony, I am strictly a misdemeanor guy.  In this episode we weigh the benefits of martial arts versus carrying mace and how in life, just like when you are dealing with a heckler, using kindness and charm is always the best course of action.We talk about how instagram is better than twitter because no one is going to get pissed off at a sunset, historical obsessions and how Clark from Lewis and Clark was a turd who died in obscurity. Arctic sea voyage disasters where heroic dogs were eaten, Captain Cook's murder by Hawaiian natives happened because he couldn't swim and why you should avoid durian because it tastes like ass pudding. Try everything once except incest and folk dancing. A man is not a man until he has earned the love of a woman, earned her trust and keep it.  The beautiful way Ashna and I ended our marriage by ending it in love just the way we started it. I can never not love Ashna. I never want to not know her. I would never be mean to her and I would help her succeed any way I can. Like we examine in the book Shantaram, you can't kill love. You only live once and when you are dead you are done so let the good times roll.  Connect with people, let go of your anger. Change your thoughts and change your life with simple acts of love. This conversation is the last time two older white guys did something important in Hollywood. Tell each other jokes! Collect street jokes or write your own, always make sure you always carry at least one joke that will make a little kid laugh, but no matter what never heckle Lawrence Olivier. Long may you run and long may you pee! Shalom amigos y amigas and long may you fill your beings with knowledge, wisdom and love! Be less of an asshole this decade! Hooray for humanity! patreon.com/tomrhodesradiosmartcamp

1hr 42mins

14 Jan 2020

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Ep 478 - Night Moves - Jake Johannsen

Comedy Film Nerds

*FILMS DISCUSSED: NIGHT MOVES, THE RED SEA DIVING RESORT, HOBBS AND SHAW, JURASSIC PARK LIVE, LAST CHRISTMAS, PARASITE* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest Jake Johanssen. Graham liked most of Night Moves. Jake and his wife had fun at Hobbs and Shaw. Chris was disappointed by The Red Sea Diving Resort. Last Christmas trailer is good but tells us too much. Parasite is another cool film from South Korea. An episode you can eat during. 

1hr 20mins

20 Aug 2019